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hundred kilometers from movie step is done i'm a long. wealthy british style old son passed my time to. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. twenty years ago jane its first president. in the midst of colossal change. setting a new direction for a new country. saluting the state
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lawsuit to. see live from moscow the week's top stories nato want to send heaviest so most promising air strikes on the libyan capital killing dozens of the rebels from bringing the alliance is ignoring the real fight mind meanwhile the course of international condemnation over syria every louder. anger comes to a boil in greece as the government moves to make deeper cuts in public spending in exchange for another ballad out in germany those footing the bills say they're getting tired of pain others down. and russell will resume imports of the new threats to bills as soon as there are guarantees there in france and free this was one of the hours. until the high level summit where nato missile defense plans to
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moscow's w u l accession it will also discuss. next stop is our interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen an interview he gave me this week he defended the alliances actions in libya and insisted the organization has no plans to act in syria. thank you very much for joining us here on r t it's much appreciated i want to get straight to our first question but u.k. and france want a u.n. security council resolution condemning the syrian government and your opinion are we having for libya two point zero here no i would like to stress that nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria at the same time lots of critics expect that that could be the case if we see a resolution russell saying that the fact that it's even being debated is going to
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cause more violence in syria. there might be some kind of intervention do you think not if the u.n. goes had it goes ahead rather and approves that resolution once again let me stress we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that. the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population in syria the only way forward is to accommodate the. aspirations of the syrian people let's look at the lack of an entry strategy into libya it could be said that you were dragged into this rushing to regime change have you accidently gone to war in libya definitely not on the contrary we considered this very carefully we laid out certain conditions that should be fulfilled before we took action and the decisive factor was that the united nations richard
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roth correct me if i'm wrong but obviously the u.n. resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone cording to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to. protect the civilian population in libya taking all necessary measures and that's exactly what we're doing right. now all the necessary measures if i might speak of what admiral pollo has legitimize strikes on any command center in libya i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen homes bombs they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces does daffy in a car on a phone or in a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say any means. i would like to stress that we are not targeting individuals which we. do to military.
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targets. and of course common control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show amount of control on military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook. who's from paris france wants to know why nato is bombing metropolitan areas in libya and civilians are being killed what do you say to. we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians against attacks and this is the reason why our commandos are very very careful in identifying legitimate military targets but the g. eight has to mediate in libya they sent an envoy and as mikhail margelov arrived
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intensified bombing of libya began why is that. there's no link between the two events we appreciate all attempts to find a political solution to the crisis in libya because obviously there is no military solution only we need a political process having said that i still think that a strong military pressure on the ground after the regime will facilitate a fruitful political process mr mcc.l.o.y. yesterday in fact stated and you just mentioning that that the military conflict doesn't have to be there means that it could be resolved peacefully he's stating that he believes that both the rebels and the regime forces are ready to negotiate that they both think that war is not the way out of this conflict so why are you still bombing libya with this information coming from the russian envoy that both sides are are ready to talk. we are continuing our operation because we still
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see the gadhafi regime attacking each own population and it's absolutely outrageous and. has mandated an operation to protect civilians and we will continue our operation as long as the regime still attacks on people you met with the russian defense minister sort of call of yesterday and he believes that troops on the ground in libya are now a possibility do you think there will be troops under your command in the future. we have no intention to put troops on the ground in libya what if gadhafi doesn't back down well i do believe that the combination of a strong military pressure and a reinforced political pressure will eventually lead to the collapse of the regime it may happen tomorrow it may take some weeks but we will stay committed on until
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we have fulfilled three very clear military objectives firstly a complete end to all attacks against civilians secondly withdrawal of gadhafi military forces and paramilitary forces to their barracks and certainly immediate and unhindered humanitarian access to people in need so we will continue our until these objectives are met talk of post-war libya seems premature doesn't it given william hague and hence seeing stating that nato as he sees it will be there until after christmas this of course all despite a ninety day deadline when do you think you'll leave the libyan people at peace. well i'm not going to guess about any time frame what i can say is that we are prepared to stay committed as long as it takes to fully implement the u.n.
