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cooper story on our team. really believe something straight. from the rooms. we used to cover. if you are from moscow these are the top stories greece's new finance minister takes office with a hard task of convincing people to accept further a stare he cuts as a second wave of bailouts cast a shadow over the future of the eurozone nations like turkey earlier desperate to join are now having a rethink. president be out of criticize of the stage throw in the russian economy and slams corruption for threatening the country's development speed adding
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international economic forum in st petersburg he reinstated he's commitment to modernization and pledged drastic measures to create a better investment climate in. the e.u. plans a third set of tougher sanctions against syria as a crackdown on protesters continues reportedly claiming at least sixteen lives on friday but some experts warn the sanctions could be paving the way for a levy a style intervention. when next hour a moscow team takes you on a tour of the gardening circle revenue that surrounds the heart of the russian capital. hello and welcome to the moscow outsell the program this week i'll be exploring the
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couple's daughter bringing approximately sixteen columbus's friends it was recently created in the early days of hundreds as a tree lined boulevard to replace the city's outer wall today is undeniably the heartbeat of the russian council and the stars of the are right next to the moscow river at the famous public outdoor space goalkeeper hogg. the golden ring consists of seventeen individually named streets and squares. it's not the same circular layout as the moscow metro the mistake many people commonly make around might actually overlaps it in several areas and features metro stations outside service in a city also known as a soldier console in russian no visit to the russian capital the famous patriotic georgian ring road but it's all starting points a cool keep the outer amusement park was named after the writer maxine gorky. bluefins in one hundred twenty eight in covering an area of three hundred acres along the river the outer space is currently undergoing and major renovation it's
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the perfect place to relax in the city in the perfect place to start our tour. moving anticlockwise around the ring the cost of travel sky and head towards the let's say shoot where you can catch express train to do much of a friend who was walking cycling or driving around the garden ring you'll see it's a cultural mishmash of apartment blocks shops and restaurants as i don't drive a cheap alternative to taxi is a trusted mr trolley bus such systems operate in almost a hundred cities in russia including. which is in fact the largest network in the world with a light blue designs they're a blast from the city of charleston a fun way to see the sights of the golden ring just make sure to get on the right one mistake i commonly make. here is. a series welcome to the good old trusted. pricing here in the thirty's.
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attractive comfortable for the passengers. exceptionally bright friendly and very cheap that. they are quite noisy. traffic problems i was very very slow. as enjoy our journey for any length it's much cheaper than public transport into major cities and from plus that it's minus thirty ways round. salans must a kind of moscow in one hundred thirty five history expound according to at least thirty to fifty metres in which many buildings with the most to create a wider community he also wanted the whole route completely rebuilt in style and style based plans were never fulfilled and today the grid and buildings around the golden ring change constantly most notably that you can see the soviet leader scheme is similar scrapers that were built between one hundred fifty seven and nine
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hundred fifty four and the dissidents just as there are symbols of stalin speech and still stand proud. to. also have a let's start with coming up with mr ritter there are many needs buildings around this location pretty bridges and part ways along the canal a lovely place to live in the summer sun. now for the rock and all the continuation of the. impressive looking buildings to the five star swiss guards situated not far from the kremlin and red square the elegant accommodation by. some of the rescues of the city and lots of elegance by the top moving on next week you'll see the inside of the house of music it has various state of the art concert halls and the largest organ in russia but it's a well worth taking there is also the music opened in two thousand and two. of moscow's x.-man coffee and outstanding russian musician across various courses and
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performances of both russian and internationalization is theatre and ballet companies to showcase stadium houses three ground schools. using only woods and the crest i measure and railway station is located one of the largest shopping malls in the city center at three am open from ten in the morning until eleven at night there is geoffrey think one might need here numerous high street brand shops a supermarket a multiplex cinema restaurants and cafes all under one roof the man has also been given the city for all it was as is suitable for the disabled and people with limited ability. meeting two o'clock on the golden ring it's time for some entertainment and for a ninety minute destruction head to the cinema the thirty five millimeter me across neither of the metro is housed in a rather ugly soviet building but a trick is well worth the effort. a lady's diskin will sing our calls will be of all ages fashions. so will probably miss graduates was missing something because
