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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. if. you're watching r.t. the week's top stories now russia's efforts to broker peace in libya are sort of the first signs of dialogue between the warring sides that ongoing nato airstrikes that you simply in that sense of your usual considerable of. the states' role in russia's economy must be reduced or. as you might get it out of the international economic performance in petersburg he also reiterated calls to fight
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corruption with let me create a better investment products. and greece has been engulfed in violent protests against a fresh round of government cuts because as the prime minister reshuffle the cabinet to push through a new austerity package to secure a second bailout. it's not just greeks who are angry at the sacrifices that being forced into financial help from europe the germans aren't happy about paying for the financial weaknesses of the neighbors either next we talk to me thanks countries should look after themselves. now. greece and portugal should leave the euro to save the european union according to german ruling party m.p. klaus pizza will show mr walsh what will happen if you keep bailing them out. you know and you would treaties that there was regulated that there
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must be any bailout because. otherwise you know. you will. ruin the happily finances of those countries who are contributing to it and as long as each country is responsible for its budget it has to take full responsibility and the only right answer to that is nobody about how the bailouts affect the german economy in germany we are making a lot of efforts to keep topic under control. we just amended our constitution and put in their so-called freedom plans and that break. which. defines the steps we have to take with our.
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budgets. in order to come to the zero nine and then start paying it back. and see if it's dangerous if this is. in fact that's what i. want to see national policy of either europe partners. whether it's it's an invitation to more of a guy my neighbor policy you say ok if i don't get any more money from the credits from the capital markets well i'll just take it from the other countries and this is the thing that i cannot explain to my daughters. what would be you'll solution to portugal's debt crisis. the parties have to solve it from sort of this is. well it's not that easy truth but it's blank be the truth. because europe as a whole may be infected with parties on both sides and
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once. it's trading against it. i am f.m.c. he said yes you will commission. occasions and. demands it will say oh we don't do all we don't want to suffer for that. just because they're pretty if it is not the germans or. something like that. on the other side we would have parties like a true friends say stop it now. so that i think that it is sticking to the rules that in america it is the best thing we can do you know about it you keep your. corporation peacefully all german people are angry at having to pay for portuguese with states. gets to say ok we have to worry about in sixty seven and then. it is hard to explain people when you get the reports from.
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greece or so. the average working time there. people are still that's what we elected you for and. if the situation continues do you expect germans to come out onto the streets and protest against the bailouts. that the germans are no revolutionist. when you drive them to far will work any longer but we have. we have figures. show for show up rates elections go down. cards. fatalist explained by. this policy which is really not simple to explain because it's not the right policy how do you plan to stop the bailout solve greece and portugal. i'm aiming for for a limited and limiting it my feeling. were and we are now talking about
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a second so. it's taking action on greece. we try to obstruct this of course and then and they want to erect this european stability. mechanism. i'm trying to take care that there will be no majority for that to the german people oppose the bailouts as well. all the experts the all of them they say the way they try to do it is wrong. took too many to list if you're if you're always. put this on a level of peace or war. with this doesn't help economic solution of problems it's putting obstacles and when you look at
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pause you also have a strong support to have a very personally. i'm getting a bunch of female some. feedback from my second simpson of all of germany that. well should we force me to go on this way what are the taboos you say politicians refused to mention about the euro. transfer back and put it in that way as if the you afraid europe fails and i think this is wrong. until. twenty two. we were sixteen countries being with the world among twenty seven and from interests now we're seventy instore your joint. and if we are fourteen or twelve there is no question of war and peace. you don't have to pay the same money he
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didn't. make it more independence as it were the same not what will happen to the e.u. if it continues to bail out to be called a mess we would have. the sense for the movements all over you would be there would be in each country. complaining on questions on one side they don't give enough to it for us on the other sides we are there we lose our money in order to pay for anywhere and this we have a case integrating problem for you favor of more countries in the european union adopting the euro currency should it we should not speak up talk too much and we should do. maybe half expansion. on the political a few say. but make it very slow on the field of credit card and c.
