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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report. politico ometer is a way from the record number one in pretty much through the british are much higher there or do you. think coming up we have. fukushima sends a radioactive ripples far beyond the exclusion zone as news emerges of a loophole allowing contaminated japanese cars onto the european market we report from ukraine. pro palestinian sentiment rolls across europe as activists to model for using stop ignoring views really occupation of the west bank and call for a boycott of goods from illegal settlements. with the media craze in america
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flaring around a sex related scandal involving a senator questions are being raised over whether news outlets are turning into. you with r.t. live from moscow where it's now a just after seven pm i'm wrong research and welcome to the program a highly toxic radioactive material has been detected in groundwater and seawater samples near the fukushima nuclear facility in japan the element strong has been found in concentrations two hundred times over the safety limit and can cause bone cancer and leukemia meanwhile japan's health and labor ministry says the number of workers exposed to dangerous levels of radiation has risen eight. thomas has been at food. in my city to measure radiation levels and here's what he discussed. here
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were eighty kilometers away and the radiation levels in this area many many places in many instances. really close because if you look at a map. regime a city is in relation to the actual nuclear facility plant number one where a lot of the radiation. but it in from the winds are bringing that radiation into shima city and the rain and wind is blowing the radiation in this direction so we were at a spot where the radiation levels were one thousand times what is considered to be a safe dosage. very very dangerous levels and so scientists so that we're working with today from different universities are working together on projects to try to figure out ways to use a simple methods to actually clean that radiation up and these guys actually.
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are working to contaminate the soil right now. and as you can see these two gentlemen aren't wearing any protective clothing but the scientists are so one of the concerns is that you can actually have one spot which it's only thirty times the accepted normal levels and then you go to another spot which is just a metre away and it can jump five hundred to a thousand times depending on where rain water and mud have collected one of the concerns of course is that grass is you can. filter for nuclear ready i think material and are drawn to grassy places when they go into those areas they could actually be absorbing what radiation from the grasses well so what's interesting is this area that we're in right now is considered a safe area it is not considered a mandatory evacuation area but authorities are looking into to see whether it should be considered evacuation or at least within the city should be evacuated
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because of need. if you will where the radiation is just charts. thomas right now workers of the fukushima nuclear plant are running out of space to store radioactive water meaning any further leaks could undermine the recovery effort that's according to james corden the. independent news website. any new leaks of any kind are going to be an incredible burden on the efforts that are already underway to try to clean up the water decontaminated because they are now running out of space to actually store the contaminated water in the fukushima in the immediate vicinity of the plant and i believe within two weeks they're actually going to run out of space so they're trying to get a system on line for treating the water but apparently the test for that is going to be pushed back another few days it's already been pushed back from last friday and there is no such thing it's a safe level of radiation exposure that any level of radiation exposure increases
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the risk of cancer and however negligible that risk may be with any particular person on any particular day at any particular spot when it's averaged out over a large population like is living in the bush in their region unfortunately means there will be over time an increase in cancer rates there and really just a question of how many. well the fukushima nuclear crisis has also sent shock waves through the japanese motor industry and its speculation that contaminated vehicles could be heading out to the world's car market potential buyers and are thinking twice before making their way to japanese car showrooms. i'll has been contemplating a change of her car for months a fan of japanese vehicles she wanted to upgrade her old fraud or two when you were model but her car dealing friend said it was not the right time but the risk also yet i was told privately all new japanese cars are radioactive because of the fukushima disaster the shipment was supposedly blocked by the authorities. but
