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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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maiden's hotel in the lower part of the lido medicine it was punished but they found it's. a multi-billion dollar handshake for two of the world's biggest emerging powerhouses bringing russia and china closer together. also the leaders meeting in moscow are just all those involved in the libyan conflict to refrain from escalating violence all the details in just a moments. no place for colonel gadhafi in libya as future russian envoys messages he meets loyalist officials in tripoli to broker peace so all amid a rebel and nato assault on. the lawyers for alleged international arms dealer could prove to challenge a new york court on the legality of his extradition to. the sun is shining
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in russia's northern capital i might try as a live at the st petersburg international economic forum we'll tell you all about the high level goings on here in our business report coming your way in about twenty minutes. global news twenty four seven this is artsy life from moscow. well energising relations and the boosting trade is what the leaders of russia and china have been discussing right here in moscow but they also couldn't avoid it sharing thoughts on the conflict in libya. has been monitoring the meeting for us. the two sides definitely have the android a very strong relationship but both of them stressed that there is still a lot of room for improvement and that improvement is precisely what was dominating
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the talks between chinese leader who jintao and his russian counterpart need to be debated here in moscow both sides focus mostly on energy related deals we know that gas problem is currently holding talks with china to build a pipeline originating in western siberia and going all the way to china that is specifically going to exist to cater exclusively to china's growing energy needs we also know that gas from is expected to sign a contract by the end of this year to supply even more gas to china to cater to its growing population and therefore energy needs of course but we also know that it's not just gas that's on the agenda according to russia as well giant also here there's also the possibility that rosneft will be buying a share and now one of china's. boyle refineries both men were very keen to stress that energy isn't the only that there of development for moscow and beijing both
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men have signed up to an agreement that will see their bilateral trade turnover reach a hundred billion u.s. dollars right here twenty fifty and double that applied here to twenty twenty there are going to be more business deals on the agenda between power chinese leader will be traveling to st petersburg with his russian counterpart where they will participate in the st petersburg economic forum where most people expect more business deals to reach the table of the chinese delegation soulforce many more interesting aspects of this relationship to be seen in the next few days the two leaders met just a few days ago in the us then during a summit of the a c. o. states i visit there of the two leaders once again repeated the reiterated the position that violence will only lead to violence that the military is. the invention that is currently ongoing in libya led by its nature no pollution forces will only bring more violence to the already volatile region and that
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a diplomatic solution is the only possible way to resolve the ongoing conflict in libya of course and we know that the opposition was reiterated once again here in moscow both sides saying that diplomacy and negotiations are the only possible an acceptable way forward both sides saying that the nato coalition forces are basically doing more harm than good to the region in general and to libya specifically course russia frequently slamming the nato forces for their military presence in libya also saying that they will not support a u.n. resolution for syria should it come to that though both sides seemingly seeing eye to eye on that position as well and sticking to their position and the fact that the only way to resolve the ongoing conflicts in that region is by diplomacy. reporting right now with film crew and the russian republic of. i discovered a bomb like the cost attached to the car which is correspondent we do know is in
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the north this working capital with this report. this morning artie's curry man i'm you know i'm you know found. during a technical car chakra and soon after that the whole area of that garage was blocked off by police representatives but according to the latest information that i received from the carom and as well as some police representatives it was not an explosive device that is well cars doubt many believed to be because cars are quite often used here in russia's north caucuses to carry an explosive device but to radio be gone. to check of the location of our eighty cameraman's car we were using this car quite often when we were going across to russia's north caucasus to film different stories and to report on what's going on here in this region and this region russia's north caucasus is considered to be quite a volatile area there has been
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a number of anti terror operations that we were reporting on and according to russia's in terror minister over a two hundred terrorist with a leading hides of terrorists in different regions of this area have been killed since the start of the yeah and many police representatives not the center of the garage told us that this toxic plugging in a device that looks like a and explosive device or plugging in trucking beak on is also used by terrorists to create some sort of atmosphere of fear among the population talk is what is. still to come for you here and i would see the russian businessman being lined up in jail not just this extradited fictive proposed to appear in a new york court his defense accuses politicians of twisting the jury's arms to keep in mind bars. right about all of this hour here on t.v. russia china summit right here in moscow for more analysis on who can tell us was
