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from battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. if we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government. where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. .
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movie about soon from fans to pressure. starts on t.v. dot com. you're watching r t the main stories we're covering for you this hour. greece's new finance minister takes office with the hard task of convincing people to accept further austerity cuts as the second wave of bailouts costs a shadow of the future of the euro said turkey and desperate to join up and now having a rethink. president criticizes the state's role in the russian economy and slum corruption for threatening the country's development speaking at the international economic forum said it is but reinstated his commitment to modernization and. drastic measures to create
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a better investment climate. plans a third set of tougher sanctions against syria as a crackdown on protesters continues to pour to be claiming at least sixteen lives on friday but some experts warn the citations could be paving the way for libya start intervention. moscow wants team that takes toward the golden ring a circular avenue that surrounds the heart of the russian capital. hello and welcome to the moscow outsell in the program this week i'll be exploring the capitals. approximately sixteen kilometers. it was recently created in the.
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trailer to replace the city's outer wall today it's undeniably the heartbeat of the russian council. right next to the moscow river at the famous public outdoor space park. the golden ring consists of seventeen individually named streets and squares . it's not the same circular layout as the moscow metro a mistake many people commonly make the brown line actually overlaps it in several areas and features metro stations outside the facility also known as the cell to a console in russian no visit to the russian capital the famous and chaotic golden ring road back to a starting point a cool keep down to amusement park was named after the writer maxine gorky. bluefins in one hundred twenty eight in covering an area of three hundred acres along the river the outer space is currently undergoing a major renovation it's the perfect place to relax in the city and the perfect place to start out. moving anticlockwise around the ring. and
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head towards. the station where you can catch the express train to the airport king cycling or driving around the garden ring you'll see it's a cultural mishmash of apartment blocks shops and restaurants as i don't drive a cheap alternative to taxi is a trusted monster trolley bus such systems operate in almost a hundred cities in russia including most. which is in fact the largest in the world. in a fun way to see the sights of the god just make sure to get on the right a mistake i. trust.
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exceptionally friendly. very slow. for any length it's much cheaper than public transport to major cities. salans must of moscow in one hundred thirty five has to expound. to him with many buildings were demolished to create the. whole route completely built in stalinist style plans fulfilled and today the wit and buildings around the ring change constantly most notably you can see the. skyscrapers that were built between nine hundred forty seven and nine hundred fifty four known as the seven sisters symbols of stalin's vision and still stand proud.
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because. there are many new buildings around this location pretty bridges impossible. places to. some a sun. impressive looking building to the five star swiss situated not far from the kremlin. some views of the city and lots of. moving on next week you'll see the house of music it has various state of the art concert halls and the largest in russia a well worth taking. music in two thousand and two. x. men coffee and a standing. very close it's an performances of both russian and internationalization is theatre and ballet companies to showcase stadium houses to
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greek. and railway station is located one of the largest shopping malls in the city center. in the morning until eleven at night there is everything here. shops a supermarket a multiplex cinema restaurants and cafes all under one roof. being given a city floor. as is suitable for the disabled and people with. its time for some entertainment and for a ninety minute destruction one head to the cinema. is housed in a. building but a trip. to
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. the film festival. a book shop inside the building you can find newspapers and books a mission international cinema. a favorite place of intellectuals and see the cinemas name comes in the face of the still use the original thirty five millimeter film is this just the project to remake the. i'm sure looks like it did decades ago with some new technology and sound equipment added it off as a first class experience. leaving a set amount let's move on to around the garden bring it so christiane metronet prospect mira we're just about at the top of the range here we meet a beautiful church with its green on. one of the oldest and most got its history dates back to sixteen thirty two in the end of the seventeenth century the church was especially guarded by piece of the great he donated a large sum of money tourists it's
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a beautiful landmark which i have seen many times sitting in traffic nearby is also located one of moscow's main hospitals the skiff associate scientific research institute of emergency medicine the history of this complex of gram buildings dates back two hundred years and can show me at it from an old russian noble family to the hospital on the spot in the memory of his beloved wife in one thousand twenty three discus or ski institute has found it instead of the old hospital and now will be fifty thousand patients here were treated in hospitals fully equipped emergency surgeries and intensive care rooms this is. just a way one of the largest search relieved that you should see in europe we will fall more than eight hundred thousand operations a year including trans bunch of heart liver kidneys pancreas and nowadays even lungs. moving round to the west of the city now and there are several large hotels in the golden ring such as the peking that you can see here. built in the style and this is in style it opens in one hundred fifty six celebrating friendly relations