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unofficial dealers bribed them and got those cars on to the streets and fish oils at the ports left off our question whether there had been any contaminated cars here after the japanese fallout these off roaders worship in before the fukushima disaster in japan and even they were checked for radiation before it is claimed there's absolutely no chance of contaminated growth making their way onto the territory is if these guys arrived to us transiting through greek and turkish ports if anything was wrong it would have been spotted there in the first place but we still double check all vehicles for any biological threat. however ecologists say these checks may not be enough to determine radiation growing is a radioactive particles are very small and can disperse all around the vehicle they can be found in filters radiators inside small parts that's why it's very difficult
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to detect them with regular geiger counters and the disposal of the customs union security experts say the sale of contaminated steel is not something new for ukraine these shorts were filmed inside the chernobyl exclusion zone several years ago scavengers stealing contaminated radiators from the ghost town of one costs around twenty dollars on the black market tens of thousands have been removed from the. contaminated metal can be recycled and used to write anything from rails to vehicles without losing its radioactivity usually it's used for making industrial pipes in ukraine. it is one of the leaders in words like reduction of radioactive particles may be small but are still gravely dangerous a person subjected to them for a lengthy period can experience various lung diseases and even cancer so use the temptations of by any japanese car is too hard to resist experts advise turning to professionals to check whether it is safe let's hear
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a chance to be artsy it was in from i just sat and each lost in ukraine. noble nuclear power plant in ukraine that was the scene of the world's worst nuclear accident but many fear that the crisis at fukushima may soon surpass it if you can check out the once prosperous soviet city of put it but it's the infamous atomic facility and find out how it looks now it is a special report from there marking the twenty fifth anniversary of the true noble disaster is available at our website dot com you can just find it in the documentary section. or europe is seeing a surge in anti israeli settlement with a growing clamor for governments to start turning a blind eye to the occupation of palestinian land activists say they want action not words and demanding an embargo on exports from illegal settlements but as i see it daniel bushell reports politicians are remaining tight lipped on the issue. rage against israel thousands call for the boycott of his really good over its continued
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expansion of palestinian land a jewish demonstrator says enough is enough i don't buy american leaders do nothing that the e.u. does nothing the repeated un resolutions have ruled israeli settlements illegal. activists won't be european union so for the main export of the occupied territories flowers and fruit they fall to human barricades it's a use a ploy depose stopping goods getting through trying to get israel's carnal grand market settlement produce and pocket a profit but i'll keep mine forces in moving their citizens are committing war crimes under the geneva convention public pressure is bearing fruit it's really biggest grocer co-ops and food grown in the occupied territories the world's largest security firm g four s. has stopped work with these really checkpoints on the west bank. breached human
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rights shareholders forced belgium's dexia bank to sell its israel lobby over a million euro loans to settlements activists next target is the rail links between certain months and jerusalem e.u. transport giant veolia protesters are also seeking to file charges on the international law against israel over its construction of settlements which the authorities are investigating police or part of these complaints on to the courts judges must rule if firms who buy food from your pride palestinian land are complicit in war crimes irish m.e.p. paul murphy will join calls a flip tiller the biggest yet so breeze awareness of the situation knowing activists were killed by israeli commandos when a similar operation was stopped in international waters last. you know if you feel things have got so he's ready to risk his life hopefully people aren't kills this
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time as they were last time by the israeli military forces. that it brings the world's attention to this issue. experts politicians and business act. change your mind before you were thinking that israel was granted by the british. public opinion ever really care to challenge and the international institution europe institution and the un and also. the last time such a campaign internationally was against the apartheid regime israel may have powerful allies but opposition in europe to its policies is growing to. see proselyte. and israel's continued blockade of gaza is not only damaging the palestinians but also disastrous for israel itself that's according to the e.u.
