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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered. multi billion dollar handshake for two of the world's biggest emerging powerhouses bringing russia and china closer together. and finding common ground on price remains the last step toward securing a multi-billion dollar energy deal between russia and china i'll bring you more from outside of gazprom a port is. no place for colonel gadhafi in libya's future the russian envoys message just officials in tripoli to broker peace in a rebel and nato assault.
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also reporting that the lawyers for alleged international vick to push for it had to challenge a new york court on the legality of these extradition to america. our top story in business st petersburg is hosting the international economic forum for the pedophile ross says as it begins to look east as well as west for investors joining me for a full business bulletin here the highlights of day one. international news in coming live from our studios here in central moscow this is. to the world's biggest emerging countries got a bit closer today as russia and china energized their relations to do much more
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business together negotiating a thirty eight gas deal is another reason why the chinese leader is in moscow peter oliver is outside gazprom headquarters in the russian capital where the talks took place. but this is a potentially must if agreement which will see russia provide gas to china for thirty years prime minister vladimir putin and representatives from gazprom welcomed president hu jintao and it delegation from the chinese state energy provider here headquarters to try and i you know what essentially the final wrinkle in that deal now that final wrinkle is the price just how much russia will charge china for providing them with tons of of natural gas over. a year period now russia saying that they want three hundred sixty dollars per thousand cubic meters now that's the market rates that's the rate that russia charges europe for their gas
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china are saying they're looking for a discount they want to they don't want to pay that much for this by no stretch of imagination is this deal going to be dead in the water over price is just too important to both sides this is a mutually beneficial deal russia wants to sell china or the gas over the thirty year period because they're going to make a lot of money out of selling china at once the gas because they need to fuel the essentially race car that is their economy and they need that gas in order to provide race car with fuel talks will continue as they strive to get over this last hurdle in the agreement as president who met with president medvedev to to agree to some trade agreements they put pen to paper on some very lucrative deals trade between china and russia already it's an all time high in valuation they've signed an agreement that means by twenty fifteen the deals done between the two countries will be worth one hundred billion dollars now they also signed an agreement that says by twenty twenty that will be worth two hundred billion dollars
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so in less than ten years' time a huge amounts of commerce going to be carried out between russia and china now it wasn't just all down to business in signing deals over trade it was also the wider world being discussed as the two presidents met you know both present. in to and president. reiterated previous statements they've made concerning the ongoing situation in libya saying this. everybody involved in what's involved in that conflict in the north african country must adhere to the united nations resolutions that were passed and should not straight from the parameters of those resolutions. could roll over there reporting from moscow and beijing based political scientist. thinks that russia and china increased collaboration will have global benefits at a time when the world needs help. china russia trade an economic relationship and the huge development between two nations i believe is not only of
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the impacting the european continent but also the global scene i believe the wall these are at the crossroads historic crossroads or some may say the wallace and the brink of either being subdued war or the coming to us nato military intervention in libya now moving into parts of really syria or even to iran. russia or china or these air sea walls in the alliance we saw that not enough to stop the u.s. led nato military aggression in the north african region so i hope saw that as see all russia or china or china will be russia leaving leading this new global move known to balance the power in the wallet so that they can build a new world order or we are no more you learn to row aggressive or even clone your
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own net or balaji being put into a sovereign nation such as libya. ok me up for you the russian businessman being lined up for jail not just his daughter victim has to appear in a new york court his defense accuses politicians of twisting the jury's arms to keep him behind bars. the story of the come first russian special envoy to libya is held talks with officials in tripoli it's part of an ongoing push by moscow to mediate a pinch tune in the country music came amid fresh nato airstrikes and a rebel advance on colonel gadhafi stronghold reflection is there for us let's get the latest now from maria she's there in tripoli now again of earlier spoke to rebel leaders in benghazi is he managed to bring the two sides any closer to reconciliation with this visit. after meeting with the libyan prime minister and foreign minister here in tripoli russia's peace mediator mikel not to get across side of head office people are actually ready for peace negotiations but this could
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only happen if nato stops born in their country recently nato has dramatically intensified its matrix we see here in libya just ahead of mcgillis first visit to libya as peace mediator as you've mentioned to been ghazi nato actually launched the most intensive air raids yet since the beginning of the operation in march and today again just ahead of mcgillis arrival to tripoli we've been hearing massive bombardments over knowledge this lawless officials gaffer has been able to speak to are saying that this must be stopped and only that they go she could start and they don't go it has also said that colonel gadhafi is not going to step down any time soon while he is absolutely sure that if the colonel goes the fighting will stop this isn't what he has to say. tripoli is