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between the u.s. soccer and china the building of the hotel itself is a state historical and textual monuments located in the american sky metro just up the central sky street it's walking distance from moscow's main marks opposite the hotel makes the most obvious if it's a true hidden away sis surrounded by statues and fountains it's a peach rest area to relax and it's also why wait. in this week's. feast me so your first year here in the russian capital yes as a chef and yesterday. i got the job in london when i was working there and so i know you will and i am what you think of the russian capital how do you think it would look before you came here i had mixed. you know see from communists and perrineau and thinking it might be a bit grim and i like it as it is pretty divests in my mind so it's
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a pox and restaurants cafe coach just exploded and i just i'm really enjoying being here actually and the golden ring really is for the ip center or the heart beats of the capital yeah yeah i mean if you're going to end around the center you very much and diplomat raised one problem with the golden ring is. begin with the traffic it's horrendous the traffic a pretty bad i mean if i go on the school run in the morning which is a little bit outside it takes me live an air of a day twice a day so that you can be sitting in traffic for hours not something about the golden ring culturally to say many museums around most guys and galleries and and there is. a and. beautiful old mansions from dating back and. copies peaceful until it was those of it still surrounds and so hidden away like this little ok which we're right on the golden
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ring and it's a lovely little hidden gems that the fountain and relax and could be anywhere i'm saying but about sums up today and the weather is cool just a name it's a mix of science sort of modest rules that. i've got that's coming. to be used thank god bring it especially while i'm here and i can see it very much i'm loving it thanks. to gold is the to me to black south to sadie's waits. the traffic alongside said the trolley buses a new trend of european bakeries open next the typical old fashioned russian productive gentle stools a taste of modern time a start and the final location at the intersection of you are back on the gold mine also sums up the capitalist russia the luxury center was the plaza in by the south korean retailer of his a five star hotel the common store and several expensive restaurants. and heading up the popular clean about elites high rise hangout the office some of the best
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feast in the capital fun for the rich and fabulous it's about sky high prices gives to. those who think the golden ring office just a traffic ridden concrete jungle on the station there are numerous going to speak for historic mentions quinn's cathedrals and many secret hideaway is around sixteen kilometers a conference to dig deeper the most to hold some amazing secrets. from as i'm annoyed god for the city as it was called in the seventeenth century the golden ring has come a long way and looking down on it as the cool satan veins of the capital i just wonder what it will look like in centuries to come. while the view of the garden wrinkle up here is just a brilliant book closely vassals all we have in this week's program i'll see you get the same time next week and sell them for me for the rest the same pay at the top of. the box and.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. why stream cascading from mom slopes to view is midsomer much. of this beauty brings deaths at a speed of more than four hundred kilometers per hour. to step in the time along. on.
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an. it if the for. if. if. in the united kingdom is available in the house bill and. it can also tell you who to country house. the bull
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tells. the groom to feed. the world. greece's new finance minister takes office with the hard task of convincing people to accept further austerity cuts. to shadow of the future of the eurozone nations like turkey desperate to join up and i think. criticizes the state's role in the russian economy corruption threatening the country's development speaking at the international economic forum. reinstated his commitment to modernization drastic measures to create a better investment climate. and the e.u. . sanctions against syria. reportedly aiming at least sixteen. but some experts warn the sanctions could be paid for in libya.
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with union and better and better for the u.s. . i know you're a bit of a. question but nobody has ever had such a big advantage. of a good history of it but we've got all the. sports today i mean these are some of the. so we are covering this ten minutes or so. top vs bottom c.s.k. on spark technology teams from opposite ends of the russian premier league spectrum meet a little later on
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a packed day all to test the auction. house with northern ireland's rory marker roy stretches his lead to six strokes following another blistering round on day two of the u.s. open. to a flyer petter solberg races to a fifty one second lead over championship leader sebastian loeb after the opening stages of rally craigs. football first and run fourteen in the russian premier league kicks off a little later on saturday interest aplenty including two regional doris' on the best team in the league first is the worst the latter seeing saskia moscow trouble to now chick to take on rock bottom. cisco also with a game in hand over second seeded sneak the champions themselves take on new boys nizhny novgorod could possibly leapfrog zinni with victory away to arm car will be seeking their first win in three at the expense of f.c.
