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wealthy british time it's time. for. the. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. ten thirty pm here in the russian capital on a friday night top stories this hour the russian president pledges drastic measures to create a wall the investment climate in the country the centralizing defeating corruption are among the goals voiced by the need to be inventive at the international economic forum in some pieces but. they can send no cash u.s. congress members say they'll cut funding for the libya campaign unless the president gets the proper constitutional go ahead of his ninety days of action
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without sanction runs out this weekend that the white house claims is no need for congressional consent. plus the e.u. is towards new sanctions against syria and a push that spread to be a buildup for a libya style intervention. in about fifteen minutes from now the weekend is arriving here in the russian capital time for a weekend edition of moscow out and andrew mawson entries runs rings around moscow and he's exploring one of the capital's orbital roads but one which is perhaps one of the prettiest you'll find that's next. hello and welcome to the moscow outsell the program this week i'll be exploring the
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couple's daughter bringing approximately sixteen kilometers of friends it was a recently created in the early days of fundraisers a tree lined boulevard to replace the city's outer wall today it's undeniably the heartbeat of the russian capital a massage of the are right next to the moscow river at the famous public outdoor space goalkeeper hogg. the golden ring consists of seventeen individually named streets and squares. it's not the same circular layout as the moscow metro a mistake many people commonly make brown might actually overlaps it in several areas and features metro stations outside this facility also known as the cell to a console in russian notices or to the russian council the famous and celtic golden ring road to a starting point to keep the outdoor amusement park is named off to the right a maxime gorky. bluefins in one hundred twenty eight in covering an area of three hundred acres along the river the outer space is currently undergoing
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a major renovation is the perfect place to relax in the city on the take place starts out or. moving anticlockwise around the ring because of tourist go ahead towards public scott station where you can catch the express train to the vet who was walking cycling or driving around the garden rain you'll see it's a cultural mishmash of apartment blocks shops and restaurants as i don't drive a cheap alternative to taxi is the trusted muster trolley bus such systems operate in almost a hundred cities in russia including my. which is in fact the largest network in the world with. designs there a blast from the city of kos in a fun way to see the sights of the golden ring just make sure to get on the right one a mistake i commonly make. cities . trust. in the thirty's.
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attractive comfortable passages exceptionally bright friendly and very cheap that. they are quite noisy. traffic problems. very slow. journey for any length it's much cheaper than public transport in the major cities and from just that into minus thirty days run. sound is most a plan of most start in washington she finds to respond according to at least thirty to fifty metres in which many buildings with the most to create the wider community he also wanted the whole region completely rebuilt in style and style based plans when the fields and today the width and buildings around the golden ring change constantly most notably you can see the soviet leader scheme assuming scrapers that was built between nine hundred fifty seven and nine hundred fifty
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four known as the seven sisters symbols of stalin's vision and still stand proud. to. also have a let's go becoming of truth mysteries and there are many new buildings around this location with pretty bridges and cots ways along the canals the lovely place to buy in the summer sun. now further off and on the continuation of. this impressive looking building to the five star hotel situated not far from the kremlin on red square the elegant accommodation by. cirrhotic views of the city and lots of elegance by. moving on next week you'll see the international house of music it has very stately all concert halls and the largest organ in russia but it's a well worth taking. the music open in two thousand and two. x. mass coffee and outstanding musician. various consists of performances of both
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russian and it's a national musician's theatre and ballet companies a showcase stadium has a story. using only woods and the cross try metro and railway station is located one of the largest shopping malls in the city center. open from ten in the morning until eleven at night there is just a thing one might need here numerous high street branch shops a supermarket a multiplex cinema restaurants and cafes all under one roof. being given the city floor. as it suitable for the disabled and people with limited ability. it's time for some entertainment and for a ninety minute distraction when you head to the cinema the thirty five millimeter . metro is housed in a rather ugly soviet building but a trip is well worth the effort. it.