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because we just saw the problems you know when we started the year little there was a theory that the markets or that different disparities the different shapes of our national economies would stick which tends to become together toward a lot of what i. do but. rather fell apart this is one of the problems that are really there with countries and i mean yes. it is. a big tease except. for secret. well we're not performing very well in the. in the export. and they would have to buy lots you know even a strong way in order to close the gap between. what i do have any evidence of finance and so forth so it's all the paraphrase. that would have been better.
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but as it did they did get cruel and this makes the problem having a. lot. of policy interest rate policy for a country germany was now. with like wealth expect it to echo for for crafts to experts and with a sniper the growing figure of inflation. and having the same interest rate policy for germany like for spain with. twenty five per cent of up its people with. no growth and so on this is very hard why are you against turkey joining the european union turkey is a stronger developing country from this stage of development.
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it. would be the country we would most people. at the start right from the start. would. still large disparities between regions and more regions. and i think this. would be a. bit but it's a change of perspective we're working together with the turkish very. large field. of corporations will have a lot of catch people within our old front yours it's. the third biggest churches sure city affected spurling so we don't have problems in cooperate in the dam we have various partners and it's not over and it really are not about a treaty organization. but i think the political project of europe should.
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be concentrated on europe why shouldn't the e.u. expand beyond europe otherwise it will lose the character for me it say europe is. a whole bunch of i do yourself there you would be starting from the romans and the greek. with christianity and all that it's not simply a big idea. and i think nobody has to be has to feel bad if if you say. the solder at the front rows of your fuel or if this is the good your graphic room we want to concentrate on. we are we are cooperating with a lot of other nations in the world that have nothing to do with chauvinism of nationalism or you will you repeatedly use them for so it's just that i would
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this week's top headlines are russians efforts to broker peace in libya so the first signs of dialogue between the warring sides. a terrorist strikes simply in that sense we have shortages in the oil rich. states role in russia's economy must be reduced to the support of the future president to get it back down to atlanta not from for a moment or in some peace but he also reiterated calls to fight corruption more effectively create a better investment. and return when you go to the
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protests against a fresh round of government cuts. the prime minister reshuffle the cabinet to push through a new austerity package and to secure a second grader. from you some pretty full is coming your way in just fifteen minutes time first time for the latest sports. hello there thanks for watching the sporting these are the headlines. michael roy opens up a night shot lead to the u.s. open with just one more round to play. but this guy wants a top spot in the russian premier league where we have all the action and goals in saturday. calling it a day for. his his retirement from basketball just days after helping to discard claims that nine consecutive russian championships. will start with the u.s.
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open nowhere northern ireland rory mcilroy will take an eight shot lead into the final day he finished saturday but the three under par round of sixty eight well ahead of closest rival chang at the twenty two year old is after his first major and started the day with a six shortly since all that grow he had to save the third with this there short next to the pain then hit for birdies to finish. and overall the lowest ever score at the u.s. open after three rounds will form a p.g.a. champion why gang is in second place eight shots back one of his shots of the day to him blast approach sixty. and then just a shot behind him jason day. and lee westwood he carded a blistering sixty five and was in great form with his. buddy mark arroyo then with an eight shot lead with one round to go twice the size of the
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one he played on the last day at the masters two months ago. i. from the experience. i know i know how to approach tomorrow. i think that's the most important thing i feel like i've got a. you know i know i know what i need to do tomorrow. you know it was it was all a little bit new to me you know going into the final round with a lead. you know didn't know whether to be defensive aggressive you know go for it not go for it but. you're nine zero nine zero what i need to do which is you know which is a great thing you know you know i clear mind going out there tomorrow and i just need to stick to my game plan now let's talk about the leaders of the russian premier league to scar staying two points clear at the top of that offer to know when i will put them side spot and i would take the muscovites needed twenty minutes to take police to come by making all the right major leagues from.
