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turkey's economy grew nine percent last year and over ten percent in the first quarter of this year europe especially southern europe has come to the point of catastrophe because of excessive borrowing greece has so far been the worst hit it sound others economic disasters have meant appeals for bailouts this makes it difficult for national governments to defend it. personally pouring more money into the coffers of irresponsible or inefficient members within creasing tension in the economic mismanagement some forsee big problems ahead because army corp. based on a single currency in europe. is. going to be history in the near future meaning that turkey will likely remain an independent trader to some time to come turkey's markets are famous to tourists and traders alike taking that mercantile spirit to europe what once seemed like
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a good idea but with all the riches here not in europe you no longer seems like such a profitable move on r.t. istanbul turkey. and while be used to pull its members out of a destructive default spiral the countries which talk to their own currencies are breathing a sigh of relief and that city from germany which has always been the chief proponent of. those european nations that are not the you're much stronger much more. there's the right thing. there's no way we can avoid a default it will have to be done. with by the european community everybody together if the greeks leave. that is like you know a lot stronger mind you know medium range of weight into this is them but if you want to be truly economic you know. things like an economist
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i think a stress test solution because. once you know you can you devalue and once you can once your value you can retain your competitiveness on the international market does that after all it was the example of argentina which broke out of the monetary. well the u.s. dollar is the. this is see earned in a few minutes time for you the highly qualified people destined for a local to my china's produces more university graduates than it can with churning out thousands of that she watches degrees every year. how to avoid another economic meltdown that's been the latest topic for discussion at the international economic forum in st petersburg the gathering wrapped up on saturday night hosted dealt with the horizons for investment in russia and how to give developing countries more clout in the international munter fund and world bank and it's in
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the details of course the main topic at a session on global financing with european officials there is going to be the euro crisis but what has to be aside from the two officials in was president spain's prime minister post stated that it's not a euro crisis that the separate countries in the eurozone are having crises and they kind of outlined that the part about the euro crisis or the currency being weak is really as they see it the currency is very strong that could of course be too faded from the president of kazakhstan and president medvedev we heard a little less optimistic things are probably euro saying that it could be expected that when so many different states get together and share one currency that eventually they're going to run into problems overall how to do so this session went pretty optimistically president medvedev pointing out that the economy is a lot like the weather here in st peter's for one day but on the first day of the form you have beautiful sunshine on the next day you have rain and that's how
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really experts in these officials are looking at the economy and optimistic that eventually they will somehow get out of that the main challenge so that you are of the european union i should say and russia and countries like kazakhstan are facing is not to allow the euro crisis to affect their trade and that's really what was the focus at this final session it has to be said is. well though that the final question actually from the moderator wasn't in fact about money it was the question that was really on everyone's mind and would it come up before the end of the forum and that of course is whether or not president medvedev is going to run for reelection here is what he said. but i was but when i consider it appropriate to tell you whether i will do it or not i will come out and say it this forum is not the best place for that one thing you can be sure of is that i would be able to avoid making that statement i will have to tell the people of russia and anyone else who's interested about my decision so secret that president medvedev may want
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for him as president and if you run for reelection it will certainly be modernization that's what he opened this forum with and this is the best place to really work in detail on projects like spoke about what's the plan to build someone like silicone valley institute just outside moscow it's well underway in terms of development a lot of c.e.o.'s of figures here for the three day summit in st petersburg from silicon valley we had eric schmidt. and they're actually meeting with all of the officials from the scope of i working side by side with them to make sure that this project moves and develops the simply as possible so it's a great venue for the movers and shakers as we call them to really get together with these officials and in a very informal matter present the way they think that it should be done. and will from saying what is the business but in about fifteen minutes time. don't go away i have to get
