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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the. debt crisis and a fresh round of paid out soon europe cast a shadow of the future of the eurozone forcing a rethink if patients who had been desperate to join up. the e.u. plans a third set of tougher sanctions against syria some experts warn it could pave the way for the libya start intervention. and a bleak future for chinese at college graduates listening creasing when the president leaves or says millions without jobs into the trucks.
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around the world and around the clock this is r.t. uncharacteristic greece's new finance minister is getting down to work by describing his job as a real war he needs to convince angry greeks to face fresh austerity cuts to secure more billions from europe with countries like turkey who have been trying to become part of the e.u. for years the financial woes are slowly weakening their resolve to join up on part of what's. if you talked about turkey in the e.u. ten years ago turkey's hopes of joining would have been inseparable from joining the euro not anymore turkey's attitude in short can be summed up very simply a big part of the euro took on the streets seem to have a wide range of opinions on the euro but their country's doorstep europe's economy is worse now turkey says improving turkey is improving in all fields but europe is
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going backwards say we don't really. think people are using the euro is an investment to earn money here is a more reliable and turkish money people don't want to save their money in the euro . few invest in euros or get more than leave the euros also stronger than dollars having said that i don't want to risk investing. but academics analyzing public opinion have found a common logic in decisions about the euro people polled don't care about wider economics but about their own personal finances. economy is actually beyond the important factor that make euro skeptic or euro fire the public opinion analysts are keen to point out that further economic integration into europe doesn't just mean money and that people should only think about their pocketbook economics they have to take into account the freedom and the labor the freedom of
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service you know of service these are all integrated in others so it's not only you know exchange of money or turks living near and of the thing. one thing everyone does agree on is the mess the eurozone is in whereas turkey's economy grew nine percent last year and over ten percent in the first quarter of this year europe especially southern europe has come to the point of catastrophe because of excessive borrowing greece has so far been the worst hit it and others economic disasters have mentioned peals for bailouts this makes it difficult for national governments to you friend. possibly pouring more money into the coffers of responsible or inefficient members with increasing tension in need you are economic mismanagement some for seed big problems ahead economy corporation. based on a single currency europe. is. going to be history
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in the near future meaning that turkey will likely remain an independent trader for some time to come turkey's markets are famous to tourists and traders alike taking that mercantile spirit to europe but one seems like a good idea but with all the riches here not in europe no longer seems like such a profitable move tom barton r.t. istanbul turkey has a euro zone's debt burden it shows little sign of abating e.u. members that decided to stick to their own national currencies are breathing a sigh of relief that's a view of yourself your fate and it are of german newspaper designed. those european nations not be well know we. can. do the right thing. there's no way we can avoid it it will have to be done.
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with the european community everybody together if the greeks leave. us that is like you know a lot stronger mind. read your way into the system but. truthfully. if you know. the truth like an economist i think that's true solution because. once you're out you. draw you and what you can look at once you value you can retain your competitiveness only international market this article is the example of projection which broke out of the monetary union with the u.s. dollar. but overcoming the crisis in the usa will be discussed in some places but i think the national economic forum enters its last day covering from recession and the creation of an international financial center russia in the focus of discussions. is there also
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a spanish prime minister and the finnish president asked a question outlined mission of the future in the state's dominant grown economy and corruption but the main threats. the more our business bulletin about start the next day a special edition of our tease on the money where people are belt talk to people. about what lies ahead for business in russia. at least sixteen more people have been killed in syria as mass protests there continue the e.u. is planning a third round of sanctions against the regime of president if it's deadly crackdown on demonstrations. activist group says the sanctions are the first step towards why didn't. the e.u. if it adopts these new sanctions the third wave of sanctions there incrementally
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ask a lady in the u.s. and western european intervention into syria i think that we're going down the road as we went in libya where one step leads to another step there climbing the escalation ladder they have a very sort of selective concern for the lives of protesters and democracy movements are movements they call themselves democracy movements you take bahrain they're they're they're condoning the crackdown on peaceful protesters i think what's really happening is that syria syria has been targeted by the united states and also in prince of lead by. france and the u.k. for regime change and i think they see this growing protest movement in the possible slippage of the country in the direction of civil war as an opportunity to overthrow what has been considered to be independent government in syria. at least expert and blogger castro told r.t. that america's policies in the region are certain it's priority to be geopolitical
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interests rather than the interests of the public. all the talk of exporting democracy and all that sort of preaching rest of the world i find is highly inconsistent and it's hypocritical and in the case of syria in particular i think the u.s. is caught between wanting to be at the same time mortified by what the alternative would be and syria which in my view is completely unjustified it's not necessarily going to turn into a fundamentalist islamist state or anything like that what we are seeing there are a real inspiration for freedom and democracy and. could have if you like played a more consistent role in foreign policy hasn't done. also any sort of intervention there were doing which is based purely on this desire for stability is bound to be counterproductive. but amid fears of a looming u.s.
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military intervention in syria let's see as we ask the streets of new york what they think about america's. now there was an arab spring america will have its own spring. like three days in the residence this coming your way also at. this russian orthodox church and i wandered far from it oh my downtown and parked the car coming up on our world. russian orthodox. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes this so special and attractive for many wildlife is the close and frontal. expedition to the bottom of the earth.
