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and feeds in the palm of your. questions. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from. the future. this is not a robot you should look toward. and we should step before you showed us a pretty tree because they have no idea about the hardships that we face. this is. all too new to. bring in the army. is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism to understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war. one nine
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hundred forty five. welcome back you without seeing live from moscow a recap of the top stories now the libyans in the capital rage at the nato bombing campaign which they say is robbing them of both safety and fuel supply constant. petrol shortage in tripoli thousands of civilians are bearing the brunt of the. israel's a gas a lifeline from egypt. as cairo probes allegations the supply deal set up by president mubarak was a shady scam egypt reportedly considering raising gas prices to israel just plugging the. suicide rates among
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young people in russia difference towards the problems of teens the number taking their own lives is one of the highest in the world. as nato steps up its strikes on the libyan capital former u.s. congresswoman and one time presidential candidate cynthia mckinney is in the country to see for herself how libyans are coping with the onslaught she expressed doubts about whether nato is following international law and that conversation is coming your way right now. former congresswoman and u.s. presidential candidate. has been in libya working with a non-governmental fact finding mission for ten days already she's here at private expense as all the other members of her team to establish real evidence based facts on the reality of life in tripoli and made mates of bombardments and civil war she
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joins me now thank you very much cynthia thank you for having me well why is fact finding necessary in tripoli i can't remember who it was that said that truth is the first casualty of war but we in the united states are very well aware that the our country went to war against iraq and encouraged the entire world to go to war with it against iraq nine hundred thirty five times the bush administration lied to the american people in the international community about the reasons for going into iraq and then after the deed was done we had our deputy secretary of defense say well you know we were in a room and we were just trying to figure out which lie of the american people would buy so we settled upon weapons of mass destruction and just like that the
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international community was drawn into a war that has completely decimated destroyed an entire country the country of iraq so now when our government says that they have a responsibility to bomb people in order to save them i think it's important for the american people to understand what the truth is you've mentioned iraq so you do think liebig could be like second iraq. what i think is libya could become somalia one in the reaction of the people to. the possibility of foreign ground troops here i don't think that is going to be anything that is welcome by anything anyone other than the libyan nato allies who are called the rebels who have been here for
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a while already so what have you seen what concerns me is that we have reports that depleted uranium is being used we know that there are the missiles that are coming down the bunker buster bombs that are being used depleted uranium is being used here been everything that we see in brief is contaminated one of these reports come from actually a member of parliament in the kingdom was the first person who mentioned the possible nato use of depleted uranium that i am aware of and at since that time i have spoken with some experts scientists scientists who are familiar with the telltale signs of depleted uranium use one is how the particulate matter tastes in your mouth if there is a metallic taste and of course since i've been here in the been
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a lot lot of bombings i have asked around about the metallic taste one of the persons that i brought with me is an attorney and i asked him he specifically said yes. that he had a metallic taste in his mouth i have not spoken to libyan scientists who have officially confirmed that but of course if we look at nato and their choice of weaponry we know that nato is used to clean. raney aware in eastern europe they've used it in afghanistan they're probably using it in pakistan and why would they not use it here what conclusions. my conclusions will be merely the truth as i see it and of course i just have spoken with the dean of political science at the university also known as nasser university where two water
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tory m.p.'s were bombed now while he is nato bombing universities why of a bombing compounds where people gather to express their joy and love and concern for their leader i don't know why nato is choosing these targets but these are civilian targets and when civilian targets are bombed we have criminal activity . in tripoli yes we've also been to. spittle and there we were able to speak with people and see their wounds now i was able to see the wounds of the people and they looked very similar to the wounds of the. experience dime weapons that's a dis inert metallic. weapon that was used in gaza now we've heard these massive bombardments from a distance but what kind of
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a fact i'll be having on the civilian population this is another aspect of the nato operation and mad like to stress this idea of collective punishment because of course we've heard of collective punishment in the context of israel and its treatment of the palestinians but what we are seeing here is a kind of collective punishment as well where nato is preventing. shipments of fuel and food and medicine to come in. there have been efforts to actually get medicine into the country that have been denied by nato of course you it is impossible to go on any street and miss the huge queues of sometimes three and four d. of cars that go on for and on and on and on as they queue up to get gasoline from the service station this is
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a nato policy and this is also a policy of collective punishment this is targeting the civilian population and whenever you target a civilian population you're committing a crime to be able to speak to people i guess yes i have spoken to people and the one question that they asked me over and over and over again is why that is the question why and so when i go back to the states i'm going to try and ask that question why why is this happening certainly it is not for humanitarian reasons because what is being caused by nato is a humanitarian catastrophe what could be the goal of face dresses you do think what we have to do if we really want to understand the motivations of u.s.
