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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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a multi-billion dollar or two of the world's biggest emerging powerhouses russia and china closer together. also the two sides both sides in libya to stop the ongoing conflict all the details in just a few moments. no place for colonel gadhafi in libya is a future russian envoys message. officials in tripoli to broker a peace summit. the lawyers for alleged international arms dealer. prepared to challenge the new york court on the legality of his extradition to america. and as the white knights return to st petersburg
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it's time again for the same petersburg international economic forum. live at the forum and would give you more about some high level deals that have been signed in about twenty minutes time stay with us. worldwide news live from moscow. welcome to the program well energizing that relations and a boosting trade is what the leaders of russia and china have been discussing right here in moscow but they also couldn't avoid sharing thoughts on the conflict in libya let's get more details on the meeting from. good to see you china already ranks as russia's number one trade partner this year and more business is on the way what's being said so far about the future projects. well the two sides definitely enjoy a very strong relationship but both have stressed that there's. still
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a lot of room for improvement and that improvement is precisely what was dominating the talks between chinese leader who jintao and his russian counterpart meeting with a different year in moscow both sides focused mostly on energy related deals we know that gazprom is currently holding talks with china to build a pipeline originating in western siberia and going all the way to china that is specifically going to exist to cater exclusively to china's growing energy needs we also know that gas from is expected to sign a contract by the end of this year to supply even more gas to china to cater to its growing population and therefore energy needs of course but we also know that it's not just gas that's on the agenda according to russia's biggest oil giant but also if there is also the possibility that ross will be buying a share and now one of china's. boil refineries which is of course yet another very
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important business deal for the two sides of course bringing them even closer together so it does seem as though energy is fueling the relations between the two sides at the moment but of course both men were very keen to stress that energy isn't the only that for a development for moscow and beijing both men have signed an agreement that will see their bilateral trade turnover reach one hundred billion u.s. dollars by the year twenty fifteen and double that by the year two thousand and twenty so a huge increase in turnover in just under ten years from now is of course no mean feat but both sides seem to be very optimistic about the fact that it is achievable and of course there are going to be more business deals on the agenda which empower the chinese leader will be traveling to st petersburg with his russian counterpart where they will participate in the st petersburg economic forum where most people expect more business deals to reach the. all of the chinese delegation so of course
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many more interesting aspects of this relationship to be seen in the next few days . indeed in about twenty minutes time will be a crossing live to give them a forum we're covering all weekend here and i want to as you were saying though economic agreement on the table between the two big boys here but it's not just economics being discussed dmitri medvedev and hu jintao they see eye to eye on the crisis tearing apart the arab world who they agreed on how to deal with the issue of libya for example. indeed well we know that the two leaders met just a few days ago in us than during a summit of the c.e.o. of states and of their of the two leaders once again repeated the reiterated the position that violence will only lead to violence that that the military interface intervention that is currently ongoing in libya of course led by its nature help polish and forces will only bring more violence to that already volatile region and
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the diplomatic solution is the only possible way to resolve the ongoing conflict in libya of course and we know that that position was reiterated once again here in moscow both sides saying that diplomacy and negotiations are the only possible and acceptable way forward both sides saying that the nato coalition forces are basically doing more harm than good to the region in general and to libya specifically course russia frequently slamming the nato forces for their military presence in libya also saying that it will not support a u.n. resolution for syria should it come to that so both sides seemingly seeing eye to eye on not position as well and sticking to their position and the fact that the only way to resolve the ongoing conflict in that region is by diplomacy all right a lot of issues being discussed that as you said on the table for all these kind of enough not to live in moscow i think you're. going to get some more analysis on hu
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jintao visit to russia from alexander lukyn from the most. state university of international relations the director of shanghai cooperation organization center there thank you very much for joining me today so the chinese leader says that his country holds its energy cooperation with russia in a high regard but there have been some disagreements over the prices recently haven't there how does that affect the relationship between them if you mean political really really should put doesn't affect in any way because i mean there's just a commercial issue so to shoes or usual in the relationship between many countries or i would say commercial partners or companies for it doesn't influence it's ok so there's nothing to do with politics here this is a commercial venture but china's economy is predicted to soon overtake america to become the world's number one how does russia feel about having such a powerful neighbor do you think first it's too premature to say that because china has a jew just over kim japan last year so there is to some time we have before it all
