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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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seems that the bureau is moving full speed ahead with these changes unless somebody like the president decides to put his foot down which we know he won't considering his take on warrantless almost everything so looks like welcoming a whole new level to our already growing police state now still ahead on tonight's show you said i read it and respond to some your comments that you've left online about the shell and we already have the tea party in the coffee party so now let's make way for that to heal a party i'll speak with the woman who is spearheading the group about their political message in just a moment. we'll . bring you the latest signs. from the realms of. the future covered.
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seven thirty am in moscow these are your artsy headlines colonel gadhafi pledges he'll never leave libya as he faces off against a chess grandmaster in the devastated probable tripoli meanwhile nato steps up its offensive and declares its expanding operations against the libyan government but an independent fact finding mission on the ground questions the alliances methods delegation claims the evidence of evidence suggesting that depleted uranium missiles could have been used in alliance airstrikes. in japan are she discovers radiation levels far exceeding the legal limit outside the exclusion zone surrounding the stricken pushing with daiichi nuclear plant phrases. element strong
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g.m. said because bone cancer and leukemia have also been found in a high concentrations near the plant. about it and says it can't find six point six billion dollars of its money meant for reconstruction in iraq even after a lengthy investigation officials in baghdad are threatening legal action during claim the funds that come from the country's seized assets oil sales. ninety years ago miners in west virginia rose up in the largest insurrection since the civil war and part two of the alone a show we report on the movement that may be following in their footsteps stay with us. ok it's time for you said it i read it or i take time to respond to my brilliance and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you tube because when you say something i listen and i want to start off with a comment from our you tube user atheist he that and how he wrote in response to my fireside friday about the pentagon's shameless stonewalling of freedom of
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information act requests for pictures of osama bin laden's body from several news organizations from a.p. to politico and he said i love you but you are wrong on this one we don't need to drag the body through the streets as proof so eight hundred eleven we were past that one thousand and eleven now this is where i would like to politely disagree with atheist and he that i never said that we should be dragging osama bin laden's body through the streets in fact that couldn't be further from what i want i simply want just like a.p. reuters fox news politico and countless other journalistic organizations for the u.s. government to be open and honest about a mission that was carried out in the name of the american people the last thing i'm calling for is some kind of public celebration i'm calling for transparency from a government that professes to believe in it so once again i call on the u.s. government to stop making a mockery of freedom of information act requests and release the pictures of osama bin laden's body and our next i want to respond to something from hellraiser on facebook you guys got to work on these names are so difficult to pronounce he asks
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a loan to which three states is it illegal to film and they keep telling us the public surveillance is fine if you don't have anything to hide then you don't have anything to worry about now as we covered many times on this show there is a war being waged on those in the public who choose to wield the power of the camera against law enforcement and for some off reason law enforcement doesn't seem as open or willing to public surveillance as they encourage us to be when we're the ones being watched so to answer your question the three states we're filming the police is actually illegal our maryland illinois massachusetts and the rest of the country police have time and time again. and threatened use intimidation tactics against citizens for using a camera to record them with absolutely zero legal grounds so i know your rights keep your police in check and next i just want to respond to mike man who said on facebook your show comes on at five am in my country south africa but it's worth waking up for every time keep up the fantastic work well thank you mike you keep watching and i'll keep doing my best to keep you entertained informed on godly hour
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really i appreciate you watching and i have more responses for all of you later in the week. now as ninety years ago when coal miners rose up in west virginia and what's called the largest armed insurrection since the civil war the miners named their movement the battle of blair mountain and some credit with launching the labor movement and creating the middle class but that battle still rages on today some call minor descendants along with activists and environmentalists marched over the weekend and what they're calling the second battle of blair mountain parties telling ford has more. in the mountains of west virginia a battle is raging. for the fate of a mountain it's called it's jobs. and the soul of resistance in appalachians the same. old let's just see. more than seven hundred miners activists and environmentalists marched up blair mountain to demand an end to mountaintop removal. technique that blasts rock to get
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a coal seams within which environmentalist say said debris raining down causing flooding in contaminating rivers water going through water they retrace the steps of more than ten thousand coal miners who in one thousand twenty one took up arms for the right to unionize and survive ten to fifteen thousand coal miners forming an army and marching up the mountain that's right behind me you know and fighting you know against an army paid for by a coal operators chucking these great grandfather led the charge is the president of the west virginia miners union but it's a history he didn't learn from textbooks this is a history that has been concealed from west virginians the only time you see the word union in the book is when they use union carbide the chemical company my great grandfather mancow my grandfather my father bob schultz worked in the mines for thirty seven years. that's what we need this house you see. i got