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the word go midway through the second half serious were awarded a penalty after they'd be defiled by my love in the area i don't see a big mash of h. didn't miss from the spot meaning the match would finish to me or third strike when the ts guy who might always bugs and with a game. but is anything started with a nice three points getting a win themselves on the right making success it's a mission of god where they beat premier league new boys folded their alexander because you covered the brace he's now got seven goals in fourteen games i guess me mama have put an end to this three game losing streak on the beach i'm told who was coming in the first half of this one and who made possible for a former liverpool man on that it bought him in the ukraine international first assistant alexander semin don't you i can go after twenty seven minutes then kevin cuarón exact double in arm is the let me strike again with have been in and late in
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the first half alexander thought ok sealed the final so yeah i guess i'll swear terry you just that manager ruefully came out on top against second from bottom threes to get told to expect that most amount i sent up of lang ten minutes into the kitchen taking twenty to twenty eight reasons of this one and after the break shemale sealed it off maybe two meals from the spot. alexander listen. to the school brochure. now another game three being the third after a three one win over roscoe cross and dad won the battle with city rather than their one male underlay clash will start at moscow and i think we'll to stay in the top half of the table so this is how the table is looking at the moment. the scar riding high on the big guns of the need a mighty flirting behind along with angie we've made a great start to the season themselves. one of the bottom of this spot and to two
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points fifty career terry incidentally stack is left. to sue north has won his first a.t.p. singles title and exactly two years after defeating cried even dog in the final of the unicef open in the netherlands the russian world number seventy six three six two to start the match being stopped at one stage due to right to say you know what i'm in the main men's event has been thrown against latvia's in this group because he's been you know being ranked well on the label star i'd imagine but totally came from the ground so became head for the river and the rain to claim the title a nice born in england both played the semifinals on the same day in which parts only looked the fresher easing through the first set six one however read the story back to take the next six course level a match and the deciding set was close to going to five games all before potholing got the crucial break and then so. sure the moment she starts to type on
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tuesday. so i mean i was really just trying to put the word in the course sometimes . it was hard to get any resume so i was leading six one three one and then petra start to play very well she hit the ball very fast then and hard india so she was a credit to her for coming back invented the ne was a great fight so i'm just happy here i'm doing. day now and then the one of the main build up of vents for the tour de france remains wide open with just one day left the tour switzerland still being led by the army on oaken a go but a host of big names that lie not far behind following the problem from its stages low back peter sagan was the quickest in the one hundred sixty seven kilometer ride edging out matt cost. him a sprint finish overall both malema had struck the fifth while the big beneficiary was frank schleck who moved up the third damiana can a go held on to his advantage despite finishing in a palace in his main rival on sunday will most likely be american league i live the
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life paul but dutchman stephen push me seated second around a minute and a half back could also be correct. now russia's women's basketball squad have won match of the european championships in poland the two thousand and seven champions in the thirty first goal back later in the game to record sixty eight points sixty six when playing group. well in the men's game to start shooting guard truncheon langdon has announced his retirement from the sport the decision made to stays after the muscovites clinched their ninth straight domestic league title the american had played in this league to he and in the n.b.a. with the cavaliers people signing up to see a scar in two thousand and five he ought to spend one season with the now moscow the thirty five year old mangan has won the russian campaign it's time to scar was also part of your league winning forty thousand eight and was named it was named
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the final for. you. but in other possible news ricky rubio will join the minnesota timberwolves next season from barcelona baskett the twenty two year old had been drafted in two thousand and nine by the same taking but a massive by clause and spoke on the deal until now. frogger of my heart is ok i will play with the best i believe the n.b.a. is the best league in the world when you are there you face top players you can see whether you are capable of playing there or not you can know that until you go. why how would an andre caroline gabbing busy stopping high fives to possible fans in moscow. and be a five united seeing hundreds of kids play big tricks and simply have some fun this is just a snippet of the pick of the action from the luzhniki states. so
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close to. the middle of. the. schedule to. push the still.
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cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. i mean while the boston bruins have been set up. writing the stanley cup triumph i would in what they call a reading rally in their home city they boarded eighteen colorful bugs in it char added to its promise of the cup to start with before going to back to look at. the season off the playoffs and sit back and take it back in the. in the n.h.l. thought it was. well done to them that is all the sports are back in a couple of hours time to.
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review the latest science and technology from. the future.
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