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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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we're here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions the appeals to get everything you need. tell us is our team from moscow is kevin over here on the half hour with our top stories in our news review of the week nato says it's a strike could have killed seven civilians in a botched bombing in tripoli raising questions over the blogs plans to pound colonel gadhafi to submission and other news from the week america's accused of twisting thailand's arms as a new york judge casts doubt on the legality of extraditing alleged russian arms smuggler pick to put to the states. and greece's new man on the money rolls up his sleeves to steer the debt stricken countries reforms are for fear is public rage
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against even deeper cuts in athens. and it's not just greeks are angry at the sacrifices they're being forced into for financial help from europe the germans are happy either about paying for the weaknesses of their neighbors next a german m.p. tells us why he thinks countries should look after themselves. greece and portugal should leave the euro to save the european union according to german ruling party m.p. klaus peter will show what will happen if you keep bailing them out. you know in the end you were treaties it was regulated that there must be any bail hours because. otherwise you. you would. ruin the applique finances of those countries who are contributing to
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it and as long as each country is responsible for its budgets it has to take full responsibility and the only right answer to that is no bailout how do the bailouts affect the german economy in germany we are making a lot of efforts to keep public debt under control. we just amended our constitution and put in their so-called food in the plan is a dept break. which. defines the steps we have to take with our. budgets. in order to come to the zero nine and then start paying it back. and it's dangerous if they say it's all right if in fact if by. policy national policy of other europe partners. well it's it is an invitation
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to a bigger my neighbor policy and they say ok you know i don't get any more money from the credits from their capital markets well just take it from the other countries and this is the thing that i cannot explain to my voters what would be your solution to portugal's that crisis. the parties have to solve it themselves this is. why it's not easy to work but it's blanky the truth. because europe as a whole may be infected right. both parties on both sides the ones demonstrating against. the i.m.f. and he said yes you recall mission. appreciation sent. him once they were sealed and we don't. we don't want to suffer for the.
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stability of fishes and other germans or. something like that and on the other side we would have parties like yours from finns say stop it now. so that i think that you are sticking to the rules that have been wrecked it is the best thing you can do you know that you're keeping your. corporation in place for it all german people are angry at having to pay for portugal's mistakes. we decided to say ok we have to work until sixty seven and then. it is hard to explain people when you get the reports from. the resource so. the average working time there. people are so it's want me elected you for and. if the situation continues do you expect germans to come out onto the streets and protest against the bailouts. that
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the germans are no revolutionists. say. when you drive them from far that will work any longer that we have. your figures. show to show up rates elections go down. it's offer you just explained by. this policy which is really not simple to explain because it's not the right policy how do you plan to stop the bailouts solve greece and portugal. i mean for for limited anything it. i think when we're now talking about doing a second to. a second action on greece. we try to stop this of course and in the end they want to be wrecked this yes and european stability. mechanism and i'm trying
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to take care that there will be no majority for that to the german people oppose the bailouts as well. all the experts say it really all of them they say the way they tried to do it is wrong. they're trying to have too many to use if you're if you will always. put this on a level of peace or war. this just doesn't help economic solutions to problems it's putting obstacles and when you look at polls you also have a strong support to have a very personally. i'm getting going to bunch of females to. feedback from my circle selection from all over germany that. well it's
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really forced me to go on as well. as you say politicians refused to mention about the euro. transfer back liquidity in that way as you know the euro fave's europe fails i think this is run. until. twenty ten we were sixteen countries being within your twenty seven. members. now we're seventeen instore your judgment. and if we are fourteen or twelve there is no question of war and peace. you don't have to pay with the same money i think in. the american war of independence both sides hate the same what will happen to the e.u. if it continues to bailout same bits of the economy it's we will have these appreciating. parties and supporting movements all over europe and there will be in
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each country. campaigning on questions on one side they don't give enough to work for us on the other sides we are going to lose our money in order to pay for anywhere and this we have a disintegrating power pole you favor of more countries in the european union adopting the euro currency should. we should not speed act or too much and we should. maybe have expansion. in the political sphere say but make it very slow on the feet off private island see because we just saw the problems you know when you started your role it was a theory that the markets or the conference with the disparities the different shapes of our national economies. which tends to come together would
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come to a more global and why. but. they'd rather fell apart this is one of the problems to get really those countries having yes. a pretty nice so i'm. well we're not performing very well and maybe. in the export. if they would have to develop us here in a strong way in order to close the gap between. or germany netherlands finance and so forth so seldom paraphrase. it would have been better. but as it did they did get cruel and this makes the problem having a. bit. of policy interest rate policy for a fact for you dr many of us now. with a lack of expertise with an echo of his craft experts and
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with a swipe the growing figure off inflation. and having the same interest rate policy for germany like for spain with. twenty five per cent of the drop its people with. no growth and so on this is very hard why are you against turkey joining the european union tricky is a stronger developing country from this state of development. it. would be the country we would most people. have to start right from the start. harry there are. still large disparities between booming reaching more rural regions.