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it let's talk to political sagas. or thank you for joining us. dr chan china and russia are you on course to become major trading partners how might this impact on the global economy for example for instance in europe. you know the china russia trade an economic relationship and the huge development between two nations i believe is not only of the impacting the european continent but also saw the lobos scene this economic trade relationship is not only limited to the economy it's also really a strategic relationship so it is going to be shootin paper the wall so not just economic agreements a relationship but also a strategic relationship as you were saying by russia and china are on the same page when it comes to libya and syria do you think that collaboration could help to resolve these conflicts or would this even be welcomed by the western powers
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already embroiled. as we heard yesterday from stern where hu jintao a candidate the s c all those this child cooperation organization i believe day off is surely opposed to for the military escalation the call for the peaceful resolution and for any follow the military strike going is to leave i believe russia and china are together with other central asian nations are trying to do more of coolie more positive more i would say constructive and aggressive role to stop the military intervention in levy are by u.s. and nato forces ok as as as you're saying the asian countries are descending the. yesterday or are opposed to any further escalation in the military intervention in libya and potentially in syria but now it appears all smiles between medvedev and
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hu jintao they haven't always been agreements when it comes to russia's gas supply to china this is this is a. commercial interests not a political one but are the disagreements likely to be ironed out we've certainly seen some bickering going back and forth about the potential price of this gas exchange. according to chinese media as far as i read it seems to me some positive breakthrough might come within two to three days why would president hu jintao stays in most call at the tenth anniversary of the china russia believe treaty for a treaty of let's see good neighborly nice and friendly corporation significant moment for two nations for the sake of not only two nations for the whole erosion cantina for the region and for the global power relations i believe two nations will succeed in their gas and already all will you know the operation between two
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nations began last january i believe this time they will make through this who cares to deal with in two nations ok so you say you see this gas deal becoming a success and both nations and as you were saying certainly there are some regional implications there puts as we were talking about a few moments ago about a wednesday's meeting of the shanghai cooperation organization in kazakhstan we did see a close collaboration and big proposals put on the table between group members do you think it's possible the c.e.o. could become the economic mover and shaker of the. i hope so and i believe saw now i believe the wall these are at the crossroads historic crossroads or some may say the wall these at the brink of either being subdued war or calming the u.s. nato military intervention in libya now moving into possibly syria or even to iran
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. russia or china or all of these as see all the lying. we saw that not enough to start us nato military aggression in north african region so i hope saw that as see all russia or china or china or russia leaving leading this new robot moving on to balance of power in the wall soledad they can build a new world order where norm or unilateral aggressive or you can clone your own methodology being put into a sovereign nation such as libya political scientists talk to you look china live from beijing thanks very much. but russia's envoy is in tripoli to convince the regime there's no place for colonel gadhafi in libya future but loyalist officials have told mikhail margelov the colonel is not prepared to step down it's the latest push by moscow to mediate
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a cease fire meantime there's no letup in the fighting with yet more nato airstrikes on a rebel advance towards gadhafi stronghold for national she's reporting for us. visit to tripoli's part of russia's piece mediates a mission in the protracted libran conflict that's going has been insisting all the time that's a nonviolent negotiation is the only way out of the crisis russia has repeatedly criticized nato for starting a military operation here and has never supported a u.n. security council resolution which authorized intervention russian special presidential envoy mikhail margelov who was sent here to try to get everybody around the table that's actually very hard to achieve the rebel supporters by nature allies wants to force khadafi out while the colonel himself says that he will fight to the death meanwhile the recently have been several signs indicating that a compromise is possible last week may come up again have met with the opposition
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leaders in the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi and talked to him after his cousin in cairo and said that both sides have a mutual understanding that a protracted war is not an option and the crisis should be resolved through peaceful means he also sad that he had a feeling that's where the rebels are ramos ready for a dialogue with gadhafi the people in tripoli we have been able to speak to are welcoming russia's afros they are extremely exhausted after months of war which has taken many many lives and has almost completely destroyed the country's infrastructure due to a shortage of fuel gasoline lines stretch for kilometers and kilometers people have to spend hours even days lining up to fill up their cars and it's tiring moreover nature continues to strike three police and we can hear bombardments mess of bombardments almost every night and that scares them as well well people are getting more and more angry and all they want is to get their normal lives back
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frustration is high among the rebels as well as they feel as though nature. it's taken control over what's too that is a national uprising it's too early to say whether russia will be able to bring peace and stability to leave it but what's clear and one people on the ground is that it's definitely worth trying. to marry for national reporting right there while there is a somewhere in the world that is working harmoniously and we'll take you there in just a few moments. it is africa where several international crews come together to fend off the frozen conditions of the injured day today we tell you how they do it. in the case of a russian u.s. accuses of being an international arms dealer will be heard in a new york court on thursday because it's been awaiting trial since his arrest over three years ago in thailand and is as he is more important i reports his detention
