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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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well let me. read you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've got the future covered. in moscow and she's available in marriage grand hotel ritz carlton royal marriage renaissance young fun memories confluence of holiday encircled the. holiday inn. hotel national in the region country club savoy sure to find this piece of the first book called sure
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can pinsky switzer told closing the whole deal to let me go nuts come. to take notice. of the freak cause i love the people who provide me that i didn't want to be found because they cut the t.v. but. we report from the front lawn enough and says police fired tear gas and thousands of protesters furious. back so greece can qualify for more international aid also this. drug pulls out from a just european missile defense plan saying that it wants a bigger role in this project all details in just a couple of minutes. iraq confirms to russia its total announcement of plans to pursue a nuclear weapon at a summit of a should leaders here join me for the details later in the program. the way to bring the deadly air superiority to yemen u.s. drones allegedly kill schools of civilians as the u.k.
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wedgies helicopters and commandos to send to the rest of. international news and comment live from our studios here in central moscow this is . the greek prime minister is promising a major reshuffle of the cabinet george proper says he's even ready to quit if whoever takes charge continues the austerity program is declaration came after a day of protests that left eighteen injured off to police fired tear gas and angry crowds first reports now from inside those clashes in athens. but the clashes between the police and the protesters still going on. in the crowd.
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people here want to see what's going on at the moment the police trying to stop that violence still breaking out though if i see be not stopped by a lot of the people on the street people just simply with the gas masks on they really don't want anyone to film that it seems that the people who. actually provoking the. people still me think back on the central state even though you can see got sets off by the place they turned out to protest against the places that are there are angry about the economic situation that's been happening there called can they want to. find it so. you can feel. right at this very moment that is. tales on the streets the police all over the place. where the take outs of think that's all i can tell you it's not a pleasant experience you cannot break. these numbers of people who are caught.
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nazis. that's silly. so you can see right now and the police meet again like once he does going to be another round of pick up stuff that happened a. little earlier what were you thinking i want to film not filming. so filming you still filming rain. right now you still filming ok. we're on the main street right now it's very hard to film because even the parade to the pier head they want to see this show you just what's happening on the feeds right now we've got the finest batting you've got the k. got. you got to get that. by now the phrase has. now they're
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saying at the moment a large number of these people are actually prevail you can the police you can see them there in the black heat of phones and they're the ones maybe trying to stop that still may. think. that it got a guy got right let me see get feet up the right. they got going up as we see the price was at a pretty good still classy at the bay but very hard to briefly a lot of these people have provided he didn't even want to see phil because he caught the debug. that was sarah for porting there from the capital and sarah is still facing. the details from inside the street protests there in athens worked on the school and then she's providing first hand details along with links to the. videos. were known to euro skeptic and british your m.p.
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nigel for us says that saving the banks is why politicians are so determined to bail out greece and keep it in the euro zone. one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious hit on their faulty lending policies so there's something has gone seriously wrong with the banking system it's almost as if there's a whole other holy alliance of politicians and bankers versus ordinary people and i'm sure that's what the people on the streets of athens today feel like don't think the banking crisis is over i suspect but it's hardly begun and in many cases it might have been better to do what iceland did and say look these bags go bust these people lose their jobs these people lose their money that's unfortunate but that's life and i suspect we're going to regret keeping the banks afloat and imprisoning countries like greece inside a currency union which they're just not suited. thank you for a large talking to me a little early on the way for you this death from
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a barber looms over the. american u.k. are stepping up their military involvement in the troubled country. well let's look to the heavens now for a few minutes the bright midsummer full moon is slowly disappearing into darkness so much of the world as the longest lunar eclipse in a decade gets underway and artie's tom barton is watching the skies for us in moscow tom tell us you do see much where you are at the moment. at the moment defiant look up into the moscow sky there's been a few clouds the vision of the moon hasn't been so great but if you can see the moon we've seen it in and out of the clouds it's glowing a bright red color and if you do look up at the moment and see that don't be alarmed what you're seeing his name you know things into the first full lunar eclipse and that's been since the year two thousand so what is actually happening why is the moon glowing red well usually the moon at night that you see glowing