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comes. the united states but i don't know if i can speak for russia brooke asserted too early to forego use what. is a russian citizen i am very happy about churn and i hope that the russian government can do something that can keep the peace and listen to it seems that the friendship in the relationship between russia and china is certainly becoming more solid they are creating a more bigger foundation here but let me shoot some light on this if i may china has been building up its military in recent years increasing its defense budget every year why is it doing this and is it as some sort of. preventative or protective measure that is taking that we should know about well first it's neutral because g.d.p. is growing and of course it's. more denies all parts of the economy and it's also more denies is the triangles who see
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a lot of threats. in the world in the main throughout the thing comes from the united states which i want to imagine is why we're so i why would they think that the main threat comes from the united states because the. true. political rival in briefing to the united states wants to limit train use influence. in the world and especially news borders so. i don't think the new might to zoom in to russia ok now the trade between the two partners is growing but russia still has a bit of trouble attracting international investment from trying to trade remains comparatively low what why is this and and will today's talks boost it do you think it will. not blow. your streets for example but china is already of the first russian trade partner so it cannot truly grew faster than the russian even the russian economy is growing. and
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there are many problems like investment climate in the russia some space. program problem of. working problems which good to. have to go and so dealing with now if we can no let's turn our attention to what happened yesterday at the tenth anniversary of. the shanghai cooperation organization huge in tower said that the next ten years will be critical for the shanghai shanghai group of asian nations critical for their development is there any possibility that there could be some sort of competition between nato that is probably as some would say a military force and partially economic as c.e.o. that tends to lean more towards economics than security could there be some sort of tension or competition between nato and the s e o i don't think so because unlike need. to move to a real way. to. secure. group
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original group should be completed with me to do with groups like us see on flippers do you think what do you think could nato be jealous over such a grouping all of our potentially very powerful groups in the in the shanghai i don't think so because it does have an army it doesn't have a reputed reaction force or anything like that on the contrary need to know. and it's very much interested in. our countries because it unites the neighboring countries over. the stern. states for. over a serial so this shows that could seriously ensued as a partner. with alexander lucchino director of the shanghai cooperation center at the moscow state university of international relations a pleasure thank you. russia's envoy is in tripoli to convince the regime there is
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no place for colonel gadhafi in it libya's future but loyalist officials have told mikhail margelov that the colonel is not prepared to step down it's the latest push by moscow to mediate a cease fire there's been no letup in the fighting meantime with yet more nato airstrikes and a rebel advance towards khadafi stronghold. she's there for us. the visit to tripoli is part of russia's piece mediates a mission in the protracted libyan conflict moscow has been insisting all the time that a nonviolent negotiation is the only way out of the crisis russia has repeatedly criticized nato for starting a military operation here and has never supported a u.n. security council resolution which authorized intervention russian special presidential envoy mikhail margelov who was sent here to try to get everybody around the table that's actually very hard to achieve the rebel supported by nature allies want to force gadhafi out while the colonel himself says that he will fight to the death
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meanwhile recently have been several signs indicating that a compromise is possible last week make a mother gaillarde met with the opposition leaders in the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi and talked to cut off his cousin in cairo and said that both sides have a mutual understanding that a protracted war is not an option and the crisis should be resolved through peaceful means he also cited that he had a feeling that the rebels are almost ready for a dialogue with gadhafi the people in tripoli we have been able to speak to are welcome in russia's afros they are extremely exhausted after months of war which has taken many many lives and has almost completely destroyed the country's infrastructure due to a shortage of fuel gasoline lines stretch for kilometers and kilometers people have to spend hours even days lining up to fill up their cars and it's tyree more
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overnight to continues to strike tripoli and we can hear bombardments mess of bombardments almost every night and that scares them as well while people are getting more and more angry and all they want is to get their normal lives bag frustration is high among the rebels as well as they feel as though nature is. taken control over what to that is a national uprising it's too early to say whether russia will be able to bring peace and stability to leave it but it was clear i'm on people on the ground is that it's definitely worth trying. to report in right now or to use a film crew in the southern russian republic of north has discovered a bomb like device attached to the car was corresponding to the question of what is in the north capitol with details with you know so what exactly has happened is anybody hurt by this. this morning cameraman.