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high representative for foreign affairs exclusive interview with baroness catherine ashton is coming your way next hour but here's a preview. we're very consistent in saying what needs to happen is. to open the borders with guards and allow people and goods to move freely now i recognize the importance of the security situation for israel we've always done that but it seems to me a position that's not where you have the inability to get the economy moving and one of the things i've been saying to the israelis for some time is it's in their interest to see economic growth and development and also lots of small businesses you know that could really do well lots of people want jobs eighty percent of. seafood so many young people who don't have a future and part of the answer to that part of making sure that we have security is giving them nothing and that means allowing in and out the products the goods
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garza could actually. support its own economy. without the light from moscow now police in the united states have closed then a persecution into the so-called such thing case that's dominated national headlines for over two weeks a married senator tweeted a racy photo of himself triggering a media rush that overshadowed world news including the war in libya and the violence in syria he's going to check out looks at where priorities lie in the american media but he doesn't know if the american media can't get enough anthony we nursed crotch shot then married us congressman had sent this loot photo to a young woman via twitter and that story made it perfectly said of the end of thing with the shameless cover up this is a twitter hopes a prank that was done i'm the victim of this poor girls the victim of a subsequent embarrassing fashion last friday night i tweeted
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a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle once i realize i posted to twitter i panicked i took it down and said that i had been hacked and of course it's your full equality and deeply sorry for the pain this is caused by right. in our family. it seemed anthony weiner's indiscretion overshadowed all other news in america we know when or if we are going or is this you that we dated for a few months like almost ten years ago to the right mind even comedians for whom the congressman's cardsharp has become a bottomless source of inspiration point i can't describe american history you can be a hero for us. thank you of course. that have been blocked by this recent scandal on a more serious note many people think the only way to get ratings as it is to lead and constantly churn and cover these types of will sylvia's stories that really
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don't have any bearing on people's lives whether or not it's a private issue that has affected nobody for the people involved the media pressure is so high that it has become a trend in america to make deeply personal apologies on camera and everybody who has been. you know. the same goes for celebrities like tiger woods' extramarital affairs made headlines for months i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior i engaged in the apologies seem to huel the gossip industry even more when politicians stage and i do use this word stage these apology kind of sessions they are very likely responding to their public relations. advisors their lawyers etc etc i mean and the networks american media companies love it because they get it
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generates even more scandal american television thoughts don't take charlie sheen cielo hand with our analyst miles courts and now we're at the least it's endless and all of these handles have to do with private matters a big bill the news environment is such an extent that many hats either got sick as were placed actually seen america i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . however some american officials are getting away with misconduct verging on criminal and u.s. consul general rushing even thought of hostile seriously injured a man while allegedly drunk at the wheel ten years on the victim who was left permanently disabled is still waiting for justice for what little bit more later for you here in the program. now he may be faced with an ongoing rebellion i think recently destructive nato bombing campaign and worldwide condemnation but colonel gadhafi has vowed that he will stay in libya to the bit around his remarks came
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over a game of chess with the visiting president of the world chess federation of sun in your machine off after the event which was broadcast on state t.v. the chess master expressed his shock at the scale of destruction in the capital tripoli nevertheless nato has once again declared its intent so you expand the military off the. nations or country it follows reports of fierce fighting during which libyan government forces arrested control from the rebels of the city of zawiya that's about thirty kilometers from the capital u.s. a radio host and a peace activist ralph schoenman feels the opposition's cause has been hijacked by the interests of a few concerned nations. the united states is spending two million dollars a day in a billion and a half dollars has just been handed to these so-called rebels usually the leadership of these rebels how do you put all of his stars a twenty year outlook of the central intelligence agency the cia and the and say yes hijack this uprising initially against me and it is
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a complete some board net. oppositionist group now that is being funded and armed by the nato powers and the united states their objective is to carve out libya into several countries and to season twenty four point two billion barrels of oil reserves that's what the objective is it's the sixty imperial war that obama is waging in the region and it is a genocidal war and all its creatures target is the population at large not merely because off the region. and in syria government forces are said to have reestablish control over the rebel hotbed town. it comes amid continued call by the british french boy a tough un it was aleutian against president assad and his government but russia and china who believe any intervention in syria would only cause more bloodshed say they will stand against any such. adrian it believes the un's most powerful
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members of the driving force behind the bodies enthusiasm to intervene only in specific conflicts. the united nations this. is is merely an international organization working to promote the interests of its most powerful members know that we the united states britain and the west so will the skin sort of the whole. from so in other countries in the european union because just as they are appropriate considering cracking down on the syrian government they have not considered cracking down on the government of bahrain or other or egypt or point in time when there was also in. what is happening in syria and simultaneously in almost all countries of the middle east and in north africa. we flexed internal problems all countries have internal problems not go about it and there is a genuine desire on the part of many people in syria no doubt to get rid of its very fossilised government but there is also external interference notably from the
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united states and from britain and from france to take advantage of these internal problems. and you can always get more analysis on the latest news developments by logging on to our web page that's called let's have a quick look now at what's waiting for you there at the moment and americans are hearing a voice it is with a new radio studios for the voice of russia opening up in washington and new york also. the u.s. is creating the clandestine cell phone networks inside other countries find out why at r.t. dot com also for any of our videos you can just go to video dot com and download. the mission. critical patients free storage. arrangements three. three stooges three. three blogs videos for your media project free media don carty dot com.
