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all. in india in the movie. the gateway to
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the grand imperial truly the torch was to. good to see don't need to go. brother said the colonel was photo retreat. between corruption and decentralizing power present. reform for russia. the russian leaders keynote speech comes at a major international economic forum here in st petersburg more in just a moment for me and he said now a. war hostility the u.s. congress threatens to block washington's campaign that's now been in full swing for ninety days without proving. the palestinians are scraping for a living as israel withholds money. could be used to fund terror attacks.
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world news and much more twenty four hours a day you're watching r t welcome to the program now a country free of corruption move towards modernization and the world trade organization that's the future president dmitry medvedev outlined for russia on the scent petersburg international economic forum. ways at the meeting and give us more details on this now and what exactly did the president say about his plans for modernizing russia. modernization certainly was the main theme and in fact it ran for a very smooth. into all of the other problems that he touched upon so modernization is connected to all of the problems and challenges that it faces to modernize its economy as the president laid out in terms of modernization for these business
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executives and world leaders and moderate interveners this is what the russian president had to say about what he's that things are vital for russia to really move forward and its course to modernize the economy. whatever but at the studios i don't want to major renu of just outdated elements in the economy but constituencies we need systematic changes and we should not hesitate to say sorry about many bad habits it's become focused only on the step by step development that would be a mistake there might be other stagnation behind the stability that's why we need to quickly change everything the stops breakthrough development so this is the basis of the strategy on it outlined in the past three years as russia's president with a strategy is a modernization program that i'm sure this is the most up to date policy for russia we can significantly change the situation over the next few years that's why we should focus on the following improving the investment climate in russia to create
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new jobs in the regions to the creation of police and other security forces improvement of the effectiveness of the jurisdiction system but finally the modernization of government you'll find an approach is the centralizing power. president also mentioned that he believes that this push for modernization in russia has to begin and it is really taking steps at all levels that society really has to have desired modernize their country right to do that and with that he believes russia can really become the biggest and most effective economy in the world. yes hello there and they see you mentioned levels of society their president have pointed all set up. fight against corruption that's key to russia's future how does he plan to tackle that. that's right anyone who's investor is fear for sales that corruption is a big problem in basra it's something we hear from officials all the time are quite
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some harsh words from the president saying that he believes that corruption is literally choking profits economy and that people and the figures that are doing this need themselves to be taken care of i'll let him in his own words paid out free how he sees. the noose around the necks of us who practice corruption should be tightened and the whole of russia agrees with this you don't get any exception which could be corruption is very difficult to do with the existing order of cruelty prosecution is very slow and very complicated but it should be maintained at least say that there are clear guarantees in place in case of unjustified accusations which unfortunately does sometimes happen in the ocean which at the same time the government should be purged of corruption to some civil way slow down for the us we should influence the way to suspected of corruption you will dismiss complex service. now in terms of corruption of course the president also spoke about government reforms he talked about
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decentralizing power and of course are something we hear from him very often in his term as president the fact that this system is suffering serious problems and that needs to be reformed as well in the end to modernize russia. and it's in no way i live that from the center it is worth international economic forum thank you for that. other news now the u.s. president is under fire from congress over them but your campaign in libya which is continuing despite not having the approval of lawmakers iraq obama has rejected accusations that always being broken arguing that america's only playing a supporting role through nato which makes it legal to use get its account has more . u.s. lawmakers are saying that president obama has to either stop waging war in libya or ask for congressional approval the lawmakers claim that the military action will violate the nine hundred seventy three war powers resolution if it does not and by
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friday and they mean this friday ninety days after the intervention began under the u.s. constitution to wage a long term war the president needs to get authorization from congress and only say the obama administration will certainly find a way to get around the requirement by referring to his rights as commander in chief as well as certain legal speak to this day the administration has refused to say war when it comes to their actions in levy they call it kinetic military action as a result of that kinetic military action civilians are bombed every day a group of international observers is now in tripoli including a former u.s. congresswoman cynthia mckinney we spoke with her a few days ago she said they heard and they counted eighty nine blasts in just one day those are civilian neighborhoods eighty nine bombs dropped in just one day there is a lot of concern that the voices of those who are caught up in that war in tripoli go unnoticed in the international community but here in the uighurs it seems the
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voices of the majority of americans those who oppose the u.s. military involvement in libya also go unnoticed by the white house the administration continues to stress the good cause that they're pursuing leiby of but some analysts say the administration also seems to be in denial when it comes to the will of their own people regarding the issue as well as constitutional procedures legal experts say there is not much congressman can do to force the president to comply at least with the u.s. constitution because there are ways to get around ways he'll bomb administration seems to be using extensively most congressmen now criticize president obama for as they say ignoring congress but top of the hill observers say it's mostly political games that the lawmakers are playing to score points by snubbing. president come the day to actually vote the majority of them will vote for more military spending as they always do but there is a small bipartisan group of congressmen ten people in it who went further than what we've been sent they sued president obama on the grounds that he's violating the
