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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2011 2:01pm-2:30pm EDT

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the moment the coup the latest in science and technology from the ground from russia. we've got the future of covered.
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because the free love the people have provided they didn't want to cut to you but we were pulled from the front line in a police thousands of protesters furious at harsher cutbacks so greece can qualify for more international aid also this. european missile defense plan saying that it wants a bigger role in this project all details in just a couple of minutes. iran confirms to russia its total. nuclear weapons at a summit of asian leaders here join me for the details later in the program. the way to bring. u.s.
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drones allegedly kill schools of civilians as the u.k. readies helicopters and. to the rest of. international news in coming live from our studios here in central moscow this is. where we start. where the prime minister is promising major changes to the cabinet george papandreou says that he is even ready to quit if whoever takes over carries on with the financial obligations the country owes the international community his declaration came after a day of protests with police firing tear gas at angry crowds reports now from inside the clashes in athens. between the police and the protesters still going on in the. building by the crowd. that is trying
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to living. cut along the side flare that was building for a time. people him wanting that he was going to go to the name of the place trying to find out that violence still breaking out no if i see be not still by a lot of the people on the streets he's the nice people just implied with the gas must tell they really don't want anyone still that it's been said that the people who have the high and mighty provoking the police people still missing back on the central state even though you can't take us to link sets off by the place they turned out to protest against the protests to start team i said there i go about the economic situation has been happening that culture and they want it to end but we have a thing called the protests turned violent and till the end you can just say oh happening hailed in pakistan right at this very moment that is absolute chaos of the state the police all over the place like sense of where the take outs of think that's all i can tell you it's not
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a pleasant experience you absolutely cannot break the numbers of people who could. carry. out people. in state today. many missing people who really know seesawing. oh it's a place i love them i'm still a player. they can see right now then the police need to fight somebody does going to be another round of tear gas something that happened a. few things i want to feel now filming. something for you still standing right in the. rain but you still feeling ok. we're on the main street right now it's very hard to tell because even the protesters here head they want us to see this this a just what's happening on the streets right now we've got the science that is. you
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got the guy got. you got if you got that. by now the phrase that. another thing at the moment a large number of these people are actually prove a king the belief you can see them there in the black uniforms another one maybe try to stop and. let it. go right we get beat up right. we beat the price that the police are still classy at the believe it very hard to grieve for these people have provided they didn't want to speak out because they can't see but. that was sarah firth reporting from the capital. the protests going on. the. pictures. were not euro skeptic and british m.p.
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nigel farrar says saving the banks is why politicians are so determined to bail out greece and keep it in the euro zone that's what he told me and. one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious hit on their policies so something has gone seriously wrong with the banking system it's almost as if there's a little on the holy alliance of politicians and bankers versus ordinary people i'm sure that's what the people on the streets of athens today feel like don't think the banking crisis is over i suspect but it's hard and in many cases it might have been better to do what iceland did and say look these banks go bust these people lose their jobs these people lose their money that's how i'm fortunate about life and i suspect we're going to regret keeping the banks afloat and imprisoning countries like greece inside a currency union which they're just not suited. but on the way the. death.