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policy we have to go back to what ray mcgovern who is a former cia analyst had to say and he described u.s. policy is being driven by all i and l. now what's all i am l. ove. i for israel ellis for logistics and so he described the logistics as those logistics that were needed by the neo cons to carry out. they're policies on behalf of israel and if we look at the the havior the nato allies in libya the so-called rebels what we see is they open up a central bank so that means that of course the banking system that is independent here in tripoli in being that is a that banking system will be tied to the international banking system they also
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have concluded agreements with israel now one of those agreements one of those agreements is to provide a base for israel in libya to nato secretary-general rasmussen told r.t. just a while ago there are only hitting targets of military value do you accept that no absolutely not a university military certainly the murder of. his son and grandbabies is not of military value i went to that house i saw the swing set the cruise ball said that to the journalists there and there was nothing of military value there is just. innocent people does that mean restlessness ministry people. through i think there's nothing of the truth of what we're seeing here seems a bit personal now with
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a coup khadafi no matter watch i can only repeat what the mate joe leaders have said and they have said that. colonel gadhafi is a legitimate target this murder and i don't think that there's anywhere that murder is permitted this is targeted assassination this is extrajudicial killing. this goes against international law international humanitarian law international human rights law every aspect of it. of the law and so now has nato become a murder machine a targeted assassination this could off you know that how that saying well i don't know what he knows. he probably knows far more than you and i. and i plan to meet him. well that if that were to be made available to me i would probably take advantage of that and my last question if gadhafi leaves and it looks
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like he will have to know my watch what will he leave behind while i think that's a question that is more appropriate for the people of libya i know that i am here on a fact finding mission and soley to understand the truth to transmit the truth . as i see it because the. international press largely are not telling the international community the truth thank you very much. for being with us. wealthy british style. time to.
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eve. see. the latest in science and technology. we've. covered. the.
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headlines. in the capital raise the nato bombing campaign which they say is robbing them of both safety fuel supply. rights of petrol shortage in tripoli by thousands of civilians are bearing the brunt of the war. lifeline from egypt could be in jeopardy as cairo probes allegations the supply deal set up by after president mubarak was a shady scam reportedly considering a raising gas export crisis to israel plugging the pipe all together. plus the alarms being raised over a record breaking a suicide rates among young people in russia blamed on indifference towards the problems of tweens the number taking their own lives is one of the highest in the
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world. the headlines now offer the world is for we go with kate hello kate hello there are so obviously not a football in the russian premier league or tonight's results though radically for one man to draw yesterday on tech manager has been told he must win tonight's game otherwise he faces the sack how his side is doing plus the rest of the sport that's coming out now. welcome to the sport on a busy tuesday of live action and here that line's. leaders take second place on a crunch night in the russian premier league. and you're a troll. while we were around manager handed an ultimatum by his club to get three points from their match on kong. fighting back serena williams wins her first competitive match after
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a yearlong injury lay off the pairs to defend her wimbledon crown. but first as a full programme of football across russia this tuesday including a top of the table clash between joint needed moscow and then g.b. this tussle is one of the latest results all sixteen teams are not sure it's not like moscow has already been held to a disappointing one all draw at home in twenty four in the last equaliser to give the thompson like their share of the spoils bought in the later games manager's not so much he faces spotlight now champions and each player studies that's. while twice former champions were being entertained and i lost a cousin about baseball that's about thirty paces from them so i clear. but elsewhere struggling kodak our time car and its goalless at half time but it sink or swim for the grozny side star coach rootlets the dutchman was given an ultimatum on monday to either win this game or leave the club the chechen sides bosses have made it obvious they are not impressed with the result since pilots arrival less
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than five months ago as an official statement on products website says that its approach to his job in chechnya has left a lot to be desired well in the meantime play make a dummy started on the bench has a neat balance before the game missing petersburg side ensured their record signing to stay on for another four years the portugal midfielder put pen to paper to extend his initial deal which set the champions back a staggering thirty million euros three years ago one of the needs danny has been crowned russian champion was also just on the way to the super cup the russian cup the russian supercoach. football captain and shoving admits his national team has not been playing well but he insists they still have a great chance of qualifying for next summer's european championships they also midfielder was speaking at a charity event in siberia following russia's recent goalless draw with cameroon in a friendly. everyone wants to qualify for europe twenty two well first of all the players do and of course our fans because ukraine and poland a close to russia and we will work hard to achieve this but let's wait until
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september and october frankly we're not playing at our best at the moment but we're still among the leaders of the group tough questions with message dani island and where gary head and the fate of a place at the european finals will be decided in these matches. now by the end of this month we'll learn a former russian coach who's heading well after all returned to english premier league side chelsea the russian only london club has been manager less since second column last month but the blues are racing to appoint a new boss with the summer transfer window wide open in england and former acting coach hiddink is touted as the front runner for the job but the team's chief executive wrong gourlay saying the time to announce the new coach is now i. as far as the manager is concerned. the process is going well. but no relation of the time it is ok. for you to call me or the next guy that he was going to trade. with lives things in the usual way. but really the next week or two we will get it is easy to