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constitution but everybody here knows that the lawsuit is certain to be dismissed on procedural grounds because the u.s. supreme court has the term and that members of congress do not have standing to file such suits and this is where it hits a dead end that it makes many wonder whether or not u.s. lawmakers actually have the capacity to effectively represent the people but washington's credibility on the future of the nato temp ain could well be fatally damaged if congress forced barack obama to abandon operations or david swanson a says the problem is that there's political confusion over exactly what's happening in libya white house doesn't make the arguments that many of its supporters make that the war powers act does not apply much less the constitution because this is neither a war nor hostilities this is something else this is a military operation that doesn't rise to the level of hostilities which is
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absolutely absurd the war powers act was written in one thousand nine hundred seventy three very intentionally and clearly to encompass all military engagement superfluity imminent threats of us still of these are recent dentist percentage was debating former lawyer from the reagan white house who was defending obama and he asked this guy twice never got an answer if there were two thousand missions over the united states by a foreign nation and many of them were dropped the bombs would that be war with the hostilities he could have gotten congress to authorize war in libya it would have been quite easily done he could have done it in the sixty day gap after he started the war he chose not to presidents want and this president is no exception the power to make wars on their own. well equipped now what's still ahead for you in the program what attracts a young woman. in a male dominated government world call this continent.
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for us the judge has called the case against alleged russian gun run a boot unconvincing and the prosecution's accusations thin laughter consult prosecution lawyers the manhattan federal judge said she didn't see much evidence against boot he's currently awaiting trial new york prison facing charges of smuggling arms to colombian rebels is ations he denies who was arrested in the two thousand and eight american sting operation in thailand and later extradited to the u.s. . america's top military commander says al qaeda is new leader will be found and killed just like a son of bin laden the new top mannheim in the army has been second in command since the terror group was founded in the late eighty's terrorism expert phil reese says that no matter who's in charge of our current or washington will still use the perceived terror threat as an excuse for military action. it was the main fear
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a titian osama bin laden thought in broad strokes it was a means of quarry was involved in the nitty gritty and some people even said he was the brains behind the movement so in that sense they'll be a continuum i think the west was it was wrong footed by what was going on in the middle east and i think they're very keen to have a foothold there now certainly al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is one of the most active ideological groups there but the yemeni president ali abdullah saleh who was injured recently he used al-qaeda as an excuse to get funds from the united states and then he used those funds against another group in a local dispute and in the same way that i think that the united states can attack you know drone attacks in certain areas and claim that's fine we go for al qaeda so our influence there shouldn't be questioned so i think we should be slightly cynical about those claims. and israel claims its fighting its own war on terror refusing to hand over tax and customs fees collected on the half of the palestinian
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autonomy it's him up to pay wages but israel says it could be used to fund attacks there's paula slim reports that hamas now likely to enter a unity government alongside palestinians are even less likely to see their money. we are we gods the palestinian ministry of finance his job is to check everything that comes into this building but he has no control over what goes out least of all his salary which is paid by the ministry and sometimes comes a long overdue my salary comes later it's like my life starts i simply cannot do anything i have a wife and four children to feed and when i don't get paid on time it makes lots of problems for me and my family. i want to leave the ministry gets its money from the israeli government it comes in the form of customs and tax treaty said television collecting on goods arriving at israeli ports and destined for palestinians the arrangements in one thousand nine hundred three is part of the oslo accord giving television control of the international borders between israel and the palestinian
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territories with the money transferred each month to the palestinian ministry of finance which uses it to pay wages except now we're talking about seven hundred million dollars because mr davis can be five hundred fifty pounds or. one of them and then they were free the situation itself. palestinians fear their tell of of could again choose to withhold tax money like it did last month israelis argue they have every right to do so if they suspect the money could be used for buying weapons. to the hamas terrorist paid for this same bank account so i don't want to find these curious. palestinians insist the monies for ordinary work as it is. sore because of one. but on the other hand it's a punishment it's a collective punishment that would mainly weaken the moderate elements within the
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palestinian society and play into the hands of the extremists the relationship between hamas and fattah is a turbulent one but both groups are trying hard to work together ahead of september's planned declaration of statehood no doubt is what will be working even ha. should it feel its interests are threatened policy r.t. . what if you missed something on there you can always find it online that r.t. dot com or news and video games are always afraid of bad stuff but so quick check right now in our poll declares war on copyright violates the jargon is working on a breakthrough technology that's all about synonyms and principles to disable i phone cameras and move. on to russian d.c. suburbs which explore the titanic wreck for them probably would epic the plunge into make geneva on a mission that r.t. . well some other stories from around the world that.