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mandate and that is to protect the civilian population against any attack what about the civilians that are being attacked in syria in them in bahrain. yeah of course that's a legitimate question the difference is in libya we are operating on the basis of a u.n. mandate and with strong support from contras in the region actually a number of countries in the region contribute actively to our operation for these reasons we are in libya. what do you say to critics who aren't convinced that nato is and goal is to protect civilians and that in fact is a regime change. we have been very open about our military objectives. to compete in two attacks against civilians withdrawal of gadhafi forces and humanitarian access these are all military objectives and we will continue until they are met. in parallel there is
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a political track if you find by the international community. recently a group including the russian president called on at afi to leave power. and. these two tracks are separate a military price track and a political track but having said that i think it's hard to imagine a complete end to attacks against civilians in libya as long as gadhafi remains in power i'd like to move on to missile defense in europe if i may defense minister surgical also said yesterday that he has been largely ignored by you in your plans for a.m.d. over europe of course you wouldn't accept that but the facts they certainly at this stage speak for themselves don't they. no russia is definitely not ignored on the contrary we have invited russia to cooperate on missile defense the
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fact is that nato has decided to develop an nato based missile defense system because we want to protect our populations against. some who but we would all like will cooperate with our secretary standing up we are faced with file tax from who from russia. we are faced with a common threat and this is the reason why we would like to see two independent missile defense systems a russian system and a nato system cooperate for instance by exchanging data the whole system would become more effective that way to the benefit of the russian population and population nato countries you do understand that it sounds a little bit of a contradiction there you talk about joint trust about a mutual threat and then about separate systems why want one system between nato and russia be acceptable to protect both sides from any kind of threat. because i
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don't think at the end of the day. the russian government and the russian people would accept to be subject to a common commitment. i think. the russian nation as such would insist on having control of its own missile defense system and this is the reason why the most realistic approach would be to have two independent systems but with a common purpose but the common purpose is protection at all our populations now mr rasmussen has been proposing a joint european defense system. and i think the best way to join efforts would be to relate to independent systems cooperate with the aim to protect the russian people as well as people in nato countries that russia constantly claims that nato can't guarantee. that its interests will be
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protected why can't nato it's through these guarantees. the best guarantee whatsoever would be to engage in close cooperation because close cooperation between russia and nato would clearly demonstrate that our missile defense is really a defense and it's not aimed at russia. let's face it. we do not consider russia as threat to nato and nato does not constitute a threat to russia so let's join efforts let us cooperate but russia sees it our as they can't go forward on promises why put you down to the roster on paper that a missile defense system would not be directed towards them. you have a very easy to guarantee that because we do not we don't have any intention to attack russia not whatsoever but the best guarantee russia could get would be to
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engage in a closer cooperation than for instance to establish a common a joint center where we could exchange data that would clearly demonstrate that this system is not aimed at russia. mr rasmussen the facts might demonstrate otherwise thank you very much for taking the time out to be allied with us from brussels it's very much appreciated hope to see you again. to a substantial degree and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of europe and the shadow is approaching the for. the early twenty first century military
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bases the network of military bases all around the forms to believe. that the united states is trying to build that's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around the world. we don't have fallen bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases of. noises around one or two doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for the speech. since world war two spaces i've been. working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the
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questions the thing else you get everything you need. the week's top stories on our nato launches its heaviest and most promising airstrikes on the libyan capital killing as the rebels complain the alliance to. norrin the real front line meanwhile the pores of international condemnation over syria ever louder. anger comes to a boiling breeze of the government moves to make deeper cuts in public spending in exchange for another even in germany those footing the bill say they're getting tired of paying others debts. and russia will resume important new vegetables as soon as their are down to use their inspection free this was one of the outcomes of a high level summit where nato summit sounds plans and moscow's w t o accession were also discussed up next is the latest sports with kate.
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and i thank you for joining me for the sports news and here to talk through is. rain rain go away joe wilfried songs are all made to wait for the final teams club showers hit west london. while we need to work a standard defines the rain to try for the british grand prix and go top of the overall budget sounding. answer with a friend who went along champion sebastian vettel hopes it doesn't rain in montreal he starts from cold at the canadian grown cree. but first a tennis and andy murray set to take on joe wilfried song that in the final at queen's the traditional grass court warm up event for wimbledon well this match risk due to begin several hours ago but heavy rain forced the organizers to push the start back and if showers persist the final will be held on monday well mari was in a confident mood after demolishing four time champion andy roddick on saturday
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mari's poolroom game came together for the semifinal the briton smashed thirteen aces. sealed the first set six three and the two thousand and nine champion went on to power through the second six one it was a humbling experience for roddick he was returning from injury after missing the french open. am still with some that set up this sunday's final against murray by not showing up fourteen aces in a straight set win against local hopes this world number two hundred fifteen james brewer the final score was six three seven six songs while the number one rafael nadal in the last round is off to his first title in twenty months. now and the fight to be crowned russian champions got underway on saturday night with a late surge from moscow region side simply giving them victory in the first game of the best of five finals against defending champions taste it's the fourth time in five years these teams have faced each other in the season finale to scan of one
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all that he just baffles said he made a great start to these playoffs with age seventy seven points to seventy two victories in the right place in power for the senior love set top sports if you think that sixteen points. it's on the fifteen twenty starts in just a few minutes this sunday night again to sky arena and you can expect another thing cancer. is difficult by choice we are. playing away renewable important first game is. to try to kind of jump on that in our first game and kind of surprised them and we did them very very glad to have to go to the fourth or the second years are much harder for us by the government to just try to play the game try to come to the fourth quarter besides we're sort of going to be relatively more nervous that's our goal for naught. meanwhile want to him he's foremost asked if they must golf is promising russia will not cut corners as they