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and so on our twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow you would not say that despite being confined to a wheelchair for more than a decade that hasn't held back one determined russian man he's covered and seven thousand kilometers right across russia on air mobility scooter a strong attention to the plight of disabled people. but when senator. alexander's top speed is not much more than walking pace it's been more than a decade since the accident which put him in a wheelchair driving the other car was america's consul general in those of us talk at legislate drunk and that's where the problems began as a diplomat american douglas can't could claim immunity officials back in washington refused to waive his rights so alexander had no chance of getting redress this world of evil to a scot free but i will keep seeking justice. alexander tells me he's been fighting
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for compensation ever since to pay for his specialist can and medical expenses so long after the original accident it's important to him to keep his case in the public eye he has just finished an american of marathon proportions writing his electric valley eleven thousand kilometers from his home to moscow and it's been a journey of discovery the evolution the real i was most surprised by the decency and generosity of our people i never expected such help just imagine every set of stairs demands for people to get me up that. despite all the obstacles he waited a hard on for so many people along the way i'll still go to the kremlin tell them how we live but alexander is not the complete inclined to strongly believes that no matter what the odds everyone's destiny is in their own hands the people he's met have certainly heard his call but it's the people in power in washington who really
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need to listen and act kerry should go back r.t. moscow. so ago let's take a look at some other headlines across the globe and our world update the turkish prime minister's justice and development party that's falling just short of winning an outright majority in parliament following a general election however type of the one who has an interest plans amending the national constitution as promised to build a consensus with the opposition. to implement reforms are the ones when had been expected despite claims he has or not or tarion style of leadership. for the suicide bomber has killed himself at least one other at a bank in the pakistani capital he detonated his bomb when a security guard tried to search a suicide attacks are frequent across pakistan but it's the first time in a year and a half that a suicide bomber has managed to hit a target in islamabad where security is very tight. these ilands the second largest city christ church has been shaken by two violent earthquakes it comes just
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four months after another tremor left the city in ruins and killed nearly two hundred people the latest quake struck within minutes of each other with the strongest having a magnitude of six on the richter scale although widespread damage was caused there were no reports of any trace only natural disaster of a different kind as explored in our special report in two hours time here on out here where the destructive power of an avalanche is in focus here's just a taste of what's to come. come one stream cascading from mountain slopes the view is miss milroy see. this beauty brings death at a speed of more than two hundred kilometers long. stare down along monarchy. and that's coming your way in two hours time her i'll be back with a recap of the headlines in just a few moments to stay with us. for
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the full stomach we've gotten from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. . culture is that so much now is a fundamental highlight in the muslim law give a real envelope in full force fields it must be a great man who made history or was he merely a product of the strong opinions differ widely don't know when to.
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leave it. to the. us or stand shoulder green and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of the regimentation over most of the nations of europe. and the shadow is an approaching a little. early twenty first century military bases a network of military bases all around the former sleepy empire that the united states is trying to build it's astonishing most americans have no idea there are
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more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around. we don't help our bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases are fine are the noises on the north side doesn't bother us at all because they're our bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for them speed. since the into world war two the spaces i've been. working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions the appeals just get everything you needed. down the official policy of
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location. i pod touch from the i choose apps to. life. video on demand oxys minefield costs and feeds now in the palm of your. call.
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