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made. reticent. finds explosives attached to the car he often uses during filming in the rest of republic of north. china as a leader signs a multi-billion dollar energy deals in moscow to fuel growth in two of the world's biggest emerging economies. the fate of colonel qadhafi russia's envoy to libya holds talks with officials in tripoli trying to mediate an end to libya's civil war and the future of. worldwide news live from moscow this is. a welcome to the program and i want to
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camera mounted in the russian republic of north has discovered an explosive device attached to his car the vehicle was used by all these crew for reporting in the north caucasus region our correspondent now joins us live from capitol. can you bring us up to date what are the latest details that you know what happened finding a bomb underneath. well everything happened this morning when i called my cameraman. this. morning he was getting his car for ammo and when the mechanics of the car they saw an explosive device stuck to the. car and at the moment i mean i'm you know he's being questioned by police representatives and the whole area of the garage is being blocked off by special forces well i spoke to him less than a know where you go and they ask him whether he thinks as he sold the explosive
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device himself whether he thinks that the size of this explosive device was big enough to be to sound devastating results for both of us and in the some thirty seconds of silence he told me that that would be a really enough of full both of us well at the moment i know the special service to have defused the explosive and later they told i mean i mean of this size was enough to to lead to a dad result or and so it is very learned as you. know the police have diffused to both forgive me for interrupting their defuse the bomb their questioning to come around to see if you know if anything what is this call is it used often by a crew when you're when you're out shooting and what is quite frankly a troubled region. well actually we were we were using that car quite often frankly and in fact of the latest program that with the was right see russia close up of the life of russia's republic of north
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a sad and almost half of the filming that we've done for that program with driving this very car and yes indeed we drive with that car along across all the regions to this volatile region of russia's north caucasus farmer do so as you say the car is used a lot as you were shooting your stories in the region but you know the region you're reporting is known for having a troubled past as a correspondent living and working and does this affect you at all on any level. well indeed this region is considered to be quite well. some republics. done well with been filming quite often they are considered to be dangerous for journalists work and yes the reason this kind of air of danger and volatility in this region but still when the cameraman was asked by police representatives where he thinks of anything why of any clue why that might happen to the car there is not
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a clue not a single version at the moment why is this thing happened all right on tuesday in a question of are there reporting live from the north or south you think you. want to get some other news now here on r.t. and two of the world's biggest and fastest growing economies russia and china are meeting right here in moscow gas is one of the main sources of discussion with moscow a vital supply of energy fueling the massive growth of its eastern neighbor let's get more on this now from one of our who's are following the visit right here in the russian capital and gas is not the only interest of the two nations that shares that. it's definitely not the only interest that these two neighbors share but throughout this meeting what we've heard so far it does seem to be taking up most of the day's agenda in the meeting between the chinese leader who's in town was in moscow in an official visit and his russian counterpart to meet the need to be if we know that a lot of talks have been developed devoted to gas supplies from russia to
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china we know that gazprom is also involved the talks the russian state owned oil and gas giant is considering building a pipeline a gas pipeline that will run from western siberia to china and that pipeline will be constructed exclusively to cater to the growing chinese energy needs and of course another agreement is to be signed. at some point throughout this year twenty eleven and that agreement will. to the delivery of russian gas to china once again a very large financially beneficial contract for russia of course energetically beneficial for china so the energy resources we do seem to be taking up most of the agenda for the meeting of course fueling the relationship between moscow and beijing but as you say it's by far not the only. point of interest for the two
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sides the two countries are each other's biggest neighbors and both leaders frequently stress that there is so much more room for improvement so much more potential within their relationship and that is of course what is also being discussed as hu jintao is in russia we know that the two sides have agreed to increase their bilateral trade turnover which is at the moment already at an all time high but the two sides have agreed to increase it to one hundred billion u.s. dollars by the year twenty fifteen and up to two hundred billion u.s. dollars by the year twenty twenty selling just under ten years' time that bilateral trade turnover will be more than double so definitely a lot of prospects in that relationship and of course we'll be keeping you updated with what else comes out of the meeting between the chinese and russian leaders as soon as we get that information will certainly come here it's so it's fascinating and so on right now when it comes to trade and economic prowess so between asian and eastern poland is
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a particular of course yesterday we had the cooperation organization some of the tenth anniversary overdone and. there we had you know how many calls are not going to stand we got off with an address from iran we had madrid madrid if the announcement beautiful hu jintao meeting in moscow that you know if there are they said they poised to go to the i knew economic forum in the next few days off they've had concrete discussions today. we do know that it was intel is expected to arrive at the st petersburg economic forum we know that is on his at ten area after his time here in moscow both him and his russian counterpart to meet. they are expected to make their way down to st petersburg and participate in that forum and of course that is yet another indicator of this strength of the partnership between moscow and beijing the high hopes that they place on cooperation from each other and of the various economic benefits that of course could be reaped from their partnership that increased meant that pledged to increase bilateral trade turnover is definitely no mean feat more than doubling it in under ten years so there's