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prepare for the upcoming european championships but then when i get sent to has been in moscow ahead of the euro basket tournament which starts and if he won it in two months time and one cost i've caught up with him. that. time. despite it's not quite making its of itself on the bill just yet city my famous golf had already managed to make the headlines in north america he became part of a blockbuster multiplayer trade i saw him move to denver nuggets and carmelo anthony to the new york knicks well mozzies new team were knocked out of the first playoff round in the n.b.a. giving him an opportunity to visit home and prepare for the upcoming european championships in lithuania winning the continental trophy in twenty eleven will mean automatic qualification for the london olympics. i can't make any promises in regards to the euro basket but i can say that i'm sure the guys will perform at their best and no one will cut corners and i think they found very cura langkow joins us will have better chances because of his experience to be of great help
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despite leaving russia still has a large fan base at his previous club called mas he keeps in touch with them through his online blog and those lucky enough may even catch one of his master classes in the russian capital but where are the fans most dedicated in russia or the united states. you're playing. when i played for khimki i saw the same people at all the games it was a group of fans who form the majority of the audience and even followed the team to other cities in regards to the n.b.a. well they might have something similar although i personally never came across such a thing you just get a full audience of people who come to support the team but i never saw such a thing in the us when an organized group of fans would take up a large share of the audience and root for their team. fan support is not the only difference between the russian. basketball league and the n.b.a. the american schedule is more intense with regular season games sometimes held four
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times a week so the studying of the opponent shot practice or simply warm up takes center stage during practice providing plenty of room for individual skills. it is team play no one negates but compared to europe it is somehow more individualized i would say the game is based on single players who play one on one and win it they may score a goal just make a pass european basketball not to mention russia is slightly different people try to find other solutions to the difficulties that arise during the game. the russians will be hoping to qualify for the london olympics by winning the european championship in september it's hope that both russian and be a stars and break into lanka and to more famous golf will be available to help the team a little rainy out there quiet individual skills from the united states and their home bred team play is expected to be the winning formula. moscow.
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for in a while now and there's a touch of deja vu in montreal as sebastian vettel grabbed pole position again his sixth in seven races ahead of this sunday's canadian grand prix but the red bull driver believes rain could be a big factor in deciding who wins the german finish just on the two tenths of a second faster than ferrari's fernando alongside his teammate philippe now son of a drive them up by that well respect still on the grid however unsettled weather is predicted to be the first time this season a race has been held on a wet circuit. i think we had a small qualifying and two very good runs we were able to use the first time a lot of the tire so all in all i'm very happy it's obviously a big step but you know the main task comes tomorrow conditions are very likely to change so we will see some rain the question is when and how much so we will see but obviously you know he wants the best best possible position to start from may
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want it might have been an ill fated limo race for team audi in france but the german manufacturer still won it as they stayed challengers persia it was title number ten for audi at the famous injured race but their champion from last year might walk in for that was involved in a bad accident the german hit a barrier heavily and the wrecked car caught fire but the driver got away with minor cuts in what was a second to skate friday twice form a win that allan mcnish also emerged in one piece after an early crash on saturday . well imagine j.p. cases down the mast of the poor in rain at silverstone to a flag to flag victory in the british born free history and finished a massive fifteen seconds ahead of his reps all on the team mate and that is a also american colleen edwards can insert the victory mean start over takes world champion jorge lorenzo in the overall standings to lead by eighteen points the spaniard didn't finish off the crashing out of high speed and space and marco simoncelli also spun off. athletics now the two fastest men the share of
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a one hundred metres went head to head at the latest diamond league meeting in new york with steve mullings picking his training partner tyson gay three false starts saw three competitors display five before the race on the way and began it was mullings from jamaica he was fastest out of the blocks then a metre on clay with the first thirty however the american in red then powered through the second part of the race and looked like he might have won it but the replace show he gets to early that gave mullings victory in time ten point two six seconds relatively slow but there was a strong headwind. and finally there are just under a thousand days to go before the twenty fourteen winter paralympics in sochi so much less a bloody cannot is an ambassador for the games and has used the can down to inspire others with an incredible life story vanya reports for. i was big in two thousand and eight the paralympic games were russia's eligible begin
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a strong and so the new world record in the women's one hundred meter breaststroke what was even more marketable is that the twenty three year old did sue just five months after she'd lost her left arm in a car accident when she was a whole day in thailand and prior to that had contemplated doing this board her victory was a triumph of mental strength and she's always ready to. sure i thought with those who desperately needed the swimmers know in embezzler for the sort of twenty fourteen olympics and with one thousand days to go to the games physically disabled people in one of most those rehabilitation centers have the chance to see and hear firsthand what it takes to accept the challenge of overcoming injuries and winning . the sport is what brought me back to life and made it worth living i managed to return to swimming and win the paralympics that's what inspired me and gave me
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strength i discovered a new world new people and new goals to achieve. having got to know alicia. and the engines of whole band which consists of hearing impaired youngsters even those who once might have lost hope might get it back. i believe it's my duty to share my experience and views with anyone who is interested no matter if they have disabilities or not for some of them it could be really encouraging me i know it works as they've seen it with my own eyes many times. like it's very nice if i may say she's a great example for all of us some people would have given up but once they saw her and you her story they did and she helped us change our lives well done and lisa. despite her achievements many would still call people like. disabled but in many respects they proved to be more able than all of us. a bit more than your own party
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and skilled. and that's often supports us when asked here again.
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