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is. missing something is a surprise movie a year. the film festival programs. from all over the world. to shop also runs inside the building you can find newspapers and books a mission international cinema. a favorite place musters intellectuals and students the cinemas name comes in the face of the still use the original thirty five millimeter film this is just a project to remember. i'm sure looks like it did decades ago with some new technology and sound equipment headed it off as a first class experience. in the cinema and let's move on around the dog bring us up to sky metronet pacific mira we're just about at the top of the range here we need a base full church with its green on. one of the oldest and most of its history dates back to sixteen thirty two in the end of the seventeenth century the church was
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especially guarded by piece of the great these are native a large sum of money tourists it's a beautiful landmark which i have seen many times sitting in traffic near by isn't so located one of moscow's main hospitals the surface of scientific research institute up in the sikh medicine the history of this complex and graham buildings dates back two hundred g. is when council met it from an old russian noble family to the hospital on the spot in the memory of his beloved wife in one thousand two hundred three discusses the institute was founded instead of the old hospital and now more than fifty thousand patients a year were treated in the hospitals fully equipped to meds he said to raise an intensive care rooms. say one of the largest search related to two shooters in europe we will fall more than eight hundred thousand operations a year including transvaal inch of heart liver kidneys pancreas and now a days even logs see of. moving around to the west of the city now and there are several large hotels in the golden ring such as the peking that you can see here.
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built in the style and this is in style it opened in one nine hundred fifty six celebrating friendly relations between the u.s. saw and china the building of the hudson itself is a state historical and textural monuments located near american star metro just up the central to prescott streets its walking distance from moscow's main mosques opposite the hotel makes the most obvious that the it is a truth hidden away six surrounded by statues and fountains it's a pitch rest area to relax and it's also a wait a min. in this week's. sally loves me hi fi smee so your first year here in the russian capital yes as a chef i don't know if yesterday. i caught that job with that in london when i was back in there and why not say you will and i am what you think about the how do you think it would look before you came here i had mixed reports and i don't see that coming instance aaron i don't think it might be
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a bit grim and i quite like it was that it's pretty divests in my mind so it's a pox and the restaurants cafe coaches next play dates and i just i'm really enjoying being here actually and i've become a golden ring really is for the ip center or the heart beats of the capital yeah yeah i mean if you're going to end around the sense that you very much end on that range one problem with the gold ring is that we're beginning to see traffic is horrendous traffic a pretty bad i mean if i go on the school run in the morning and which is a little bit outside and it takes me nearly an hour of a day twice a day that you can be sitting in traffic i was not savvy about the golden ring culturally to say many museums around will stay and galleries and and there is and friend ballet and. beautiful old mansions from dating back and the girl who keep dog tag copies peaceful and school day so this doesn't pop
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still surrounds and so hidden away in this little ok which we're right on the garden reading and it's a lovely little hidden gem in the other hands and relax and could be anywhere and same but about the sums up spent in the weather is cool just as i'm inside mexico because i sort of go to schools that. i've got that's. reserved to me you think enjoy the garden bring in to see well i'm here and i want you very much i'm loving it but i'm. going to bring is the need to do is to like south to want to sadie's ways. in the traffic alongside soviet philebus is a new trend of european bakeries economics the typical old fashioned russian produced the gentle stools the taste of more than time will start and the final location at the intersection of you are part of the golden ring also sums up the council especially the luxury center of the plaza and by the south korean retailer of his a five star hotel the common store and several expensive restaurants. and heading
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up the popular clean about elites high rise hangout the office some of the species in the capital food for the rich and fabulous it's about sky high prices this is for. those who think the golden ring of is just a traffic ridden concrete jungle mistaken there are numerous going to speak for historic mentions prince cathedrals and many secret hideaway is around sixteen kilometers conference. a moscow hold some amazing secrets. from a similarly good for the city as it was called in the seventeenth century the golden ring has come a long way and looking down it has the full safety veins of the capital i just wonder what it will look like in centuries to come. while the deals last year and indeed the golden rings look here is just brilliant with those i mean doesn't always have a myspace profile so you get the same time next week and sell them for me for the rest the same pay at the time until you bought the bike and.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future. one of the most extreme environments on the planet. and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization. so special and attractive for many. and from so.
