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it looks like. the. soon which brightened if you knew about the song from months to.
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come. we've stopped stories nato soldiers is promising air strikes on the libyan capital killing dozens as the rebels complained the alliance the northern front line meanwhile the force of the international condemnation over syria gets ever louder. anger comes to a boil in greece so the government moves to make deep cuts in public spending in exchange for another. in germany those footing the bill so they're getting tired of paying all those debts. and russia will resume imports of us that's the balls as soon as there are guarantees they are infection free this is one. the outcomes of
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a high level summit where nato and missile defense plans and moscow's w t o accession are also discussed. the. next thirty minutes a possible candidate for next year's french presidential elections far right leader marine depend believes the current government has put france in danger of being used by its own former colleague. so when an unprecedented first round victory in france this presidential elections next year she says that france is on the verge of revolution but what tuck the extra expect nicolas sarkozy to use to try and stop you would empower. you know i don't think there is a risk a person a sincere and a fans he's of her own ideas there is no reason to warry the greatest danger in connection with nicolas sarkozy so he may again do what he did in two thousand and seven name you make
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a number of extremely tough statements regarding threats regulation of immigration process and european protectionism but those statements will remain what they are just further bitch after all during his four years in office and another nine years at the out of the security system he was interior minister before he became president he strictly speaking nothing as i repeatedly said to him he had loud words and we can go from time to time the french tend to delude themselves thinking that maybe this time he'll carry out his promises but in actual fact he made good not a single promise he was throwing around during his two thousand and seven campaign what effect will straw's calls a wrist have on the french the actions so this means that strauss can is really a symbol of some sort a symbol of universalism supercross devoid of norms a symbol of hysterical liberalism and in this sounds he was indeed an emblematic counter to the from the human point of view considering what he's like the fact
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that he has been neutralized can not distress you the thing is that in consequence nicolas sarkozy automatically has given a gulp of oxygen this is due to the fact that the electorates of dominic strauss can and they claw sarkozy are in part identical because prices are up holding the same ground ideas so a woman have complained about sexual assault by the extra before. his arrest but the french media refuse to investigate what does that say to you. yes there does exist a problem of falling public morality on my part i'm urging the citizens of france to recover their riggin in this matter the french must become exacting again this and i must say after all that five ministers resigned in the course of one year over a conflict of interests mr blank's mr mr worth and even frederick mature on him you are speaking about having been forced into resignation five ministers due in one year and six who deserve to be kept on is too much for want government moreover i'm
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not forgetting that it was nicolas sarkozy who pointed dominic strauss kahn france's minister of finance during so in the full knowledge of the critical remarks with regard to khan's womanizing behavior he took the risk of a possible scandal a scandal likely to be so much the whole of france how many people refused to vote in french elections and how much of the expect. this depends on the elections absent ations amount to twenty percent sixty is significant you must be sat at the high offices in france are rotated between persons who never fulfilled their promises so at a certain moment the french simply got tired of another phenomena existing in western countries today is about economic power being preferred over political power so why should the french go somewhere to vote for their rulers if it's clear that the rulers of powerless are that this country is run by those who possess economic power this is why in order to make the french budge you also have to
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explain to them that politics should seize the initiative from economics and finally from this is not a democracy it's high time we stopped telling ourselves fairy tales of what millions of frenchmen are in no way represented in the national soundly they usually account for between fifteen and twenty percent of votes the communist party at this. as deputies even though they have just five percent of the photo since far from every frenchman feels that he's right means anything he has a natural abstains from actions you've talked about affirmative action for north use here in france what does that mean there are a thousand of them today all the enterprises and particularly big ones have signed a charter that prescribes hiring people from other cultures or a different origin which means that a frenchman a poor frenchman with french troops will end up behind others i believe it's a gross violation of the republican principle of equality on my part i believe in
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markets which over the color of the skin is the origins that person really deserves it will get the job degree that some should take a job just due to his or her color of skin or region of faith is an absolute contradiction with the basic values of france it means if you're a foreigner you have a better chance of a plume and then a french citizen thus the heart of a major french enterprise issued a statement that caused around. personally all of the conditions being equal i prefer employing a person a moment one hundred so as a result the french are discriminated in their own country this is a world turned upside down what are the consequences for immigration to france continues the current levels. of all immigration is used to lower wages you see the labor market is something which speaks for itself it's about demand and supply it also allows foreign citizens to enter our country and work for peanuts thus making
