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all. if you. didn't take free. free. free. free. free.
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and free blog video for your media project a free media oh god r t v dot com. no bad good days why the president of russia and china saying multi-billion dollar trade deals with even more in the pipeline. coming to terms on the cost remains the final step in russia and china securing a multi-billion dollar energy deal. russian special envoys meeting officials in tripoli to broker a cease fire as moscow continues to press for peace. no place for colonel gadhafi in the future that's the message from russia's peace mediator after meeting loyalist officials here in tripoli to broker a peace so more joint memorise an ocean out from the libyan capital in just a few moments. and america's role in the military intervention be there could come to
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a grinding halt as congress threatens to block funds and accuses the white house of breaking the law. international news life from moscow this is aussie with me thanks for joining us the president of the world's biggest country and the leader of the world's fastest growing economies shake hands and dmitri medvedev is playing host to china's president hu jintao who had a four day visit to moscow the power discussing economic ties and into. surely she's as others. are peter on a phrase outside castro headquarters or talks to me. this is a potentially must if agreement which would see russia provide gas to china for thirty years prime minister vladimir putin and representatives from. president hu
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jintao and a delegation from the chinese state energy provider his headquarters to try and iron out what essentially the final wrinkle in the deal not up final wrinkle is the price just how much russia will charge china for providing them with tons of of natural gas over this thirty year period now russia saying that they want three hundred sixty dollars thousand cubic meters now that's the market rate such the rate that russia charges europe today gas china are saying they're looking for a discount they want to they don't want to pay that much for this gas by no stretch of imagination is this deal going to be dead in the water over price this deal is just too important to both sides this is a mutually beneficial deal russia wants to sell china or the gas over the thirty year period because they're going to make a lot of money out of selling like gas china at once the gas because they need to fuel the essentially race car that is their economy and they need gas in order to provide that race car with fuel will continue as they strive to to get go overcome
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what she is this last hurdle in the agreement as president who met with president medvedev the iran they put pen to paper on some very lucrative deals trade between china and russia already it's an all time high in valuation they've signed an agreement that means by twenty fifteen the deals done between the two countries will be worth one hundred billion dollars now they also signed an agreement that says by twenty twenty that will be worth two hundred billion dollars so in less than ten years' time a huge amounts of commerce going to be carried out between russia and china now it wasn't just all down to business inside. deals over trade there was also the wider world being discussed as the two presidents met you know both president to and president medvedev have reiterated previous statements they've made concerning the ongoing situation in libya saying that. everybody involved are not involved in that conflict in the north african country must adhere to the united nations resolutions
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that were passed and should not straight from the parameters of those resolutions. peter on of the reporting there from moscow and asia times correspondent at the escobar says that china is ready for a new role in the world. james chinese national security russia and central asia are getting one listening to it and lead the bases contacts to the middle east and the persian gulf so the chinese strategically this means two things escape from iraq and iraq a straits and spatial her most different will straight in that in the middle east switches they can escape these two bottlenecks which i met last fall through by the us navy let's put it this way to say actually they can rely more on iran states or asia and only russia for their energy needs and it succeeding it's a long term strategy biggest stresses in their five year plans and this strategy
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goes on until the end of the twenty first century so yes russia and china will endeavor russia sees d.s.t.o. as a jew strike they'd seek roddy very important in terms of not only countering the battery of nature but countering american influence and you regime as a whole and china still seems the su as a truly in economic cooperation mechanism so you reticence to create a stack on the ground that would undoubtedly amaze the u.s. immediately no it's a very central to our strategy as well and it's not only related to central asia it's really to the indian ocean out the chinese navy wants to have a very strong presents in the media notion and perhaps in the arabian sea it's going to beg the chinese territory in their own run through less privacy with espresso we're considering the fact that maybe send
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a rebel general in the pentagon if it's your directions that i think that there are strange no ideas. this is r.c.m. coming out the russian businessman being lined up for jail not just. they're willing to floor every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the. north pole and that's to arms dealer big to big challenge the legality of his extradition to the u.s. from thailand. under stalin bin laden's deputy takes over the al qaeda terrorist network the full story coming up for you or not so you need. to leave it now where russia's envoys in the capital tripoli in a sense to mediate a cease fire and the deadly conflict it's me how margaret look second visit to the country pay previously matter opposition leaders and bin go easy meanwhile nato keeps tightening their grip around gadhafi stronghold with fresh air strikes carried out near the leader's compound in the capital or he's maria for notion of
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the details. after meeting with the libyan prime minister and foreign minister here in tripoli russia's peace mediator because the together has said it could all face people are actually ready for peace negotiations but this could only happen if nato stops bomb in their country recently nato has dramatically intensified its metric to be seen here in libya just ahead of marvellous first visit to libya as peace mediator to bin ghazi nature actually launched the most intensive raids yet since the beginning of the operation in march and today again just ahead of gallup's arrival to tripoli we've been hearing massive bombardments over knowledge this lawless officials has been able to speak to are saying that this must be stopped and only that they could start looking. tripoli is expecting to see an immediate cease fire before a peace process can begin it's also refusing to discuss the departure of colonel
