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on the good. video. of my old. libyans in the capital tripoli rage at the nato bombing campaign which they say is robbing them of both their safety and their fuel supply. all of us on the east where members of the shanghai cooperation organization including russia are getting ready to review ten years of collaboration and draw up a blueprint for the future from because our capital i'm tess are still here join me in a few minutes for the details. plus washington's top efforts to build a base through the ploy unmanned drones in the yemen despite the predators already being a tourist for killing civilians in afghanistan and pakistan. international
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news in comment live from our studios here in central moscow this is t.v. now if there were strikes and advancing rebel forces a tightening the noose around colonel gadhafi stronghold tripoli civilians in the capital live in constant fear of being killed and now a petrol shortage is making their lives even more difficult they chose actions aimed at protecting civilians have succeeded only in stoking people's anger there is more if emotional reports. its men have some of the largest oil reserves on the planet but these days labor is also god some of the longest keys at his pastoral stations things are national sanctions imposed on the embattled colonel's regime and not include a few and. if this passes the fuel might be used by gadhafi is military forces. with roads closed factories at
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a stop and foreign workers losses gone from the war stricken country is facing its worst energy crisis ever the new realities ordinarily been drivers now spend vast amounts of time queuing for few months ago this became a common theme. in the country people have been lining up to fill up their cars even days but this line is a little different compared to the gas station at the end of life here is even only a marker is a university student and has volunteers here to help organize the process as she stamps a few russian books which allow individuals thirty five liters a week she believes it's a great idea to have women on the stations. all asian in fact women have too many things to do they don't fight each other world cueing and never shoot into the year is man of india so we're able to serve up to nine hundred cars below the threshold
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of. this line is long but others are ruben longer patrols still cheaper than water here just a few cents for a liter it's just that is often in short supply. if there is no fuel we have to leave our cars and return wintry appears it could be days. women only gas stations is one of many innovations supposed to ease people's lives in a country in cares there are also special powers for ambulances and police cars. and it'll surrounded us but we should move on we try to do our best to help people get by but we give up will die here a lot of those seeking to oust colonel gadhafi may have been hoping the hardships will incite people to rise up against their leader but instead it only seems to be fueling people's hatred towards what they feel is western imperialism. and they do damage to our city. destroyed our lives and they told us they want to save people
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is that the way to save the people tell me this is just a crime. while the war in size try to find their way out of months of devastating conflict ordinary people are looking for a way to just leave their everyday lives dreaming of our times when these nightmare would be with a distant memory. artsy tripoli. as the coalition is slammed by critics for straying from its un mandate to protect civilians in libya some analysts claim that that was never even on nato's agenda radio host sherman told r.t. the interventions only aim is to divide and conquer with a view to seizing natural resources. pigeon kerry a legend in the u.n. is a fig leaf for pursuing an aerial war and in libya as in africa at large they want to carve out a country sees its resources and on a basis of constant military intervention and population and so the target its
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resources will be usurped the ploy for the benefit of foreign oil companies in the ninety ninety s. because of a regime was controlled by the central intelligence agency and can often be privatized three hundred six companies and libyan oil is handed over to the major companies exxon shell the immobile but the upraising was the occasion for the intervention and demonising could die off because they had saddam hussein in previously as a cover and pretexts saddam was their man in baghdad for twenty seven years khadafi had worked hand in glove with the cia and with congolese or rise of the ninety's on what they demonize him now to give them cover for engender seizing the oil subjugating the population the population does not benefit from their natural resources because they had the disposal of foreign corporations on behalf of the united states and the western powers the resources go out into foreign corporations
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that control them the population is mr aided countries with great wealth but they don't enjoy the benefit of it because of the class character of the regime and the nature of imperial power that controls and installs these regimes and name change them. this is also raging still in syria forcing the u.s. to renew its calls on damascus to halt its crackdown on protests with the white house strongly condemning president assad's actions government troops are said to be pushing rebel forces further from the northern town of sugar after taking full control of the area it vance's sent another wave of civilians fleeing towards the turkish border according to human rights groups at least eighteen hundred people have been killed since the beginning of the crackdown in need march and some ten thousand detained in while britain france are pushing for a draft u.n. resolution russia and china who oppose any attempts to intervene in the syrian conflict have said they won't back the move. yesterday the journalist has told me earlier in r.t. that the u.s. is using your fertility to weaken the regime. well it appears that both russia and
