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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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mission. couldn't take three. three. three. three. three. three blocks.
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away from reactor number one in fukushima city. much prior. to be. coming up we have all the details. for radioactive ripples far beyond the exclusion zone as news emerges of a loophole allowing contaminated japanese to the european market. u.s. defense department. six point six billion dollars of its money meant for iraq reconstruction has gone to. palestinian sentiment spreads across europe authorities stop ignoring the israeli occupation of the west bank and call for a boycott of goods from israel.
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international news and comment live from our studios here in central moscow this is . a highly toxic radioactive material has been detected in groundwater and seawater samples near the fukushima nuclear facility in japan the elements strong is being found in concentrations two hundred times over the safety limit. can cause bone cancer and taking it meanwhile japan's health and labor ministry says the number of workers exposed to dangerous levels of radiation has risen to auntie shawn thomas as being at fukushima city. here we're eighty kilometers away and the radiation levels in this area in many many places in many instances are much higher are really close because if you look at a map of where fukushima city is in relation to the actual nuclear facility that's
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plant number one where a lot of that radiation. mading from the winds are bringing that radiation in to shima city and the rain and the wind is blowing the radiation in this direction so we were at a spot where the radiation levels or one thousand times what is considered to be a safe dose is so. very very dangerous levels and so scientists so that we're working with today from different universities are working together on projects to try to figure out ways to use a simple methods to actually clean that radiation up and these guys actually. are working to the cattle the contaminate the soil right now. and as you can see the two dominant wearing any protective clothing clothing what the scientists are so one of the concerns is that you can actually have one spot which is only thirty times in the accepted normal levels and then you go to another spot which is just a metre away and it can jump to five hundred to
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a thousand times depending on where rain water and mud have collected one of the concerns of course is that grass is gets to the filter for nuclear ready active material and are drawn to grassy places when they go to those areas they could actually be absorbing more radiation from the grasses well so what's interesting is this area that we're in right now is considered a safe area it is not considered a mandatory evacuation area but authorities are looking into to see whether it should be considered evacuation area or at least hotspots within the city should be evacuated because of these and small hotspots if you will where the radiation is just off the charts. right back to particles from the fukushima nuclear power plant have already reached american shores and will be seeing genetic mutations in the rain life within a year well that's according to all of goodness and he's an energy adviser fairwinds associates a corporation specializing in environmental and nuclear safety well we're already
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seeing particles in tokyo particle means the radioactive particles are really small thinner than that they are under your hair in tokyo and all throughout the fukushima prefecture and interestingly we're also seeing them on the west coast of the united states so airborne radiation that lodges in your longs or your g.i. tract is certainly in japan and on the west coast the the oceans are still becoming more or contaminated not less and i think over the next year or so you'll see the big fish that you know in the salmon. because this will work its way up the food chain i think you'll see more and more radiation being detected in the top of the food chain fish as well that woods hole prominent research institute has said that the pacific ocean now is ten times more contaminated then was the the ocean well the seas near chernobyl at the peak of the accident so the oceans are worse now than after chernobyl. the fukushima nuclear crisis is also essential quaids
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through the japanese motor industry made speculation that contaminated vehicles could be heading out to the world's comet and potential buyers are now thinking twice before making their way to japanese auto showrooms as ati's and actually have cesky reports. oh has been contemplating a change of hardcore for months a fan of japanese vehicles she wanted to upgrade her off roader to when you were model but her car dealing friend said it was not the right time but there was also you know i was told privately that all new japanese cars are radioactive because of the fukushima disaster the shipment was supposedly blocked by the authorities at adesa harbor but unofficial dealers bribed them and got those cars on to the streets officials at the ports left of our question whether there had been any contaminated cars here after the japanese fallout these off roaders worship then before the fukushima disaster in japan and even they were checked for radiation or
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verities claim there's absolutely no chance of contaminated go of making their way onto the territory these guys arrived to us transiting through greek and turkish ports if anything was wrong it would have been spotted there in the first place but it was still double check all vehicles for any biological threat. however ecologists say these checks may not be enough to determine radiation. radioactive particles are very small and can disperse all around the vehicle they can be found in filters radiators inside small parts that's why it's very difficult to detect them with regular geiger counters of the disposal of the customs units experts say the sale of contaminated steel is not something new for ukraine these shorts were filmed inside the church of mobile exclusion zone several years ago scavengers stealing contaminated radiators from the ghost town of one costs around
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twenty dollars on the black market tens of thousands have been removed from the zone. these contaminated metal can be recycled and used for a new thing from rails to vehicles without losing its radioactivity but usually it's used for making industrial pipes and ukraine is known as. one of the leaders in my production radioactive particles may be small but are still gravely dangerous a person subjected to them for a lengthy period can experience various long diseases and even cancer so yes the temptation to buy a new japanese car is too hard to resist experts advise turning to professionals to check whether it is safe let's see reporting from a just and each in ukraine. feature noble nuclear power plant in ukraine was the scene of the world's worst nuclear accident but many fear that the crisis at fukushima may soon support it you can check out the ones prosperous soviet city of p.s. near the infamous atomic facility to find out how it looks now
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a special report from there marking the twenty fifth anniversary of the chernobyl disaster is available on our website as r.t. dot com in the documentary section. the pentagon has recently been forced to admit it doesn't know where six point six billion u.s. dollars for iraq of money was supposed to be part of a massive reconstruction program after the war a former bush administration official and author of the book america's failure in iraq michael brown told me earlier that the funds went missing and that general petraeus is watch. all of this stuff was going on while david petraeus was the commander of the multinational security transition command in iraq four men sticky in zero four and zero five and this is the same period of time that one hundred ninety thousand a k forty seven zero nine millimeter pistol pistols purchased by the us government for the iraqi army national police disappeared i also want to say that i have a personal friend i will mention his name who was a very senior u.s.
