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would be soon which brightened a few. songs from silence to the sun. don't come. to like the e.u. agonizes over curbing its catastrophic debt and ballooning budget as other countries ones eager to join a lot of second thoughts. but how to start a global crisis happening again major business and political leaders and discuss just that of the international economic forum which is just wrapped up in some places but. syria faces a third round of e.u. sanctions amid more deadly antigovernment crackdowns which saw more than a dozen dead and thousands range nationwide.
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you're watching r t it's now eight pm here in moscow my name is kevin owen with you tonight in our top story a real wall that so greece's latest finance minister sums up the job ahead of him he's been tasked with securing another multi billion euro bailout the criteria for which means slapping an outright hostile greek public with more steadily cuts and some countries like turkey which once harbored dreams of e.u. membership of getting to rethink their plans these days too. if you talked about turkey in the e.u. ten years ago turkey's hopes of joining would have been inseparable from joining the euro not anymore turkey's attitude in short can be summed up very simply very glad going to part of the euro took on the street seemed to have a wide range of opinions on the euro but their countries doorstep europe's economy
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is worse now turkey says improving turkey is improving in all fields but europe is going backwards say we don't really them. people are using the euro is an investment to earn money here is a more reliable and turkish money they push people don't want to save their money in the euro. few invest in euros you get more than the euro is also stronger than dollars having said that i don't want to risk investing. but academics analyzing public opinion have found a common logic and decisions about the euro people polled don't care about wider economics but about their own personal finance its. economy is actually beyond the important factor that will make euro skeptic or euro via the public opinion analysts are keen to point out that further economic integration into europe doesn't just mean money and that people should only think about their pocketbook economics they have that they can think the freedom of the labor the
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freedom of service you know women of service these are all integrated in others so it's not only exams of many or turks turkish new leading thinkers there and the thing. one thing everyone does agree on is the mess the eurozone is in whereas turkey's economy grew nine percent last year and over ten percent in the first quarter of this year europe especially southern europe has come to the point of catastrophe because of excessive borrowing greece has so far been the worst hit it sound others economic disasters have meant appeals for bailouts and this makes it difficult for national governments to defend. presently pouring more money into the coffers of irresponsible or inefficient members with increasing tension in need you are economic mismanagement some for seed big problems ahead economic cooperation.
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based on a single currency in europe. is. going to be history in the near future meaning that turkey will likely remain independent trader for some time to come turkey's markets are famous to tourists and traders alike taking that mercantile spirit to europe at once seemed like a good idea but with all the riches here it's not in europe no longer seems like such a profitable move tom martin r.t. istanbul turkey. all while the e.u. struggles of political members out of a destructive unfold spiral the countries which stuck to their own currencies are breathing a sigh of relief and that's a view from germany too which has always been a cheap proponent of the. those european nations not the europe will no be much stronger much more can because those who did the right thing well it didn't work there's no way we can avoid it before it will have to be done. with the european
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community everybody together if the greeks leave. that is like you know a lot stronger modern major league of great into the system but if you want to be truly all the economic you no longer could both be like an economist i think a stress test solution because. once you know you. drill you and once you can do so once you've done all you retain your competitiveness only international market this is because the example. which broke out of the monetary union with the us dollar now is that we. have got a few minutes on the program but highly qualified people destined for a low quality like china whom verjuice is one university graduate but it can cope with churning out thousands of virtually worthless degrees every year as we report
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. all that though in some places but leading business and political figures have been thrashing out our best to avoid another fatal economic meltdown the last session of economic reforms taken place in the city which is also getting major firms to take a fresh look at investing in russia but isn't this it now isn't it for us. of course the main topic at a session on caldwell financing with european officials there is going to be the girl crisis a lot has to be aside from the two officials finless presidents face prime minister post stated that it's not a euro crisis that the separate countries in the eurozone are having crises and they kind of outlined that because about the euro crisis the currency being weak is really as they see it the currency is very strong back could of course be too faded from the president of kazakhstan and president medvedev we heard a little less optimistic things are probably euro saying that it could be expected that when so many different states get together and share one currency that
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eventually they're going to run into problems overall house to do the session went pretty optimistically resumes ready for taking out that the economy is a lot like the weather here in st petersburg one day but on the first day of the form you have beautiful sunshine on the next day you have rain and that's how really experts in these officials are looking at the economy and optimistic that eventually they will somehow get out of it the main challenge though that europe the european union i should say and russia and countries like cause accent are facing is not to allow the euro crisis to affect their trade and that's really what was the focus at this final session it has to be said as well though that the final question actually from the moderator wasn't in fact about money it was the question that was really on everyone's mind and would it come up before the end of the forum and that of course is whether or not president medvedev is going to run for reelection here is what. but when i consider it appropriate to
