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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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the greek economic crisis. over the future of the e.u. . forcing a rethinking patients who have been desperate to join up with. the centralizing power and stifling corruption boyce might need to miss it if you're at the international economic forum in st petersburg join me at least an hour wait for more details in just a month. the e.u. plans a third sets of tougher sanctions against syria some experts to make way for libya style intervention. bleak future for chinese college graduates
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as an increase in university. jobs it's a knife with the try. oh you're watching r t well our from moscow welcome to the program greece's new finance minister getting down to work describing his job as a real war to convince angry greeks to face cuts to. the billions from europe from countries like turkey and trying to become part of the five years the financial woes out slowly weakening there is all to join up. if you talked about turkey in the e.u. ten years ago turkey's hopes of joining would have been inseparable from joining the euro not anymore turkey's attitude in short can be summed up very simply
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very glad you're not part of the euro took on the streets seem to have a wide range of opinions on the euro but their country's doorstep europe's economy is worse now turkey says improving turkey is improving in all fields but europe is going backwards so we don't really have. to push people are using the year as an investment or earn money here is a more reliable and turkish money they push people don't want to save their money in the euro. few invest in euros you get more than euros also stronger than dollars having said that i don't want to risk investing. put academics analyzing public opinion have found a common logic and decisions about the euro people polled don't care about wider economics but about their own personal finance its. economy is absolutely beyond the important factor that make euro skeptic or euro via the public opinion
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analysts are keen to point out that further economic integration into europe doesn't just mean money and that people shouldn't only think about their pocketbook economics they have to think and think outside the freedom of the moment of labor the freedom of service. service these are all integrated in. it's not only you know exams of many or turks leading thinkers mirena the thing. one thing everyone does agree on is the mess the eurozone is in whereas turkey's economy grew nine percent last year and over ten percent in the first quarter of this year europe especially southern europe has come to the point of catastrophe because of excessive borrowing greece has so far been the worst hit if so and others economic disasters have meant appeals for bailouts this makes it difficult for national governments to defend. constantly pouring more money into the coffers of
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irresponsible or inefficient members with increasing tension in need who are economic mismanagement some for seed big problems ahead economy corporation. based on a single currency in europe. is. going to be history in the near future meaning that turkey will likely remain independent trader for some time to come turkey's markets are famous to tourists and traders alike taking that mercantile spirit to europe but one seems like a good idea but with all the riches here it's not in europe no longer seems like such a profitable move tom dart an r.t. istanbul turkey for the governments of france and germany one to any new bailout package for greece agreed upon as soon as possible but yourself in your face at a german newspaper design it says it's now impossible to avoid a default on its debts. well those european nations not be your well no but.
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if they did the right thing probably or there's no way we can avoid a default it will have to be done. with by the european community everybody together if the greeks leave. that is like you know a lot stronger mind. read your way into the system but if you want to be truly cool the economic you know. the truth like an economist i think a stress test solution because. once you know. draw you and once you can do once in your value you can regain your composure if only international market this after all is the example of the courage and she never bridge broke out of the monetary union with the u.s. dollar and it will be. the state's dominant role in the russian
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economy and corruption threatening nations development as has been outlining his vision of an international economic or he says major political will is needed to force an overhaul. but there are certainly a lot of obstacles and president medvedev knows that became very clear and has for real with his own time as president but he thinks modernization is the way to go into the future with russia he clearly outlined all of the obstacles that the country is facing first let's take a listen i what he had to say about modernization. and it's called. if a serious choice is not only a major green you'll have outdated elements in the economy that will probably institutionalised we need to hesitate to say sorry about many bad habits we call focus only on the step by step development question that would be
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a mistake which we should focus on the following improvement over to be investment climate in russia to create new jobs in the regions the creation of police and other security forces this improvement of the effectiveness of the jurisdiction system and finally the modernization of government employing modern approaches to the centralizing power. of course one of those bad habits so to say as the president phrased it that he was talking about was corruption it's no secret that corruption is widespread unless of course in many other emerging economies it's widespread as well the president clearly wants to fight it this is the warning he have for us in the cells that are. going to loose around the neck of those who practice corruption should be told it's in and the whole of russia agrees with this without exception which corruption is very difficult to do with the government should be purged of corruption in a more decisive way by young for that purpose we should enhance the way those suspected of corruption or dismissed from public service he will continue our
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coverage as the world's modern innovators top business executives the world leaders gather to face the challenges facing the modern world and of course. later today a special edition of on the money people of ella talks to people attending this form about what lies ahead for business in russia. at least sixteen people have been killed in syria last protests continue the e.u. is planning a third round of sanctions against the regime of president. its deadly crackdown on stations but antiwar activist brian becker stairs and sanctions are the first step towards a wider intervention the e.u. these new sanctions the third wave of sanctions there incrementally ask a lady in the u.s.