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gadhafi from the political scene there is a dialogue going on between the warring sides but where those talks to begin to result to police there's a cease fire must be put in place and international mediators need to keep regulating the process one thing is clear russia is very welcome as a mediator both in tripoli and in benghazi we will keep working together michael mcgill has also stressed that russia's role in mediating peace here in libya is very important but the african union and actually all libya's neighbors are roles of playing. important role in that and labor is actually welcoming average what is peace efforts russia has always been concerned about matriculation here in libya most case position has always been clear that a non violent negotiation is the only way out of this crisis of this attracted conflict russia has never supported the u.n. security council resolution which authorized intervention and russia has repeatedly
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criticize. full launching operation here in libya people actually extremely exhausted after months of devastating war which has already taken many many lives and has actually completely destroyed the country's infrastructure they're getting more and more angry and they just want to get their life back and all of the miles former british ambassador to libya says persuading cadavid to go one day and. i think he's got a very difficult task because the moment the two sides are very far apart but i think it's got to be a negotiation and of if russia couldn't come mediate couldn't find a way to bring the two sides together that would be fine the trouble with the negotiating positions is that at the moment they seem to be absolutely contradictory on the one side you have the revolutionaries or rebels or both were calling them in benghazi who. requirement is that gadhafi should go and on the
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other side you have gadhafi who's requirement is that good after should stay i think gadhafi is very tough he's been. defending himself against all kinds of attacks over the many years he's been in power now for forty years he's very skilled at protecting himself and he would be an easy it would be easy to persuade him to go but in the end i think is he his support will wither away and he will go and russia i think also as well as the western powers and the arabs has said that he must go that's the only way that a solution will be reached but he's not ready for it yet if russia can find a way to persuade him to go that's great. and staying with president barack obama is coming under fire from congress for launching the military operation without approval from the lawmakers are things going a chicken reports now and. u.s. lawmakers are saying that president obama has to either stop waging war in libya or
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ask for congressional approval the lawmakers claim that the military action will violate the nine hundred seventy three war powers resolution if it does not and by friday and they mean this friday ninety days after the intervention began under the u.s. constitution to wage a long term war the president needs to get authorization from congress analysts say the obama administration will certainly find a way to get around the requirement by referring to his rights as commander in chief as well as certain legal speed you know up to this day the administration has refused to say war when it comes to their actions in levy they call it kinetic military action but as a result of that kinetic military action civilians are bombed every day a group of international observers is now in tripoli including a former u.s. congresswoman cynthia mckinney we spoke with her a few days ago she said they heard and they counted eighty nine blasts in just one day those are civilian neighborhoods eighty nine bombs dropped in just one day
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there is a lot of concern that the voices of those who are caught up in that war in tripoli go unnoticed in the international community but here in the u.s. it seems the voices of the majority of americans those who oppose the u.s. military involvement in libya also go unnoticed by the white house the administration continues to stress the good cause that they're pursuing leiby of but some analysts say the administration also seems to be in denial when it comes to the will of their own people regarding the issue as well as constitutional procedures legal experts say there is not much congressman can do to force the president to comply at least with the u.s. constitution because there are ways to get around ways the obama administration seems to be using extensively most congressmen now criticize president obama for as they say ignoring congress but tattletale observers say it's mostly political games that the lawmakers are playing to score points by snubbing. president come the day to actually vote the majority of them will vote for more military spending as they
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always do but there is a small bipartisan group of congressmen ten people in it who went further than verbal rebukes and they sued president obama on the grounds that he's violating the constitution but everybody here knows that the lawsuit is certain to be dismissed on procedural grounds because the u.s. supreme court has determined that members of congress do not have standing to file such suits and this is where it hits a dead end that it makes me wonder whether or not u.s. lawmakers actually have the capacity to effectively represent the people. but they send the stories along to our website at home and has sort of a label for you right now that. so you can find out why the czech republic pulled out of the u.s. missile defense shield and how washington is taking the blow also. and breaking international ice in antarctica explore how those living and working in the southernmost continent manage to cooperate despite cultural differences they
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send more just one click away. here than a. one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and georgia and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean combs discovers flight makes antarctica so special the destructive for many wildlife in and starts ago. and runs an. expedition to the bottom of the earth on our team. russian businessman big to boot is challenging the legality of his extradition to america from thailand on thursday his defense team meet the prosecution of the prosecution and judge behind closed doors to lay the groundwork for his coming trial but is charged with conspiring to supply weapons to colombian rebels and could face life in prison if convicted mariya cities here. he is the russian citizen america fought