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china are going ensure that there will be no un security council resolution but even i think even if even if one would have been passed i don't think would have much credibility you see what the problem is is that the those who support the syrian regime and the syrian government can point to. a very simple fact that is there are many un resolutions for the middle east and they've always been ignored when they apply to israel and also other people say well yes today it will be this resolution but have any impact on the strength of the day after that will be even stronger and so you get an incremental move towards some kind of military intervention so people i think are very very suspicious of the reasoning behind the resolution if it falls in the same way as it did in iraq that it's foreign intervention destroying a country that you can see plunging into it into a kind of civil war that we saw in lebanon but on
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a much bigger scale. christian gets most of the not allowing gays and so on although all the religious sects against each other i think the u.s. and syria always had relations with syria was on the list of countries that supported terrorism as. sanctions over the years so i don't think it's anything on the hand about i think it's quite straightforward. and the u.s. would like to see would like to take the opportunity to be able to kind of we can. feel that we can the regime. around seven thousand people have been arrested on the egypt's military rulers since the country's revolution in february jointer has promised to review military trials of civilians and says it will increase the powers of civil courts however human rights watch dogs are skeptical saying not much has changed since prism of barack step well discuss this i'm now joined by david cuties he's the executive director of human rights and he's joining me live in our new york studio thanks for being with us here on our team other military
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government promises it will increase the powers of civil courts now does that actually mean that these people have been arrested now will get a fair trial. unfortunately i don't think that's what it means the egyptian government and the supreme council is lacking in transparency there are thousands of people that have been arrested that have been detained without trial some of them indeed have been tried such as dr michael no deal a blogger who was just sentenced to three years in prison for criticizing the egyptian military so these signs portend very well for egypt's future there is a tension inside the regime right now and my hope is that the egyptian government supports freedom of speech instead of continuing to crackdown on dissidents and bloggers and those who disagree and insult the military so what sort of proportion of that number of seven thousand would have been arrested for political reasons.
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it seems that the majority of them were swept up during the protest during those weeks of. and revolt in egypt but going forward there are a number of cases that have arisen that are very disturbing just one the other day a young american citizen was in fact arrested in egypt on the charge of spying this is. a fabric fabricated charge and it would seem that the egyptian military is taking a turn for the worse and instigating foreign enemies and this is of course the classic sign of dictatorship for minting external enemies and finding enemies and spies and saboteurs in all sorts of places this is what happened to japan in the one nine hundred thirty s. that's what mostly needed it's what hitler did it stalin did and if the egyptian military continues on this path of charging people with spying unjustly it doesn't it doesn't look good for egypt's future what about being arrested for political
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reasons what are they actually calling for what are they speaking out for bearing in mind of course there should be elections soon this september and this is after all an interim government running the country at the moment. that's exactly right well it varies greatly some have been jailed simply for criticizing the government others have been brought up on superiors charges of quote unquote insulting the military the case i mentioned before of this this young blogger he did no more than question egypt's military and on his blog write stating critiques of the military and if that is indeed an offense that can justify someone going to prison then everyone in egypt is in danger there are many dissidents and many bloggers who see the egyptian military which is currently ruling as a force for stability as a force that is on their side but increasingly and certainly given the incredible high number of detentions detentions of civilians not the tensions of people who have you know tried to undermine the regime but people simply criticizing the
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military this is a very dangerous trend so the revolution could be described by many as not being a force for good nothing much has changed since the revolution after one of the biggest complaints against the mubarak government was that he used military courts to silence dissidents and is that is exactly happening now then. there are elements. it's important for viewers to understand that mubarak ruled for thirty years with an iron fist and he was part and parcel of the military he was the general and the generals that currently rule stood behind mubarak until the very last minute so we were speaking my human rights organization and we were speaking to egyptian dissidents and bloggers who were imprisoned in military prisons and they described incredible torture they describe electrocution they described waterboarding they described regular beatings and this was the egyptian military that stood behind mubarak until the last minute so while there have been
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gains and we hope that egypt has a proper future ahead of it there are still many many challenges that it still has to overcome if egypt is going to move towards democracy and liberalism and openness in the west in fact has a very important role to play and conditioning aid to the military to improvements in human rights just as the jackson family amendment did try most favored nation status to free emigration in the former soviet union you just mentioned the hopes for democracy if this election does happen in september do you think that that really will bring around a new wave of life for the egyptians that we will see a future of democracy there. i think what we'll see is that whoever rules egypt will have to listen to the demands of the people more than the previous regime with millions of people in the streets of cairo and alexandria it's a force to be reckoned with and there are some troubling signs for example just the other day the liberal party announced an alliance with the theocratic and the
