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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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video. among. the week's top stories from our team nato launches its heaviest most polishing is strikes in the libyan capital killing dozens as the rebels complain the lines is ignoring the real frontline meanwhile the chorus of international condemnation over syria. comes the boiling green says the government moved to make deeper cuts in public spending an exchange for another bailout in germany footing the bill saying they're getting tired of paying. us guided missile warship sailed into the
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black sea naval exercises with ukraine but the move provoked moscow's anger claims it's a problem for the nato controversial field program. next hour interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen an interview he gave to us this week he defended the alliances actions in libya and insisted the organization has no plans to act in syria. thank you very much for joining us here in our t.v. it's much appreciated i want to get straight to our first question the u.k. and france want a u.n. security council resolution condemning the syrian government and your opinion are we heading for libya two point zero here you know i would like to stress that nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria at the same time lots of critics expect that that could be the case if we see
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a resolution russell saying that the fact that it's even being debated is going to cause more violence in syria. there might be some kind of intervention do you think not if the u.n. goes had it goes ahead rather and approves that resolution once again let me stress that we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that i share the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population in syria only way forward is to accommodate the legitimate aspirations of the syrian people let's look at the lack of an entry strategy into libya it could be said that you were dragged into this rushing to regime change how do you accidently gone to war in libya definitely not on the contrary we consider this a very carefully we laid out certain conditions that should be
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fulfilled before we took action and the decisive factor was that the united nations richard roth correct me if i'm wrong but also the u.n. resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone according to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to. protect the civilian population in libya taking all necessary measures and that's exactly what we're doing right now now all the necessary measures if i might speak of what our admiral pollo has legitimize strikes on any command center in libya i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen homes bombs they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces does that in a car on a phone or in a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say any means. i would like to stress
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that we are not targeting individuals we. get to meet military. targets. and of course control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show the amount of control centers on military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook i deviate from paris france wants to know why nato is gone the metropolitan areas in libya and civilians are being killed what do you say to. we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians against attacks and this is the reason why our commanders are very very careful in identifying legitimate military targets but the team has
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to mediate in the they sent an envoy and as mikhail margelov arrives intensified bombing of libya because why is that. there's no link between the two events we appreciate all attempts to find a political solution to the crisis in libya because obviously there is no military solution only we need a political process having said that i still think that a strong military pressure on the gadhafi regime will facilitate a fruitful political process mr martello of yesterday in fact stated and you just mentioning that that the military conflict doesn't have to be there means that it could be resolved peacefully he's stating that he believes that both the rebels and the regime forces are ready to negotiate that they both think that war is not the way out of this conflict so why are you still bombing libya with this information
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coming from the russian envoy that both sides are are ready to talk. we are continuing our gratian because we still see gadhafi regime attacking each own population and it's absolutely outrageous and. has mandated an operation to protect civilians and we will continue our operation as long as the regime still attacks on people you know with the russians defense minister sorts of calls yesterday and he believes that troops on the ground in libya are now a possibility do you think there will be troops under your command in the future. we have no intention to put troops on the ground in libya what if gadhafi doesn't back down. well i do believe that the combination of a strong military pressure and a reinforced political pressure will eventually lead to the collapse of the regime it may happen tomorrow it may take some weeks but we will stay committed on until
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we have fulfilled three very clear military objectives firstly a complete end to all attacks against civilians secondly withdrawal of taffy wheeling terry forces and paramilitary forces to their barracks and certainly immediate and unhindered to military access to their people in need so we will continue our gratian until these are met. post-war libya seems premature doesn't it given our william hague and hence seeing stating that nato as he sees it will be there until after christmas this of course are all despite a ninety day deadline when do you think you'll leave the libyan people at peace. well i'm not going to guess. any timeframe. what i can say is that there we are prepared to stay committed as long as it takes to fully
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implement the u.n. mandate and that is to protect the civilian population against any attack what about the civilians that are being attacks in syria in germany in bahrain. yes of course that is that's a legitimate question the difference is that in libya we are operating on the basis of a un mandate and with strong support from contras in the region actually and number of countries in the region contribute actively to our operation to these regions we are in libya. what do you say to critics who aren't convinced that nato and goal is to protect civilians and that in fact is a regime change. we have been very open about our military objectives. to compete in attacks against civilians withdrawal of gadhafi forces and humanitarian access these are all military objectives and we will continue