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expedition to the bottom of the earth. fish. fish. fish. culture is that so much about manners and i mean an incision is if other people have various bureaus in prices will appear with first ten years.
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of stores a song or t. the russian president pledges drastic measures to create a warmer investment climate in the country the centralizing power in defeating corruption are among the goals voiced by dimitri medvedev at the international economic forum in some pieces but. also reporting this hour no consensus no cash u.s. congress members say they'll cut funding for the libya campaign unless the president gets the proper constitutional go ahead of almost ninety days of action without sanctions runs out this weekend but the white house claims there's no need for congressional concerns. plus the e.u. moves towards new sanctions against syria and of course that fear to be
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a build up for libya style intervention. i'll be back with more news more developments when that's not fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the latest from the world of sport with a touch. this is a sports news life for march and here is what's coming up in the program hitting the heights it's a scam also claim an incredible ninth straight russian basketball championship victory over him in the final series. causing the cast of all the brightest stars in women's tennis it sound the annual wimbledon in designer outfits with the grandson all the year just around the corner. and also big in russia and the styles line howard and andre curium go pay a visit to law school giving their fans a chance to step on cause the very best. says couple of russian
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basketball shows no signs of waning anytime soon and clinching an unprecedented eighteen is domestic championship off the winning yet another final against seen cue ball score region has schooled the first five points of the game but says the group off to that jr building on fire and what could be his last game as the russian is contemplating retirement thirty five year old hold up twenty five points for assists in what was an all around excellent display of shooting by the visiting says seventy four to sixty three the final school says col have not won every the mastic title since two thousand and three player found to be. the perfect man to offer some words of championship was done off what's. left of the ball and what the result of the bible would be if you both look at it will be very we're going to. if you're going to know that we're going to you're. not going to do that as it was there was none of the ordinance and we're going to vote it where you are you know
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there are the regions of the state going somewhere where. this is a story i don't want to change just. because. and the brings us to time is well one more than this just three days away now so what better time to fit in the little parts and do some good in the pros as the biggest stars in the women's game turns out for a gollop rates in the men's fashion events and motor sports ground inside most of the clothes will be auctioned off late so with proceeds going to various charitable organizations but it's up of a writer helm of the world of glitz and glam of the russian on a quest next week for her second album titled a relaxing night for world number one colleen was not care as well while lee's only just getting used to the extreme fashion she has been receiving since winning the french open a few weeks ago. this is totally different because changes there is now so you know nothing opponents and you think oh you're a champion for the grandstand. i do it seems to me like i just want to see in the
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scene with them three shots focus their return carry a present tense and bring the ball with them doing i have to think about what i should do now. it was for bill now and then i'm going to show it to be an interesting place to be next season that's not the aston villa made alex and grace their manager and school have been the boss of city rivals birmingham city up to five days ago is going to challenge as well the gate of the season but also want to silverware for decades in the form of their league cup triumph over us and all will be out of the other hand finished ninth and are hoping mcleish is the man to bring them into europe really i have been without a permanent coach since the end of april when we here was forced onto the sidelines due to health problems. and over in the russian game the managerial saga continues with seven premier league coaches sacked within three months one of those is for another committee of have your tickets now john who finally cleared his look at
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earlier on friday it's even managed just losing by mitchell called sounds with a forty two year old person stands you to receive compensation local fide in following the two one last thought gee a bit of mean there had been rumors of fixing allegations behind that dismissal. belove jobless though he's been offered the general manager position of these clubs are about knowledge where he coached for seven years before moving to local at the end of last season well sort of surely it has been appointed as the new look mighty of head coach. the n.h.l. season wrapped up on wednesday night with new stanley cup champions the grue ins are returning to boston the day after founds from one of america's premier sporting sid is coming out in force to greet their first hockey title winners since one nine hundred seventy two the brilliance taking a flight from canada away they defeated the vancouver cataracts four zero in the deciding game of their best of seven finals and around five hundred fans of the t.v. god there remain boston which will now see another championship banner hanging from