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muslim brotherhood so what will happen next is anyone's guess but it certainly seems that the egyptian rulers have to recognize now but they cannot continue to flout the desire and demands of the people for change for reform and for openness so that there isn't definitely any way of predicting an overall majority there could be some sort of coalition and that maybe of course could promote further instability that because it may not be what the egyptian people want if there's still some sort of question over the way the country is going to go and if there is no doubt right majority rule. will civil society under hosni mubarak was more or less destroyed this is thirty years of a brutal dictatorship so gyptian today are now learning how to form coalitions learning how to undertake real electoral campaigns they're working together for the first time without necessarily the fear of a single dictator cracking down and summarily imprisoning all opposition members so
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this is a new experience for egyptians and it's impossible to expect overnight results and it's unrealistic to expect that egypt will turn into a liberal democracy overnight but that said there is indeed signs for hope and signs for optimism peppered with signs of despair and pessimism it's a it's a minefield right now and it's anyone's guess which way this is going to go really interesting talking to you david joining us there live in new york thanks for your time and. well heads of state from some of the east's key power players are descending on kazakstan at the moment for an annual summit of the shanghai cooperation organization founded ten years ago the c.e.o. brings together countries including russia and china but others are also invited such as iran and afghanistan to work on common threats and challenges to our studios in the cars at capital. they are going to be reflective to begin with they're going to look back at the past ten years look at that collaboration and cooperation and see if they've actually achieved something that they want to assess
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that and then come up with objectives you objectives for the future now the six number states including of course china russia will kick off the a summit to morrow that's wednesday and we're joining there will be the heads of state of iran india and pakistan that have observer status here at the summit now it's interesting because all three of them do want to become full members but there are some hurdles to be overcome in iran's case for example it has u.s. sanctions against it and the c.e.o. it is looking forward to adopting a u.n. resolution improving the relationship between the u.n. and d.s.t.o. having more cooperation so this could be an obstacle but nevertheless iran is here as an observer and they are also involved in the dialogue afghanistan is also here but if you want to send is here as a guest of the vs c.e.o. however afghanistan has also applied for an observer status and they were saying that at the end of the summit it is expected that they will come up with a decision whether or not of that assad will indeed become an observer it is an important part of this region and they do want to talk about post natal afghanistan
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what is the future of afghanistan after the nato forces do withdraw in the future and this ability of that country of course is essential to disability of the region for this specific summit they do want to give ample time to economic and financial issues they do want to come up with a special account so to speak of china for its part has already given ten billion dollars committed ten billion dollars for a member nations should they ever need it this is by no means trying to compete with other groupings of the world they want to be a part of the global dialogue and that is exactly what they're going to try to come up with one voice relation it regard to the issues that are affecting the world today especially what's happening in the middle east and north africa and of course let's not forget the meetings on the sideline it's interesting to see what bilateral agreements will come out of the summit on wednesday. reporting that u.s. officials say the cia is stepping. the construction of a military base in the persian gulf which will help the unmanned attack drones be used to strike targets in yemen which is officially an american ally in the war on
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terror but for more now joined live from the u.s. capitol by correspondent. guy no why would washington want to attack one of its own eyes. well bill now they've decided to task the cia with chasing down al qaida yemen and that marks a major escalation of america's pull over war in yemen which is not really covert it's one of the undeclared wars that the u.s. is waging against terror but up to this day in yemen it's been the u.s. military that was running the show that was carrying out the drone strikes sort of in cooperation with the yemeni counter in counter terrorism units but now amid the power vacuum and all the political turmoil in yemen the cooperation is falling apart and courting to u.s. officials because the cia operates on a different legal authorities than the military to cia will have greater latitude
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to carry out strikes no matter what the political climate there greater latitude in other words they don't have to ask anybody's permission to go on the country the yemeni leader who is now out of the country after months of violent popular revolt against him and his government for many years had been supported by the u.s. in exchange for letting americans go after all fighting yemen and as we can. often covering up for the u.s. drone strikes you know the cable shows that the yemeni authorities would claim they carried out this right and not the americans we have to remember that scores of civilians were killed in those strikes so the support of the yemeni authorities was much needed for the u.s. to carry on with the operations on the other hand the government of alley last sali who'd been in power for some thirty years was so unpopular in recent years among the people of yemen that many analysts say it was only due to the u.s. support that sally had stayed in power for so long so for years needed to us in the u.s. needed solid but now with the political turmoil there the u.s.