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and western european intervention into syria i think that we're going down the road as we went in libya where one step leads to another step there climbing the escalation letter they have a very sort of selective concern for the lives of protesters and democracy movements are movements they call themselves democracy movements you take bahrain they're they're they're condoning the crackdown on peaceful protesters but i think what's really happening is that syria and syria has been targeted by the united states and also in principle lead by. france and the u.k. for regime change and i think they see this growing protest movement in the possible slippage of a country in the direction of civil war as an opportunity to overthrow what has been considered to be an independent government in syria a middle east expert and blogger told r.t. that america's policies in the region have since priority to be geopolitical interests rather than interests of the public. all the local for exporting
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democracy and all that sort of preaching to the rest of the world i find is highly inconsistent and it's hypocritical and in the case of syria in particular i think the us is caught between wanting to be active but at same time mortified by what the alternative would be in syria which in my view is completely unjustified it's not necessarily going to turn into a fundamentalist islamic states or anything like that what we are seeing there are really for freedom and democracy and the u.s. was. if you like played a more consistent role in foreign policy hasn't but also any sort of intervention there were doing which is based purely on this desire for stability is to be counterproductive. me between factions
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syria has been asking people in the streets of new york for they think america's. you know there was an arab spring maybe that america will have its own spring. like in the residence which is coming your way there also ahead. this russian orthodox church has wandered far from its home i'm sean promised. and coming up on r.t. we explore the world the southern most russian orthodox. or the. world of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and attractive for merely wildlife in
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antarctica is a place. the. expedition to the bottom of the earth. quite stream cascading from mom slopes to you is miss mirage. and a speed of more than two hundred kilometers. to step to launch. the mission. couldn't take three. three. three. three. three. three blog can come in video for your media projects free media don carty dot com.
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china's double digit growth rates during the financial crisis has been the envy of the world yet many chinese are still not reaping the rewards of an economic boom that includes the millions of graduates central work force each year becoming a part of a phenomenon called and choice as in the most expensive. despite the global slowdown china's economy is booming and its cities are expanding at a seemingly unstoppable pace as people look to leave their poor rural backgrounds behind in search of the chinese economic miracle and one of the largest groups of people currently moving into china cities are university graduates like those from this campus in downtown beijing however many are arriving to find their degrees are virtually worthless and the streets are paved with anything but gold these
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graduates often ends up living in the most basic and squalid of conditions and forced to do menial jobs sociologists have dubbed them the ant tribes and there are thought to be more than one hundred thousand living in beijing alone in june chin is one such and she shares a twenty square meter room with five other graduates in a formal workers' dormitory in the north of beijing washing and toilet facilities are shared and there is nowhere for them to cook but it's not just the ants that are suffering for my appearance and sister went through a lot of hardship to save the money that put me through university i studied hard and did part time jobs to support myself no thought all i can find is unskilled part time work so i really feel like i'm letting them down. part of the problem is that there are simply too many university graduates now entering the system in one thousand ninety eight so when the government began to seriously look at expanding
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higher education chinese universities were producing eight hundred thirty thousand graduates a year in two thousand and ten but number was six million and it's still growing. on the one hand chinese universities are already in a weak state we need an weaker with an over rapid expansion so the education received by many of today's graduates has been very cool. we have a whole generation who are used to having everything done for them and cannot do anything for themselves he's going to give people like this work. with reports of rising taken place in some tribal areas the government is now looking to take action measures being discussed include limiting residents permits to skilled professionals and introducing electronic id cards for outsiders without a stable job however with the number of graduates entering the workforce set to continue rising there seems little hope in sight for china's and tribes and remorse and r.t. beijing u.s.
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involvement in nato has campaigned here just two days left before a ninety day they met on the action without congress' approval runs out. on the present to comply with the constitution so the resident hit this new york to find out what people there are growing u.s. presence around the world. we're number one in the world that we can us to show the world we can still do it even though you know the best we can we can still do it why is that so important to be number one has to be the house to be one of. the americans as being some kind of the world police you know you think about your ethics yes you don't think there's any at all teary emotive. no oil interest no
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economic interest no i don't know what do we want to accomplish that. just the safety of the people to which the money and the lives of the young people you know did you think there's maybe another reason for doing it and one reason only or whatever reason i don't think it's logical i don't think it makes any sense but i think there's a big disconnect between what people in government are thinking and what they think we want and what we're letting them know that we once. maybe our priorities just aren't the same so you have all these countries in the middle east where the people are standing up against their government why aren't people in the u.s. standing up against their government saying hey bring our troops home i'd like to think that one day that will happen you know there was an arab spring maybe the america will have its own spring no matter how you feel about the imperialism of the united states the bottom line is let's face it it's not going to stop any time step. around the world. the wave of flooding in china has killed more than
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a hundred people at least when you know this to me central and southern areas of the country are on the highest state of it. with weather forecasters. you're certainly general is set for a second term receiving strong backing from the four of them and veto holding them because of the security council and for me it faces me a lot of rivals interviewed activity general assembly on tuesday in south korea and has pushed through a number of vital reforms in the areas of private charity and nuclear disarmament some sort of support of pro-democracy movements in the middle east and north africa . so now we continue our journey to the cold this continent on earth. imagine or even with a fierce climate leaves little time for religion but artie's thomas found out that