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this is the place and will be a year and it was quite a lot of film festival programmes. nationals not overfill. some old. a book comes to shop also guns inside the building you can find newspapers and books a mission and international cinema. a favorite place moscow's intellectuals and see the cinemas name comes in the face of the still use the original thirty five millimeter film but this just the project to remain. i'm sure looks like it did decades ago with some new technology and sound equipment handed it off as a first class experience. being in a cinema and let's move on to around the garden bring a superstar metronet prospect mira we're just about at the top of the range here we need a peaceful church with a screen on. one of the oldest and most scots as history dates back to sixteen thirty two and the end of the seventeenth century the church was especially guarded
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by piece of the great these are native a large sum of money tourists it's a beautiful landmark which i have seen many times sitting in traffic nearby is also located one of moscow's main hospitals the scripts associate scientific research institute of emergency medicine the history of this complex of gram buildings dates back two hundred g. is unconscious message from an old russian noble family to the hospital on the spot in the memory of his beloved wife in one thousand twenty three discusses the institution was founded instead of the old hospital and now moving fifty thousand patients here were treated in the hospitals fully equipped emergency surgeries and intensive care rooms. as a way one of the largest such religious situations in europe we will fall more than eight hundred thousand operations a year including trans bunch of holland liver kidneys pancreas and nowadays even see of. moving round to the west of the city now and there are several large hotels in the golden ring such as the peking that you can see here the bells in the style
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and this is in style it opens in one hundred fifty six celebrating friendly relations between the u.s. soccer and china the building of the hotel itself is a state historical and architectural monuments located near american skier natur just up the central to prescott street it's walking distance from moscow's main mox opposite the hotel that's the most obvious of the if that is true hidden away says surrounded by statues and fountains it's a pitch rest area to relax and it's also well wait a minute. speaks. to me high fees to me surge of bust year here in the russian council yaks who worked as a chef and yesterday. i got the job in london when i was back in marin but why not send you off and i am what you think of arson capital how do you think it would look before you came here i said mixed. you know see communists and perrineau thinking it might be
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a bit grim and i like it as it is pretty dry best in my mind so it's a pox and the restaurants cafe coach just exploded and i just i'm really enjoying being here actually and i've become a golden ring really is for the ip sensor or the heartbeat so off the carpets and yeah yeah i mean it's going to air around santa you very much and diplomat raised alone with the golden ring is that would be going to the traffic it's horrendous the traffic a pretty bad i mean if i go on the school run in the morning and which is a little bad sides and it takes me live america day twice a day it's you can be sitting in traffic for hours not something about the golden ring culturally to say many museums around the sky and galleries and there it is and oprah and ballet and. beautiful old mansions from dating back and. had coke is peaceful until they said this doesn't pop the surrounds and so of
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hidden away this little ok which we're right on the golden ring and it's a lovely little hidden gems that the fountain and relax and cook anyway i'm saying that about sums up today and whether it's cool just for the mindset mexican side sort of modest rules that. i've got that's. reserved to me you think into the god bring in to see well i'm here and i get you very much i'm loving it thank. you gold is the to me the first to blacktown you want to sadie's ways. in the traffic alongside city of chile this is a new trendy european bakeries open next the typical old fashioned russian productive general store was a taste of modern day most start and no final location at a section of the law but on the goldmine also sums up the capitalist russia the luxury center was the plaza owned by the south korean retailer of his a five star hotel the common store and several expensive restaurants. and heading
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up the popular clean about elites high rise handout the office some of the best fees in the capital firm for the rich and fabulous it's of us going high prices against. those using the golden ring office just a traffic ridden concrete jungle a mistaken there are numerous going to zbyszko historic mentions quaint cathedrals and many secret hideaway is around sixteen kilometers a conference to detach the moscow hold some amazing secrets. from a similarly good for the city as it was called in the seventeenth century the gold marine has come a long way and looking down on it as the full satan veins of the capital i just wonder what it will look like in centuries to come. while the view of moscow and indeed the golden ring from up here is just brilliance to me that's the song we have in this week's program i'll see you again the same time next week and sell them for me for the rest the same pay as the title play in a bar by. day