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of american the u.k.'s stepping up their military involvement in the troubled arab country. the first u.s. missile defense plans for europe has suffered a setback prague is now refusing to take part in the system czech officials say they're not happy with washington's office. reports. prague wants a bigger role in this project the project of the european missile defense shield we understand that the initial plan mensa that only a preventive missile detection system would have been placed in the czech republic while major other major components of the system like the radar station or the missile anti-missile complexes in poland were meant to be placed in other countries like turkey romania there was an initial plan by the bush administration which was scrapped by the obama administration when he came to office in two thousand and nine the bush plan seriously irritated mosco with many claiming that this plan was
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directed against russia the obama plan the plan seemed to be much better seemed to be much more convenient for all sides in that but in the past several years we've seen lots of contradictions between the words in the actions and mosco is still pretty much unhappy about the way this project is being carried out saying that on many occasions washington does something without the consent so the initial plan of a united joint defense system in europe is not working out so far with the statements by president reagan saying that in fact there are no legal guarantees that this system would not be used against russia because the rogue states which this missile defense system should be protecting europe from do not have the missiles which the system is intended for those missiles only are in possession of russia so clearly all this makes great serious concerns in mosco and the war of words continuous we are waiting for some comments to come from washington certainly but experts are now trying to guess whether this turnaround the fact that the czech
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republic wants to withdraw from this is somehow related to moscow's continuous voice of discontent on that issue. has been protesting against involvement in the missile defense shield for years and he thinks the project will only fuel international tension unless it involves keep russia china. to check people don't want such a thing here in this country we feel that this will actually undermine the security of both the czech republic and europe as a continent and so we think that it's completely contradictory to place such a such a system here in europe this system without incorporating russia without talking to also other world superpowers like china like india or the following or super powers that will be the biggest world economies in the in the following few years is really going to make a lot of tensions on the global scale and so it we should be wise and just start
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thinking about building security mechanisms and structures that will include all the big super powers not just some. more stories ahead for you in the program this hour including earth's darkest hour is just an hour away join our team to watch the moon turn a spooky red color for the longest time in a decade. ahead in just a few minutes from now. iran says it has no plans to possess nuclear weapons during talks with russia and a key summit of asian countries they've just wrapped up their meeting with leaders there which focused on tackling the raft of economic and security issues which face them as i see it reports now from the summit. on the sidelines of the a shanghai cooperation organization summit russian president dmitri medvedev had sat down with. a closed door meeting and according to a foreign minister sergei lavrov an important statement had been made at that meeting. confirming. its total renouncement of plans to possess
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a nuclear weapons and important statement to be made at a time when there's a lot of international pressure on iran in this regard now russia had also raised the possibility of a more constructive cooperation between iran and the five plus one nations referring to the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany as well as the importance of increasing transparency between iran and the international atomic energy agency now aside from the issue of new its nuclear program and nuclear nonproliferation iran had also said that it is willing to work with. iran is seeking full membership of. the sanctions against it is proving to be a hurdle so it seems that iran is willing to work on this in order to clear the path for full membership to this group now aside from the president had also sat down with the president of afghanistan hamid karzai and as expected topping that
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meeting the issue of a drug trafficking drug production in afghanistan of course a very big a security issue for russia where ninety percent of the drugs in the country comes from afghanistan so russia willing to stand by there in terms of investment in helping to rebuild. afghanistan. and its partnership with the organization can be. as far as i understand members agree with is a country with hugely impacts to security of. the of syria has always been. an organization for a shouldn't. really great. with different countries now asked for the main a summit itself b s c o had to produce a declaration at the end of it and they had come up with a common approach. to the situation in the middle east. and as expected that they had to just set officially what they have been echoing for some time now that it's
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national communities involvement in libya in particular should adhere to the international law specifically the u.n. security council resolution one thousand seven hundred seventy three which authorized the no fly zone and with regard to syria russian foreign minister sergei lavrov had issued a separate a statement saying that russia will not change its position that it is still against any military involvement in the country and it will not support any proposed u.n. resolution if syria but the c.e.o. had also made a statement on the missile defenses. that they do the last roll of missile defense system meaning what decisions made by one country or one through on that matter is going to be dangerous threat to international stability and they have also said that members of the s e o must adhere to a clear nonproliferation treaty so we'll get past a variety of important topics having been discussing agreed upon at the shanghai
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cooperation organization summit. well that was reporting that let's talk more on the asian leaders summit with dr amy he's a t.v. and radio middle east issues he's in hamburg to talk to us no thank you very much indeed for joining us the shanghai group insists that they are not a military alliance in the region but do you think the organization could actually undermine nato interests in central asia. appreciate for inviting me i have two theories as the shanghai cooperation organization that was published ten years ago. it's not purely military or the like nation but it's a more economically security organization i think it is in central asia and the middle east and this interest. china china divided will be different from the u.s. and nato interests in central and middle east region particularly their division of
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interests could be in natural resources the middle east by control asia but nevertheless want the issues have been raised having a declaration on libya on a statement on syria have been assured by russia and the sci members do you think actually that they could influence the u.s. and its allies involvement in those countries in libya and syria well as well and i cannot think that they can influence we have seen in the past that the united states and its allies. have intervened and that fact one treat such as iraq. afghanistan and libya. me most so. any american intervention in the region the united. international community should morally support the democratic movement in the region so democracy has become stronger in the middle east and north african region
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let's talk about the context of the asio and its member countries and its relationship with the us our in many ways because yesterday i was opened up russia and china has opened up avenues for russia and china to get more involved in central asia and the middle east is that at the expense of a friendship with the us is actually causing friction with the us all the friction is bad or. russia and china are ass sending powers in that and the world and the globe and unfortunately the united states and the west their allies are extending to economic problems. economic tensions that they have what the u.s. what the china and russia do not. ask pending and the most problem is that china is very much interested in central asia and in the middle east for natural resources china is the second.