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more news today harlan says once again flared up. and these are the images go girl he's been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are all today. wealthy british scientists like. the. market right now. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines
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kaiser report on r.t. . double digit growth rate during the financial crisis has been the envy of the world and yet many chinese are still not reaping the rewards of. graduates and from the work force inch year and becoming part of the long term called and tribes expect. despite the global slowdown china's economy is booming and it's cities are expanding at a seemingly unstoppable pace as people look to leave their poor rule backgrounds behind in search of the chinese economic miracle and one of the largest groups of people currently moving into china cities are university graduates like those from this campus in downtown beijing however many are arriving to find their degrees of virtually worthless but the streets are paved with anything but gold these
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graduates often end up living in the most basic and squalid of conditions and forced to do menial jobs sociologists have dubbed them the ant tribes and there are thought to be more than one hundred thousand living in beijing alone in june she is one such and she shares a twenty square meter room with five other graduates in a former workers dormitory in the north of beijing washing and toilet facilities are shared and there is nowhere for them to cook but it's. not just the ends that are suffering but war forces my parents and sister went through a lot of hardship to save them money that put me through university i studied hard and did part time jobs to support myself and i thought all i can find is unskilled part time work so i really feel like in letting them dying. part of the problem is that there are simply too many university graduates now entering the system in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when their governments began to seriously look at
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expanding higher education chinese universities were producing eight hundred thirty thousand graduates a year in two thousand and ten that number was six million and it's still growing a lot that is true that we were on the one hand chinese universities were already in a weak state we made them weaker within the rapid expansion so the education received by many of today's graduates has been very poor on the other we have a whole generation who are used to having everything going for them and cannot do anything for themselves he's going to give people like this work. with reports of rioting taking place in some tribal areas that the government is now looking to take action measures being discussed include limiting residents permits to skilled professionals and introducing electronic i.d. cards for outsiders without a stable job however with the number of graduates entering the workforce set to continue rising there seems little hope in sight for china's own tribes and remorse and r.t.
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beijing. on that story and all the news we're covering always are available are to . support the opinion and usual video clips like this one to get their way to celebrate university graduation tip from russian students and see it is something you put your textbooks inside the base of. recommends you don't try this at home. and disneyland for adults the world's largest is a cigar and it's doors and it's open twenty four seventh's into that. if . if if if. if. u.s. involvement in nato has campaigning but it is just one day left for ninety minutes
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on the transaction congress' approval runs out when makers are demanding president obama complies with the constitution so he's writing reports at the restaurant the streets of new york to find out. u.s. presidents around the world. number one in the world. the world we can still do it even the. best we can we can so why is that so important to be number one has to be he has to be one of. the americans as being some kind of. world police you know you think about. yes i don't think there's any at all teary emotive. no no no oil interests no economic interest no no i don't know what do we want to accomplish that. just the safety of the people to which the money and the lives of the young people you know
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did you think there's maybe another reason for doing it i want to reason only. i don't think it's logical error of the it makes any sense a great thing there's a big disconnect between what people in government are thinking and what they think we want and what we're letting them know that we once and maybe our priorities are the same so you have all these countries in the middle east where the people are standing up against their government why aren't people in the u.s. standing up against their government saying hey bring our troops home i'd like to think that one day that will happen you know there was an arab spring maybe the america will have its own spring no matter how you feel about the imperialism of the united states the bottom line and let's face it it's not going to stop anytime soon. so korean soldiers have fallen. a passenger jet after mistaking it for a north korean military plane and supported a short and asiana airlines plane which had more than one hundred passengers on
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board the aircraft was undamaged the latest incident highlights were intentional when the two koreas. will be as prime minister says his government has held talks with the rebels something great to know you also accuse nato of escalating violence in the country and it fresh air raids and so reports so far the explosions in tripoli thousands of colonel gadhafi supporters staged a rally in it or will you please get some storm trooper a should be careful. temps to decontaminate water at japan's fukushima nuclear plant have been stopped at a relation that will soar above safety limits it's feared the water inside the earthquake and tsunami damage to the city could spread radiation into the surrounding environment. and asked the sheen region as one hit to strong trend that's. what are we continue our journey to the coldest continent on earth untaught except
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imagine that even the fierce climate there is little time for religion i think seans almost doubt that isn't the case during a visit to the southernmost a russian orthodox church on the planet. perched atop a picturesque a rocky hill overlooking the sea so it's a typical any time the russian orthodox church though this scene looks like it could be taken right out of a siberian picture book think again. at the work this is important so far this is the only antarctic station that has a russian orthodox church. in fact the trinity church is the southernmost russian orthodox church on the planet and getting it here was not an easy operation. if they don't go through in two thousand and two they built a temple from the cedar tree and the church was built and it sat there for a while until the end of two thousand and three they numbered all the parts every beam was disassembled and they transported it to kaliningrad from there it was shipped all the way here to antarctica since feb fifteenth two thousand and four