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expecting to see an immediate cease fire before a peace process can begin and it's also refusing to discuss the departure of colonel gadhafi from the political scene there is a dialogue going on between the warring sides but for those talks to bring any result there's a cease fire must be put in place and huge international mediators need to keep regulating the process one thing is clear russia is very welcome as a mediator both in tripoli and benghazi we will keep working together. we can go it has also stressed that russia's role in mediating peace here lever is very important but the african union and actually all leave is neighbors are also playing. important role in that and lead there is actually welcoming average but his peace efforts back to you. yes has carried out over. felzenberg strikes against colonel gadhafi his forces what is the sense there is it really helping to bring about
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a solution. well there actually russia has always been concerned about matriculation here in leave in most cases position has always been clear that and nonviolent negotiation is the only way out of this crisis of this protracted conflict russia has never supported the u.n. security council resolution which all surprised intervention and russia has repeatedly criticized nato full launching military operation here in libya we have been able to speak to people here on the ground and we cannot understand why russia's position is so clear people actually a few extremely exhausted after months of devastating war which has already taken many many lives that has actually completely destroyed the country's infrastructure prices a very high here in libya unemployment is very high there is no fuel in the country and people ordinary libyans have to spend hours even days lining up to just fill up
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their cars and you have to understand this is very tiring and moreover they have been scared by nature is continuing strides so they're getting more and more angry and they just want to get their life back. in the times who are seeking to oust gadhafi and maybe have been hoping that all these hardships would inside libyans to rise up against their leader but what we are saying is that people are getting more and more angry with what nato is doing and more and more sense sympathizing with colonel gadhafi frustration is very high among the rebels actually themselves as they feel as though nature is taken control over what to them is a national are prizing and the roster is pleased with the nato. themselves everybody agree that khadafi must go but not everybody's supporting military i'm afeard to
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force him out as you know only eight out of twenty eight in the airlines are taking part in the operation to protect lead ins to protect civilians. in libya so what we are saying is. that nato is mr activity made to strikes actually not encouraging people to start talking. it is actually driving them away from that. area thanks very much indeed for that live update that correspond the reflection in the libyan capital tripoli well there's somewhere in the world that is working hard and its leader has to say and we'll take you there just a few minutes from now it's a topic where separate international crews come together to fend off the frozen fish and we tell you how they do it. coming your way a little later another case of a russian that the u.s.
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accuses of being an international arms dealer will be heard in a new york court on thursday it could be awaiting trial since his arrest over three years ago in thailand. reports his detention raises many questions over the legality of the case. he is the russian citizen america thought relentlessly to adopt victor boot was secretly and swiftly extradited to the u.s. seven months ago and this may be where he stays indefinitely if found guilty on arms smuggling and terrorism related charges if you use convicted he's looking at life there's no parole there's no early release on the federal system really the only way in the federal system to get a reduction in your sentence. a significant reduction is if you cooperate with the united states government some have argued. needs to be on captain america's team however captain america is being accused of playing dirty and illegally to remove
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the air cargo business man from thailand according to documents released by wiki leaks all levels of washington top to bottom mounted political pressure against bangkok to gain custody of boot in the us cable dated august thirteenth two thousand and nine u.s. president barack obama was urged to call thailand's prime minister directly about boot the u.s. attorney general in state department were encouraged to call the thai ambassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration commitment to thailand and the us ambassador in bangkok urged that high government to issue a public statement of disappointment at the judge's ruling not to extradite boot so america is the world's most powerful nation but it's not more powerful than the world unfortunately the way things stand right now they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the extradite him or i should say kidnapping who was arrested
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in bangkok in march two thousand and eight during a u.s. sting operation he was charged with conspiring to sell weapons to colombian fark rebels on two occasions the type court rejected america's extradition request when an entourage of armed u.s. agents removed him from thailand following a decision of the thai government his extradition was still not legally approved the covert operation was kept secret from russia boots family and his attorney. the transfer of victor boot to america was a violation of a very important thai american treaty signed in one nine hundred ninety eight which the political offenders cannot be extradited the case was not finalized and was moved to the us america used various means political. another's outside the boundaries of jus legal process to get victor boot that means that your boot is not getting a fair deal to this day high officials have not provided official documents explaining