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american finance and budget official during this period of time and he told me that when david petraeus was there there was no accountability at all for american money and that david petraeus continued to spend the iraqi money six months after the c.p.a. the coalition provisional authority had been shut down in june of zero four. in watching r.t. live from the very heart of moscow here's what we have ahead for you this hour with the media craze in america flaring around a sex related scandal involving a senator questions are being raised over whether news outlets are turning into gossip mills. talked to a russian left with permanent disability when a u.s. consul general allegedly ran down in the russian city of light of a star more or less a little later. europe is seeing a surge in anti israeli sentiment with a growing clamor for governments to stop turning
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a blind eye to the occupation of palestinian land activists say they want actions not words and in the morning an embargo on exports from illegal settlements but as daniel bushell reports politicians are remaining tight lipped on the issue. rage against israel thousands call for the boycott of his really good over its continued expansion on palestinian land a jewish demonstrator says enough is enough. american leaders do nothing the e.u. does nothing the repeated un resolutions have ruled israeli settlements illegal. activists want the european union to war the main exports of the occupied territories flowers and fruits they fall to human barricades that a use a ploy depose stopping goods getting through. israel's carmel brand market settlement produce and pockets to profit but pine forces can move in their citizens are committing war crimes under the geneva convention public pressure is bearing
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fruit it's a lease biggest grocer co-ops food grown in the occupied territories the world's largest security firm g four s. has stopped work with these really check points on the west bank admitting it breached human rights shareholders forced belgium's dicksee a bank to sell its israel arm over a million euro loans to settle my. activists next target is the first links between certain months and jerusalem e.u. transport giant veolia protesters are also seeking to file charges on the international law against israel over its construction of settlements which the authorities are investigating bones and police will pass these complaints on to the courts judges must rule if firms who buy food from occupied palestinian land are complicit in war crimes irish m.e.p. paul murphy will join girls of fla tiller the biggest yet to raise awareness of the
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situation knowing activists were killed by israeli commandos when a similar operation was stopped in international waters last year murphy feel things have got so bad he's ready to risk his life hopefully people and kills this time as they were last time by the israeli military forces. that it brings the world's attention to this issue such moves say experts force politicians and business to act to public opinion change your mind before they were thinking that israel was grabbed by the police today opinion ever really capacity to challenge and international institution the european station and the un and also . the last time such a campaign was mobilized internationally was against the south african apartheid regime israel may have powerful allies but opposition in europe to its policies is
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growing to the new bush or r.t. brussels. and israel's continued blockade of gaza is not only damaging to palestinians but also disastrous for israel itself that's according to the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs artie's exclusive interview with baroness catherine ashton coming your way in less than ten minutes from now stay with us for that. germany has officially recognized the libyan rebels as the sole representatives of the country says colonel gadhafi val's you'll stay in libya to the bitter end his remarks came over a game of chess with the visiting president of the world chess federation. chess master expresses shock at the scale of destruction in the capital tripoli its comments came just hours before another gadhafi and he defected to britain it is also declared its intent to expand military operations in the country after libyan government forces at the port city of zawiya from the rebels. the war drags on is
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becoming obvious that nato is bombs aren't going to force khadafi out well that's according to dr agent perhaps he's a political lecturer at the university of kent the german government realize its previous stance of just sitting on the fence and somehow abstaining isn't really working i mean the russian president he clearly didn't think that gadhafi had much religiously and that's what he said at the summit of the g. eight germany's move i think is belated but it stephanie welcomes the factions are showing that gadhafi support within the regime is clearly declining i think the other reason why he seems so card is because i think he does suffer from dangers delusions he does think of themselves somehow untouchable he's clearly hoping that there will be some kind of repeat of the nineteen ninety nine scenario over kosovo where nato bombed for seventy eight days and nothing much change on the ground except for lots of destruction and of course it's usually civilian population that suffers the effects of destruction not the leadership and of course what happened
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in ground troops made all the difference but it is clear that the moment the nature of strategy isn't fully working that's been apparent for many weeks now. dr atran perhaps talking a little earlier from cambridge police in the u.s. have closed an investigation into the so-called sexting case that's dominated national headlines for over two weeks and one senator tweeted a racy photo of himself triggering a media rush that overshadowed world news including the war in libya and violence in syria well he's got to look at where priorities lie in the american media but he doesn't know the merican media can't get enough of anthony we nursed crotch shot the married us congressman had sent this lewd photo to a young woman via twitter and the story made it perfectly sexy again nothing with a shameless cover up this is a twitter hoax of prank that was done i'm the victim of this poor girls the victim of a subsequent embarrassing come fashion last friday night i tweeted a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message as part of