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raises many questions over the legality of the case. he is the russian citizen america thought relentlessly to adopt victor boot was secretly and swiftly extradited to the u.s. seven months ago and this may be where he stays indefinitely is found guilty on arms smuggling in terrorism related charges be for years convicted he's looking at life there's no parole there's no early release on the federal system really the only way in the federal system to get a reduction in your so implodes. a significant reduction is if you cooperate with the united states government some have argued. to be on captain america's team however captain america is being accused of playing dirty and illegally to remove the air cargo business man from thailand according to documents released by wiki leaks all levels of washington top to bottom mounted political pressure against
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bangkok to gain custody of boot in a u.s. cable dated august thirteenth two thousand and nine u.s. president barack obama was urged to call thailand's prime minister directly about boot the u.s. attorney general in state department were encouraged to call the thai ambassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration commitment to thailand and the us ambassador in bangkok urged that high government to issue a public statement of disappointment at the judge's ruling not to extradite boot so america is the world's most powerful nation but it's not more powerful than the world unfortunately the way things stand right now they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the extra kidnapping who was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight during a u.s. sting operation he was charged with conspiring to sell weapons to colombian fark rebels m two occasions that high court rejected america's extradition request when
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an entourage of armed u.s. agents removed him from thailand following a decision of the thai government his extradition was still not legally approved the covert operation was kept secret from russia hoots family and his attorney. on the transfer of the tribute to america was a violation of a very important thai american treaty signed in one thousand nine hundred eight which the political offenders cannot be extradited the case was not finalized and was moved to the us america used various means political. another's outside the boundaries of jus legal process to get victor boot that means that victor boot is not getting a fair deal to this day tire specials have not provided official documents explaining the legal grounds behind the extradition this despite repeated inquiries made by the russian foreign ministry that. we know for sure let's all move into
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sixteenth two thousand and ten at the moment it was physically taken down to the time prison his case was being considered by the time i called to the appeals that is why there were no legal grounds for him to face a u.s. court. meantime remains in the u.s. prison held in solitary confinement his wife doubts her husband will receive a fair trial from the country she says violated international and bilateral laws to get. them it's clear to everyone that the case has long been moved from the sphere of lots of politics i think or rather i would love to think that the american court is unbiased but i have strong doubts about it because i think such pressure could be put on anyone including the jury. the country accusing victor who are dealing now finds itself. hard pressed to come october an american jury decide picture of a future a political pressure at surfside by the u.s.
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army evidently we are in a fortnight artsy. fartsy was coming to you live from the heart of moscow let's go to some of the world's other big stories right now a strong blast as it struck nigeria's police headquarters in the country's capital left at least. when it is reporting bodies of the scene cars on fire. of smoke into the sky police say the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber the attack follows two blasts at a police station and a church in northeast nigeria a week ago. which killed eleven. al qaeda has appointed a new leader egyptian iman al zawahiri who was osama bin laden's deputy now leads the terrorist organization a statement from the group said it would continue its fight against the u.s. and israel over here is thought to have been the operational mastermind of the nine eleven attacks warned last week that bin laden would continue to terrify the united
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states from the on the record. more than two hundred militants stormed a pakistani village near the afghan border leaving at least five people dead and many others were wounded in the cross border raid officials say the insurgents were armed with mortars and rockets and machine guns it's thought it may have been a reprisal for government efforts to revive tribal militias to fight the taliban. the greek prime minister is thirty one veil a new cabinet and seek a vote of confidence in the parliament the new government is expected to be sworn in on friday george papandreou has been pushing for more cuts to secure billions of euros in a second the e.u. bailout it's part angry demonstrations in athens on wednesday with people throwing petrol bombs other police responding with tear gas. well when they're working in the planet's most remote and inhospitable conditions it's key that everyone gets a lot of antartica international workers there have got that down to
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a fine art. on which washed out different countries teams go to the ends of the earth to help one another. in the icy waters of the antarctic and this research vessel was damaged in some very rough seas and going to sea is never easy. ways involves risk we ran into a storm and had some trouble with our rudder so we came into this choice for a free base where we were having the to weigh in supply in parts and where the russian bases offered help and other bases around of offered any help that's the kind of international cooperation that we get me and the arctic which we may not get in other places because of its remoteness and because all countries that are here recognize the importance of all the work that we all do here working together is vital for the survival of those at the different international stations as well in the winter and medical evacuations are impossible because of the weather conditions. and one of this it is very important to corporate without the stations