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a facelift and if from. this russian orthodox church has wandered far from its home on sean thomas in antarctica and coming up on r.t. we explore the world southern most russian orthodox church. the syrian regime has apparently started an operation to prevent people from fleeing violence in the country troops backed by turns have swept into town. very close to the turkish border to stem the flow of refugees to turkey human rights activists say the action will prevent food and water reaching some two thousand displaced people meanwhile lining up the third round of sanctions like you to target companies with syrian dealings have discussed possible pressure on damascus at the united nations with russia but moscow says it won't back any resolution that may bring military action and middle east expert says that any armed in that intervention would be counterproductive. all the talk call for exporting democracy and all that sort of
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preaching rest of the world i find is highly inconsistent and is hypocritical and in the case of syria in particular i think the u.s. is caught between wanting to be out but at same time mortified by what the alternative would be in syria which in my view is completely unjustified it's not necessarily going to turn into a fundamentalist islamic states or anything like what we are seeing there are really for freedom and democracy and. why. if you like more consistent role in foreign policy hasn't done but is also a new sort of intervention there were doing which is based purely on this desire for stability is to be counterproductive. and still to come as bronco bamma get sued for growing into libya without asking congress we asked people in new york whether they was worth it. to waste their money in the lives of
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young people you know do you think there's maybe another reason that we're doing in the world reason all the oil. this and other takes on america's military motivations as gathered by the president in a few minutes because. china's economy with double digit growth has been the only of many but rapid expansion of the universities in the country means cities are now awash with too many graduates looking for t.v. jobs and remote and the story. despite the global slowdown china's economy is booming and its cities are expanding at a seemingly unstoppable pace as people look to leave their poor rural backgrounds behind in search of the chinese economic miracle and one of the largest groups of people currently moving into china's cities are university graduates like those from this campus in downtown beijing however many are arriving to find their degrees of
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furtively worthless and the streets are paved with anything but gold these graduates often end up living in the most basic and squalid of conditions and forced to do menial jobs sociologists have dubbed them the ant tribes and there are thought to be more than one hundred thousand living in beijing alone in june chine is one such ant he shares a twenty square meter room with five other graduates in a former workers dormitory in the north of beijing washing and toilet facilities are shared and there is nowhere for them to cook but it's not just the ants that are suffering for my parents and sister went through a lot of hardship to save the money that put me through university i studied hard and did part time jobs to support myself you know though all i can find is unskilled part time work so i really feel like i'm letting them die on. part of the problem is that there are simply too many university graduates now entering the
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system in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when the government began to seriously look at expanding higher education chinese universities were producing eight hundred thirty thousand graduates a year in two thousand and ten that number was six million and it's still growing. and that is for that on the one hand china's universities are already in a weak state we made them weaker with an over rapid expansion so the education received by many of today's graduates has been very poor on the other we have a whole generation who are used to having everything done for them you cannot do anything for themselves he's going to give people like this work. with reports of rioting taking place in some areas the government is now looking to take action measures being discussed include limiting residence permits to skilled professionals and introducing electronic id cards for outsiders without a stable job however with the number of graduates entering the workforce set to
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continue rising there seems little hope in sight for china's own tribes and we see beijing. turn away online all the time at r.t. dot com with a wealth of stories and videos for you to discover let's take a look. moving heaven across south these child channel wheels as revving up in central russia to bring to light even the most isolated. and an american one time says there's always room for a winner and makes an offer to the sex scandal politicians. tinnies is ready to host a round table talks between colonel gadhafi and opposition rebels the kremlin special envoy in libya and the hail mary again that says negotiations will only
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happen on the island of if russia and african union mediate between both sides according to mark gallop the rebels see russia as a key partner in overseeing the possible talks hundreds have died in both nato airstrikes and violence between gadhafi forces and rebels in recent months nato has also expressed regret after accidentally targeting opposition forces in the oil city of brega which has seen fierce fighting casualty details have been given the nato campaign has also come under pressure in washington but president obama has been accused of breaking american law by not asking congress for permission to extend u.s. military involvement the white house says it doesn't need approval. so the u.s. involvement in the middle east conflict has a joint harsh criticism in america from some quarters and the country wary of the long drawn out military campaigns far from home or the residence reporter in new york you know we hope an ist has been on the streets asking people that he.