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second country that he. doesn't need the national resources and this might be. an interest problem between the united states china and the shanghai cooperation organization what about relations between russia and china recall saved interest of common interest as yes you know platform for them to return and pursue their interests without any friction between those two countries. well as far as i know the shanghai cooperation organization both allies china and russia they have interests in central asia and middle east one of their interests is as the united states and their western allies should not interfere militarily in the region and should not interfere in the democracy
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process of middle eastern regional countries and russia and china within this shanghai thought gratian organized a she at the moment are following. quote and same interest one of the interesting developments today and we're reporting it here on our tears one of our main stories is that iran has chosen the sci was an international platform to give its point of view on its on the queries ever its own nuclear ambitions its actually renounce any plans to develop a nuclear weapon and that was juror in the asio summit today what do you make of iran saying that in the context of the sci. well i'm not very satisfied was was the stomach the public eye view on it saying they saw me public he didn't leave he was trying to cruise use. nuclear weapons since twenty years
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and has hidden a. high status hidden there ain't during the past twenty years and i'm not very satisfied i see iran as the roots state that can be producing. atomic weapons and has the clearance. to. to. destroy the state of israel and that can be very dangerous for the international community even for china and russia i know i see you on the iran ng and you won't object here. not very trust forty very interesting to hear what you have to say we appreciate it so that's all we got time for took a photo so write me joining us live on your webcam there in hamburg t.v. and radio commentator on middle east issues great here we have to say thank you
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very much indeed for joining us. while the west is weighing in to yemen's ongoing unrest with deadly force officials in the troubled country say u.s. drone strikes have killed several hundred people including civilians in the past two weeks now the u.k. is preparing attack helicopters and commandos scorn so possible action in yemen nor and it has more on this from london. they are becoming more and more involved whilst saying we will retire but we don't want to get any more involved in the conflict in yemen any more involved in libya than we can help it any more involved in the middle east as a region as a whole apaches attack helicopters we've seen them in in general. in iraq and in afghanistan and of course most recently in libya where involvement was seen as a mox escalation in the involvement of u.k. and french nato troops very low flying so the likelihood of casualties is much increased. presence there and it does need like an escalation of involvement again
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as we've said so many times about libya the legality of this is extremely. we are seeing u.s. drone attacks increasing numbers of u.s. drone attacks in in yemen and the reasoning for that is. according to u.s. forces is taking advantage of what's going in going on that and moving into this power vacuum which is being created since president saleh left and went to saudi arabia for medical treatment moving into that helping the activity taking advantage of general civil unrest to grab more support more territory so that's the reason for the u.s. paying these drone attacks that's how it's justifying it but of course that power vacuum works both ways interestingly the u.s. forces the military forces used to cooperate with the president on who to attack and when intelligence kind of these kinds of territorial issues but now the u.s. can easily say that there's no authorities with with whom to cooperate the government is essentially not in operation anymore so if they if they wanted to one would have thought that they could just go ahead. and of course we've now seeing
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president of. the cia drones now cia drones will have a much more huge agreements and much. of targets that they can. we've also heard reports from a deputy provincial governor in yemen saying that one hundred people have been killed in drone attacks just in the last month and that many of them were. what appear to be innocent civilians and then of course the last thing is this secret cia base for trains that we hear is being built in the persian gulf region we're getting reports of that all the time and that is in case the yemeni government falls to al qaida and al qaeda no longer permit these drone attacks in the country they need a base with which from which to fly they are really very much more involved in terms of both the u.s. and the u.k. . it's reporting from london while other news now from around the world in our world update a nato air strike has hit
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a blast in the libyan turn the key one hundred fifty kilometers from the capital tripoli libyan state t.v. reports of these twelve passengers have been killed there are no further details of the incident and nato was not immediately available to comment on this and we'll bring you more details on this development as we get them here at r.t. . to start intelligence says at least fifteen alleged serjeant's have been killed in the u.s. drone attack in northwest pakistan a series of strikes targeted a suspected militant compound near the main town in pakistan itself was it a stand tribal area the region is known for housing many taliban insurgents who frequently carry out attacks against the government forces. syria is calling on refugees who fled to turkey to return to the term they burned and after the army moved in to crush armed groups the government says it's regained control and will continue to pursue what it calls the remnants of terrorist groups eight thousand people have left the town and the now in refugee camps on the turkish border syria has endured months of brutal crackdowns approaches to try and force the president