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the legal grounds behind extradition this despite repeated inquiries made by the russian foreign ministry that we knew for sure let's all move into sixteenth two thousand and ten and the moment it to be was physically taken down to the time prison his case was being considered by the time i called to the appeals that is why there were no legal grounds for him to face a u.s. court. meantime remains in the u.s. prison held in solitary confinement his wife doubts her husband will receive a fair trial from the country she says violated international and bilateral laws to get. them it's clear to everyone that the case has long been moved from the sphere of larger politics i think or rather i would love to think that the american court is unbiased but are stronger outs about it because i think such pressure could be put on anyone including the jury. the country accusing victor who are dealing
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now finds itself a political arm twisting come october an american jury will decide if the future. political pressure at surfside by the u.s. remains evidence that the arena for nine r.t. . tonight you update you on some of the world's other big stories right now in our world update al qaeda has appointed leader egyptian a man who was as other bin laden's deputy now leads the terrorist organization a statement from the group said it would continue its fight against the u.s. and israel is sort of been the operational last amount of the nine eleven attacks and warned last week that bin ladin would terrify the united states from beyond the grave. a strong glass is struck nigeria's police headquarters in the country's capital and it's left at least two people witnesses report seeing bodies at the scene and cars on fire and the pillar of smoke into the sky police say the
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explosion was caused by a suicide bomber in the attack follows two blasts at a police station and a church in northeast nigeria a week ago which killed eleven people. the hacker organization claims it temporarily knocks at the cia's public web site offline the group known as security also opened a phone line for people to suggest it should happen next is previously targeted major firms which it says work against people's interests and is down public sites ranging from the us senate to sony pictures and grinds the web pages to a halt by bombarding them with requests to their service. it was a world up they deserve a thief prime minister is set to unveil a new cabinet and seek a vote of confidence in parliament a new government is expected to be sworn in on friday george papandreou has been pushing for more cuts to secure billions of euros in a second e.u. bailout its part and get an inspiration is on wednesday the people for a natural bombs and the police responding with tear gas. but we have
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updates on what's happening in greece on our web site at the moment but we're right in the thick of it now dot com you can watch our video reports from the most recent angry protesters the r.t. news crew feel the force of police tear gas in central athens. also bear in mind a big step forward current would mark the day nearly fifty years ago over russian cosmonaut and valentino discovered becoming the first woman in space but also online at the moment the june moon turns will ruin much of the world with this the space spectacular overnight with the longest and darkest numeric clips in a decade we've got the pictures boy and artie dot com online all the time. if. you. when working in the
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planet's most remote and him as possible conditions it's key that everyone gets along and in antarctica the international workers there have cut that down to a fine art sean thomas watched how different countries teams go to the ends of the earth to help one another. in the icy waters of the antarctic and this research vessel was damaged in some very rough seas going to sea is never easy it always involves risk we ran into a storm and had some trouble with our rudder so we came into this choice great free base where we're having a mature way in supply and ports and where the russian bases offered help and other bases around have offered any help that's the kind of international cooperation that we get me antarctica which we may not get in other places because of its remoteness and because all countries that are here recognize the importance of all the work that we all do here working together is vital for the survival of those at
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the different international stations as well in the winter medical evacuations are impossible because of the weather conditions. and one of this is very important to cooperate with other stations where different doctors here we different specialties so we complement each other for example my main specialty is orthopedics trauma i'm the only one here as you can imagine my specialties in high demand here for our neighbors get in touch with me quite often we also ask our neighbors to help us with diagnostic devices we don't have one of the areas where cooperation between countries is strongly evident is in the realm of scientific research where ideas and information are exchanged regularly so that multiple projects can benefit for example we are working right now with the germans who are further down the peninsula doing a survey and we will combine our data with their data at the camera meeting we also work closely with the british and provide any other help with scientific investigators that come aboard our. the good luck there certainly are studies as
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well. as here two different dive teams discuss how they can share information and samples between russia and germany. and beyond the latter different countries keep an eye on each other to make sure that all activities are in line with the antarctic treaty system an international monitoring program that helps protect the earth's southernmost land and we've seen that just today just in these places that they all operate very closely you can very well treated the russians the giants and the chinese but these are the antarctic treaty i think is one of the unique treaties in world history in terms of that kind of corporation and it is this special bond of working together in such an extreme environment that creates such a lasting friendships back thirty years ago when i came to the station for the first time one chilean put it very well leave the conference the politicians we the polar explorers have to live in peace because if we can remind ourselves who else can we rely on for help. in antarctica sean thomas.