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tell you whether i will do it or not i will come out and say yes this forum is not the best place for that one thing you can be sure of is that i would be able to avoid making that statement i will have to tell the people of russia i'm going to announce who's interested about my decision so secret that president medvedev may run for him as president and if you run. the real action will certainly be modernization that's what he's hoping this forum with and this is the best place to really work in detail on projects like school of the woods of course the plan to build as someone like to work on the alley institute just outside moscow it's well underway for development a lot of c.e.o.'s of figures here for the three day summit in st petersburg from silicon valley the head eric schmidt. and they're actually meeting with all of the officials from spoke about working side by side with them to make sure i did this project moves and develop the simply as possible so it's a great venue for the movers and shakers as we call them to really get together
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with these officials and in a very informal manner because that's the way they think that it's the time. wars of peace bergen our own business boards in about fifty minutes time and later this hour indeed as well a special edition of oxys on the money program for you people of course newspaper the forward what lies ahead i think for business here in russia. now on the way as well how to get a face lift in the frost. this russian orthodox church has wandered far from its home i'm sean thomas here. and coming up on r.t. we explore the world the southernmost the russian orthodox church. the later show to find seguin syria's president to set the scene at least some of the sixteen people killed as thousands of people protested in major cities urging him to go he was lighting up a third round of sanctions now too likely to target companies dealing in syria's economy meanwhile the united states has discussed u.n. action in the region with russia moscow's condemned the violence calling on both
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sides to gauge and talks and says it will not support any u.n. resolution that may result in intervention but antiwar activists brought back and told us that sanctions are only the first step towards a y. direction. the e.u. if it adopts these new sanctions the third wave of sanctions there incrementally ask relating the u.s. and western european intervention into syria i think that we're going down the road as we went in libya where one step leads to another step they're climbing the escalation letter they have a very sort of selective concern for the lives of protesters and democracy movements or movements they call themselves democracy movements you take bahrain they're they're they're condoning the crackdown and peaceful protesters i think what's really happening is that syria syria has been targeted by the united states and also in principally by. france and the u.k. for regime change and i think they see this growing protest movement in the
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possible slippage of the country in the direction of civil war as an opportunity to overthrow what has been considered to be an independent government in syria but east watches have been telling us that are saying that the u.s. may talk of public protection concerns but actually it has its eyes and a different price. all the talk of exporting democracy and all that sort of preaching to the rest of the world i find is highly inconsistent and it's hypocritical and in the case of syria in particular i think the u.s. is caught between wanting to be out but at same time mortified by what the alternative would be in syria which in my view is completely unjustified it's not necessarily going to turn into a fundamentalist islamist state or anything like that what we are seeing there are really a spirit for freedom and democracy and us while we could have been if you
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like played a more consistent role in foreign policy hasn't done. also any sort of intervention there with. which is based purely on this desire for stability is one to be on the counterproductive. still the car was parked about to get sued for going to libya without asking congress we asked people in new york whether the was worth. the wait time only and in the lives of the young did you think this is maybe another that we're doing it because it was a reason all in all. that another takes on america's military motivations as gathered by the resident in just a few minutes time. many may have enviously watched china's surging growth but it's proven to be flawed in at least one area the rapid expansion of universities cities and wash with former students on the employment scrap people forced into menial jobs anymore to report from the rise of china as
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a graduate. despite the global slowdown china's economy is booming and its cities are expanding at a seemingly unstoppable pace as people look to leave their paul rural backgrounds behind in search of the chinese economic miracle and one of the largest groups of people currently moving into china cities are university graduates like those from this campus in downtown beijing however many are arriving to find their degrees are virtually worthless the streets are paved with anything but gold these graduates often end up living in the most basic and squalid of conditions and forced to do menial jobs sociologists have dubbed them the ant tribes and there are thought to be more than one hundred thousand living in beijing alone in june chin is one such and he shares a twenty square meter room with five other graduates in a former workers dormitory in the north of beijing washing and toilet facilities
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are shared and there is nowhere for them to cook but it's not just the answer but the suffering forcing my parents and sister went through a lot of hardship to see if the money of it put me through university i studied hard and did part time jobs to support myself you know the all i can find is unskilled part time work so i really feel like i'm letting them down. part of the problem is that there are simply too many university graduates now entering the system in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when the government began to seriously look at expanding higher education chinese universities that were producing eight hundred thirty thousand graduates a year in two thousand and ten but number was six million and it's still growing but. on the one hand chinese universities were already in a weak state we lead in weaker with the rapid expansion so the education received by many of today's graduates has been very cool. we have