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a joke to a woman in seattle once i realize i posted to twitter i panicked i took it down and said that i had been hacked and of course it tears full apology i am deeply sorry for the pain this is caused by whites. and our family. it seemed anthony weiner's indiscretion overshadowed all other news in america winners winner and we are the winner is this you that we dated for a few months like almost ten years ago to the point when even comedians for whom the congressman's crotch shot has become a bottomless source of inspiration point how distracted american news media can be the hero story. and your stories. that have been blocked by this recent scandal on a more serious note many people think the only way to get ratings this is to lead and constantly churn and cover these types of lascivious stories that really don't have any bearing on people's lives whether or not it's
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a private issue that has affected nobody but the people involved the media pressure is so high that it has become a trend in america to make deeply personal apologies on camera and everybody who has been hurt. no that the sorrow i feel who's doing the same goes for celebrities like tiger woods who extramarital affairs made headlines for months i'm deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior i engaged in the apologies seem to fuel the gossip industry even more when politicians stage and i do use this word stage these apology kind of sessions they are very likely responding to their public relations. advisors their lawyers etc etc i mean in the networks american media companies love it because again it generates even more scandal american television leaves office and don't take
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charlie sheen cielo hand with our analyst miles courts and now we're at the least this endless and all these scandals have to do with private matters but they feel the news environment is such an extent that maybe happens by the same as workplace factual things in america i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . despite being confined to a wheelchair for more than a decade but hasn't helped one determined russian he's covered eleven thousand kilometers right across russia on him because he's kusa he's drawing attention to the plight of disabled people. went to meet him. alexander's top speed is not much more than walking pace it's been more than a decade since the accident which put him in a wheelchair driving the other car was america's consul general in village of us stock eligible. and that's where the problems began as a diplomat american douglas can't could claim immunity officials back in washington refused to waive his rights so alexander had no chance of getting redress this was
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all that he walked away scot free but i will keep on seeking justice. alexander tells me he's been fighting for compensation ever since to pay for his specialist care and medical expenses so long after the original accident it's important to him to keep his case in the public eye he has just finished and marathon of marathon proportions riding his electric buggy eleven thousand kilometers from his home to moscow and it's been a journey of discovery the abolishing the law and i was most surprised by the decency and generosity of our people i never expected such help just imagine every set of stairs demands for people to get me up that. despite all the obstacles he they were way to the heart of the washout many people along the way asked to go to the kremlin and tell them how we live but alexander is not the complete inclined to strongly believes that no matter what the odds everyone's destiny is in their own
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hands the beagle he's met have certainly heard his call but it's the people in power in washington who really need to listen and act diary pushed over r.t. moscow. well those are the main stories here on r.t. this hour i'll be back with a summary in about ten minutes from now in the meantime it's our exclusive interview bringing a firsthand perspective on foreign policy. thank
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you very much miss ashley you said the heart of what you're doing media is to resolve conflict why was the e.u. not asked to mediate in libya well i think the u.n. is playing exactly the role that it should play and. the u.n. special envoy is as you know frequently in tripoli and benghazi is working with the people in libya but also for the international partners role has been very much to support him and to work with the african union with the arab league with the organization of islamic conference and with our partners like russia and turkey to think about how we move forward and conflict and some people start to think about the country of the future on a visit to bin guys in may you said that you had much people who would be leading into the future what gives you the ground to say that what i said was that i've met people who clearly had their heart the future of libya people who were thinking about the kind of what needs to be done reconstruction getting the economy moving