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and i think this. would be a. good it's a change of perspective we're working together with the with the turkish and very little. in the arch field of cooperation we have a lot of clutch people within our old front years but it's. the third biggest character issues city in fact just barely and so we don't have problems in their cooperating with them we have there was partners in that article and they're really not about a treaty organization. but i think their political project of europe ships because of trade on europe why shouldn't the e.u. expand beyond europe. for me it's. the starting from the greek. it's
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a. year. and i think nobody has to be asked to feel bad if you say. you saw that there are fewer people but this is the. concentrated. cooperating with lots of other nations in the world if nothing's happened with. nationalism or you. know so it's just. i would choice the thing to say we want to. thank you for speaking to us it.
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was. just. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand janitors. each from terminal fields several
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kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by graham ridge everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to a cheery way where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. returned to terra with julian cooper story on our t.v. . more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean told his discovers what makes antarctica so special that detracted from the
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wildlife in antarctica is. in the floods of. extradition to the bottom of the earth on parts of. the top stories from our team mate who says it says drugs could have killed seven civilians in the boston bombing in tripoli raising questions over the bloke's plans to pound colonel gadhafi to submission. the top stories for the week from us america's accused of twisting thailand's arms as a new york judge cast doubt on the legality of extraditing a message to russian arms smuggler pick to boot him to stay. hungry says newman of the money rolls up his sleeves to steer the stricken country's reforms after a few areas public rage against the cuts in athens. two forty five moscow time those cuts were kate nash got the support for him.
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i would thank you for joining me for the sports and here are the headlines. stunning as the new striker drank a lot of it gets a burning electric shock after a scuffle with a policeman following the champions to know when that's all the. while that's of champions league williams and rafael nadal tied down their chances of defending their titles this year's wimbledon championships. and hitting the heights we have a special report in the latest mag of red bull's world cliff diving tour as a russian bids to top all the best in the sport. football first though and shock waves are literally ripping through the russian prime yearly after champions the need to have confirmed their star striker died from loss of rich was given an electric shock by a policeman in the wake of the two know when it all got on saturday so they posted on their official website that least thirty a striker underwent
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a medical back in some pieces but as a doctor said last of each one have to be treated for minor burns on his back plate all celebrated to meet a tree by throwing his jersey into the fountains but then things got out of sound and he was allegedly assaulted by a guy policeman a local police chief denies the stun gun refused it's laid off and to see the attacker and are now in the process of gathering evidence as a victory played almighty minutes and much largely tainted by aggressive behavior from his and it sounds he said it was certified and assist in the second with alexander closure holds to first half goals. well apart from that event four game eights top vs bottom much took center stage on saturday and maintains their two point lead at the sought after to know when rock bottom spotlight now most of my side needed only twenty minutes to take the lead down the rink a suit on that showed some excellent control and so did so you can do india with the army men in front. and the sec. go midway through the second half to scull
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awarded a penalty after you leveled have found wagner love. ignition average didn't miss on the spot so to nil a third straight win to discuss the remaining two points above the heat of the game in terms of anger being a third another two points further back after a three one win at struggling last off a real defensive power saw that as it is take the lead after forty minutes and little time to believe is not a lot of stuff to level just after the break they were awarded a penalty for this challenge into the trunk that equalized from the spot however rubin kept pressing and went ahead again with eight minutes to go alexander his answers blasted into the tight angle to one though the best was staged some last minute after a free kick was punched away by the goalkeeper that because that was a peach of a ball three ones were being crossed off with that button. i mean while they still have the most no one three know the times it's on all the goals came in the first half and all were made possible the former liverpool man and put
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a lid on him first the ukraine striker assisted an expense and get off then after thirty eight minutes kevin ronnie doubled in on his lead again good on him and minutes before the interval like sunday forty accordant sealed what proved to be the final result three nil to mamma and in a three game losing streak of tom down to twelve. and a quick look at the table sees this guy leading by two points in the game and hound sinitta revealed that denial and latif are lurking behind along with them but the colace is angie who had a goal distraught at some car and it also is scott that now takes two points adrift of clear the last to know after that because the sides of first win since the sutton through clit and club and up are up to nine after winning one no that's cool than. golf now in northern ireland's remarkable change to clinch his maiden major sizeable after taking an eight shot lead over white into the final round. the u.s. open the twenty three year old shot