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the ceiling that's after a wait of thirty nine years we have to through the weighing some fifteen kilograms carried by the team's imposing cap turns down those are so plan to pursue the great after almost four decades. the entire city of vancouver is meanwhile reeling from the unrest following their africa loss at home in the crucial game seven riots ensued after words with missiles thrown at police close to one hundred people were arrested and around one hundred fifty are required hospital treatment including several steps victims local businesses also suffered from the trouble with looters taking advantage of the chaos. and it's also celebration time for the newly crowned and be champions the dallas mavericks the. thousands of fans showing up for the historic occasion commemorating the franchise's first ever side of the mouth surprised many by upsetting the star studded miami heat acquainted show the moments particularly sweet for the many
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veterans on the team including thirty eight year old jason there on questioned lead a jerk they'll be scared of calls shawn marion three floats stand convertibles and a dozen trucks all coming along the big tree rides the parade traveling a short distance before the team locked themselves in the arena to host the thought a full season ticket holders. and say with basketball dwight howard's amby season and that long before the playoff spot the orlando magic man who is believed to be seeking a new club now remains one of the biggest names in the business are teaser month course of caught up in moscow with a play in those simply as superman. i know rush is not that big basketball soccer or football game down the street the cedar. fair to be the loose unbelievable experience to leave a ball was lucky for me it was one of my dreams is to be here and russia will sell
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found here you know so i would be you know one to one stand a look out in the n.h.l. in the bunch of players here you can play in russia because russia because of the second honestly n.h.l. so what if it's a hypothetical situation there's a lockout in the n.b.a. where would you go with your own no notice marci a race of. people who are very good assumes. the risk also was very nice to hear oh you know this is a great place you know i'm reading a lot of fun here just mean a lot of people like playing basketball has been an ambassador where do you see yourself playing in the beginning of next season. you're here because. you know there's a little earlier than that because we want to. know so will the everybody's sort of cooley it's really metal you would say moscow playfully still there you go i'm happy will just told me you know you know all your life he said here's.
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my plan to take over if you were to pick go for partners from the n.b.a. with a b o o o o. o steven gerrard see the list look carol williams and. it will be my. life and i've got five months for. my speech to young a russian national players who want to aspire to play in the best league in the n.b.a. . off the hook and so you know we're moving up to speed pace and that also scientists . know you have to sacrifice and make good. it's. the school. that's the way it was very. seriously. the ball so. there was no turn. if. you were still there yes sir so i bet that's why the guys.
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got the sack right so this isn't out of the white thank you very much a best of luck to the upcoming season this was. speaking exclusively with r.t. i'm room on cost record see in the center of moscow at this nicky stadium. and finally there will be a chinese yacht in the volvo ocean race for the first time ever after team sania from the hind on probe in santa the next edition of one of the world's longest and toughest sailing a bounce sideways of all chinese back boat in the competition but there is a familiar face at the helm brave new zealand that might sound our son applying to skipper the two thousand and six sail of the year and one of the most experienced men in the business was invited to help promote sailing and hilton facilities in china sanderson also hopes to draw thing a few chinese native crew members for the start of the race which kicks off in october. you know we have very short of time and we don't have time to build a new boat so we need we need to see this and we need to get the message across
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that this is a steep in stone for the future suits and very realistic goals for this time the young the goals have to be to try and get on the podium a few times and try and really punch about white so every chief on the expectations with a sport coming up shortly in the world by the state of us. tough question is that so much about the taxpayers' money and it is a shame in a particular area we're always in crisis would be a witness ten years from now. come one stream cascading from mom slopes to you is miss mirage.
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but this beauty brings deaths at a speed of more than four hundred kilometers per. step to dump a launch on a large. wealthy british style. fast one thousand five hundred. markets finance scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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