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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2011 2:31pm-3:01pm EDT

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the river space is a major renovation it's the perfect place to relax in the city and the place to start. moving around the ring. and had to. drive around the garden you'll see it's a cultural mishmash of apartment blocks shops and. drive. hundred cities in russia including. a fun way to see the sights of the god just make sure to get on the right a mistake i.
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travel. exceptionally friendly. very slow. for any length it's much cheaper than public transport to cities. in one hundred thirty five has to expand. to fill in with many buildings were demolished to create the. whole route completely built in style and style plans were never fulfilled and today the bridge and buildings around the ring change constantly most notably you can see the. skyscrapers that were built between
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nine hundred forty seven and nine hundred fifty four. symbols of stalin's vision and still standing proud. there are many buildings around this location with pretty bridges impossible. summer sun. now further up. impressive looking buildings to the five star swiss situated not far from the kremlin square the. use of the city. moving on next week you'll see a house of music it has various stages concert halls and the largest in russia. taking. two. x. men. and outstanding. performances of both
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russian and international musicians theater and ballet companies to showcase stadium houses to greek. station is located one of the largest in the city center. at night if you think. street branch shops a supermarket a multiplex cinema restaurants and cafes all under one roof. a city for. the disabled and people. it's time for some entertainment and for a ninety minute destruction when you head to the cinema the. metro is housed in a. building but a trip to the. fashion's
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. problem is. missing something conscious of suffice and will leave a year because the film festival programs. nationals. from all over the world the book and the shop also runs inside the building you can find newspapers and books a russian and international cinema. a favorite place of moscow's intellectuals and see the cinemas name comes in the face of the still use the original thirty five millimeter film at this dusty project a room here i'm sure looks like it did decades ago with some new technology and sound equipment added it off as a first class experience. in a cinema and let's move on to around the garden bring it so chris can metronet prospect mirror with just about at the top of the range can we meet a beautiful church with its green on. one of the oldest and most of its history dates back to sixteen thirty two in the end of the seventeenth century the church
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was especially guarded by piece of the great he donated a large sum of money tourists it's a beautiful landmark which i have seen many times sitting in traffic nearby as you said located one of moscow's main hospitals the swift scientific research institute of medicine the history of this complex of gram buildings dates back two hundred one can show a message from an old russian noble family to the hospital on the spot in the memory of his beloved wife in one thousand twenty three discus lawsky institute was founded instead of the old hospital and now within fifty thousand patients are treated in hospitals fully equipped emergency surgeries and intensive care rooms. say one of the largest such religious situations in europe. than eighteen thousand operations a year including transients of heart liver kidneys pancreas and nowadays even logs of. moving around to the west of the. now there are several large hotels in the
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golden ring such as the peking that you can see here. built in the style and consistent style it opened in one nine hundred fifty six so the bracing friendly relations between the us song and china the building of the hotel itself is a state historical and actual monuments located near american skier metro just up the central to postcard street it's walking distance from moscow's main. it was a hotel mix the most obvious of the it's a true away source surrounded by statues and fountains it's a peach rest area to relax and it's also where we are meeting this week's guests sally let me say hi fi smee so your first year here in the russian capital yes as a chef and yesterday. i got the job back in london when i was working there and so i know. what you think of arson capital how do you think it would look before you came here i had mixed. communist and. thinking it
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might be grim and i quite like it it's pretty divests in my mind so it's a pox and restaurants cafe coach just explained it and i just i'm really enjoying being here actually and i'm really as for the ip center or the heartbeat of the capital yeah yeah i mean if you're going to air around the center you very much and on that one problem with the golden ring is. being with the traffic it's horrendous the traffic. pretty bad i mean if i go to school right in the morning which is a little bit outside it takes me. twice a day that you can be sitting in traffic i was not sorry about the golden ring culturally to say many museums around moscow and galleries and there is a friend ballet and. beautiful old mansions dating back.