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and sean's father series of stories discover more about life and work in antarctica and you can follow his blog and videos that. are them on. one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special that detracted from nearly the wildlife in antarctica. and the fragile. expedition to the bottom of the earth. sean told us their next it's the business news with the wrap up of the day at the st petersburg forum . for the four we've got it for. the
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biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on. the. mission which beasts and which brighten if you newly bought song from finds to impressions. he's constantine don't come. how unwelcome to business all eyes are on russia's northern capital as the anyone to national economic forum got on the way there this year presidential aide arkady
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back over says the same petersburg forum and one porton than ever for russia as it begins to look east as well as west for investment r.t. is not present brings you the latest. the word of the day was definitely innovation there were a number of high profile deals that were decided in that area the first one dow chemical and the skolkovo fund signing a deal in order to create a research and development center in russia very exciting there off and on top of that the us now russian nano technology firm signing a deal with some asian partners in order to establish a one hundred million dollar plus fund for technology research and also some very exciting news that's going to help boost innovation and business here in russia we talk with many guests throughout the day there's many more to come so be sure to stay with us among the then we've done the people we've talked to we talk with a venture capitalist known for his i
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t investments and he says that he sees strong potential here in russia this is a great time for both for the me to text. and mailroom but i think also. for companies that are started with real russian technology where who are russian technology from yours could spread to the rest of the world energy also something that is on the table here in st petersburg especially in the wake of a post quake japan something that a lot of people are talking about something that's on a lot of minds they say demand for gas could rise by up to fifty percent because of that catastrophe and it's something that has a lot of people talking including the head of the international energy agency who says that russia can play an important role in this regard coming to about three point one three pm cubic meters so production will increase about five point one three pm needs more almost if you think both and increase will happen to thought of
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five people and. produce. and to continue to probe i had a very full time sources to try. board to be. the pipeline through your all you have all there's any more tomorrow when the next day when the conference starts i get to see you all then. now let's take a look at how the markets are doing all prizes again it's like after seeing a loss of more than four percent overnight the biggest one day drop in a month was spurred on by a spike in the u.s. dollar against the euro as he says that troubles appear to be worsening let's cross over to the u.s. where better than expected reports on home building and job market up putting stock indexes on track for their first weekly gains in a month and a half home depot rose two point three percent following the housing report and most of the thirty stocks that make up the dow jones industrial average and european stock markets fell thursday with some banks bearing the brunt of concerns
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over possible he pulled a greek of greek debt resources shares in the euro declined as growth worries also on the over the markets could see and point seven percent lower weighed by all majors the dax was down just a notch b.p. fell b.p. and world at shell both fell over one to have percent among the miners rio tinto sacked nine point six percent and anglo american slaves two point six percent. here in moscow both authority has in my eyes it's closed in the red following trends in europe and asia and most energy natures and banking stocks were among the main losers. russia's all time local is looking to get exploration licenses in iraq the company's c.e.o. told r.t. that this could dramatically increase local production. yes yes. if you take into consideration the twelve contracts of the those from which are represented in the tender that cost roman look will took part in their being realized and it will amount to twelve million barrels
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a day in seven years today wrote producers four to five million barrels or biggest will triple that amount to more than five hundred million tonnes i think that growth rates of all users will remain at the same level self east asia is using more and more oil products and it will keep using them to me the demands of its economy we hope that it will hold balance out but the production volume in iraq will undoubtedly be significant. as all the business is for now as they were spread like axed.
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wealthy british style. is not tied to the type of. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on or keep.


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