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the church has been officially up and running with the orthodox church providing a staff of two specially trained monks each year but given the extreme climate in which they operate they face extreme challenges as well. because the conditions in antarctica are unusual with strong winds we need to hold back the power of the wind with strong tight walls and special chang's sometimes the rain here comes out as horizontally with the wind so that water is not just coming through the cracks but also it can climb up which to leak inside. and out trinity church has become a sort of antarctica landmark even becoming somewhat of a tourist destination for v.i.p.'s and diplomats. no matter who visits this church they always say it's beautiful it's a remarkable church made out of good in a russian architectural tradition. more than just a popular tourist destination the building at valley thousands gratian on kings island is a gem of the russian orthodox church and it's
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a fully functioning facility or even performing where matrimonial honors for those . where. i came here for a long stay sixteen months and i had no idea that there. i was a church in russia i was not a frequent visitor to church but here somehow i started to be before i left russia i promise i planted it i'll bring her here i was not sure how but i promised that i would also plan i was still in russia i got the idea why not have our wedding in this church. or one of only two couples to have been married trinity making their marriage a part of antarctic history. it's a very good feeling but in reality you don't think that you belong to some exclusive circle because for me at least the most important thing is the marriage itself and the location is secondary but i like the streets very much it is very comfortable and you feel very special here the russian tradition in one's article
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goes back to the very discovery of the time and according to the russian orthodoxy it is only fitting that there is an official testament to that history. this church just by its presence speaks volumes for every person not just russian but even for foreigners the presence of a church here means a godly presence and i'm talking with. a presence that they hope will last for generations to come in antarctica sean thomas. with one of the coldest environments on the planet so russia's tourist hot spot i did today our special report on the country's resorts the black sea with james brown.
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thank. you would like to return. the time for the business news not here not here with you. hello and welcome to business here on our c was stop with one of russia's most important financial about the same species but international economic forum.
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well the seal st petersburg has always been called russia's window but with the international economic forum it has become the window of the whole world giving a platform for financial heavyweights to map out the economic future of russian archies the to be called brings us to details through new friends started twenty years ago will continue president medvedev made it absolutely clear russia will not be a state driven capitalist economy much has been done in those two decades but then again it's recognize the job is only half russia has come along with let's not make any any reservations about that a lot of reforms have been implemented russia has tremendous potential for monday other than it needs to come from telling just to close its stumpage to misplace them foremost the issue of fighting corruption creating the right the environment reducing the number of obstacles on the will do in business the prince commitment
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to foreign investors that the government has a tablet saying a prayer and billion dollar fund this is to call invest and thereby governments see the good faith all for and morning there's also a program for the states to progress the early withdrawal from direct involvement and business and focus on establishing a stable economy conditions for private enterprise to flourish and moscow's base to become an international financial center was also up for discussion for supper t.v. . it's not just the business community that is involved in making just a reality. it's quite complicated tasks. which could be implemented only by menu for discipline spread or a loss or just more score thora truth and professional community almost each morse
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code city program is devoted at least partly to ideas so for international financial center in the city transportation hospitality education medical aid and any any out aspect. and achieve is also a hot topic during the found upon us karami c.e.o. of any s.t.a. believes we are entering an age of increased gas consumption. if we want to meet the european objective for sealed do we need to use more gas and less call and say on the fact that if you can trace with up on the nuclear investments of some of them would actually close down nuclear power stations wind mean more gas again the total of this makes that we believe that the consumption of the gas in the next ten years would continue to grow at a pace around three percent per month. and victor jimmy trust from russian bank of
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the e.p.a. explains how the country's direct investment funds will help businessmen from all around the world still say thought about doing business in russia. their fear is to a great extent are exaggerated. the main problem is led off the standing elect of information one of the main issues for them he which country with huge territory. enormous potential of gross they should be guided that's the main reason for the fund to be set up to push it the risks and responsibilities and to guide them in regions in certain industries in particular projects. and r.t. also caught up with serious irvine from nestlé russia who told us about their latest plans in the country and how much they are injecting into the russian economy. we're investing still strongly in media and in new innovations which are bringing to the market we've got coming in the second half of the share innovations but
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we're also investing in the infrastructure in russia so we've just completed an investment in chima shares which is now going to be coffee factory there seven billion rubles we've just put in and that many believe the total investment intermission of the ten billion rubles and be sure we're also building a new three fractures well. we'll be looking at i you know half billion rubles reimbursements we're going to continue to do those kinds of things. and finally let's take a quick look at how the markets finished the trading week while prices continue to fall friday reaching four month lows as investors reacted to fears of stronger output from saudi arabia and slowed global economic expectations branch was one hundred thirteen dollars a barrel on friday and stop in each of those leads to ninety three dollars there are. plans investors in russia continue to be wary of the damaging effects of greece's escalating economic crisis the russian markets closed friday and the read the articles down just under one percent optimize it suffers heavy losses and ended
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one and a half percent down. well that's all the business for this hour but we'll be back with more from the same speeches that form in just under an hour's time.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead at the beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. august beach which of course is very most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where somebody goes died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. .


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