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salaries go down is a labor that has been used more than thirty years there are more than five million people in france how can it be that a law permits another two hundred thousand people a year to enter the country with five million unemployed and these jobless people are just forced to do whatever they can to survive. who lets them survive the state which obviously lots of deficit grow such i believe that immigration as it is now is share known since i believe that the current situation is actually related to all colonial history and not to me putin was quite right saying in about twenty years france's g to become a colony of its own former colonies as a matter of fact we're witnessing something over vange by the group of states peoples since france is made to feel guilty by saying us scoundrels colonizers and slavers so you have no right to hinder in any way those who come to france the
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french have put up with the mass immigration and today they are aware that this massive immigration is fraught with huge problems those of state financing self-consciousness and living together hear them talk many of these young man just hate france now that they have gained independence one may think they will be developing their own countries by demonstrating a better without us. seeing thousands of north africans from through italy recently. italians use the system they use shan again they use the european union so they know to any legal regularized by any country of the e.u. and with these documents go to any other country of the they say no problem at all eighty percent of donations want to go to france would give them documents i would like that they will leave and that is exactly what they did a regular i still eagles and they all came to france should remain. to be allowed
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free movement within the e.u. as is now being discussed here in the european parliament. it will be tragic it will be an additional immigration it is obvious it will be a signal for a massive immigration more particularly a very much it was useless for nicolas sarkozy to saying and and go and get all the world television to say. see i will take roma back to a border which does not exist now they will have the possibility to come and settle as they want in france but they are a considerable number we know they are very poor people but once more loans being the most attractive country in all e.u. will be up to her to face this inflow of immigration with the consequences going with it in terms of conflicts once more of living together people cannot bury. french governments of the libyan war would take months what do you expect to happen . because firstly you are completely outside international law we should stop
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talking nonsense it is no longer at all an air exclusion zone we are in a mission to bring down a man and regime and in order to do so we bomb we send helicopters and tomorrow obviously we will send an army on the ground so it's no longer at all about humanitarian issues it's about a civil war in which we take one side and even in a tribal war which objectively is not of our business unless you consider france as other countries has to muddle again in the internal affairs of face of that country we will not get out of this war or get bogged down in this one and in addition i am ready to take baths unfortunately set ones that there will come off to khadafi will be an islamist regime and probably one of the hardest islam isn't as we know well that the dissidents the rebels of been garci are in the majority infiltrated by all acts the hardest from all wars of recent times for lawyers all suing sarkozy for
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war crimes on behalf of libyan. children due to french bombing to support them. france is the big to bring the country in this is not liked by the leaves and that is not politically correct you do not say it french people do not know at all that hundreds of thousands of civilians die under nature's bombs that set nobody no use going. delfi son for i have no friendship i never met him he was no my friend i have nothing in common with him but when he son his wife and he's three babies are killed by stroy from nato only a private house nobody said a word just as if these libyan babies were not released babies you would take friends out of the euro zone why is your robot even for friends with the bosses today the years death certificate is just waiting to be signed this means that those who built this currency wrong and they took with them other people in the major failure at the economic and social levels well that say that the year is
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going to die i think it should be better to anticipate this task further than suffer from this data which will be otherwise a real are can all make and social chaos but they have told us the euro will bring growth employment rates purchasing power blowing us to counterbalance the power of the dollar story but the euro zone is the weakest in the world and today design is bankrupt almost germany is just that it scrapping its nuclear plans three in four french people are against nuclear energy what will you do with nuclear energy if you become president. i think it's impossible to do without nuclear energy today in france i mean given the importance of this energy for our national independence so eventually the objective is to invest in the research so as to try and find alternative energies but we cannot consider getting out of nuclear energy by twenty twenty two or twenty twenty five as does germany which actually has been preparing this acted for a long time. really pin head of the national front thank you for speaking with
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arthur. and. it was created to serve the public interest to. and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just from. san antonio where you can try mountain view the problem is that if you can enroll in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet can you tell me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c.