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definitely going to be some more discussions at the st petersburg economic forum perhaps more concrete deals signed not only between the chinese national gas company and gazprom but various other business deals also on the table but that of course will take place in st petersburg as you think how do some major progress on the table interesting times right now. as i live in moscow thank you. now let's let's discuss the strengthening relations between the two regional heavyweights with david dog will trade policy consultant from hong kong. and i thank you for joining us today so who. have become each other's major trading partners is russia drifting more towards asia than europe and the u.s. rearing from the west to the east. i think it's a bit of a stretch to say to ask a question is extreme is that russia's clearly strongest historical economically
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with both. the u.s. and with europe and asia the involvement is always very minor from the from the many many years but it's a will time question really because for the last few years russia has become a member of the apec is in surprisingly corp group and. they. as a result have been concentrating a great deal more on the asia pacific region as of november. this year becomes the chair of apec and has to drive the agenda for apec over the course of two thousand and twelve and how do you. interrupting the how do you see russia driving the goals as chairing as you said as of november i believe november the tenth what kind of agenda do you think expect to see you implement here. they
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haven't made it clear yet but i think expectations let's say expectations are recently high at the moment they could be disappointed a lot of people here very much hope that russia will use this opportunity to strengthen the links in asia very strongly very positively and we would look to the summit in light of all stock in november next year. opportunity to cement much stronger links which certainly between east russia and be a pick a condom use in particular china japan and korea as you talk about the strengthening of these relationships between asia and the far east we know that the relationship between russia and china is very significant in regards of the global economy but do you think considering china's rapid growth and america's huge debt it's beijing already the world's a major economic player do you think. i think china's economy and what's happening
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it has become globally important but it's important to remember that china's economy is still only about one of the size of the united states economy even with very strong growth a very sustained period china can't provide the locomotive force that the u.s. provides all the new provides so its influence can be very positive there's also of marginal help it isn't a locomotive of the size of the u.s. or europe yet ok as you say so china's economy is one ninth the size of the united states but do you think that is growing russia china alliance could at some point. become a threat to the economic and political interests of the u.s. and its allies. of course is a very long very long. question at the moment i think the relationship is unlikely to move in that direction if you were to add thirty or forty years to the question who knows. all right david adored well the trade policy consultant talking
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to us from hong kong thank you. what you were there are still ahead for you this hour a question of justice as alleged russian gun won a victim who faces a new round in its court battle we put the legality of the whole case under scrutiny. and russia's a drumming up of business as the movers and shakers of the financial world gather for the annual economic forum in st petersburg our business desk will be live there in just about ten minutes time. now the fate of libya's leader political way out of the civil war are at stake during talks in tripoli as russia's envoy meets colonel gadhafi loyalists to go off to visit to try and broker a cease fire comes as the latest and nato airstrikes targeting an area close to gadhafi compound. reports. the visit to tripoli is part of russia's peace mediates a mission in the protracted lieben conflict moscow has been insisting all the time that a nonviolent negotiation is the only way out of the crisis russia has repeatedly
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criticized nato for starts in a military operation here and has never supported a u.n. security council resolution which authorized intervention russian special presidential envoy mikhail margelov who was sent here to try to get everybody around the table that's actually very hard to achieve the rebel supported by nato allies wants to force gadhafi out while the colonel himself says that he will fight to the death i mean what they have recently have been several signs indicating that's a compromise. holsapple last week make a mad gallop met with the opposition leaders in the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi and talked to cut off his cousin in cairo and said that both sides have a mutual understanding that a protracted war is not an option and the crisis should be resolved through peaceful means he also sad that he had a feeling that the rebels are almost ready for
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a dialogue with gadhafi in tripoli we have been able to speak to are welcome in russia's efforts they are extremely exhausted after months of war which has taken many many lives and has almost completely destroyed the country's infrastructure due to a shortage of fuel gasoline lines stretch for kilometers and kilometers people have to spend hours even days lining up to fill up their cars and it's tyree more overnight to continues to strike tripoli and we can hear bombardments mess of bombardments almost every night and that scares them as well while people are getting more and more angry at all they want to get their normal lives back frustration is high among the rebels as well as they feel as though nature is taken control over what to them is a national uprising it's too early to say whether russia will be able to bring peace and stability to leave it but it was clear among people on the ground is that
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it's definitely worth trying. murther notion of the reporting from tripoli she follows the visit of the russian envoy to the libyan capital. and new york court will hear the next round in the ongoing legal battle over victor boot the russian man america accuses of being an international arms dealer his lawyers and the prosecution will discuss the case with the judge who is awaiting trial in a us prison but as. a reports the legality of proceedings is being questioned every step of the way. he is the russian citizen america fought relentlessly to adopt victor boot was secretly and swiftly extradited to the u.s. seven months ago and this may be where he stays indefinitely it found guilty on arms smuggling and terrorism related charges if he is convicted. he's looking at life there's no parole there's no early release in the federal system really the only way in the federal system to get