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found a divine during a technical car chacon and soon after the whole area of that garage was blocked off by police representatives but according to the latest information that i received from the kara man as well as some police representatives it was not an explosive device that. many believed to be because cars are quite often used here in russia's north caucuses to carry explosive device but a radio beacon on. to check the location all four are eighty cameraman's car at the moment of the cameramen i mean i mean it is still being questioned by police representatives and there are a lot of media working at the sin of the garage as for many journalists working here in this region it was some kind of the big news so not an explosive device but a trucking this is taking a bizarre twist in this story is there any indication as to who may have planted the device and why. well at the moment there is still not
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a single version are not a single clue of why this thing happened to our cameraman score but we were using this car quite often when we were going across the russians north caucasus to film different stories and to report on what's going on here in this region and this region russia's north caucasus is considered to be quite a volatile area there has been a number of anti terror operations that we were reporting on and according to russia's in terror minister over two hundred terrorist with a leading has of terrorists in different regions of this area have been killed since the start of the yeah and many police representatives at the sin of the garage told us that this toxic applauding and a device that looks like a and explosive device or plugging in a trucking beak on is often used by terrorists to create some sort of an atmosphere
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of fear among the population but once again there is not a single idea or version why this thing happened to our cameraman scott like you say i mean it could be terrorists trying to implement some sort of fear in the region or it could be somebody else trying just to keep a very very close watch on a you all news crew down the authors with you no question about life in the north asserting capital thank you. well coming up here on r.t. the russian businessman being a lined up for jail and not justice is the extradited to prepares to appear in a new york court his defense accuses politicians of twisting the jury's arms to keep him behind bars. all right it's just about sixteen minutes past the hour now here in moscow let's check out some other headlines from around the world al-qaeda has appointed a new leader egyptian. who was osama bin laden's deputy now leads the terrorist organization a statement from the group said it would continue its fight against the u.s. and israel over here he is thought to have been the operational mastermind of the
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nine eleven attacks and warned last week that bin laden would terrify the u.s. from beyond the grave. more than two hundred militants stormed a pakistani village near the afghan border leaving at least five people dead many others were wounded in the cross border officials say the insurgents were armed with mortars rockets and machine guns it's thought it may have been a reprisal for government efforts to revive tribal militias to fight the taliban. organization claims that a temporary knocked out of the cia's public website offline the group known as security also opened a phone line for people to suggest. it's previously targeted major firms which it says work against people's interests and down the public sites ranging from the us senate to sony pictures it grinds the web pages to a halt by bombarding them with requests to their servers. the
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prime minister is set to unveil a new cabinet and seek a vote of confidence in parliament the new government is expected to be sworn in on friday george has been pushing for more cuts to secure billions of euros in a second. spark angry demonstrations on athens on wednesday people throwing petrol bombs and the police responding with tear gas. well we have updates on our what's happening in greece on our web site and we are right in the thick of it at top calm you can i watch our video reports from the most recent angry protests the news crew feel the force of police. in central athens. also online a big step for woman kind of all today nearly fifty years ago. russian cosmonauts valentino becoming the first woman in space. and the june moon turns maroon much of the world witnessed a spectacular space model overnight with the longest and darkest lunar eclipse in
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a decade all the pictures stunning pictures are all to dot com. just twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow you without the case of a russian the u.s. accuses of being an international arms dealer will be heard in a new york court on thursday. awaiting trial since his arrest over three years ago in thailand and. reports his detention raises many questions over the legality of the case. he is the russian citizen america fought relentlessly to adopt picture but was secretly and swiftly extradited to the u.s. seven months ago and this may be where he stays indefinitely if found guilty on
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arms smuggling and terrorism related charges fifty years could be. he's looking at life there's no parole there's no early release in the federal system really the only why in the federal system to get a reduction in your sentence. a significant reduction is if you cooperate with the united states government some have argued mr bush needs to be on captain america's team however captain america is being accused of playing dirty and illegally to remove the air cargo business man from thailand according to documents released by wiki leaks all levels of washington top to bottom mounted political pressure against bangkok to gain custody of boot in the us cable dated august thirteenth two thousand and nine u.s. president barack obama was urged to call thailand's prime minister directly about boot the u.s. attorney general and state department were encouraged to call the thai ambassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration commitment to thailand and
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the us ambassador in bangkok urged the thai government to issue a public statement of disappointment at the judge's ruling not to extradite boot america is the world's most powerful nation but it's not more powerful than the world unfortunately the way things stand right now they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the mood to extradite him or should say kidnap and. was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight during a u.s. sting operation he was charged with conspiring to sell weapons to colombian fark rebels on two occasions the thai court rejected america's extradition request when an entourage of armed u.s. agents removed him from thailand following a decision of the thai government his extradition was still not legally approved the covert operation was kept secret from russia boots family and his attorney.