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a whole generation who are used to having everything going for them you cannot do that for themselves he's going to give people like this work. with reports of rising taking place in some untried areas the government is now looking to take action the measures being discussed include limiting residence permits to skilled professionals and introducing electronic id cards for outsiders without a stable job however with the number of graduates entering the workforce set to continue rising there seems little hope in sight for china's own tribes and remorse and r.t. beijing just quit right of course if you missed something on air you can always watch it at your leisure and are caught we've got loads lined up for you there as always tonight in fact cause i kindergarten what's the story well a four year old boy is one of the more things against the circus that he bought and put on the governor show it's an article compromised by. the american tycoon says there's always room for and makes an offer to the sexting scandal politician but
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r.t. . if . if. you. trinity has offered one of its islands as a venue for possible talks between the libyan opposition and impact leader colonel gadhafi but any negotiations will only go ahead if there are overseen by the african union and russia according to the kremlin special envoy to the area he says the rebel seeing russia is a crucial partner in mediating the conflict while growing ever more skeptical of western involvement and president obama's actions in libya have earned him a lawsuit at home to use being accused of violating the constitution leading politicians say he reached retirement for military action abroad without permission from congress. or the residents to new york sidewalks to hear what people there think of sending more troops into more countries probably.
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number one in the world to show the world we can still do it even though you're going to be some of the best we can have we can still do it why is that so important to be number one has to be he has to be one of the one better be as we think about. the americans as being some kind of. world police you know you think about us dick yes you don't think there's any algerian motive. no oil interests no economic interest no i don't know what do we want to accomplish that. just the safety of the people to waste their money and the lives of young people you know did you think this is maybe another reason that we're doing it of course one reason only. i don't think it's logical or of that makes any sense granting there's a big disconnect between what people in government are thinking and what they think
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we want and what we're letting them know that we once. had maybe our priorities aren't the same so you have all these countries in the middle east where the people are standing up against their government lying people in the u.s. standing up against their government thank you a bring our troops out i don't think that one day that will happen you know there was an arab. spring maybe that america will have its own spring no matter how you feel about the imperialism of united states the bottom line you let's be fair it's not going to anytime their. so called the burra tree of deaths been destroyed in a special operation of russia's north caucasus republic of dagestan around a dozen powerful homemade bombs were discovered in the underground compound it was said in a forest official said the raid prevented terrorists across the republican it's saved many lives all the bombs have been destroyed a number of cell phones were also found which could have been used to trigger explosions the operation came of terror suspect was arrested the same and. also the
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news tonight sectarian clashes in northern lebanon have killed seven people including a fourteen year old the government deployed army troops in the city could prevent violence masquerading between sunni and alawite muslims it clashed after protests over the rule of president the sat in neighboring syria lebanese sunni are strongly against the regime there while the alawite minority support assad belongs to the nomination. work on contaminated water which are plans fukushima nuclear plants behold hit after radiation surges well above safe levels authorities are anxious that the water inside the damage facility could spread further radiation into the environment meanwhile you an atomic energy agency report criticized and failing to put essential safety measures in place in the wake of the disaster. more than half a million people fled areas ravaged by severe floods in the yangtze river valley in central and southern china the military's been mobilized to help rescue efforts now
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and the disaster alerts been raised to the highest possible level the heavy rains and flooding of already left one hundred five people dead and sixty five missing the downpours expected to continue for several days. when it comes to devout religious worship the russian orthodox church will go to the ends of the earth for its faithful flock ulti sean thomas reports next on the same side to the south pole . so. a top up picture ask a rocky hill overlooking the scene so it's a typical in a tiny russian orthodox church though this scene looks like it could be taken right out of a siberian picture book think again. at the work this is important so far this is the only antarctic station that has a russian orthodox church. in fact the trinity church is the southernmost russian orthodox church on the planet and getting it here was not an easy operation. in two thousand and two they built the temple from the cedar tree in altai the church