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it from the very same call that gave him black lung making breathing and working difficult every doctor that the co companies seem to agree and i can't work well having iraq. mr schultz is not able to work. but the coal companies lawyers say it's not because black on his wife debbie says he's paid with his health that that he can do what he wants to do. can't go where he wants to go like a prisoner in his own home bob's family fought alongside checks in the minors war but bob won't be marching they want to save blair mountain which i agree with. but they want to stop me and my friends and my family from mining and that's how we make early. call is virtually the only living to be made in logan county ninety years later. thank you have some of the worst prescription drug abuse in america
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that's all there is call if you're not in a call you're into the drugs it's one or the other. nearly a century later the coal companies still wield incredible influence and political power. marchers found public roads blocked with boulders and campsites shut down the coal companies called them up and said if you let these marcher stay at your campsite everybody in your family is going to lose their job which side are you. which side are you. as we've said. more than one hundred forty protesters trespass and coal company land like the miners that fought the coal companies before them ninety years ago these activists say they intentionally wrists arrest by trespassing on the mines property to draw attention to the second battle of blair mel and they say the resistance is an ending anytime soon and that appellation will rise again i'm more so angry that
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. the people you know the people of appalachia the hillbillies have been beaten down for so long and been you know. been held under the boot heel of the coal industry for so long blair mountain for both sides it's everything it's resources it's coal it's history and it's symbol it's part of appalachian it's a battle that neither side is willing to surrender killing for the r.t. blair west virginia. move over tea party here comes the tequila party that's right there is yet another new political movement named after a drink. in this country and this one if you haven't figured out is reaching out to the hispanic community and it's not about supporting one party or the other it's about getting the growing hispanic population to actually go out and vote and let me give you a few numbers so you understand just how many people we're talking about the latino population grew from thirty five point three million in two thousand to fifty point five million in two thousand and ten the number of latinos eligible to vote went from thirteen million in two thousand to twenty one million in two thousand and ten
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and yet in last november's midterm elections only thirty one percent of latinos actually cast a ballot so it seems like the only way to get politicians to move on immigration reform is for the hispanic population to move to the polls forced but do they actually want to do it joining me to discuss this is g.-d. garcia blase founder of the tequila party d.d. thanks so much for joining us tonight. right now so like i said there's been a population is the fastest growing population within the united states and we constantly hear so much rhetoric that politicians are going to have to start paying attention but you know we know what you're all about your organization is that you want to get the hispanic population to actually go out and vote but how do you plan to do that. well what we need to do that we need to motivate and right now is the number one issue affecting our pledge right now it's just you know we know of a relative or a friend of that it seems afford it where proteins went. before
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a chance as a labor day practically free for day we've already forgiven i never thousands so if you have a very very personal for us it's not only just the immigration issue that affects. issues like economy and jobs a practice and most of the men are like realize that for every one farm worker jobs that one farm working jobs three middle income jobs so. that's what we're going to use and we were all complaining about the immigration issue and when president obama was in el paso texas. he issued a call to action. for two things a grassroots movement and bipartisan support and when they're so why do you think it is that there doesn't seem to be the motivation to go and vote is it because really it's all about motivation and people maybe are just up is that i can don't want to is there some type of some fear involved there to what's behind it all. i
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think number one where pretty. are you ration. started with whitman much of our population very young american born citizens or fisa amendments american or that since they were friends were starting to add up and ready. five hundred thousand of latin americans are turning eight they're becoming a. young group. now didi is there you know does your group have an enemy is there somebody that you're specifically pointing the finger at if we look at the tea party for example right there pointing the finger at government washington d.c. specifically which is they why they want to be a come in south they want to the new breed of politicians in there you say that you're a bipartisan organization so i'm assuming you're not pointing fingers at just one party or the other but is it then coming down to i don't know picking one of you
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know one of whatever the worst evil is out of two. i believe that any me just as an immigrant proud in a lot of this he part of your tea party group has been. since and so what we want to do is we want to do motivator so power so get out and so now we're doing more than just a general election so we want to see the micro state all expanded property state and want to consume it left over and that's what the tea partiers are good at so we need some kind of neutral i see an imperfect route which they are . all efficient in trying to ban a few latest thing especially ones like. arizona one thing being consumed rational speech due to the road and we want to give them