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white is a reflection of the sun's rays back to work the two lines right now in fact the earth has come between the sun and the moon blocking out most of the sun's rays getting to the moon the rays that you can see getting to the moon are the red rays most of the blue ones i mean you know. this is giving in now and that red color of the moment for the next hour and a half hours the sun's shadow covers as the earth's shadow covers the moon all around the earth throughout south america australia up into asia and to europe and africa people will be able to see this eclipse the one place that people won't be able to see it unfortunately is north america because it's daytime there at the moment but for the next hour and a half if you have the chance to grab some binoculars or a telescope you'll be able to see a lot more detail on the earth's on the surface a lot of the big craters and seas but i. but on the surface a lot more than you'd usually be able to see you'll also be able to see
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a sight at the end of this hour and a half of our stock will soar back in the fourth century b.c. as the sun's as the earth's curved shadow lose the moon he saw all that time ago and and gave some of the first proof that perhaps earth is in fact a sphere not flat unfortunately for you bill stuck in the studio you're going to have to wait quite a while the next solar eclipse is going to be in two thousand and eighteen so unfortunately you'll have to wait for that yes but a lot of us stay in the studio until that time we're going to get a chance to have a quick look out the window i hope in about twenty minutes from now and see if we can have a look at the at the development of the eclipse then but in the meantime thanks very much for that update live in moscow tom barton there. were more days main news now u.s. missile defense plans for europe suffered a setback progress now refusing to take part in the system check official say they're not happy with washington's offer as alexian a chef ski reports. prague wants
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a bigger role in this project the project of the european missile defense shield we understand that the initial plan mensah that only a preventive missile detection system would have been placed in the czech republic while major other major components of the system like the radar station or the missile anti-missile complexes in poland were meant to be placed in other countries like turkey romania there was an initial plan by the bush administration which was scrapped by the obama administration when he came to office in two thousand and nine the bush plan seriously irritated mosco with many claiming that this plan was directed against russia the obama plan the plan seemed to be much better seem to be much more convenient for all sides in that but in the past several years we've seen lots of contradictions between the words in the actions and mosco is still pretty much unhappy about the way this project is being carried out saying that on many occasions washington does something without the consent so the initial plan of
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a united joint defense system in europe is not working out so far with the statements by president reagan saying that in fact there are no legal guarantees that this system would not be used against russia because the rogue states which this missile defense system should be protecting europe from do not have the missiles which the system is intended for those missiles only are in possession of russia so clearly all this makes great serious concerns in moscow and the war of words continuous we are waiting for some comments to come from washington certainly but experts are now trying to guess whether this turnaround the fact that the czech republic wants to withdraw from this is somehow related to moscow's continuous voice of discontent on that issue. and check activists young to mush has been protesting against progs involvement in the missile defense shield for years he thinks the project will only fuel international tension unless it involves keep players like russia and china. the czech people don't want such
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a thing here in this country we feel that this will actually undermine the security of both the czech republic and europe as a continent and so we think that it's completely contradictory to place such a system here in europe this system without incorporating russia without talking to also other world superpowers like china like india or the following a superpower is that will be the biggest world economies in the in a foreign few years is really going to make a lot of tensions there on the global scale and so it we should be wise and just start thinking about building security mechanisms and structures that will include all the big superpowers not just some. russia's envoy to nato has told r.t. that the missile defense project seems more of a threat than a reassurance of peace because of books which if you do the security of an individual or state consists of two parts the first is the guarantee given by law
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by the state the other part is simply mentored by a person's actions to provide his or her own security the same applies to us the more real guarantees we get from our partner the less will do to provide our own security and vice versa i believe the missile defense project in the way it's presented now is very provocative and unjust it can be useful and fear only of russia gets to participate in it on equal terms with other states. the west is weighing into yemen's ongoing unrest with deadly force officials in the troubled country say u.s. drone strikes have killed over one hundred people including civilians in the past two weeks where now the u.k. is preparing attack helicopters and commando squads for possible action in yemen what is your image has more on this from london. they are becoming more and more involved whilst saying all the time but we don't want to get any more involved in the conflict in yemen any more involved in libya than we can help it any more involved in the middle east as a region as a whole apaches attack helicopters we've seen them in in general. in iraq and
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afghanistan and of course most recently in libya where involvement was seen as a marked escalation in the involvement of u.k. and french nato troops very low flying so the likelihood of casualties is much increased. presence there and it does need like an escalation of involvement again as we've said so many times about libya the legality of this is extremely. we are seeing u.s. drone attacks increasing numbers of u.s. drone attacks in yemen and the reasoning for that is. according to u.s. forces is taking advantage of what's going in going on moving into this power vacuum which is being created since president saleh left and went to saudi arabia for medical treatment moving into that the activity taking advantage of general civil unrest to grab more support more territory the reason for the u.s.