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tell you the transfer of victor boot to america was a violation of a very important thai american treaty signed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight which the political offenders cannot be extradited was the case was not finalized and was moved to the us america used various means political. another's outside the boundaries of jus legal process to get victor boot that means that victor boot is not getting a fair deal to this day hi if the shows have not provided official documents explaining the legal grounds behind boots extradition this despite repeated inquiries made by the russian foreign ministry. would we know for sure that's all movember sixteenth two thousand and ten for the moment a little bit to be it was physically taken out of the time prison his case was being considered by the toy cool to the peals that is why there were no legal grounds for him to face a u.s. court. meantime victor boot remains in the u.s. prison held in solitary confinement his wife doubts her husband will receive
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a fair trial from the country she says violated international and bilateral laws to get him more. it's clear to everyone that the case has long been moved from the sphere of want to politics i think or rather i would love to think that the american court is unbiased but i have strong doubts about it because i think such pressure could be put on anyone including the jury. the country accusing victor boot of our dealing now finds itself a political arm twisting come october an american jury will decide picked up a future want to be a political pressure at surfside by the u.s. army evidently the arena part nine artsy new york. now or to assume petersburg where it's going to do some serious business as the annual economic forum gets underway up next our business desk comes to you live from russia's northern capital
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. trends are reporting live at the st peter's bird. and international economic forum here to give you all the latest on all the goings on here at this very important annual meeting the fifteen thousand new meeting in russia's northern capital we do have some news to tell you about earlier dow chemical and the skolkovo fund signed a deal put pen to paper here in order to found a research and development center also. russian nanotech firm side to deal with some asian partners to establish a hundred million dollar plus nanotech fund in order to accomplish that kind of research and development so some important economic news going on here in addition just the typical not the typical but the general theme going on here russia is w t o a session on the table and also a ten billion dollar state funded
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a private equity fund state backed private equity fund being established here in order to lure investment and business into russia also the head of the international energy agency he spoke earlier here he said his prediction was that during two thousand and twelve the price per barrel of oil would be between a hundred would be between one hundred and one hundred ten dollars per barrel so that's something that is an important thing to note and of course the big picture here to deal that we had heard on our news earlier about the signing of the agreement between president medvedev and chinese president hu jintao over this gas deal between russia and china china has a very important role to play here at the forum and later on in the in the forums. and present medvedev will be here to address the delegates and that's something that we will bring you of course here on our t.v.
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but before we get to all of them joined here by timothy draper to be principal and founder of draper fisher jurgensen to talk more about economics and investment in russia thank you very much for being with us so how important thank you very much how important do you. this forum is for your company well for a company it's it's a mission. we're in the business of spreading entrepreneurship and venture capital wherever we go i grew up in the silicon valley where it was just. orchards of. cots and now it's grown into the center of economic development and and i watch that grow and so i see actually how that can happen and try to try to build ecosystems so i think this is very important i think it's very exciting and i love that all the people in russia all the the. government
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officials and all the all the businesses are all trying to get together and make this thing happen do you think the investment climate has improved in russia and if so how do you find doing business oh yes i think the investment climate has improved it started from a bad place i mean seventy five years were an entrepreneur it was still legal to be an entrepreneur in russia has to be overcome now and in the end now that russia understands that they need to compete for their great minds and their capital in the business of the world they're doing a very good job of it russia is full of brilliant minds and and i think those mines are going to start to really florists in the years to trial now you have a history of investing in tech stocks and i.p.o.'s in that area do you think that with young and having their i.p.o. with mail dot ru having their i.p.o. do you think tech stocks are something that has a future in russia oh absolutely i think this is
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a great time for russia both for the need to tech stocks like yandex and mailroom but i think also for for companies that are started with real russian technology were where russians. technology for north can spread to the rest of the world right now most of the big successes are our copies of us developments but. i think there's a great future that what investments are you looking at russia kyra. well we actually have seen some meat to israel seen a couple of group on this and. seen some new technologies to that have come out of russia that looked very promising that it might turn into businesses that they right now their technologies without a without a mission but it looks like they may turn into some good businesses were very happy .


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