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where different doctors here with different specialties so we complement each other for example my main specialty is orthopedics trauma i'm the only one here as you can imagine my specialty is in high demand there for our neighbors get in touch with me quite often we also ask our neighbors to help us with diagnostic devices we don't have one of the areas where cooperation between countries is strongly evident is in the realm of scientific research where ideas and information are exchanged regularly so that multiple projects can benefit for example we are working right now with the germans who are further down the peninsula doing a survey and we will combine our data with their data at the camera meetings we also work closely with the british and provide any other help with scientific investigators that come aboard our ship to conduct their search their studies as well. here to different dive teams discuss how they can share information and samples between russia and germany. and beyond the last different countries keep an
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eye on each other to make sure that all activities are in line. the antarctic treaty system an international monitoring program that helps protect the earth's southernmost land and we've seen that just today was the next week basically they all comparable operate very closely you can very well treated the russians the giants and the chinese at last exhibit these i think really i think it's one of the unique treaties in world history in terms of that kind of cooperation and it is this special bond of working together in such an extreme environment that creates such a lasting friendships back thirty years ago when i came to the station for the first time one chilean put it very well leave the confort the politicians we the polar explorers have to live in peace because if we can remind ourselves who else can we rely on for help. in antarctica sean john is now a chain. with r.t. live from moscow and more headlines are coming your way but first though we go to
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st petersburg where are these business bulletin comes live from the annual economic forum. so i we do apologize here on r.t. technical difficulties with our connection in some petersburg will work to work at establishments and i will turn to kareena for all the latest business news right here from the heart of moscow. hello and welcome to our presence here in moscow now all eyes are on russia's northern capital as the anglican amik from gets underway this year presidential air cards are called it says it's more important than ever for russia as it begins to look east as well as west for you invest that i recurring theme at the forum as how much the russian government has done to improve the investment climate in the country because your u.b.s. roster and c.i.s.
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says there are many things that have already been achieved. this year with you know if you take into consideration the twelve contracts of the represented in the turned. to gold in the. twelve million barrels a day in seven years so the road produces four to five million barrels albeit small triple that amount more than five hundred million tons i think that group for its overall use which will remain at the same level. is using me in all products and it will keep using them to meet the demands of its economy we hope that it will all balance out but the production volume in iraq will undoubtedly be significant. now we cross treasure who is at the st peter's forum to bring us more on what's
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happening. that's right it is finally sunny here in st petersburg that couldn't be said yesterday or this morning but finally the sun is out making for a much nicer atmosphere a much nicer and nicer atmosphere to enjoy the st petersburg international economic forum and to get a lot of good business done which is something that the russian government certainly hopes can get done here with a lot of business and a lot of innovation that they hope to bring to russia especially using this forum as a vehicle for that as far as bad goes there was a lot of business going on today there were to do important deals signed one between dow chemical and the skolkovo fund in order to create a research and development center for russia that's something that has put to paper on this morning also writes now no russian nanotech for signing with some asian partners in order to create a nanotech fund of more than one hundred million dollars something to spur research and development and that of technology fields something that has
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a lot of potential innovation being a very important aspect of this year's conference also the head of the international energy agency saying that giving so little bit of a prediction this morning during his talks something that result of eyebrows he believed that in twenty in two thousand and twelve you oil price would be about one hundred to one hundred ten dollars a barrel so that's nothing bad definitely people hate attention to this morning but like i said innovation a key a key sentiment of the forum this year something something that ice talked about earlier with timothy draper letter capitalist. this is a great time for a ship both for the me to text. and mail route but i think also for for companies that are started with real russian technology were russian technology and nursed and spread to the rest of the world right now. most of the
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big successes are our copies of us developments but. i think there's a great future that. that is just a small piece of a lot of the business that's going on here at the forum along with that the main overall theme is talking about here are russia's a session to the world trade organization and the creation of a state back ten billion dollars private equity fund in order to help spur development business and innovation here in russia stay with us throughout the day here at the here on r.g.p. to get all the latest from the st petersburg economical.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. of the future coverage. down the official t. application to on the phone i pod touch from the accuser apps to. shaun t. . the.


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