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until they are met. in parallel there is a political track defined by the international community. recently the group including the russian president called on that afi true leave power. and. these two tracks are separate a military price track and a political track but having said that i think it's hard to imagine a complete end to attacks against civilians in libya as long as gadhafi remains in power i can move on to missile defense in europe if i'm a defense minister sort of called also said yesterday that he's been largely ignored by you in your plans for a.m.d. over europe of course you wouldn't accept that but the facts they certainly at this stage speak for themselves don't they. no russia is definitely not
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ignored on the contrary we have invited russia to cooperate on difference the fact is that nato has decided to develop a nato based missile defense system because we want to protect our populations against. some who but we would all like to cooperate. certainly not we are faced with this file tax man who from russia. we are faced with a common threat and this is the reason why we would like to see two independent missile defense systems a russian system and a nato system cooperate for instance by exchanging data the whole system would become much more effective that way to the benefit of the russian population and population nato countries you do understand that it sounds a little bit of a contradiction there you talk about joint trust about a mutual threat and then about separate systems why want one system between nato
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and russia be acceptable to protect both sides from any kind of threat because i don't think at the end of the day. the russian government and the russian people would accept to be shocking to a common command. i think. the russian nation as such would insist on having control of its own missile defense system and this is the reason why the most realistic approach would be to have two independent systems with a common purpose but common in. particular is now mr rasmussen has been proposing a joint european defense system existed. and i think the best way to join efforts would be to relay to independent systems cooperate with the aim to protect the russian people as well as people in nato countries. russia
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constantly claims that nato guarantee. that its interests will be protected why can't nato. the best guarantee whatsoever would be to engage in close cooperation because close cooperation between russia and nato would clearly demonstrate. our missile defense is really a defense and it's not aimed at russia. let's face it. we do not consider russia as threats to nato and nato does not constitute a threat to russia so let's join efforts let us cooperate with russia sees it are as they can't go forward on promises why can't you guarantee russia on paper that a missile defense system would not be directed towards them. either but it's very easy to guarantee that because we do not we don't have any intention to attack
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russia not whatsoever but the best guarantee russia could get would be to engage in a close cooperation and for instance establish a common joint center where we could exchange data that would clearly demonstrate that this system is not aimed at russia. mr rasmussen the facts might demonstrate otherwise thank you very much for taking the time out to be allied with us from brussels it's very much appreciated help to see you account. while the kings go mad their people suffer. how some take advantage of power that was given to them. secret some big dirty money. on our cheek.
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show would be soon which brightened if you knew the song from the finest impressionist. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. we stop stories on our t.v. nato launches its heaviest and most punishing air strikes on the libyan capital killing dozens because the rebels complained your life is ignoring the real frontline meanwhile the chorus of the national called the relation of syria get settled. and it comes to a boil griggs as the government moves to make deeper cuts in public spending in exchange for another. germany those will say they're getting tired of paying others they're still. on the u.s. guided missile bullshit sales of like seaford naval exercises with ukraine but the provokes moscow's anger which claims the supremacy of nato is controversial besides
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a few programs. quarter to eleven pm here in moscow thanks for being with us kate scenario with the sports news that's what it's all day in the world of sports. hello welcome to the sports news and here's what's coming up. halted the canadian grand prix suspended after twenty five laps as torrential rain descends on the montreal track champion sebastian but all that started on hold. while winning in the wet casey stoner defies the rain to try for the british grand prix and go top of the overall moto g.p. standings. and yet more rain bad weather ensures the final at queen's club between andy murray and sure will be held over and so monday. to start with for me along with the canadian grand prix has been suspended after twenty five laps after
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to ensure rainfall in montreal where champion sebastian vettel had started on called red bull driver had claimed his six goal from seven races ahead of the ferrari and underlines i am pretty famous recalls other driver mark wright but starting fourth on the grid however the bad weather that was forecast ensure the race became the first this season to take place on a wet circuit before it was finally halted with two thirds of the laps to go after these hamilton had already it's a war and crash moment. while it might have been an ill fated limb or race the team in france but the german manufacturer still wanted it as their number two car state of challenges persia it was title number seven for audi at the famous insurance race but their champion from last year my father was involved in a bad accident that night in germany it's a barrier heavily and the wrecked car caught fire but the driver got away with minor cuts in what was a second escape for the twice formal brain that allan what nation also emerged in one piece after an early crush on started a google for emergency p.k.
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subban a master of the pouring rain at silverstone to claim a five to five victory at the british grand prix the australian finished a massive fifteen seconds ahead of his repsol from the teammates and the physio so america. colleen edwards came in third but it came in stone overtakes world champion jorge lorenzo in the overall standings to lead by eighteen points the spaniard didn't finish after crashing out of high speeds and speeds not the same in chile also. want to go to bit of a lead you know i feel a lot more relaxed in just trying to make sure i didn't crash in those conditions because i mean i was so easy because water in your from parts of the track and i'll get in quite a lot deeper during the race. a little bit better but i mean i was there was torture sort of ten laps seven minutes i was counting down and they just took too long you know my hands are freezing i couldn't break probably i couldn't understand what great pressure i had. yeah it was see it was very very difficult conditions.