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will continue to bomb yemen whether or not they have the permission to do so from the people of the country many would observe because of america's unmanned drones is supposed to be. precision weapons but the reputation doesn't exactly live up to that image doesn't. well pakistan is one example of a popular revolt against the cia drone strikes thousands of civilians were killed by u.s. drone attacks even though the country's parliament has demanded to stop the strikes and i mean pakistan's parliament the country's leadership concludes to allow the americans to carry out the operations of the lunar ship two they criticize the killing of civilians but they do little to stop it many analysts say their support for the bombings will continue as long as they continue to receive billions of dollars to washington people there are a furious in one year you are strong instilled seven hundred civilians in pakistan
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and the net it only five actual militant leaders numbers that some experts are giving are some the former chief of counterinsurgency strategy is for the u.s. state department has estimated there drawn attacks killed fifty non-target persons for each intended target number less we now see the rapid expansion of the cia drone war you're gonna thanks very much indeed for that update that's going to come going from the u.s. capitol where washington thank you. well look now more on some of the top stories from around the world in our world that they took to the stage of the den attack on a government compound just north of baghdad has left nine people dead and seventeen injured two car bombs went off outside a building during a weekly provincial council meeting in because the blast cleared the way for suicide bombers to enter the compound causing two further explosions. japanese cabinet has approved a plan to help the operator of the nuclear plant pay billions of dollars in compensation to victims of the disaster tepco will now receive government subsidies
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as well as contributions from the private sector the firm has been waiting for official approval to begin making payments to those affected japanese parliament has been critical of the way tepco has dealt with a crisis triggered by an earthquake and tsunami three months ago. the international monetary fund was shortlisted two candidates to lead the board french finance minister christine lagarde and central bank chief carstens fight it out for the top position with a strong credentials but the guard is seen as the favorite as she's gaining major support it comes after the resignation of dominic straus current quit amid a sex can be contested race to succeed him and later this month. he simply has by a court sentenced a local near nazi group leader. and his accomplice. to life in prison ruling that they pose an exceptional threat to society other members of the group receive penalties ranging from suspended sentences to eighteen years in prison and gang
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members were convicted of hate crimes including murders and illegally possessing weapons they responsible of staging eight attacks on foreign students and killing citizens of senegal north korea and was pakistan they will serve their terms in high security prisons and the founder of the neo nazi gang. was killed in the standoff with police in two thousand and six if they were to say the gang has been active for eight years. well that just wanted to find out more about the stories we're covering here on screen go to our web site is r t dot com regular updates interviews and videos up always available for your online. israel is nature all time to produce plays girls are under allowed in poland to move freely. e.u. foreign policy chief catherine ashton insists it's and is it is in israel's best interest to allow free passage across the border with gaza and that interview for you is website you click on any time like plus. the world's best known classical music contest russia's charge koskie competition will get underway on tuesday
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moscow's music renovation conservatory and many other videos of different stories we're covering head to free video dollars if you don't call me there you can even down in the. free. free. free. free. free. free. free blog videos for your media project and a free media gogarty dot com. well i'll be back with a recap of our top stories for interest of the five minutes from now in the meantime kareen is next with the business. there and welcome to our business part of this hour fox wagon as cutting up its presence in ross's floor same car market it says it is agreed to jointly produce
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new cars which makes the sale and bulk of grams so the investment will be up to two hundred million euros with a german company contributing more than it's worth i will assemble talks wagon and skoda models and the first vehicles i do so roll off the production line this autumn. now let's take a look at oil it climbs evolve ninety eight. dollars per barrel as wall street rallies that economic news improves over the gains are being limited by reports china is taking quote the steps to convert placement. which could slow its economy u.s. stocks jump out the retailers had better sales in may than economists had predicted stocks were also boosted by higher than expected chinese industrial output meanwhile u.s. president barack obama has warned if the country doesn't raise its debt ceiling ceiling another global financial crisis could happen. now european equity markets and in the black with swedish heavyweights leave the games shares a renewable energy corporation started seven point four percent in oslo after
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u.b.s. upgraded the firm to neutral from sell shares of finnish mobile group knockout drug two point two percent after the company said it is reached a deal with apple that will end the long running legal dispute between the two companies. and here in russia markets closed with both key indexes slightly lower at the r.t. has dropped just a notch and rise its last point fourteen percent. now here are some of the individual share moves although my six spread banquet is tie off to announcing today profits more than doubled in the first five months of the year energy majors among the biggest losers despite a relatively strong well priced income king cole producer of spots craft and lower on news of a production hold at one of its mines. russia's equity markets are in for a subdued couple of weeks but maxime shushing capital believes specializes stocks could see some interest in the. three to six months perspective and
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probably a focus on fertilizer soroka. i think the reason. emanating can't least to essentially put you in the global background is positive the fundamentals of the company still strong so if i were to select one sector probably pick up the fortune was a cruel and unusual credit. as another fertilizer producer force i grow as confirmed plans for initial public offerings in longer than moscow the company is being valued at up to eight billion dollars with fifteen percent of its shares for placement psycho says it means money for mergers and acquisitions. and facebook could raise up to one hundred million dollars in a possible initial public offering reports say the giant social networking websites i.p.o. is inevitable and looks set to be held in the first quarter of two thousand and twelve recently rawson search engine yandex successfully generated one point three
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billion dollars in its own i.p.o. . so for me and the business team here on our team but don't forget you can always find most always as log on to our web site that's r t dot com slash business cancer watch. wealthy british science some time to explain the.
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