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broadcast blues on our chief. white stream cascading from mountain slopes the view is miss mirage. this beauty brings deaths at a speed of more than four hundred kilometers from. step to dub along. twenty years ago it gained its first president. in the midst of colossal change. setting a new direction for a new country. saluting the state
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unless a day. to reach top stories con artists who made a long time that's heavy is the most harnessing airstrikes on the libyan capital killing dozens if the rebels can wind the alliance that knowing the real from mine . meanwhile the chorus of international condemnation over syria deaths at louder. anger comes to a boil in greece as the government moves to make deeper cuts in public spending an exchange for a number. in germany those footing the bills getting tired of paying others debts. and rushing to resume imports of the bulls as soon as there are guarantees there in section three this is one of the outcomes of the summit where nato is missile defense plans and moscow's a w t o work session also discussed. up next kids here with the latest sports.
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hello welcome to the sports news on this busy sunday afternoon and here's what's coming up. perfect start defending champions taste in the russian possible playoff finals one on the low back in buckle takes you six hole from seven races for this sunday's canadian from craig thomas the big countdown to the thousand days to go to the sochi winter olympics one basket takes time to inspire others. but first to tennis and andy murray is about to take on joe wilfried song that in the final at queen's the traditional grass court warm up event for wimbledon well this much reduced begin a couple of hours ago but heavy rain in west london forced the organizers which the start and it shows persist the final will be held on monday well murray was in a confident mood off to demolishing four time champion i'm going to turn some today
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are in the wrong game came together for the seventh final the briton smashed thirteen aces into the ground which they were the first set six three and the two thousand and nine when time to power through the second six won it was a humbling experience for roddick he was returning from injury to the single french open. and joe will. the sun does set up this sunday's final against mary by not showing up fourteen aces in the straights that win against local. two hundred fifty games world the final score was six three seven six song the world number one rough on the dog in the last round is after his first title in twenty months. basketball now and the fight to be crowned russian champions got on the way on saturday night with a late surge from moscow region saw him giving them victory in the first game with the best of five finals against defending champions to sky is the fourth time in five years these teams have faced each other in the season finale face down have
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won all of them this baffles me a great start these playoffs seventy seven to seventy two victory on the right croatian power for what pressing a long sought top score fifteen to sixteen points. on its own fifteen thanks to misses sunday night again at the taste guy arena and can expect another tough in terms of. physical my choice we are. playing the way we knew how important first game is to try and have the kind of jump on that in the first game a kind of surprised them and we did that if you are very glad to go to the fourth or the second years are much harder for us but we're going to just try to play that out again try to come to the fourth quarter besides we're sort of going to be a little bit more nervous and that's our goal for not oh me well one of these for most of us tim a famous golf is promising russia will not cut corners as they prepare for the upcoming european championships the denver nuggets center has been in moscow ahead
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of the euro basket tournament which starts in a few idea in two months time and for monk also have caught up with him. despite it's not quite making it to the top of the bill just yet city my famous golf had already managed to make the headlines in north america he became part of a blockbuster multiplayer trade saw him move to denver nuggets and carmelo anthony to the new york knicks well mozzies new team were knocked out of the first playoff round in the n.b.a. giving him an opportunity to visit home and prepare for the upcoming european championship in lithuania winning the continental trophy in twenty eleven will mean automatically good. nation for the london olympics. i can't make any promises in regards to the euro basket but i can say that i'm sure the guys will perform at their best and no one will cut corners and i think in a foundry cura lanka joins us will have better chances because of his experience to be a great help despite leaving russia still has
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a large fan base at his previous club called mas he keeps in touch with them through his online blog and those lucky enough may even catch one of his master classes in the russian capital but where are the fans most dedicated in russia or the united states. when i played for khimki i saw the same people at all the games it was a group of fans who form the majority of the audience and even followed the team to other cities in regards to the n.b.a. well they might have something similar though i personally never came across such a thing you just get a full audience of people who come to support the team but i never saw such a thing in the us when an organized group of fans would take up a large share of the audience and root for their team. fans the board is not the only difference between the russian basketball league and the n.b.a. the american schedule is more intense with the regular season games sometimes held
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four times a week so the studying of the opponent shot practice or simply warm up takes center stage during practice providing plenty of room for individual skills. it is team play no one negates that but compared to europe it is somehow more individualized i would say the game is based on single players who play one on one and win it they may score a goal just make a pass european basketball not to mention russia is slightly different people try to find other solutions to the difficulties that arise during the game. the russians will be hoping to qualify for the london olympics by winning the european championship in september it's hope that both. russian n.b.a. stars and regular langkow and two more famous golfer will be available to help the team in lithuania quired individual skills from the united states and the whole in-bred team play is expected to be the winning formula. moscow.