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those who are good. and elsewhere christiane are right now though says he's staying at rail madrid and the speculation of a big money transfer to munch the city the portugal wing that told a spanish radio station i am not going i give you my word today i would sign for another ten years with rael madrid however when asked about tomorrow the twenty six year old was more non-committal adding that no one knows the play is feature last season rinaldo set a spanish league record by scoring forty goals israel finished second to vassallo the first third straight year. meanwhile red bulls formula one champion sebastian vettel has been training with another red bull team this time the new york stock aside including their former australian boss lennon start here eon really his day mccartney top of the major league soccer eastern conference this is in no small things to henri he's been banging the goals in netting seven in eleven matches but despite his magic touch the frenchman was still delighted that all the help on the
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training pitch red bulls f one stopped enough to coming second in sunday's canadian grand prix and only bettles appearance will inspire the players to win some so where. thank you that's all you want you want to win and i know i was a junior we didn't win anything yet so you know having him around him is going to bring us a bit of luck to win something and force you know we will from being successful great demand right here and we're trying to follow the example you guys just come over here and see what they do is the first time i actually you know had. an idea with the professional players on the on the field and it's amazing you know it's small things that you probably don't see from the outside but how they move and how quick they are and you know we didn't want to step compared to me obviously we're just to hold the football player. tennis now and we will then starting next week former world number one serena williams has successfully returned to action after
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almost a year out she came from behind to outlast tsvetana pironkova in the first round of the grass court event when he scored it didn't look like a winning come by covering her first as the americans could only save one game in the first set but she was able to turn things round to feel it one six six three six four it's the americans first quarter century damaged a ligament in her foot while celebrating her trial last year that injury led to a life threatening letter talks on how long it sidelined young william system for almost twelve months. now i psaki and the stanley cup finals will go right down to the wire after boston beat vancouver five two on monday to tie the best of seven series of three apiece that means wednesday's game in vancouver will be a dramatic winner takes all contest the comics are looking for their first championship title while the bruins are hoping to end a thirty nine year title drat. you know this is it's a great feeling we battled hard tonight we came to play and it's coming down the one game and this is what we dream of and you know kids playing street hockey and.
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you know you're in game seven so we're going to go up there and and we're going to go lay down the line like they are happened. there's nothing we can do about it we've already turned the page on that and we're going back home and we've got this great opportunity in front of our fans behind us and we're going to make the best of the. new n.b.a. champions the dallas mavericks have enjoyed eight to bill and homecoming as they touched down in dallas after beating miami to claim the title for the first time after a water gun salutes they were greeted by hundreds of pounds mark cuban walked off the plane first followed by the finals most valuable player wicki no details of a celebration parade have been revealed that cuban has pledged to pay for it himself as the city of dallas has a thirty two million dollars budget deficit. now after finishing fourth of the cheering winter olympics in two thousand and six russia slipped to the low point of
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thirteenth in the winter sport rankings after a disappointing display at last year's vancouver games though according to russia's sports minister of italian with ko the situation is heading for you to end this season russia's winter sports have already had a major overhaul since those games in canada and in the run up to the next olympics in their own resort of sochi in twenty fourteen last year eight out of eleven heads of various sporting federations were let go and if the country doesn't improve their medal tally next year more heads will roll but hopes the measures now in place should ensure russia will become one of the leading countries. program about got to our immediate goals are very clear and we have in place a very comprehensive preparation program the next year we have to rise to least six place in the world winter sports rankings if that doesn't happen it will be a cause for alarm if the system doesn't work this year it will mean that the problems are rooted in more deeply than we thought. and finally russia's first ever
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formula one race may be set to greyscale and kicks it off such in three years time but lots of high octane action is always on offer here in moscow a spectacular drifting event was the latest to entertain the adrenaline junkies in the city and small on the drivers who scared to their cars around and in city traffic. as is seen in one of the fast and furious films appropriately subtitled tokyo drift this motor sport is big in japan but the whole world is now a cheer in a tone and moscow is no exception the russian capital provided all it takes for a good heart racing spectacle of side sleeps and smoke and wheels this event being just one of the five stops on the calendar for the russian serious and eventual winner yagis to pronounce loves it down to the last turn but also which upon i like the track very much it's a demanding one because it's rather narrow and this makes it risky and interesting especially when it comes to tandem drifting and you can drive both ways which allows for many different configurations while drifting so the track is good and
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then again it is in moscow. well stupid and is a muscovite and could be somewhat prejudiced but it was a side for sore eyes watching him steal his car in the final jewel of the suns elect topic was about his silver for his rubber burning effort drones went to further review of the only driver who trusted his fate to locally manufactured casarez. even the made in japan tech didn't have windows to pronounce and he's made some from plenty of trouble with it it was a very hard fought victory on the opening day i broke my give books and my third transmission came unstuck if we didn't sleep all night changing the gave oats and adjusting the coffee without also broke the new one jarring the morning practice and so i had to complete the race without any third transmission so it was tough. but his domestic appetite satisfies at least for now stepping on now plans to show
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a few skills in a race in england and then he should be back to russia for two more drifted sessions and since it is book enormous and then his back to moscow a month later. r t. r that's all i think. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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