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we're number one in the world that we can us a house to show the world we can still do it even though you're going to be some of the best we can have we can still do it why is that so important to be number one has to be the house would be one number one better be as we think about. the americans as being some kind of. world police you know you think about us dick yes you don't think there's any altieri motive. none at all no oil interests no economic interests no no i don't know what do we want to accomplish that. just the safety of the people to which the money and the lives of the young people you know who do you think there's maybe another reason that we're doing it of course the reason oleo or whatever reason i don't think it's logical i don't think it makes any sense but i think there's a big disconnect between what people in government are thinking and what they think we want and what we're letting them know that we once. had maybe our priorities are
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the same so you have all these countries in the middle east where the people are standing up against their government why aren't people in the u.s. standing up against their government saying hey bring our troops home i'd like to think that one day that will happen you know there was an arab spring maybe that america will have its own spring no matter how you feel about the imperialism of the united states the bottom line is let's face it it's not going to stop anytime soon. a so-called laboratory of death has been destroyed in a special operation russia's north caucasus republic of dagestan around a dozen powerful homemade bombs were. discovered in the underground compound that was hidden in a forest officials say the raid prevent a terror act across the republican has saved many lives all the bombs have been destroyed a number of cell phones were also found which could have been used to trigger explosions the operation came about after a terror suspect was arrested in the same area. and also senior seven people
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including a fourteen year old girl have died in six tearing clashes in northern lebanon to the unrest in syria lebanese sunni muslims who strongly oppose syrian president assad clashed with members of the on a wide minority who support him i see it as they have really turned the violence followed the latest demonstrations against the damascus regime across the border lebanese troops have been deployed in the city of tripoli to prevent more clashes. nine people have been killed in a so it's out of time on a police station in central kabul three insurgents dressed in military uniform stormed the building near the presidential palace with one blowing himself while the others opened fire on offices they taliban says it was responsible that top follows the disclosure by afghan president hamid karzai that the u.s. was in secret talks with the militant group hoping to end a decade of conflict following the american led invasion. at least eight
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more people have been killed by lightning strikes and floods heavy rays continued to batter the south of china over one hundred seventy are already dead or missing after some of the worst raise in half a century flooding has already forced nearly seven hundred thousand people from their homes the disaster lead has been raised to the highest level as the rains are expected to contain. an appeal court in italy has heard claims from five convicted prisoners that american amanda knox and her boyfriend did not kill a british student four years ago knox is serving twenty six years after she and her boyfriend were convicted of murder and. sexually assaulting meredith a long with a man from the ivory coast rudy gay day five prison inmates including a child killer. told that knox and her partner had nothing to do with the killing as for the murdered woman say the evidence from serious criminals is baseless.
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also stunned by a plane has plunged into a river while before me at an ashram in poland killing the pilot the man who was the only person on board it was an award winning arab batiks expert and commercial airline pilot organizers say to allie to say what caused the plane to crash. the coldest continent antarctica part of the russian winter that's nothing to do with the snow and ice but because it's also home to a russian orthodox church and about it as unlikely and far away a place as one would expect sean thomas reports now from downtown and. perched atop a picturesque a rocky hill overlooking the sea so it's a typical anytime you russian orthodox church though this scene looks like it could be taken right out of a siberian picture book think again. the world this is important so far this is the only antarctic station that has a russian orthodox church. in fact the trinity church is the southernmost russian
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orthodox church on the planet and getting it you it was not an easy operation. in two thousand and two they built the temple from the cedar tree and the church was built and it sat there for a while until the end of two thousand and three they numbered all the parts every beam was disassembled and they transported it to kaliningrad from there it was shipped all the way here to antarctica since feb fifteenth two thousand and four the church has been officially up and running with the orthodox church providing a staff of two specially trained monks each year but given the extreme climate in which they operate they face extreme challenges as well. because the conditions in antarctica are unusual with strong winds we need to hold back the power of the wind with strong tight walls and special chang's sometimes the rain here comes out as horizontally with the wind so that the water is coming through the cracks but also it can climb up which to leak inside of you now trinity church has become
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a sort of antarctica landmark even becoming somewhat of a tourist destination for v.i.p.'s and diplomats. no matter who visits this church they always say it's beautiful it's a remarkable church made out of boudin a russian architectural tradition. more than just a popular tourist destination the building at station on king george island is a gem of the russian orthodox church and it's a fully functioning facility even performing rare matrimonial honors for those. players i came here for a long stay sixteen months and i had no idea that there was a church in russia i was not a frequent visitor to church but here somehow i started to be before i left russia i promise at the end of it i'll bring her here i was not sure how but i promised that i would whilst atlanta was still in russia i got the idea why not have our wedding in this church. one of only two couples to have been married here