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for madonna and there's a touch of deja vu in montreal as sebastian vettel grabbed pole position again his sixth in seven races ahead of this sunday's canadian grand prix but the red bull driver believes rain could be a big factor in deciding who wins the german finish just under two tenths of a second faster than ferrari's run so his teammate any famous some other driver mark webber respectively start third and fourth on the grid however unsettled weather is predicted to be the first time this season the race has been held on the wet circuit i think we had a good qualifying and two very good runs we were able to use the first time a lot of the tire so all in all i'm very happy it's obviously a big step but you know the main task comes tomorrow conditions are very likely to change so we will see some rain the question is when the how much so we'll see but obviously you know if you want to see the best best possible position to start well maybe ill fated lemoore race for the audi team in france where defending champion
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mike rupp and fellow birch me relinquished his title following a bad accident the german hit a barrier heavily and the wrecked car caught fire but the driver got away with minor cuts in what was a second the skate for audi that twice former when alan mcnish also emerged in one piece after an early crash on saturday. one of my g.p. reigning world champion jorge lorenzo has crashed out of the british born silverstone based on one the race after starting from pole and striding will go top of the overall standings his rep so from the team and the physio so it was second ahead of colin admits. that it's not the two fastest men this year over one hundred meters went head to head to the latest diamond league meeting in new york with steve mullings pipping his training partner tyson gay three false starts saw three competitors disqualified before the race by the same way and again he was mullings from jamaica he was fastest after the cops reach the first thirty however the
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american in red then how into the second half of the race looked like from one to one it's been replaced show that it's too early and that gave a speech in a time ten point two six seconds relatively slow as a strong headwind. the two. i mean while there are just under a thousand days to go before the twenty fourteen winter paralympics in sochi so much less a bloody cannot is number for the games and has used the can down to inspire others with her incredible life story about funny and has more fun i was big in two thousand and eight the girl in big games will russia's illicit will begin a strong gold and so the new world record in the women's one hundred meter breaststroke wood was even more marketable is that the twenty three year old needs to just five months after she'd lost her left arm in a car accident while she was a whole day in thailand and prior to that had contemplated quitting the sport her
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victory was a triumph of mental strength and she's always ready to share her thoughts with those who desperately need it the swimmers know in embezzler for the switch twenty fourteen olympics and with one thousand days to to go. the games visit good disabled people in one of the most is rehabilitation centers have the chance to see and hear firsthand what it takes to accept the challenge of overcoming injuries and winning good a bit of sport is what brought me back to life and made it worth living i managed to return to swimming and win the paralympics that's what inspired me and gave me strength i discovered a new world new people a new goals to achieve. having got to know alicia. in the engines of whole band which consists of hearing impaired youngsters even those who once might have lost hope might gain it back. i believe it's my duty to share my experience and
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views with anyone who is interested no matter if they have disabilities or not for some of them it could be really encouraging me i know it works as i've seen it with my own eyes many times. like it's very nice of her listen she's a great example for all of us some people would have given up but once they saw her and you her story they didn't she helps us change our lives well done only so. despite her achievements many would still call people like elizabeth disabled but in many respects they proved to be more able than all of us. forty not skilled. funny robert calls in is the goal for inform the head of next week's u.s. open this weight has maintained a one shot lead after three rounds of the subject classic in memphis while number twenty three carded eighty one to pass sixty eight on saturday and again he was steady hitting this approach shot on the fifteenth to within seven feet of the pin
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he did drop shots on the last couple of holes this week stayed on top of the leaderboard at eleven under par overall one shot ahead of america's harrison fraser and that's often a sports that's been asiri get into as time. from .
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