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relentlessly to adopt victor boot was secretly and swiftly extradited to the u.s. seven months ago and this may be where he stays indefinitely is found guilty on arms smuggling in terrorism related charges fifty years convicted he's looking at life there's no parole there's no early release in the federal system really the only way in the federal system to get a reduction in your sentence. a significant reduction is if you cooperate with the united states government some have argued mr bush needs to be on captain america's team however captain america is being accused of playing dirty and illegally to remove the air cargo business man from thailand according to documents released by wiki leaks all levels of washington top to bottom mounted political pressure against bangkok to gain custody of boot in the us cable dated august thirteenth two
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thousand and nine u.s. president barack obama was urged to call thailand's prime minister directly about boot the u.s. attorney general and state department were encouraged to call the thai ambassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration commitment to thailand and the us ambassador in bangkok urged the thai government to issue a public statement of disappointment at the judge's ruling not to extradite boot america's the world's most powerful nation but it's not more powerful than the world unfortunately the way things stand right now they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the mood to extradite him or should say kidnapping who was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight during a u.s. sting operation he was charged with conspiring to sell weapons to colombian fark rebels on two occasions the thai court rejected america's extradition request when
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an entourage of armed u.s. agents removed him from thailand following a decision of the thai government his extradition was still not legally approved the covert operation was kept secret from russia boots family and his attorney. to transfer victor boot to america was a violation of a very important thai american treaty signed in one nine hundred ninety eight which the political offenders cannot be extradited the case was not finalized and was moved to the us america used various means political. another's outside the boundaries of due legal process to get victor boot that means that victor boot is not getting a fair deal to this day tire fishel is have not provided official documents explaining the legal grounds behind boots extradition this despite repeated inquiries made by the russian foreign ministry that we know for sure let's all move into sixteenth two thousand and turn that the moment a little bit to beat was physically taken out of the time prison his case was being
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considered by the thai court of appeals that is why there are no legal grounds for him to face a u.s. court. meantime victor boot remains in the u.s. prison held in solitary confinement his wife doubts her husband will receive a fair trial from the country she says violated international and bilateral laws to get him. that it's clear to everyone that the case has long been moved from the sphere of law to politics i think or rather i would love to think that the american court is unbiased but i have strong doubts about it because i think such pressure could be put on anyone including the jury. the country accusing victor boot of arms dealing now finds itself a political arm twisting come october an american jury will decide picked up a future wanted a political pressure at surfside by the u.s.
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army evidently the arena point nine fourteen new york. america's top military commander says it is new the media will be found and killed just like osama bin laden i am an al zawahiri has been second in command of the terror organization since it was founded in the late eighty's terrorism acts that theories says it doesn't matter who leads al qaeda as long as in washington he says that the saved terrorist threat as an excuse for military action. i think the west was. was wrong footed by what was going on in the middle east and i think they're very keen to have a foothold there now certainly al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is one of the most active ideological groups there but the yemeni president ali abdullah saleh who was injured recently he used al-qaeda as an excuse to get funds from the united states and then he used those funds against another group in a local dispute and in the same way that i think that the united states can attack you know drone attacks in certain areas and claim that's fine we going for al qaeda
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so our influence there shouldn't be question. and let's not check some of the world's top stories right now thousands of students and teachers have taken to the streets of the chilean capital santiago demanding more funds for schools and universities the initially peaceful march turned violent when demonstrators began throwing stones at police who responded with water cannon and tear gas then rest as the largest show of opposition to the government of president sebastian pinera. u.s. congressman anthony wiener steps down after two weeks of pressure and lead an internet sex scandal this is the forty six year old democrats the destruction he created has made his work in congress impossible and apologize again for the environment he caused his resignation comes days after president barack obama said that he would quit if he weren't we know his plays the congressman's problems began after a lead photo he sent to
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a woman by tweeting out went public. i had when i was asian claims the aids temporarily knocks the cia's public website or line the group known as loose security also opened of the line for people to suggest who it should hire the next it's previously targeted major firms which it says work against people's interests and has downed public sides raging from the us senators sony pictures and why is the web pages to hold by biting them with requests to this. and the back with a recount our top stories in less than ten minutes time but first we'll speak exclusively to iran's envoy to the un's nuclear watchdog and he told my colleague that there's no question of the peaceful nature of these country's nuclear program because the i.a.e.a. has already established that that interview is coming up next here in our city.