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staying on two wheels on inciting a spokesman has confirmed alberto contador will take a stab at playing his tour de france title next month but it's britain's bradley wiggins sees the in-form rider in the mountains after winning the credit in the gulf in the way this race also in france is considered the key warm up event the head of the tour had to show right at the rodriguez was fastest in this final ride as one of my stuff hundred twenty kilometers broke away within the last a moment or ok the second stage victory in a row but it didn't stop we can respond try and think overall thirty one year old grabbed the lead after stage three on tuesday out and never looked back one minute and twenty six seconds from australia's leavens. and elsewhere former champion. has conceded the yellow jersey in his home event the tourists and whine about this you know sort of colombia is the new man in the lead after winning stage two at the mountain this race italy's damiano can you go second across the finishing line
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twelve seconds behind and trails so that by sixteen seconds in the overall standings the country lara only almost eighteen minutes behind i want to play for the swiss and then the time trial prologue on saturday. now it's been a long. robert rock has held onto his maiden title on the european tour after winning the italian open ensuring rock enjoyed a two stroke lead going into the final round and this was cut just one short on sunday after slater a charge by day two of whom also rocketed a five under par sixty seven to finish top of the leaderboard at twenty one under and it was just enough to give him his first ever trophy on the tour after the thirty four year old witnessed in over two hundred twenty minutes over eight years . tennis now andy murray will have to wait for a day in his bid to reclaim the queen's club title is rain his final against joe will be a song that was called off until monday the decider was washed out for only the third time in the tournament history as was done its live in play was finally
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abandoned mari won here two years ago was one of the aims for a first title in twenty months event now goes into a second monday for the first time since boris becker jimmy connors in one nine hundred eighty seven. well elsewhere danish women's world number one caroline wozniacki delighted the home crowd in copenhagen the twenty year old the czech usage large about to retain her danish crown it was a constable with others nancy in it to have this type talk of the season. now to modern pentathlon where david spoke of that won the inaugural kremlin cup as the world's top pentathlete descended on moscow over the weekend as from a cost us reports. russian men have plenty to boast about when it comes to limping and south lawn events starting with sydney two thousand games the country is yet to relinquish the summits of the podium and a noisy if will be hoping for gold number three of the upcoming games in london but
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the next generation is already breathing down his neck at eighteen years of age sugar of his already making waves for the national team that youngster made his senior did you at this first ever crammed in cup want to thank sing event and followed up with a great performance both in the pool and in the show jumping arena and that elevated him to fourth overall before the combined running and shooting events where he encountered some difficulty with a newly introduced laser gun finishing in one of us i like it here with the cd is in love everything today except for the shooting i just can't get it right but i won the fencing total once a day and that's great. since i'm a little champion andy murray say finished in eighth place that poor result could be attributed to a recent rule change that so air pistols are replaced with laser guns plus running and shooting events have been combined into one make it look more like a summer biathlon a just think it's aches sometimes for the champ but that's one hundred ten
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a world championship runner up alexander list soon looks set to dominate in the near future the russian taking second place and silver in the kremlin cup. despite the second place i'm very happy with my performance because derby swab it is the real star of the combined event i have to beat that one prepared as well as the other athletes because i mean completion the european championships still ahead . so let's recap check david swoboda the winner of the first ever crime and cup rushes alexandre listen in second with third and fourth places going the way of the hungaroring athletes the london olympics are just a year away and that means nations wanting to qualify will have to work hard right now some will be able to get the coveted licenses but that's what it's all games at the upcoming european championship room on cost for an r.c. moscow. finally there are just under a thousand days to go before the twenty fourteen winter paralympics in sochi so not
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her as an ambassador for the games and has used iraq as with her incredible us story reports. beijing two thousand and eight the paralympic games will russia's eligible begin a strong gold and so the new world record in the women's one hundred meter breaststroke wood was even more marketable he's level twenty three year old beat still just five months after she'd lost her left arm in a car accident while she was on holiday in thailand and prior to that had contemplated who in this port of victory was a triumph of mental strength and she's always really to share their thoughts with those who desperately need it the swimmers know embezzler for the switch twenty fourteen olympics and with one thousand days to go to the games because it will disable people in one of most schools rehabilitation centers and the chance to see
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and hear firsthand or it takes six of the children of overcoming injuries and winning. the sport is what brought me back to life and made it worth living i managed to return to swimming and win the paralympics that's what inspired me and gave me strength i discovered any world new people and you goals to achieve. having got a new oliseh. and the engines of whole band which consists of hearing impaired youngsters even those who once might have lost hope might get it back. i believe it's my duty to share my experience and views with anyone who is interested no matter if they have disabilities or not for some of them it could be really encouraging i know it works as if seen it with my own eyes many times. it's very nice i listen she's a great example for all of us some people. i would have given up but once they saw her and you know a story they did and she helped us change our lives well done on lisa. despite her
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achievements made it would still call people like elizabeth b.c. built but in many respects they proved to be more evil than all of us public or the known arty unskilled. assholes courtney's this person i think. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science technology from the realm for sure.
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