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syrian security forces have expanded their assault to the north west of the country deploying tanks around several towns is forced to move people to flee raising the estimated number of refugees almost one thousand u.n. secretary general ban ki moon has urged president to stop killing people in our age in daraa activists say more than fourteen hundred have died since the protests began in march. greece has a new finance minister following a cabinet reshuffle and pushing through deep you know the number of forms the current defense minister will take over the post mr george brett wants a static secure belief to do it in a second move in the bailout occurred before news outlets of violent protests and things and beyond. released court papers show that dominique strauss kahn who police say had diplomatic immunity after he was detained there
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were york's j.f.k. airport the former head of the international monetary fund was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a hotel maid last night a frenchman who was the allegation. i. think she's a nice crisp dictate. a huge blast these many cities in time let me out. you think this is the suspect in a terror attack but explosions now thoughts with ghastly. buildings rescue workers say it was a miracle that anyone has to get out of the. coal in the frozen continent of antarctica has always been a male dominated environment which means that when a woman arrives to apply had trade it's still something of a novelty. sean thomas tracked down an intrepid film director at ask her to the
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ends of the earth. as a filmmaker olga stefano the likes of the penguins and seals but for her and article is about something much greater still that she had to know it even though it seems like this is a naked land make it's down to cliff's nothing special snow like any snow but what happens inside of you when you are here for the whole year and there are moved from all other external factors is a very valuable experience that i'm seeing through an antarctic winter is serious business and so every member of a winter team has a specific purpose and they rely on each other to make it through is one of only a few women to have ever been allowed to be a part of this experience. but ended up on our team was a big bonus for us as the first storm such an intelligent young woman with such high professional objectives has been on the winter team which is definitely made our existence heck last year of course there were some difficulties and attractive
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girls with fifteen men for eleven months so there was some difficulty but we've learned to manage them all this experience in a wintering outbuilding house and gave her a true rare opportunity to experience and document the life here in antarctica now she's working to. band on her project and find an audience for her work but you just can't get the minute right now i am putting the finishing touches to the second part of the film the first one has already finished its cold weather in the winter the second part will probably be called this season any and it will feature of the antarctic summer and we want that. to debut her documentary olga invited some special guests the same antarctic winter team who are the subject of her film the fact that makes her slightly nervous you know she watches. i love and respect them their close and dear to me and they have such huge background knowledge they know people in the film they know their winter season firsthand they have been through this themselves why did you pull off leash as for the thoughts of those who
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have seen the film. this film makes a big impression and there may be some shows that expose our professional actions by a couple of members of our team but to show that the way it was to show that the way she saw it. a unique look into a world that is inaccessible to most in antarctica sean thomas r.t. . the world's coldest continent thomas discovered many unusual stories and came back with some spectacular footage in his blog at. one of the most extreme environments on the planet. and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization. special and attractive from the wildlife. and the front.