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a reduction in your sentence. a significant reduction is if you cooperate with the united states government some have argued mr bush needs to be on captain america's team however captain america is being accused of playing dirty and illegally to remove the air cargo business man from thailand according to documents released by wiki leaks all levels of washington top to bottom mounted political pressure against bangkok to gain custody of boot in a us cable dated august thirteenth two thousand and nine us president barack obama was urged to call thailand's prime minister directly about boot the us attorney general and state department were encouraged to call the thai ambassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration commitment to thailand and the us ambassador in bangkok urged the thai government to issue a public statement of disappointment at the judge's ruling not to extradite boot
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america's the world's most powerful nation but it's not more powerful than the world unfortunately the way things stand right now they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the mood to extradite him or should say kidnap and. was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight during a u.s. sting operation he was charged with conspiring to sell weapons to colombian fark rebels on two occasions the thai court rejected america's extradition request when an entourage of armed u.s. agents removed him from thailand following a decision of the thai government his extradition was still not legally approved the covert operation was kept secret from russia boots family and his attorney. to transfer victor boot to america was a violation of a very important thai american treaty signed in one nine hundred ninety s. which the political offenders cannot be extradited the case was not finalized and
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was moved to the us america used various means political. another's outside the boundaries of due legal process to get victor boot that means that victor boot is not getting a fair deal to this day high officials have not provided official documents explaining the legal grounds behind extradition this despite repeated inquiries made by the russian foreign ministry that we know for sure that on leave in the sixteenth two thousand and ten that the moment a little bit to beat was physically taken out of its own prison his case was being considered by the toy cool to the peals that is why there are no legal grounds for him to face a u.s. court. meantime victor boot remains in the u.s. prison held in solitary confinement his wife doubts her husband will receive a fair trial from the country she says violated international and bilateral laws to get him. it's clear to everyone that the case has long been moved from the sphere
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of want to politics i think or rather i would love to think that the american court is unbiased but i have strong doubts about it because i think such pressure could be put on anyone including the jury. in. the country accusing viktor bit of arms dealing now finds itself a political arm twisting come october an american jury will decide picture of the future wanted a political pressure at your side by the u.s. army evidently the arena part nine artsy new york just turning twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital you without say the greek prime minister is set to announce the makeup of his new government and seek a vote of confidence in parliament all of this after coalition talks with opposition parties fail george papandreou has been trying to push through more cuts to secure billions of euros in a second you and i m f bailout the plan it sent over twenty five thousand angry
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people onto the streets of athens on wednesday while unions held the generals. protesters clashed with police who fired tear gas at the demonstrators also threw rocks and petrol bombs there were a number of arrests on interest some of the protesters are trying to block off the parliament to stop m.p.'s from getting in so they can vote on the new austerity plan british m.p. for raj believes the bailout isn't going to help the greek people which is only there to save the banks. one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious hit on their faulty lending policies so they something has gone seriously wrong with the banking system it's almost as if there's a whole other holy alliance of politicians and bankers version's ordinary people i'm sure that's what the people on the streets of athens today feel like don't think the banking crisis is over i suspect but it's hardly begun and in many cases it might have been better to do what iceland did and say look these banks go bust
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these people lose their jobs these people lose their money that's unfortunate about life and i suspect we're going to regret keeping the banks afloat and imprisoning countries like greece inside a currency union which they're just not suited. sarah was caught up in the violent protests in the heart of a first hand account is available on our website dot com. the right. to be. able to provide even one of. us there are also plenty of other stories and videos that are. for example here including starting our set of images of a rare total eclipse of the moon that happened wednesday night. other headlines from around the world for you this our. second in command has become its leader this according to a statement allegedly issued by the organization. is it believed to have been the
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operational brains between the nine eleven attacks we could go he said osama bin laden would continue to terrify the united states from beyond the grave the former leader was killed by american special forces of course that was on our pakistan last month. a u.s. congresswoman shot in the head in january has been released from hospital after recovering enough to walk and talk again gabrielle giffords still faces a daily intensive therapy and may never be able to return to work six people were killed and twelve others injured in the arizona shooting that took place during a political rally the man accused of the shooting has been declared mentally unfit to stand trial. group claims to have the central intelligence agencies public web site offline calling itself a security appeared on twitter to confirm it was part of the attack the group has previously claimed responsibility for cracking into the u.s. senate the also the u.s. public broadcasting system t.v.