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and. he's been able. to surround them so hidden away ok which. is a lovely little hidden gem that the fountain lacks and could be any way of saying that about sums up the school just a moment because i said about a school. that's. obvious to me thank you enjoy the god bring it especially well thank you very much i'm loving it thanks. to gold ring is the appeal to me to blacks out to buy from sadie's waits in the traffic alongside so the trolley bus is a new trendy european bakeries open next the typical old fashioned russian productive jungle stools a taste of mutton time will start. the final location at the intersection of you are back on the gold ring also sums up capitalist russia the luxury center of the plaza by the south korean retailer of his a five star hotel department store and several expensive restaurants. on heading up
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the popular clean about elites high rise hangout the office some of the best feast in the capital food for the rich and fabulous it's about sky high prices kids. those who think they're going to bring office just the traffic ridden concrete jungle the mistaken there are numerous going to speak for historic mentions quinn's cathedrals and many secret hideaway is around sixteen kilometers a conference. a moscow hold some amazing secrets. from the. city as it was called in the seventeenth century the gold ring has come a long way and looking down on it as the safety veins of the capital i just wonder what it will look like in situations to come. wow that. is just brilliant. and we have in this week's program i'll see you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest the team. pay at the top of the ball.
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moves. just so. this.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead is a. battlefield several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story. on r t.
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one stream cascading from mountain slopes the view is mesmerizing. but this beauty brings death at a speed of more than two hundred kilometers from. stepping down avalanche on our journey hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on r.t. . the top stories from r.t. tonight the e.u. agonizes over curbing its catastrophic debt and ballooning budget as other countries ones eager to join the bloc have second thoughts now. the million dollar question how to stop a global crisis happening again major business and political leaders have discussed
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just that on the international economic forum that's wrapped up in st petersburg. syria faces a third round of e.u. sanctions amid more deadly anti government crackdowns which saw move in a dozen there and thousands rage nationwide. today to forty five year moscow thanks for being with us tonight busy weekend of sport it is natasha's got all the details next. you know what you are tease for some date our top stories this hour it's premier league time here in russia all teams to to the pitch on saturday including says come all scoville beach all bottom spartak not you can one of those games. dragon lagged announce his retirement from basketball right after his to most to clinch the ninth consecutive russian championship title. and then the two
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to swiss dummy out of can now go retains the overall lead but sunday's final time trial could change ready to go with live really frank schleck and steven cruz rick all in the hunt for the overall title. and we begin with football it says scott have retained that top spot in the russian prime in the extending. bottom spot to nail on saturday muscovites needed twenty minutes to take the lead say you do in b.m. made all the ride moves to put the leaders in front and midway through the second halts were awarded a penalty else may be due for love in the area said big didn't miss from the spot meaning the match would finish to neo a third straight win field says coffin remain two points above sin needs with a game in hand. meanwhile were also when i was on the road making a successful trip to news new norgrove where they beat premier league new boys alexander the kids are cool with the brace which was enough to see the reigning
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russian champions claim yet another confident victory this season. in the meantime might have put an end to their three game losing streak after beating f.c. taught him all the girls coming in the self and this one and all were made possible for a former liverpool man on the day following in the ukrainian. international festus is to exhibit opened after twenty seven minutes kevin ryan he then doubled the number as they do eleven minutes later again with the help from darwin and late in the first fine example of what is the final result of three male. elsewhere terry who just sacked manager route came out on top against second from bottom creating the spartak moscow man the example mankind that's in for the trench and twenty minutes and after the break shot a meal out of made it to neil from the spot following alexander you know saves handball in the area so to nail the final score in grozny. and the vienna match
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proceeded on xiii failed to leapfrog zenaida's they would have to draw a car roberto carlos unable to help move the visitors over the side as it and. elsewhere across the bar while the battle would say the rivals scoop wind one nail full which numbers are being are still in the action after all still with the latest schools that sue won to a ravine and the late clash is a capital dobby between looking might see one spark tock which also nears its and spartak suniel up in the final minutes that. tennis now admitted it was one of has won his first day to be singles title in exactly two years after defeating croats evolved is the final of the units of open in the netherlands the russian world number seventy prevailing with these six three six two despite the match being stopped at one stage due to rain. so wimbledon in the main man's event and
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has been joined against a lot of is. opening round. all the ladies side really overcame that and the re they get on to playing the title in this and so plaintive scenes including russia's veterans will not over and both williams sisters go. in very early stages. all into the and one of the main build up events for the tour de france remains why the hell would just one day left it to this with still being led by. the host of big names law i know too far behind following the penultimate stage slovak saga on the was the quickest in the one hundred sixty seven kuhlmann to ride edging out mad course and then swift in the spring finished overall bulky more lemar has dropped to fifth while the big beneficiary was frank schleck who moved up to a third of the cool magaw held on to his advantage despite finishing in the peloton
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his main rival on sunday will most likely be american levy allies fool for overall but dutchman stephen cruz vixie the second around a minute and a half back could also be a threat. now russia's women's basketball schools have won their opening match of the european championships in poland the two thousand and seven continental champions trailed slovakia the first off but still back later in the game to record a sixty eight to sixty six make sure and group a last time russia to the silver medals at the euro championships losing to france in the final. and alter the men's game we go would say the sky shooting god trojan langdon has announced his retirement from the spools the decision made just days after the muscovites clinched and ninth straight domestic league title the american had played in need salutes a key and in the n.b.a. with the cavaliers before signing up with center in two thousand and five he also spent one season with the now more skilled thirty five year old lend them has won
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the russian championship six times when he was part of the euro league winning school in two thousand and eight and was named the final fool most valuable player that season. in the meantime the dallas mavericks are continuing to soak in glory after winning their first of a championship in the team's thirty one year history dirk nowitzki on company heating all the right notes as a team to upset the star staff started miami heat in six games. we. serve. no excuse before months in the finals just a touch better than his rendition of the famous victory song and now the long tenured thirty two year old gets to add to his legacy by helping bring a first ever title to the mavericks upwards of two hundred thousand fans singing along enjoying every single wayward notes in celebration of the team's greatest day .