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children play war in the old keys me. in june one hundred forty one these walls will a first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow and. the funders of breast cancers were dying one by one under ceaselessly the food and water. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left
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a few simple words farewell muslims i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. wealthy british style examples of what i'd like. to see the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the cosmic watch on our t.v. they faced this is not a provocation but a warning that. they force it shifts everybody assures us a pretty train strikes they have no idea about the hardships that we face. they wanted to say yeah all of them too nice to me for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice
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and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. to true one nine hundred forty five dot dot com. greece's new finance minister takes office with a hard task of convincing people to accept furtherest terry cuts as a second wave of bailouts cast a shadow over the future of the eurozone nations like turkey earlier desperate to join up are now having a rethink. president medvedev criticizes the space throw in the russian economy and slams corruption for threatening the country's development speaking at the international atomic forum and seen bit as. its commitment to modernization and pledged drastic measures to create a better investment climate. the e.u. plans of third set of tougher sanctions against syria as
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a crackdown on protesters continues reportedly claiming at least sixteen lives on friday but some experts warn the sanctions could be paving the way for a levy a style intervention. headlines now sports with the union and all the latest well i tell you what it's lucky there no it's. his day job tell us more isn't that just the guy may have just won the n.b.a. championship with dollars so he's a lot of the little we wait but i just wish he had taken a few singing lessons you're going to see that in just a second. thanks for joining us this is sports there plenty ahead over the next ten minutes including all this and more. top versus bottom c.s.k. spar technology teams from opposite ends of the russian premier league spectrum
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meet a little later on a packed day all domestic action. awfully there are northern irishman rurally moscow roy's stretches his lead to a must set top a dozen strokes following another blistering rowing on day two of the u.s. open. to a flier petter solberg secures a comprehensive advantage over championship leader sebastian loeb after the opening stages of rally greece. on its football where began fourteen in the russian premier league kicks off a little later on saturday interest aplenty including two cities in the best team in the league versus the worst the latter seeing system also travel to null cheek to cheek on rock bottom support siesta also with a game in hand over a second seeded sneak the champions themselves take on new toys folded nizhny novgorod meanwhile could possibly eat frogs in equal victory awaits you on the car
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elsewhere as you know a mosque will be seeking their first win in the expense of f.c. each home a relegation scrap is probably the best way to describe the. visit to brush me local bragging rights are up for grabs and entertain f.c. krasnodar rubina up an eight game on beaten run to the fan would be against the off a couple class to treat them in t.v. on sports talk well it's always a lively a it gets underway at nine pm local time. the english premier league off season is beginning to heat up as to who. sturrock rivals prepare to go to war that's after former birmingham city manager alex mcleish recently committed to aston villa but his former club are now demanding compensation over their broken contract worth more than five million pounds mcleish could now have to fund bases turning against him with the villa faithful less than happy with the situation to birmingham bosses are pursuing the legal part of the deal threatening to report to
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the premier league unless the contract matters are sorted the fifty two year old is set to replace houllier at villa who was forced to step down into two month thing health problems is. to the greens or remark or oil is simply in a league of his own little moments continuing his own precept into dominance the us open the northern ireland native setting a thirty six hole record for the major leaving by a mass of six shots after those two runs the twenty two year old drawing comparisons to currently injured tiger woods during his initial rise to the top this eagle on the rolling and perfectly helping mcelroy card a magnificent sixty five to add to this day one sixty six greats course mark arroyo actually reached the thirteen under after the seventeenth all which has never been done before the tournament and while a bogey on the it didn't seven bucks some his exploits were still enough for a six through lead over the nearest chaser y.-e. yang to royce standing afterwards he took