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was built and it sat there for a while until the end of two thousand and three they numbered all the parts every beam was disassembled and they transported it to kaliningrad from there it was shipped all the way here to antarctica since feb fifteenth two thousand and four the church has been officially up and running with the orthodox church providing a staff of two specially trained months each year but given the extreme climate in which they operate they face extreme challenges as well. because the conditions in antarctica are unusual with strong winds we need to hold back the power of the wind with such strong tight walls and special chang's sometimes the rain here comes out as horizontally with the wind so that water is not just coming through the cracks but also it can climb up which to leak inside. now trinity church has become a sort of antarctica landmark even becoming somewhat of a tourist destination for v.i.p.'s and diplomats. no matter who visits this church they always say it's beautiful it's a remarkable church made out of good in
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a russian architectural tradition. more than just a popular tourist destination the building at. george island is a gem of the russian orthodox church and it's a fully functioning for thirty even performing rare matrimonial honors for those. i came here for a long stay sixteen months and i had no idea that there was. the church in russia i was not a frequent visitor to the church but here somehow i started to be before i left russia i promise if i want it i'll bring her here i was not sure how but i promised that i would whilst atlanta was still in russia i got the idea why not have our wedding in this church. also inscribed one of only two copies to have been married to a trinity making their marriage part of antarctic history in antarctica seans on the spot. now was putting thomas in pittsburgh this weekend in a few minutes we get the lowdown on how to boost russia's investment climate the
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first bout presents the highlights of the economic forum that. that's right these are the days when the sun doesn't set on russia's northern copyable but it is going down on the rush is on the st petersburg international economic forum or president dmitry medvedev capped off the entire event with a address during a panel discussion that he shared with the president of finland the prime minister of spain and the president of kazakhstan where they discussed the challenges facing the global economy the russian president called on all countries to jointly handle challenges facing the global financial system and he said united efforts and policy will help pull countries out of the deadlock and the doldrums that are facing the global financial system he said a key priority for russia in this case is to integrate more with other countries in the global economy and foster better cooperation with all of them and part of that
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a keystone of all that he believes is the establishment of moscow europe's largest city as a major financial hub for the global financial system europe is looking toward is looking toward this he believes and he believes that moscow is uniquely positioned to provide that service he's proposed in this case to expand moscow's borders currently seeking to move the jobs of large institutions out towards the outskirts of the city and bring those outskirts of the city not currently incorporated as part of the city system in order to free up space in the city center and downtown for a new business to go when there are more private business to bring more capital letter free up congested space in the congested downtown in order to bring more economic growth to moscow and really establish what is as i've said europe's largest city as a major financial hub not just a regional one we talk more about this with. the t.v.
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capital who believes that it is a key things you create a good environment for international work in the city center of moscow. i believe one of the main child. which is. what we've heard actually here in the forum as well is the lack of his infrastructure the legal system. in russia i think and i said this war please put down this to make sure that there is easy nice . to gays in this business is to do business in moscow one thing was the government souls this i think my school will become much of a financial center. but jack are not from elbrus capital management believes it's also important to boost domestic capital in russia so i would like to immediately points to. one weakness of the russian financial system which has to be addressed and it's very unique looking. from a global perspective no other major economy in the world such
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a tremendous lack of for domestic capital for the field of financial market being of a quick peaceful process they need that sense russia is very unique we virtually no present the solenoid system so for patients and mutual farms which would provide the mystique of the earth to support the equity markets and to provide liquidity for the i think that's a very specific domestic problem that go forward to sell food for as you know that provides the background for successfully creating a financial service to this meeting often being called russia's answer to davos the st petersburg international economic forum of course had a lot of big business that went along with it a part of that fifty contracts having been cited out of just some seven billion dollars worth of work that was accomplished here among the deals the website a memorandum of agreement with the russian atomic agency to establish an eco system for nuclear medical research here in the country so that's an important point also as i had mentioned spanish prime minister zapatero in st petersburg for our work on
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the conference and russia and spain working on contracts that were worth some eight hundred million euros when they put pen to paper here in st petersburg on. among them the countries will jointly build new trains and they are working to develop oil and gas here in russia so that's a new business that investment coming into the country always a good thing for the leadership here russia and spain aiming to boost trade to about ten billion dollars a year or so a lot of big business coming get out of the st petersburg international economic forum on day three of the gathering and that's the business news here on r t stay with us headlines up next.
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the live the movie is. just so. it's.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand jammers. front panel field several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see it we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is a very most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing our oh my god. but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to charles de leon cooper story on archie.


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