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to quit. while in just over an hour the full moon will turn a deep red for most of the planet when the longest lunar eclipse in a decade will take place and. is watching the skies for us here in russia in moscow to be precise tom when is the actual moment the rules. see the midsummer moon turned dark. i'm looking on the sky and hoarsely there are so many clouds at the moment but in about an hour's time if you looked up into the night sky and you saw the moon had gone the neary shade of red you mustn't be alarmed what you are seeing is a lunar eclipse and it will be the first full lunar eclipse since the year two thousand now what exactly is a lunar eclipse well usually if you look at the moon in the night sky from the earth it will be illuminated white by the rays of the sun you'll be seeing the reflections of those rays but tonight the earth is going to come between the sun
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and the moon block out most of that light you would usually get to the mood the light the will get through from the sun will have to pass through earth's atmosphere and that takes out a lot of the blue shades about light and leaves red ones which means that the moon you'll see will be glowing a sort of ready color now all across the globe for the most of the planet for this time because of where the earth is and it senses of the moment most of the planet will have a chance to see this eclipse around south america australasia asia europe and africa if people look up they'll be able to see this event happening unfortunately north america is the place little miss out because it'll be day time there but for that sort of hour and a half or so when the moon is covered by the earth's shadow if you look up at the moon you have a pair of binoculars or a telescope you'll be able to see a lot more detail of the moon than you would usually be able to some of the great craters and seize up on the moon you'll also be able to see
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a side that our startle saw back in the fourth century b.c. when he realized he saw the earth's shadow moving across the moon and saw that it was closed and so we had the first idea the fact the earth may be a sphere and not flat however bill i have to make a apology to you unfortunately you're going to have to wait quite a while because the next time the earth will be able to see a full. lunar eclipse will be two sounds so sorry about the. storm thanks for that great explanation on why that eclipse is going to happen in about an hour from now and i hope though that you will be able to get a clear view of the clouds will clear there in moscow in the meantime thanks very much for that update from central moscow. well the tasha's here with the sport a little later this hour to line up the players trying to eclipse their rivals at wimbledon but first let's get the business news now with kareena. welcome chair of the sports unless our russia is still struggling with their
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debilitating effects of the global economic crisis but expects its economy to fully recover by next year if you are prime minister putin says the country's already aiming at fulfilling bigger plans. we have two fools an ambitious goals for the next decade to make russia one of the five largest economies of the world and as for g.d.p. per capita to increase this figure from nineteen point seven thousand dollars to move. but to do this we need to double productivity in the known real material high tech sectors three or four fold. let's take a look at how the markets are doing all is near one hundred dollars per barrel as u.s. supplies for more than expected concerns about rising demand are supporting the price as the american petroleum institute reported decline in us in the tories last week limiting gains though is the news that u.s. retail sales are not as bad as expected. and u.s. stocks continue to fall as investors are concerned about the worsening debt crisis
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in greece both the dow jones and nasdaq losing one point four percent the price of consumer goods rose in may as the cost of food clothing autos and housing all excellent rated offsetting the first drop in energy prices in eleven months european stock markets fell sharply on wednesday as investors sentiment is weighed by concerns over greece banks and greece were among the biggest decliners shares of national bank of greece seven point eight percent and those of hero's bag say seven percent. here in russia markets close in the red on wednesday with both key indexes like the lower the r.t.s. last point three percent of the market was down nearly point two percent now let's have a look at some of the individual share moves energy majors were mostly lower gas probably more than a percentage point nine percent in the bread and electricity sector into rao was higher all reports about the company's possible cooperation with chinese from china
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. and russian financial cooperation if case is to my has posted its net profit by a thirty percent to one hundred and two million dollars in the first quarter of two thousand and eleven the company said. the results reflected strong net income growth from its core assets and oil operations. a wide range of companies including controlling stakes russian top model a top mobile operator. and oil company. that's business for this hour but i'll be back with more in about forty five.


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