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a sort of political cover in the only way that we're going to do that is if we distance from american election voters in. the government why i think you know part of the largest you mentioned tea partiers are part of the largest group that is the anti immigrant crowd is the republican party in the democratic party although they haven't actually done anything with immigration reform if the republican party that is against immigration reform if the republican party if you we see you know talking about building the dam fence that you know spewing i guess anti immigrant rhetoric when we're there on the campaign trail or when they're putting into their videos so i mean you're you're a republican how are you republican if they constantly you know if their rhetoric is against you if the legislation that they support be it from state to state like arizona florida alabama is immigration law really works against your interests well i turned no party preference yesterday. i truly wanted more i think ron and i wanted to run an immigration into. president bush put
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immigration reform. to time. on the floor waiting for president obama to be the same thing and yes you're absolutely right the g.o.p. has been extremely profitable for the population many go as far as to call it quote unquote what back here is really really bad and that said the democratic party in their in action i mean how do you explain the nine hundred fifty thousand immigrants that were ordered by. i think we see a unique opportunity here this year i really do believe that folks parties are all the g.o.p. party is more hostile and i see a unique opportunity with president obama if he can in essence becomes that next day a day where immigrant rights in authority hold that he take that opportunity to do i want to thank you very much for joining us and you know maybe the tequila
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party is actually going to force politicians to start moving on the issue of or really is like i said you know the best of two evils thanks so much for joining us . still to come on tonight's show an internist fired for returning support of gays after a comedian goes on a grant of coming up in our tool time award and then riding a bike in new york in a short skirt constricts take it and we'll ask if a company should really have arnold schwarzenegger pushing fathers take it stick around for some fun and happy hour. to a substantial degree and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the shadow is approaching a little different. in the early twenty first century
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military bases a network of military bases all around the world forms the believe. that the united states is trying to build its astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around the world. we don't have power bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in bases of a lot of the noises i would northeast of those of all the us i don't because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for these people. since the into world war two the spaces i've been. working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the
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questions the other thing else you get everything you needed. the explosions were troubling.
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mission free. education free. free. free. free. free. download free blog video for your media project free media are t.v. dot com. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and it goes to a florida republican congressman allen west since arriving in congress in january the congressman has a history of outrageous behavior and comments and it's a night he's a back in the headlines for his actions involving an internet now this is kind of a long story is a let me explain it to you last week the entertainment world was in an uproar after comedian tracy morgan made several comments that shocks nearly everyone during
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a comedy show in nashville and here's part of that rant as retold by c.n.n. who was about to interview a man who attended the show morgan said there is no way a woman. could love and have sexual desire for another woman that's just a woman pretending because she hates an effing man he went on to say of his son was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not hear he makes a gay high pitched voice or he would pull out a knife and stab that little and word to death. pretty appalling and over the top now tracy morgan has apologized but he is still taking a lot of heat from the public and all over the internet and the openly gay band scissor sisters sent out a tweet late last week that read quotes dear tracy morgan son if you are gay you can totally come live with me james baldwin to watch paris is burning x x and now this is where congressman west comes back into the story scene in turn in his office read tweeted the scissor sisters tweet symbol read tweet i wouldn't call
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that a door so made it something outrageous that is unless you're a right wing tea party nut job like congressman west to count allow his followers to think that he might be ok with gay people so the retreat was quickly deleted and later in the day tweet from west account read very sorry about the unauthorized r. t. we were not hacked and in turn it made an error apologies to all so why do you need to apologize tracy morgan made statements i don't think anyone is disputing that but the story isn't over there is now word that the interned was fired from his or her actions and interns name is not being released now the band later tweeted that west was in fort lauderdale florida with a staff and the interns were running the office that's funny interns are in charge of a u.s. congressman office who knew but west has a long history of being a homophobe so he can't be seen as somebody who is showing sympathy to the gay community that we're just crushes whole i'm a bad ass crazy intolerant veteran image and he's you know i'm not sure that would sit all that well with the tea party crowd either so that's why florida republican
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congressman allen west if tonight's tool time winner maybe the congressman should promote the in turn to his chief of staff because he or she obviously has some moral sense something that he is clearly lacking. ok it's monday and it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening is nicole neily executive director at the independent women's forum and r c correspondent christine for ladies thank you for joining me now i don't know if you guys watch the show than you probably know we do a lot of hackers stories you're always talking about anonymous we're talking about little security and we've been trying to get on the show and they just keep playing jokes with me and telling me to put shoes on my head and stuff but now we found out that they actually used my voice. in this new song that they created oh take