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again the support they're going to the board of management reform of the police to be people who will be part of the big dialogue that used to take place what the new government of libya looks like it's the people of libya to decide but here are people who despite all of the troubles despite the difficulties are really trying to think now through and i pay tribute to them for doing the search and they have been discussions about the possibility. that gadhafi could go but it's an if it's a large if one of the big challenges and questions is how to make sure that for the people of libya the way in which it goes on the shore of departure is a fundamental part of moving forward that's for them to decide in conjunction as i said with the role of the u.n. special envoy at what stage will be you expect nato to cease fire in libya well nato has been in discussion of course about its future role and i was at nato this
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week to discuss the role of the european union in our humanitarian aid in our support for the people on the ground and in opening the office which i did recently in bengal. the role of the forces of nato is determined by the security council resolution and their job is to protect civilians so until there is clear determining evidence the civilians are say they will have to stay there and that's again tied up to what happens with kind of gadhafi and his decision to allow his country to move forward in the way that clear people want the european council so that the russian presidential medal is a focal point for a political transition there what status does the e.u. accord mr maher gallo well what we've been saying to president medvedev and to form and so love for office is so important that russia is able to play its part in trying to find a solution so the role of the mediator for russia is to work alongside others who
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are busy trying to find a way through i think the significant element of this is making sure that it's also linked back to the u.n. so we have confidence in our communications between different people but it's very good to see russia ring geishas very good to see have been d.h. are trying to help to get as you said you consider an aid for to live together as an inappropriate response to the plight of the people there. what ease and appropriate response in your opinion we're very consistent in saying what needs to happen is that the israelis need to open the borders with the love people and goods to move freely now i recognize the importance of the security situation for israel we've always done that but it seems to me a position that's not tenable you have the inability to get the economy moving and one of the things i've been saying to the israelis for some time is it's in their interest to see economic growth and development goals are lots of small businesses
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you know that could really do well lots of people want your own eighty percent of people in gaza received today so many young people who don't have a future and part of the answer to that part of making sure that we have security is giving them that future and that means allowing in and out the products the goods were girls that could actually sell and support its own economy but these really settlement building continues in the west bank despite the position of the european union what more can be done well we're concerned about that we've always said that settlements are illegal under international law we've made that clear we do believe that we have to try and get back to talks same points of the core chechen which russia plays a big part of the hope of a meeting soon to try and lay some of the ground work that would enable the parties to come back to talks because in the end that's going to be the solution is actually you were in belgrade when roskam luggage was arrested and shortly before that you announced an extra billion euro was available for partners under the
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neighborhood policy what better coincidence you were in belgrade when was arrested yes it was a coincidence i had the privilege of talking with. the president and with the deputy prime minister and those engaged in the action although i never dieted the president was very keen to try and find a lot it should see justice done. i think that the expectation they would find on that particular day was not was not there it was good to be that it was good to be able to congratulate the so both origins and to see how people reacted to that across the world of being a real indication of closure but also saying that no matter how long it takes justice will be done now every european foreign policy chief you have shared nuclear talks with iran twice do you believe that iran is building
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a military nuclear program well the indications from the program that they have that they are building tools that they have three thousand four hundred kilograms of low enriched uranium which doesn't have much purpose if you're not going to use it in that way they say they're not the proof of it is very simple if the international atomic energy authority inspectors are allowed to go in and to do their job properly they can tell us a answer but iran does not comply with that and that of course leads to the suspicions what must iran do to silence doubts about its intentions we've made this very clear to them in the days of talks that if what they're saying is true then they can prove it and they can prove it in a way that does nothing other than credit to them if they don't do that then we have to think about the pressure i describe it like this if you sign up to an agreement which they have. we have many countries then you become the guardians of
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that agree and if those who sign up to it fail to abide by it you have a responsibility to act and to act together and that's why the twin track approach of keeping the pressure on of taking sanctions being very clear that those sanctions are designed to make the regime realize that the international community believes they have a responsibility and then to link that to the dialogue which we hope will resolve these issues in very practical ways. those two those two approaches are essential need to what together and i really do hope that iran will take seriously what we've put on the table and come back to the talks recession thank you for taking time for this interview we very much appreciate my pleasure i threw.


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