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now iran is promising transparency and constructive interaction with the un's nuclear watchdog a few days ago the e.u.'s foreign policy chief baroness ashton called on to iran to prove its peaceful atomic intentions this during an exclusive interview with us here at r.t. and we can now talk to iran's envoy to the national atomic energy agency ali asghar soltanieh thank you for joining us today the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has told the press in us than a president recognizes the importance of talks for resolving tension around your
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nuclear program is it does it mark or a more positive phase in your talks with the i.a.e.a. to you. is a pleasure to talk to you i just want to reiterate that for the last eighty years of. cooperation with the year about five thousand man the inspection has been made and no evidence of diversion have been found to military purposes this is a clear we love harolds the guardian of course. we have always welcomed negotiation and respect and of course without any precondition. guiding the comment interview with the r t of lady ashton i am rather disappointed because this sort of. ignoring their fact has clearly made she. that there is no evidence of diversion and. reports clearly in the last report sure all of
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each with activities and every gram of uranium ease and therefore. twenty four hours cameras and inspectors this kind of a statement is somehow misleading i want also to recall that i arrange in vienna are taking the ambassadors and leading the different groups including they invited the ambassadors of the. from hungary and also a special representative of lady ashton in we're now to a to join us all together when we visit at night as a ritual and in addition to inspectors they will have opportunity to see the realities on the ground and unfortunately. prevented their embarrass of those of the join our other ambassadors to go there so mr there was a lot of money forgive me for interrupting so you're disappointed with the statements from catherine ashtown the ashton the e.u. high representative on foreign and security policy but you're saying that iran is
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being proactive and arms wide open for allowing the i.a.e.a. into your country to inspect your nuclear facilities when it comes to catherine ashton she told us here at r.t. that iran has three thousand four hundred kilos of low enrich uranium which doesn't really have much purpose if you're not going to use it in a military program what is it for. i categorically reject i think they should read again reports of director general by a noted the fact that we have given design information question are about all a specific ation of madhouse a rich man to facilities and the p one five. years these are designed in fact to produce loyalty to your a new home which could be used. as they cannot produce material for a weapon let's say we've been great. nuclear weapons therefore technically we do
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respect this kind of a statement has no justification when you continue to say that iran is working very much open dominant in a transparent transparent way with the i.a.e.a. and the international community and here we have today are we going to try and say that he wants a more transparent and open relationship with the west what is it specifically specifically that you can bring to the table to diffuse the growing tension around your nuclear program. where he simply we will continue without any interruption of the we are very disappointed with security guards and sanctions but have not made any decision hasty decision in and contrary we continue to be fully committed to n.p.t. our years specters are and will be without any difficulty able to access to all our nuclear activities i mean someone even we have invited represented a lot of different country is to be president as a sort of maxim of transparency we will continue to do so and we have said in the last letter of our vice president the head of atomic energy to
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a director general he said in their very letter very crystal clear that if the agency follow its obligations under the war plan with alethea accept dealing with that i'll be ready and the respect of modality it means closed out allegations so-called american laptop then there of course if there are any question is sort of allegation of military to measure whatever in the question ambiguity we are fully prepared to answer questions of the move any ambiguity is which would be an answer you give up there if you can sort of your method to prove. unquestionably that iran does not have a nuclear weapons program by allowing inspectors unfettered access to all of your nuclear facilities. we have said he had wildly pitted we do not have a nuclear option on the defense doctrine we are against it our supreme leader last year in tehran international conference on the solomon the nonproliferation clearly said informed the whole war then declared that their nuclear weapon and with his
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own mass destruction are at least useless for b. then we had i guess it and we are mobilizing all of the nonaligned movement for you in fact working hard towards the moment of nuclear weapons and that is the policy idea to me nation i assure you of that we have had one hundred percent or as bad as the on preceding in the history of the i.a.e.a. and that sooner the better united nations security council is sure to stop engagement and the political in fact is victoria just a man's bite here and there just company kate this situation therefore my advice is lead to do is job and of course director general should also do his professional work not to put pressure on iran based on united nations security council resolution and swore a suspension or additional protocol because it won't work mr. tawny the iranian envoy to the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency it's been a pleasure talking to you live from vienna thank you very much leisure talking to you thanks.


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