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to the bottom of the earth. a few minutes. i mattress a live in the st petersburg international economic forum with your our chief business update good to have you with us and indisputably the highlight of today has been the keynote speech by russian president dmitry medvedev in which he laid out his vision for the new russian economy one that we hear heard
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a lot about work tech stocks and technology innovation into russia with their recently has been the successful i.p.o. of both young decks and eldad ruth and something that he is hoping can be continued throughout the russian economy he highlighted the development of a tennis billion dollar states that private equity funds something that will help foster business and innovation in russia and also the expanding of a thirty billion dollar state thirty billion dollars asset sell program here's what he had to say about that. still but sure the government doesn't need such loans amounts of truth it has only get you fooled privatization of major companies the implementation of these plans is necessary with a very modest the government has until the first of the scale of trying to turn zation in order to resolve this i'm sure we'll be able to go through with it in a movie transparent way in order to attract effective from the best is the generate
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sufficient funds for the russian budget. and another thing he said was that he didn't want there to be establishment of a state capitalism in russia but rather that the job of the government should be to foster a private business in russia. part of that he said part of the key to that would be access to the deputy. business none of these people go into business men have a say so just like power issues loonie would when they're really thin in the case who rush to is that we will. that's why willow barry is with foreign investment and looking foolish to fund the membership of the. early but it's the billion a few but. there are also a number of specific points he made that he said would help stimulate business in russia among them that there needs to be less regulation that there needs to be the rights of minority shareholders for the protected in russia also that there need to
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step up anti-corruption efforts and create a foster or foster atmosphere of more efficient development for russia to talk more about all of this incentive into more and these are concepts i'm joined by bill savage vice president of the intel good to have you with us thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. business thank you good to be here and the so why what did you take away from the president's speech well i thought he was clear about his vision for the future of russia and in particular the in the areas that intel's interest in is the areas of technology innovation so i think those are opportunities for companies like intel to participate in the modernization of russia and that important economy now given russia's role as a crime a merging market and a member of this bric a group of countries how would you say it's important to stimulate development and stimulate it's technology sector. well it is an important large
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market and growing faster than others in the world so i think the importance that it continues to grow is useful to many companies like intel as we're looking for our products to be more adopted in our growth to continue our opportunities as our in places like russia brazil to. and another so the income the ongoing growth of russia is important. how essential do you think it is for a country to stimulate and foster its own research and development so i think that's a key part of the president's vision for the future that the current dependence on resources oil and gas is not a way to have a long term economy and that a long term sustained successful economy based on technology is a good vision for the future what other areas of investment do you think are right for russia and whatever things do you see in the pipeline for the country. well i think the investments in information technology is an appropriate one communications and others many of the things where the companies that the president
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have asked to participate at skolkovo are things that are relevant companies like cisco intel. all can contribute to. this new economy that he sees in the future in terms of skolkovo what particular hopes do you have for that well participating with universities as some place we're currently active and we're looking at our investments in research as are other companies that have been actually to announce today so i think doing research in scope of under the under that. umbrella program would be a useful thing for intel as well as increasing our connections to universities and future employees for our research and development and country we have. one thousand employees in russia today and seven hundred of them are software to development engineers so those connections are important and since we've invested not only in
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the market of russia but also in the development that we can get from that engineering connection to skolkovo would be quite useful what's your takeaway from the conference so far it's been pretty interesting i always enjoyed the president's speech and the vision for the future it gives us good insight but it also the conference gives. is the ability to meet with other partners companies in russia as well as multinationals from outside of russia and compare our approaches and learn from each other now in terms of the steps the concrete steps that the president outlined in his speech do you see those as being helpful in order to help continue fostering economic. economic success in russia absolutely so i think he gave some pretty bold areas about his vision and changes needed some of them it was very relevant to technology or about others relevant just taking the country forward as he talked about you know increasing. diligence around corruption that that's good
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for the economy and always so i think those were all good steps some of them very relevant to the national businesses do you think if russia eventually joins the world trade organization and continues to open its economy do you see good potential for the country oh absolutely i think there's already differential it's a growing economy and a more open growing economy gives. potential not only for a worldwide participation but i think a stronger russia thanks for joining us but i sabotaged by the president of intel thank you very much stay with us throughout the day for all this and more here on our team.
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and. live. lives.


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