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. relegation scrap is probably the best way to describe previous visits to grozny since a battle for local driving rights entertain f.c. krasnodar being have an eight game unbeaten run to defend when they come off against rushkoff while the couple clash between loch motif and sparta is always a lively affair expect fireworks at seven pm school time. of those sixteen clubs seven have fired their managers within the past three months a remarkable statistic on your very crusty john may have left lockable t.v. almost a fortnight ago but rumors persist over the reasons behind his departure publicly the team and monitor are splitting by mutual consent but cross the jew to receive compensation. the forty a true left holding a two on last but the real reason behind this fight is because of not fixing according to respected russian website sports dot root no charges have been brought
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against across the. third in the table on how to experience the revival of sorts under the former player crush on is expected to take up the vacant job. where he previously coached for seven years. to the greens were remarkable is simply in a league of his own at the moment continuing his own precision to dominance at the us open the northern irish native setting a thirty six hole record for the major leading by six shots after those two runs the twenty two year old drawing comparisons to currently injured tiger woods during his initial rise to the top this eagle on the if the ruling in perfect lead helping mark arroyo card a magnificent sixty five to add to his day one sixty six the young star actually reached thirteen on to the seventeenth hole which has never been done at the tournament before either and while a bogey on the scene here seven blocks some of those efforts still enough for
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a six stroke lead over the nearest challenger why. the roistering afterwards he took a lot away from this recent final round collapse at the masters. it's mostly to do with my attitude more than anything else. took a few things away from the masters that i thought i could incorporate into my in my game and. you know i said at the start of the week well we'll find out how they go when i get myself into that position again so you know we'll we'll see how it goes over the next couple days and i think everybody agrees to get more talent as have my whole body i mean here is unbelievably talented. you know how old is twenty one twenty two. kind of numbers and. he does everything well. let's turn our attention to the riley of a crop less snow or pepper solberg is the man to catch after day one the norwegian known as hollywood in a great position to take his first win of the season turn the table somewhat on
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team its seven time defending champion sebastian loeb a huge fifty one point six second question at the top for the thirty six year old who won four of six stages on the day the bottle of the citron clearly won by the privately owned solberg this time around though with on a lucky puncture near the end of stage five which set the frenchman back into fifth place but the thirty seven year old went on to win stage six that bumped him self back up to second low but now with it all to do though as he seeks a third consecutive win of the season. in the n.b.a. the dallas mavericks continue soaking in the glory after winning their first ever championship in the team's thirty one year history dearth of its company having all the right notes as a team to upset the miami heat in six games. of its case before the finals just a touch better there than his rendition of the famous victory song another long
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tenured thirty two year old gets to his legacy by helping bring a first ever title to the mavs operands of two hundred thousand fans singing along enjoying every single wayward note in celebration of the franchise is the greatest day. thirty one years to be waiting to do just that one am aiming to share in those scenes in the coming years is ricky rubio the spanish started ending two years of speculation after announcing he's to join the minnesota timberwolves next season from barcelona boss a twenty year old rubio had been drafted in zero nine by minnesota put a must have by a clause postpone the deal on till now. it is i will play with the best i
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believe the n.b.a. is the best league in the world when you are there you face the top players you can see whether you are capable of playing there or not you can know that until you go . now one of the main build up of fans for the tour de france remains wide open with just two stages to go the tour de suisse still being led by dimia know can a go but a host of big names lie not too far behind stage seven promising another hard day of climbing two hundred twenty three kilometers in all three countries would also be taken in with a start in liechtenstein progressing to switch to london finishing in austria an early breakaway of seventeen riders set the pace on with twenty three kilometers to go it was thomas again to grass to lead the belgian proving he's got the finishing power taking the win ahead of the man reigning champion and lichtenstein's most famous athlete on the schleck it's italian pineville who holds on to his overall advantage though after finishing almost five minutes behind the gant and certainly
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can't afford to take it easy over the weekend. now there will be a chinese yachts in the volvo ocean race for the first ever time this year team sonnier from the high none province entering the world's most prestigious sailing events sunday it will also be the first all chinese box in the competition however there's a familiar face at the helm with new zealander mike sunder sent appointed skipper. of the year and one of the most experienced yachtsmen in the business taking the time to help promote boating facilities in china summerson also hopes to draft in a few native chinese crewmembers for the start of the race which gets underway in october. we are very short of time and we don't have time to build a new boat so we need we need to see this and we need to get the message across that this is a stepping stone for the future sit some very realistic goals for this time you know on the goals have to be to try and get on the podium a few times and try and really country where whites are.
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on some on the expectations and finally n.b.a. stars twice harden and recur olenka have been busy slapping high fives with busk of all phones and the event called n.b.a. five knighted sees hundreds of kids play the game learn new tricks and simply have a bit of fun and this is just a snippet of the pick of the action from the luzhniki stadium. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh hello i hear this. song. played. the cello played i'm
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not. going to. push the still. low. low. low low. low. low. low low. low. low. low low. low.
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tech great fun was had by all at the luzhniki stadium a lot so your sports so i weathers up next to you shortly. most. of the latest in science and technology from the ground floor should. we go into the future or covered. from.
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