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and one man aiming to share in those n.b.a. winning scenes in the coming years as ricky rubio the spanish stolid and seeing two years of speculation after an l.z. he has to join the minnesota timberwolves next season from barcelona basket twenty year old rubio had been drafted in two thousand and nine by the same team the wolves but a massive buyout clause but spelled the deal until now. i will play with the best i believe the n.b.a. is the best league in the world when you are there you face to play is that you can see whether you are capable of playing though not because until you go. now on to the special olympics a sporting event due to kick off in greece on the twenty fifth of june russia will be sending over three hundred athletes to the games involving mentally disabled sports men and their own sounds as if it's the mets with the country's deputy
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sports tourism and youth ball is a minister pavel call up call for his curating the russian branch of the organization over seven thousand five hundred athletes and all will be competing in twenty events this summer including basketball badminton bowling golf judo athletics and of course football the special games were founded in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight as part of the worldwide olympic movement and have been held every four years since them. for the first time the russian delegation for the special summer olympics is equipped in the same style with the same food it's very important for all of you and also for us to spectators who would be supporting you to the very end and we should success the german to the competition and of course we were to break with medals and victories. and finally n.b.a. stars dwight howard and andre kirilenko have been busy slapping high fives with basketball fans here in moscow the event called and be a five united saying hundreds of kids play the game learn new tricks simply have
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some fun and this is just a snippet of the pick of the action from the luzhniki stadium. hello. hello playing here just. so. late. in the middle of. the solo played a. good schedule. to. push to still. look.
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good. and that was useful for this hour stay tuned for the weather update coming up shortly after this.
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today children play war in the old keys me. but in june one hundred forty one these walls will a first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow. sunders arrests were done one by one under siege the son. was. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words. very well mother i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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fifty. five. to tonight the e.u. agonizes of occurring is catastrophic debt and ballooning budget as other countries ones eager to join the bloc have second thoughts. but how to stop a global crisis happening again major business and political leaders to discuss just that the international economic forum it's wrapped up in some papers and we
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report on it. also syria faces a third round of e.u. sanctions amid more deadly antigovernment crackdowns but seeing more than a dozen dead and thousands raged nationwide. who welcome from r.t. if you just joined us it's eleven pm here in moscow my name's kevin irwin with you this hour in our top story the real war that so greece's latest finance minister sums up the job ahead of him he's been tasked with securing another multibillion euro bailout the criteria for which means slapping an outright hostile greek public with more austerity cuts this is some countries like turkey which once harbored dreams of e.u. membership beginning to rethink their plans. if you talked about turkey in the e.u.
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ten years ago turkey's hopes of joining would have been inseparable from joining the euro not anymore turkey's attitude in short can be summed up very simply. part of the your right now took on the streets seem to have a wide range of opinions on the euro but their country's doorstep with europe's economy is worse now turkey's is improving turkey is improving in all fields but europe is going backwards so we don't need them. to fish people are using the year as an investment to earn money here is a more reliable and turkish money people don't want to save their money in the euro . few invest in euros you get more than the euro is also stronger than dollars having said that i don't want to risk investing. but academics analyzing public opinion have found a common logic in decisions about the euro people polled don't care about wider economics but about their own personal finances. economy is actually
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beyond me.


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