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isn't the case during a visit to the southernmost russian orthodox church and it. perched atop a picturesque a rocky hill overlooking the sea so it's a typical in a tiny russian orthodox church so this scene looks like it could be taken right out of a siberian picture book think again. that the world this is important so far this is the only antarctic station that has a russian orthodox church. in fact the trinity church is the southernmost russian orthodox church on the planet and getting it was not an easy operation there. in two thousand and two they built a temple from the cedar tree and the church was built and it sat there for a while until the end of two thousand and three they numbered all the parts every beam was disassembled and they transported it to kaliningrad from there it was shipped all the way here to antarctica since feb fifteenth two thousand and four the church has been officially up and running with the orthodox church providing
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a staff of two specially trained months each year but given the extreme climate in which they operate they face extreme challenges as well. because the conditions in antarctica are unusual with strong winds we need to hold back the power of the wind with such strong tight walls and special chang's sometimes the rain here comes out as horizontally with the wind so that the water is not is coming through the cracks but also we can climb up which to leak inside. now trinity church has become a sort of antarctica landmark even becoming somewhat of a tourist destination for v.i.p.'s and diplomats. no matter who visits this church they always say it's beautiful it's a remarkable church made out of wood in a russian architectural tradition. more than just a popular tourist destination the building. i own is a gem of the russian orthodox church and it's a fully functioning priscilla any woman performing rare matrimonial arter that for
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those like me. michelle and. i came here for a long stay sixteen months and i had no idea that there was a church and rush hour. i was not a frequent visitor to church but here somehow i started to be before i left russia i promise atlanta that i'll bring her here i was not sure how but i promised that i would whilst it while i was still in russia i got the idea why not have our wedding in this church. one or one of only two couples who have been married here trinity making their marriage a part of antarctic history. it's a very good feeling but in reality you don't think that you belong to some exclusive circle because for me at least the most important thing is the marriage itself and the occasion is secondary and i like this church very much it is very comfortable and you feel very special here the russian tradition in antarctica goes back to the very discovery of all time and according to the russian orthodoxy it is
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only fitting that there is an official testament to that history of. this church just by its presence speaks volumes for every person not just russian but even for foreigners the presence of the church here means a godly presence in antarctica. a presence that they hope will last for generations to come in antarctica seans minus. one of the coldest environments on the planet so russia's tourist hot spots our special report takes you to the poll of countries results at baxi quick break.
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i can see that about now it's time to hear nothing. as the u.s. economy groans under the weight of its debts hurting unemployment rate so soaring in certain cities like chicago it's time for crime hunger and drug dealers it's in check and i want something to look. chicago at first glance a picture perfect city. woodward happens with a sneak peek behind a facade and
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a flip up this postcard the gap between the rich and poor in chicago is extremely visible well off neighborhoods such as this one are just a hop and skip away from places where struggle is dense in the atmosphere. this is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in chicago filled with countless streets like this one where rows and rows of devastated homes pull thousands of people for whom every single day is a struggle. who doesn't live here is whole most people think that is all of chicago and that's gorgeous chicago but there is still an eighty five percent of the city that they have. worn and raised in chicago so much he works several jobs to keep the city falling to its knees is a personal pain for him this is a neighborhood that was full of factories and industry and once industry died so did this neighborhood a pattern seen in much of illinois in the last decade over two hundred thousand jobs in manufacturing went down the drain like an especially tough for chicago's
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black community with one in three african-american men in their early twenty's unemployed men like chris. overall african-american joblessness in chicago is over twenty percent more than twice the white rate there's no jobs you know i don't care what any education you get some people just can't i mean anything and it's. over on the other side of the tracks with a lot of drugs and a lot of people turn to drugs a lot of a lot of people turn their selling drugs locals explain it's done here to get by robbery is also at a peak. in the morning. anyway. for many it's. vicious circle. having paid for his crimes six months out of jail darryl batts is back where he started fighting for a job but the government is short. just
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a simple. service that's what i was. saying. when you trickle down. what is there heroin use and record high binge drinking chicago holds the top spot in the u.s. . pantries are working nonstop as hunger intensifies but supplies are short oh my goodness it's almost a record was unexplainable what is. an increase of the man of food for hunger in chicago because of the economy being the way it is the number of families living in poverty now stands and in the sounding forty five percent almost half the population many of those going hungry are kids one in three children in chicago are said to live below the poverty line i'm quite sure there are almost children ability you know i suppose that gets. the staff if they are over the last
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year income rates here have dropped by more than ten percent making it harder for entire generations of families to stay afloat more embarrassed or you know to speak of god it is starts from the kids and it goes all the way up to our seniors you know and they have the same issues from young to old the hometown of the american president is filled with sorrow that's already too deep to ignore they say churkin are our t. chicago illinois. a recap of the headlines is coming your way in that just a few minutes texts. from. the.
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greek for the full story we've got it from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. . from. the man of them is. just it's. it's it's. it's. it's fish.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front panel field several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by. average everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the most appropriate city signification is a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra with julian cooper story.


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