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paying these drone attacks that is justifying it but of course that power vacuum works both ways interestingly the u.s. forces the military forces used to call. on to attack and when intelligence kind of these kinds of territorial issues but now the u.s. can easily say that there's no authorities with with whom to cooperate the government is essentially not in operation anymore so if they if they wanted to one would have thought that they could just go ahead and they like and of course we've now seeing president of. the cia drains our cia drones will have a much wider agreements and much. lection of targets that they can. we've also heard reports from a deputy provincial governor in yemen saying that one hundred thirty people have been killed in drone attacks just in the last month and that many of them were. what appear to be innocent civilians and then of course the last thing is this secret cia base for drones that we hear is being built in the persian gulf region we're getting reports of that all the time and that is in case the yemeni
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government pulls. in no longer permits these drone attacks in the country they need a base with which from from which to fly those are really a very much more involved in terms of both the u.s. and the u.k. . in london well the british m.p. jeremy corbin joins me now from london to give us his reaction to those developments and thanks very much indeed for being with us here in r.t. now with british attack helicopters and even commandos reportedly being prepared for possible deployment there in yemen all we're looking at a potential libya style intervention in. the numbers at the moment in the area of too small for a libya style of intervention as you put it i believe eighty commandos for quite large in helicopters and some apache attack helicopters stationed on two british ships off the coast they were. apparently for
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the evacuation of british nationals who were in yemen of whom were thought to be about five hundred but clearly they could be used for something else and with the upping of the u.s. role and now the presence safely out of the elements for as the u.s. is concerned they can essentially do what they like as your package explained and so i'm concerned that this might indeed be leading into yet another military act by britain in the region would that not be justified though when we hear that the power vacuum there in yemen is supposed to be giving al qaida a chance to take power would that not be a very good argument in comparison to libya and syria for foreign intervention. nothing that would strengthen the hand of al qaida and promote them a western intervention in yemen particularly the west who supported presence for all these years sold him large numbers of arms and weaponry and now seem to be opposing him in all that to try and create some of the settlement i think the
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western role should be to try and promote a political dialogue between the various factions which is not impossible to achieve that and try to bring about some kind of resolution and peace there but if the west goes in with our. starts bombing on behalf of. who then i think that will make the situation markedly worse yemen has huge poverty and social issues it's the poorest country in the region its median age of population is less than eighty and it has the greatest social discrepancies of any country in the whole region the last thing it needs is more bombing what it needs is peace what it needs is people coming together and it needs overseas aid to help it develop its historical reason why to get involved in yemen i mean obviously used to control part of yemen maybe wants to gain ground over over a country that is becoming an unstable. well britain has its hand in the past in
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just about every country in the region yemen in particular was a which in the south of yemen which was a major british. naval base until independence carrying the country was then split by the cold war and there was the coming together but for many in the south it was seen as a takeover by. any government or political. class to bring together all of the factions and all of the interests across the yemen i cannot believe that cia drone like me to bring this about and in their haste to be involved the u.s. looked to me like they're in danger of making all the mistakes they made in afghanistan. when they rushed in as part of the cold war anyone that offered to fight on their behalf and thus was born the taliban what about you can get involved obviously your very outspoken about foreign intervention military intervention from part politically can afford to get involved in yet another conflict and also
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financially at this time. well the british forces are at a very high degree of stretch at the moment they have obviously a big involvement in afghanistan they have an involvement in libya and they have involvements in other places. i can't see that britain is in a position to send large numbers of planes ships and certainly not troops into yemen. or whether there would be any public support on this i really doubt the public opposition to the war in iraq was huge there is huge opposition to the continued presence in afghanistan a lot of support for the rapid withdrawal of british forces from afghanistan i don't think the public would where the idea of it going to yemen is yet another theater of war would be a good idea how much reaction from the public at the moment over libya when the u.k. is nell saying there's no time limit for its operations what's the reaction from the media in the public about that operation there in libya. the public becoming more and more skeptical about libya the government presented libya as
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a humanitarian exercise on behalf of the united nations to enforce a no fly zone that no fly zone involves thousands five thousand and more bombing sorties over libya special forces apparently are operating in libya the foreign secretary went to benghazi last week and i asked him a straight question in parliament on tuesday or said when he finally admits that we are intervening on behalf of the opposition in libya and that this is an attempt at regime change he still persists with this narrative that this is some kind of u.n. humanitarian operation the public are becoming increasingly skeptical about this new increasingly nervous we're involved for oil and i think we should not be involved in involved for either of those things and i think what the region needs is an understanding of peace but an understanding of the degree of poverty and oppression so many people have for so long they're not looking for western intervention they're looking for their own salvation jeremy corbyn live in london