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a listen to this five i am. sorry. we have our r r r r r r r r r r r r r. i mean i don't know kind of fine i guess i didn't i had no idea that i might have a career as a recording artist i owe you guys these are making i have you thinking you should not matter and i think this is their way of trying to say you know what we can't for security reasons or whatever be on your show but hey we still like you and we're going to use your voice in one of our ads are you reaching out to new audiences i'll take it then also because the whole thing i think you. know it was just a blip move on to another story this is something that the media went absolutely crazy over because we heard. a blogger in syria who goes under the name of gay girl in damascus was abducted and so because of course the media doesn't usually like to cover what necessarily what's going on in syria or bahrain or libya or yemen all
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that much alas there might be a pretty gay girl that's abducted they went crazy over it and then they had to walk it back let's take a look at a few clips. let's be right to think you know what i mean you see i mean for social commentary do ok go to damascus was abducted by. it's also sells girl in damascus and on monday night she was said to be in the ducted in syria by a man believed to be working for the government so why is the woman who wears that fairy sitting here tonight you are confident that this woman whose face appears on the blog of the gay girl in damascus as you this is of some similar pictures being taken last year paris the story of this building that's in syria has been revealed as a. two year old american. in study in the university the claim that this is so real so that hard to get you know to miss. we thought it was a gay girl in damascus and of course is just an american guy that's sitting around
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on his computer but i don't know on one hand you have to make fun of the media for falling for it because stories right now what do you think i think it's really sad i mean he had said that he did it for vanity which is really disturbing but also i think it undermines the people who are out there in these really terrible situation is everything to be questioned and not really taken seriously going forward so i'm worried about it i think this story is disturbing on so many levels i mean you touched on it a little bit with the media following this story as if this is the news and this is of course something that we you know this day and age have to be careful that we take blogs as gospel that we see a picture when we say oh this must be who is behind it so i think the media aspect is a little disturbing i think of the fact that this guy who is very well educated and wanted to just show how good of a writer he was took someone's picture took someone's image and that has been associated with a girl who no joke i mean i've been following this story some people say you know gay in damascus is one of the reasons that this uprising this revolution in syria
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is happening people don't want the treatment like she's experiencing some be responsible or partially behind a revolution at least in the minds of some this. it is a hoax well that's a crazy thing about these internet revolutions phrase you have actually you don't really have any idea of who is writing about this who's writing about their experiences getting the people fired up you know we've done a lot of stories on this show too about how the pentagon actually has programs where they themselves get it go on to the internet to try to spark conversations so who knows but with a guy actually did issue an apology of take a look at that really quick. you know a lot of. them are i regret and. regret. you know number of people are seeing. distracting from real. real stories. real. seems pretty van to
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me i don't know who you think i was just it was here apology but i think it also as you mentioned it gives cover to the syrian government this is a plant by the u.s. by american people who want to foment instability in their country and that that doesn't help anyone because either and maybe even makes them you know have a reason to say see things are fine anybody who complains about it is actually lying it's just american guys sitting in scotland blogging about it but let's move on to something a little more fun right this i think this story is hilarious there's a dutch tourist young lady who's attractive who was riding a bicycle in new york and she actually got pulled over by a cop because she was wearing a short skirt and he said it's a very disturbing and it's distracting the cars and it's dangerous i think what's scary is that this is totally no one even knows if she would be breaking the law or not because there are so many crazy ridiculous laws that cities and states and apps so is this would it be under public you know disorderly conduct or would it be
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something no one knows we have this bizarre code of laws here's the thing i don't believe the story i think is she works for a bike shop once every one to see her on her bike i mean if she's wearing that skirt i've lived in new york for several years people wear far more appalling things than that i mean from san diego where i'm going on and there are people who actually go rollerblading every day and like a leather g. string and they don't get stopped but the fact that this girl was told that she was a distraction to drivers i mean there are women walking around riding around prancing around the streets of new york city and far more disturbing things that i think i don't know why all of that i mean that out there there's nothing scandalous about it and she can along who doesn't know what police officer i mean. told her that she has no name to give. anyone of anything like this ok. oh yeah that was the funny idea i don't believe are actually policemen out there though i wouldn't put it past the i.p.t. lastly just really quick words nigger obviously
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a lot of scandal surrounding him and it turns out that he's in a father's day at the luggage maker koehler as has his dad love surprises you know who doesn't love surprises your wife when she finds out you have a love child also the woman isn't working in your house for twenty years stupid move on the company. certainly i mean but i can't imagine that he actually posed for this ad i mean i think his body to pose for a like a while long time ago yes or i'm going to go in for it and he can donate the proceeds from his speech to his family. just when you got short isn't it your life of the right role thank you for joining me tonight thanks for having now is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make sure that come back tomorrow dave katniss from political impact on the show to discuss the republican primary debate that's going on tonight now in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch dot com we want to show and coming up next is versus the.


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