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network and a company that works with the f.b.i. the cia website was inaccessible on friday. to get the latest from other world of business with katrina. economic forum is. well and truly underway that's right gauri it is that attention is on russia's northern capital today this year it's said to be more important than ever for russia as it begins to look east as well as with the new investments what have all the details for you in just a moment. all eyes are on russia's northern capital as the annual international economic forum is underway and this year presidential aide out of katie to phone call of it says this in petersburg form is more important than ever for russia as it begins to look east as well as western vestment. brings you the latest theory of the overall themes that people are talking about here are going to be or are russia's
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a session to the world trade organization and the establishment of a ten billion dollars state backed private equity fund bringing business and investment to russia however there are some important deals that have already been signed here that we should tell you about right now dow chemical and the spoken both fund putting pen to paper in order to establish a research and development center in russia also russ nano the russian nanotechnology firm and also signed with several asian partners in order to establish a nanotech fund that is going to be worth more than one hundred million dollars also the head of the international energy agency spoke earlier today here at the conference he said that in his opinion in twenty twelve the average oil price per barrel will be between one hundred and one hundred ten dollars also hearing from a lot of important players and guests in the business community here in russia among them the head of cisco's emerging markets who talked about the challenges of
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the russian population centers places where people live that are far flung out there and technologies role in bringing them all together russia has the largest land mass in the war does the largest country by its size. the population clusters are centered and far remote from each other from the eastern united states to do western united sees a five hour flight from eastern russia to a western side of russia's eat eleven hour flight so how do you use technology to connect. these remote to the people the remote locations. to create a crowdsourcing environment where you can drive innovation is the challenge for the country for education for health care for government services all forms of services that needs to be delivered to the citizens. a recurring theme at the forum is how much the russian government has done to improve the investment climate in the
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country because jordan at u.b.s. russia and c.i.s. says there are many things that have already been achieved. there's been some progress i don't think it's enough and personally i think the actually the government also believes that it's not that the job is not complete. they have done some good things like you like they've established skolkovo they have to ask for politicians to leave the boards of various companies they have extensive privatization program they've established the fund that would look for edward investments so they've done some things but there's more to do. rogers oil giant lukoil is looking to get exploration licenses in iraq the company's c.e.o. told r.t. that this could dramatically increase local production. if you take into consideration the twelve contracts that the represented in the time and that. have been realized and will amount to twelve million barrels a day in seven years to do right produces four to five million barrels this will
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triple that amount to more than five hundred million tons i think that growth rates will remain at the same level. using me all products and it will keep using them to meet the demands which you can we we hope that it will all balance out but the production volume in iraq will undoubtedly be significant. now let's have a look at how the markets are performing oil prices again after seeing a loss of more than four percent overnight the biggest one day drop in the month was spurred on by a spike in the u.s. dollar against the euro as greece's debt troubles appear to be worsening. european markets continue to fall for the second day running as a greek debt debt crisis escalates the footsies down one point two percent and the debt point eight percent. and here in moscow both here are serious and in my six main in red following trends from asia and europe energy measures and industrials
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are among the main loses. the sukhoi superjet has made its maiden flight under the brand name of russia's flag carrier aeroflot the flying to passengers from moscow to the supporters burg international economic forum the super jet is the first russian passenger plane of its kind built in the country in the past twenty years has already secured seventy three rather orders for the jet and hopes to sell eight hundred by two thousand and twenty four. that's all business business news for now we'll be back live at the st petersburg forum next hour stay with us for headlines next. thank. you.


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