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thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts thank you kate. well that brings us now to very nearly twenty one minutes past the hour twenty one minutes past eleven o'clock at night here in moscow and time for a few minutes of sky gazing now let's bring you live pictures of the moon taking center stage over much of the planet right now and this is the view at the moment we see from south africa the shots of the eclipse occurring there is the longest lunar eclipse in more than a decade and we're heading towards totality when the full eclipse is in effect just about everywhere is getting to see the earth obscure the sun's light to the midsummer moon apart from north america because the moon doesn't completely disappear and the sun is obviously much larger than the light skips around but it leaves the full moon looking a copper red color. these are shots as i say from south africa it's a little cloudy here in moscow at the moment but we are getting some glimpses of it
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here the spectacle could last or should last for about an hour and a half so if it's not cloudy where you want to take a look. i would you to do so because it will be a last chance until july two thousand and eighteen. back to other news this hour iran says it has no plans to possess nuclear weapons during talks with russia at a key summit of asian countries they've just wrapped up their meeting with leaders which focus on tackling the raft of economic and security issues which face them and syria has this report now from the summit. on the sidelines of the a shanghai cooperation organization summit russian president dmitri medvedev had sat down with. a closed door meeting and according to a foreign minister sergei lavrov an important statement had been made at that meeting. confirming to dmitri medvedev it's total renouncement to assess a nuclear weapons and important statement to be made at a time when there's a lot of international pressure on iran in this regard now russia had also raised
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the possibility of a more constructive cooperation between iran and the five plus one nations referring to the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany as well as the importance of increasing transparency between iran and the international atomic energy agency now aside from the issue of a new its nuclear program a nuclear nonproliferation iran had also said that it is willing to work with. iran is seeking full membership of. the sanctions against it is proving to be a hurdle so it seems that iran is willing to work on this in order to clear the path for full membership into this group now aside from. president medvedev had also sat down with the president of afghanistan hamid karzai and as expected topping that meeting is to the issue of a drug trafficking drug production in afghanistan of course a very big
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a security issue for russia where ninety percent of the drugs in the country comes from afghanistan so russia willing to stand by a bear in terms of investments in helping to rebuild. afghanistan. and its partnership with you can be closer as far as i understand members agree with that is a country which is hugely important to security of. the of syria has always been. an organization. but agreed. it's really to work with different countries now as for the main a summit itself b s c o had to produce a declaration at the end of it and they had to come up with a common approach a common position to the situation in the middle east and north africa and as expected that they had to just set officially what they have been echoing for some time now to be a national community's involvement that libya in particular should adhere to the
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international law specifically the u.n. security council resolution one thousand seven hundred nine hundred seventy three which authorized the no fly zone and with regard to syria russian foreign minister sergei lavrov had issued a separate a statement saying that russia will not change its position that it is still against any military involvement in the country and it will not support any proposed u.n. resolution to syria but the asio had also made a statement on the missile defenses survey that said that they do the last roll missile defense system meaning what decision made by one country or one group on the matter is going to be dangerous threat to international stability and they had also said that members of the s c o must adhere to a nuclear nonproliferation treaty so would get past a variety of important topics having been discussed at agreed upon at the shanghai cooperation organization summit. cross talk takes hold the slippery business of the world all producing call telling a few minutes but in the meantime we've got business with kareena stay with us.
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hello and welcome to up this discipline russia still struggling with the debilitating effects of the global economic crisis but expects its economy to fully recover by next year meanwhile prime minister putin says the country's already fulfilling bigger plans. next you can need to make russia one of the five largest economies of the world and g.d.p. per capita to increase this figure from nineteen point seven thousand dollars. to do this we need to double productivity in the known real material high tech sectors. now is take a look at how the markets are performing oil is near one hundred dollars per barrel as the u.s. supplies for more than expected concerns about rising demand are supporting the
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price of the american petroleum institute reports a decline in u.s. inventor for the last week limiting gains though it's the news that u.s. retail sales are not as bad as expected turning to u.s. stocks they continue to fall as investors are concerned about the worsening that crisis in greece both the dow jones and the nasdaq are losing over one and a half percent this hour the price of consumer goods rose in a as the cost of food clothing autos and housing all accel are rated offsetting the first drop in energy prices in eleven months and your stock markets fell sharply on wednesday as investor sentiment is weighed by concerns over greece banks in greece were among the biggest decliners and shares of national bank of greece dropped seven point eight percent of those of banks nearly seven percent here in russia markets close in the red as well both with both slightly lower the r.t.s. last point three percent i'm isaac's down around point two percent now looking at
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some of the individual share moves we see energy majors mostly lower gas from last more than a percent and roll snapped point nine percent in the red and i would just say the sector into rout was a reports about the company's possible cooperation with chinese from. russian financial corporation. has boosted its net profit by thirty. sent to one hundred two million dollars in the first quarter of two thousand and eleven the company says the results reflected strong net income growth from its core assets and oil peroration owns a wide range of companies including controlling stakes in russian top operated m.t.s. and oil companies passionate and that's over me in the business team here on our team will be back tomorrow with more business news so don't forget to join us then meanwhile thanks for to thanks for watching.


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