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a sixty eight on saturday to post the tournament's vest ever third round total of one hundred ninety nine and became the first man to reach fourteen under par in its one hundred new level year history it started the day with a six shot lead and save our hero the third hole before hitting four birdies. south korea's former p.g.a. champion yank the second one of his shots of the day was this approach the sixteenth. just a shot behind him jason day and lee westwood he carded a blistering sixty five and was in great form designs to us it was math right who took an eight stroke lead into sunday's play twice the size of the lead glue on the last day at the masters two months ago. and is now and for the third grand slam of the season just around the corner both the men's and women's defending champions have played down their chances of
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retaining their wimbledon crowns at all find his second title at the all england club last year when i played against american underdog michael russell at the spanish king of play suffered a major blow to his rescue operations at the world one crash last revengeful joe wilfried tsonga in the quarter finals of queen's club last week a lot might have changed a record in equaling six french open title before that doubts the consumer get much closer to roger federer's top market sixteen grandsons. lazio was immobile impossible to repeat to their own slums and this year a. bit about what's happening today on this is a little bit with what i did last year is something that diversion i don't think. well on the latest side serena williams will kick start her defense campaign against french by amateurs i will be only three in a second soon after almost a year off of course the former world number one is returning after surviving blood
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clots on her long in american made a promising come back at least one earlier this week and she took the right of the distance in the second round as a proof of last year's wimbledon final the uncle william sr isn't pinning big hopes on this year's event but relishes the notion of playing again. there have been year what it. is six or seven weeks of just trying to get myself together willows a little is no time. even that would be. a bill a position where i wasn't sure i would have a chance to be again is more than enough in cycling just four seconds separated the winner of the tour switzerland from second place as american levi leipheimer produced a super final push to display his top form ahead of next month's tour de france the ninth and final stage with a thirty two kilometer time trial and it is damien and can a go look like it sure in for the overall title the twenty nine year old had been leading the race from the third stage and into the finale in
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a seemingly comfortable lead of one minute and thirty six seconds but he came in over two minutes behind fabien country lara and celebrated his second stage when i was like hi not caught the third fastest time just thirteen seconds behind country lara pick and they go to that i thought i had a nice neat slim margin that's even classified completed the podium in switzerland . and finally a record breaking crowd gathered to watch the latest cliff diving extravaganza on the french atlantic coast the world to a stop was a letdown for russia's are still trying to but thousands of fans will still treated to a top notch adrenaline boosting show and our own robert but i knew i was there to watch . living on the edge probably the best way to define a high diver is a lifestyle with one of the most sports the world diving series have to or poor will get here in the preceding shared twenty seven meter high platform thing.
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it's or is third time the cliff the english translation for a shared his holds of the most prestigious competition in the sport the world cleave diving series this incoming atlantic breeze mixes location one of the most destin even for the fram of the globe's top high divers. on friday with speeds of up to ninety kilometer or forced the cancellation of the fruit practice as well as the first round of the competition. i over think come down why surly with whether it be more favorable to the competitors in the death defying scored. twelve brave hearts jones the elements in front of sounded thousand spectators the biggest ever crowd at the world series of bands twenty ten champ and glory hunt remain the strong favorite there bruin breed won here last year was
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quick to prove he squares these time around you with his very first dive taking the pros berth away. although it was just the beginning of the show which saw some great dives in the second round eras ukranian such a good turn before me in probably the most launch of the night. next up on the platform russia's greatest help in the sport i don't see it. all really boasted a second place at another was serious have been the sear but a slight mistake during the entry was enough to see his hopes nosedive leaving him out of the final round. of. seventh place but he said a slight mistake takes you out of final i made a huge mistake in my second attempt but there are three stages more to go in italy america and ukraine. meanwhile hundred second attempt helping to start of the third
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and final round as clear leader. five more diverse giving their best to get up with the reigning champion. but one more amazingly into ok di rode the englishman the flawless victory he deserved leaving me will never ideal and the one call far behind in second and third places respectively. takes lots of training takes lots of concentration focus. you just need to just need to train harder. hand is no twenty two points clear at the top of the overall standings with just three stages lying head. next stop for this u.s. war series. eataly which will host the peak of the world's delving elite on
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the twenty fourth of july. r t and i shared france and that's. world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future.
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