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at trinity making their marriage a part of antarctic history in antarctica sean thomas. right now a sweep away of russia snow is terra type in a few minutes rather as we make a beeline for the beach but not trads a bit is that before that at all that's been happening and the international economic. that's right these are the days when the sun doesn't set on russia's northern capital but it is going down on russia's on the st petersburg international. my forum or president dmitry medvedev capped off the entire event with a address during a panel discussion that he shared with the presidents of finland the prime minister of spain and the president of kazakhstan where they discussed the challenges facing the global economy the russian president called on all countries to jointly handle
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challenges facing the global financial system and he said united efforts and policy will help pull countries out of the deadlock and the doldrums that are facing the global financial system he said a key priority for russia in this case is to integrate more with other countries in the global economy and foster better cooperation with all of them and a part of that a keystone of all that he believes is the establishment of moscow for europe's largest city as a major financial hub for the global financial system europe is looking toward is looking toward this he believes and he believes that moscow is uniquely positioned to provide that service he's proposed in this case to expand moscow's borders currently seeking to move the jobs of large institutions out towards the outskirts of the city and bring those outskirts of the city not currently incorporated as part of the city system in order to free up space in the city center and downtown for a new business to go when there are more private business to bring more capital and
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to free up congested space in the congested downtown order to bring more economic growth to moscow and really established what is as i've said europe's largest city as a major financial hub not just a regional one we'll talk more about this with a stand from v t v capital who believes that it is a key thing to create a good environment for international work in the city center of moscow. i believe one of the main challenges. will be for that actually here in the forum as well as the that is the structure of the legal system. in the rush hour. i think the innocence of these supposed to make sure that there is a nice. big a's in this business is to do business and also the one thing was the government souls this i think will become much of a financial center. but jack are not from elbrus capital management believes it's
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also important to boost domestic capital in russia so i would like to immediately points to. one weakness of the russian financial system which has to be addressed and it's very unique looking. at global perspective no other major economy in the world such a tremendous life for my state capital for the. financial market being that i could use all forms in the sense russia is very unique we were truly no presence always to the sort of patient mutual funds which would provide the mystique of full support equity markets there to provide liquidity for and i think that's a very specific the mystic problem the growth or just off the press you know the provide. for success with creating a financial sense of this meeting often being called russia's answer to davos the st petersburg international economic forum of course had a lot of big business that went along with it a part of that fifty contracts having been cited amounted to some seven billion
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dollars worth of work that was accomplished here among the deals of philips signed a memorandum of agreement with the russian atomic agency to establish an eco system for nuclear medical research here in the country so that's an important point also as i had mentioned spanish prime minister is up at taro in st petersburg for our work on the conference and russia and spain working on contracts that were worth some eight hundred million euros when they put pen to paper here in st petersburg among them the countries will jointly build new trains and they are working to develop oil and gas here in russia so that's new business and investment coming into the country always. good thing for the leadership here russia and spain aiming to boost trade to about ten billion dollars a year or so a lot of big business coming out of out of the st petersburg international economic forum on day three of the gathering and that's the business news here on our t.v. stay with us headlines up next.
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day children play war in the old piecemeal. but in june one hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow. sunders and breasts were dying one by one under seize the small amounts of water.
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in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell motherland i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. the white stream cascading from mountain slopes to you is miss moran she. brings debts and a speed of more than two hundred kilometers per. step in the long run on. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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this is our see a quick check of the headlines that half hour for one. think you are going to ride as are the calving it's catastrophic debt and have been living bailout budget as other countries were eager to join the blog have second thoughts. they say it is about international economic forum has been discussing how to avoid another global economic meltdown encouraging major funds to take a fresh look at the new horizon for investors in russia. and it can put a tentative peace in libya as tunisia up with an island a new photo. between colonel gadhafi and opposition rebels it's also called for russia and the african union to act as mediators have the kremlin's and boys touring the region in an effort to broker peace. time not to dodge the snow it
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stereotype but most people apply to russia as we need bikini clad bathers of the black sea resort next. if you're taking your first trip to russia you'll probably be more inclined to pack a fur coat rather than a bucket and spade but if you have down south of the krisna dollar region you'll find long sandy beaches and hundreds of kilometers of beautiful coastline literally millions of people flock here every year proof that while russia may be famous for its snow and skiing there's plenty of sun sand and see here as well. this is the longest developed embankments in europe fourteen kilometers of it and in the middle is this lady
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a white bra it supposed to represent the hopes dreams and beauty of the beach. and it's a stunning place the results of frame by the background of the caucasian mountains i'm on a sunny day the seascapes can rival anything you might find in the greek islands and if you want to see the area in its full glory you just have to jump into a cable car. that's the way. straight up and. you get a pretty good view on the way up here but i think i want to go just a little bit higher and also it's an excuse to visit there. appear you can find the black seas equivalent of the london eye although admittedly this is a little more retro. going to the most technologically advanced roy this one.


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