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a lot away from his recent final run collapse at the masters. it's mostly to do with my attitude more than anything else. you know took a few things away from the masters that i thought i could incorporate into my in my game and. i said at the start of the week well we'll find out how they go when i get myself into that position again so you know we'll we'll see how it goes over the next couple days i think are very greedy to get more talent as my whole body i mean he is unbelievably talented you see kid i know how old is twenty one twenty two. numbers and. the cells he does he does everything well but can he keep it going for the next two days we'll have to wait and see let's turn our attention to the rally of acropolis nowhere petter solberg is the man to catch after day one the norwegian in a great position to claim his first win of the season and turn the table somewhat on teammate on seven time defending champion sebastian loeb huge fifty one point
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six second question at the top for the thirty six year old who won for sixty just on the day the battle of the super ensconce brett hence of lee won by the privately owned solberg orange this time around logo suffered. culture near the end of stage five which set the french front back into third place but the thirty seven year old went on to win states six that got themselves but off to second place with it all to do as he seeks a three consecutive win of this season. in the n.b.a. the dallas mavericks are continuing to soaking glory after winning their first ever championship in the teens thirty one year history their company hitting all the right notes eighteen to offset the miami heat and six games. i think it's the formants in the finals just a touch better than his rendition of the famous victory song another long tenure
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thirty two year old gets to his legacy by helping bring a first ever title to the mavs operates of two hundred thousand fans singing along enjoying every single wayward note in celebration of the franchise's greatest ever day. i. can stuff no one man aiming to share in those n.b.a. winning scenes in the coming years is ricky rubio the spawn a star and ending two years of speculation after announcing he's to join the minnesota timberwolves next season from barcelona busk a twenty year old rubio had been drafted in two thousand and nine by minnesota put a massive by clause postpone the deal until now. i will play with the best i believe the n.b.a. is the best league in the world when you are there you face took and i is you can
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see whether you are capable of playing there or not you can do that until you go. sure to be a star that young man one of the main build up of bench for the tour de france remains wide open with just two stages left to go the tour still being led by damian no connector but a host of big names like not too far behind stage seven promising another hard day of climbing two hundred twenty three kilometers in all three countries would also be taken in with a start in the liechtenstein progressing to switzerland on finishing in austria an early breakaway of seventeen riders set the pace on the twenty three kilometers to go it was thomas again to grass to lead the belgian proving he's got the finishing power taking the win ahead of meaning champion lichtenstein's most famous athlete on the schleck it's italian connla who holds on to his overall advantage though despite finishing almost five minutes behind tickets. now there will be a chinese yacht in the volvo ocean race for the first ever time this year team
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sonnier from the high non-problems entering the world's most prestigious sailing events sunday it will also be the first all chinese back to vessel in the competition however there is a familiar face at the helm with a new zealander mike summerson appointed skipper of the two thousand and six sailor of the year and one of the most experienced yachtsman in the business taking time to help promote holding facilities in china summerson also hopes to draft in a few native chinese crew members for the start of the race which gets underway in october. you know we have very short of time and we don't have time to build a new boat so we need we need to see this and we need to get the message across it was a stepping stone for the future sit some really realistic goals for this time the only goals here could be to try and get on the podium a few times and try and really punch above their weight so. on some on the expectations. finally n.b.a.
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stars to white hart and a hundred curling being busy slapping high fives with basketball fans in moscow the events called n.b.a. five united seeing hundreds of kids play the game learn new tricks and simply have bit of fun this is just a snippet of the pick of the action from the new sneaky stadium. oh oh. oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh hello thanks. so much i. played. the cello played
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a. push to start. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh. oh now it's all your sports i'll see you soon the weather though is coming up
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