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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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if. the. politics are night made to admit it launched the airstrike that killed nine civilians in a tripoli suburb while british taxpayers wary of reckless spending how did the bill for three months of bloody stalemate. japan gets a grilling in vienna members of the international nuclear watchdog gathered to look at ways to avoid the fukushima crisis what people were so they don't feel safe even kilometers away from the exclusion zone a report coming up for you tonight. and every head of state wants a second term but it's the people who have the final word so says president medvedev he still isn't announce whether he'll stand again but did rule out
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a faceoff with prime minister putin. here monday evening here in moscow welcome if you just joined this you watching artsy international monitors kevin zero in on our top story tonight nato has admitted its forces killed up to nine civilians at a bungled air strike on a poor neighborhood in tripoli anger over the incident among libyans was heightened when the country's health ministry announced that the intervention had left more than eight hundred civilians dead so far his breath national reports now from the capital tripoli it may find some of the images coming up in a report disturbing. to. mohammad that hurt his extended family used to be one of the biggest in the neighborhood and a terrible mean killed five of them his father one of his brothers his sister and her own family mohamed shows us the picture of little jumana his niece taken on his
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mobile phone just days before he pulled her dead body from monitor the. i woke up when i heard an explosion and stones a piece of the roof fell on me i ran immediately see how my family is and many were dead my mother survived another brother is in a coma and we don't know when or if he will recover but how is that not three days we live in in this agreement district in tripoli it's home to many hours income people most from one family this is just a regular city quarter why does the populated built up area this is what used to be there had his house but three story buildings are reduced in ruins in just moments after being hit in a missile strike home are mohammed's brother who survived says they will never forgive or forget what nato has done to them destroying their lives and homes. they should take responsibility for their wrongdoing and nato has responded with an
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apology intended target during our air strike in tripoli was a military. however from our initial assessment of the facts it appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target for weapons systems failure although officials in tripoli claim more than eight hundred civilians have died in nato raids and a nine people they say were killed in sunday's bombardment of the city have become the first civilian casualties officially acknowledged by the alliance only on saturday nato has also admitted another mistake in a strike this time on rebel forces need to leave in all ports of bragger and the number of casualties not been disclosed we hold the meeting we hold mr cameron is the cause of this the biggest corney mr obama has already. given this possible could this all these innocent children innocent was killed and since
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it was the mother you cannot justify this at dikika the enemy this was a sunday's fatal error occurs in the rising concerns within nato about his operation in northern africa only eight out of its twenty eight members have joined the mission to protect civilians in libya which raises the question how many would support one to kill them ration optional r t tripoli with civilian casualties in libya mounting a no end in sight those paying for the intervention might be something up more than the bargain for the u.k. has announced that its taxpayers might see one point six billion dollars of their hard earned cash diverted to fund the intervention is that is there are no reports now there's little patience left them on an already disillusioned public. they're already calling it the billion pound war it's calculated that if the war in libya goes on for six months it will cost the british taxpayer one point six billion
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dollars but that initial humanitarian mission is now get rid of gadhafi operation and that could take a lot longer assuming that their goal is to simply oust him from power. so this could potentially drag on for more. extended the operation by another three words that's unlikely to be popular with the british public that government spending like a hawk already seeing services and job slashed even so downing street swore while it is open and it's taking the lead in libya data gathered by britain's guardian newspaper from defense ministries and news reports shows that britain has flown twenty five percent of all saudis in libya second only to the u.s. by the second week of may six thousand strike missions had been ordered blogger daniel renwick says the u.k.'s likely to have weighed up the cost but with
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a warm wind blowing westwards from libyan rebels and us movements britain reckons a billion pounds is a pretty good investment it's about having control of north african resources. for the transitional council that seems to be some poems cost up to one and a half million dollars each and with the u.k. cutting defense spending analysts say they may not be replaced and when you're dealing with such big numbers small things make a big difference the euro for to take food costs may be ninety thousand pounds of pounds per hour supply so small training isn't the number of hours you estimate produced big changes in cost estimates for the operant. wars are always expensive but the costs back home. could prove harder to afford next in line to strike a million public sector workers who are being asked to work more and get less disruption to services could run in two weeks the commitment to continue in libya
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for however low suggests a blank check at a time when there is little in the kitty deployments of apache helicopters doesn't appear to have given way to the tactical advantage it hoped for and every time a plane takes to the sky or drops the bomb the cost for britain and its beleaguered european neighbors creates higher and higher lower and it starts the. repeat of the libyan scenario in syria would be unacceptable and everything was begun to prevent it that is the view of russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov of . russia will do everything it can to prevent a libyan scenario happening in syria that would get international community we could push it assumes to put the reforms into practice as soon as possible and to call on the opposition not to ignore suggestions to discuss these reforms but to start negotiating them. but it came as syria's president bashar al assad addressed
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the nation with his third major speech since the unrest began in the country with march in it as promised liberal reforms but he declined to go into detail about or something was picked up by the opposition the president's foreign influence was behind the uprising and he said that no change was possible until the violence died down experts say the speech could become a turning point if the president follows through on his promises. or for more on the speech by president assad and to try to gauge what the future might hold for the embattled regina's talk no to joshua landis straight from the center for the study joining us from the usa tonight facebook so i mean after two months of silence as i've just said assad fine is giving his speech today promising these sweeping reforms if you think this is a sincere gesture or is he just playing for time. well i think that you know i think he's playing for time he has said that he started a bunch of committees he asked the nation to trust him that he's going to do reform the observation doesn't trust president assad anymore they want
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a new regime the west i think had been beating the drums for trying to raise pressure to get him to make some big concessions getting rid of article eight of the constitution which makes the bath party the leading party this would be tantamount to regime change on our side made it very clear there is an regime change is not on the books he is going to lead the future he said he said he is in control of events and events are not controlling him he tried to strike a tone of confidence at the same time as saying that he understood that there was need for many reforms to ensure that a big catch here as well as i mentioned just now said that he won't implement those reforms until the protests stop but the protesters aside they won't stop until they see the reforms with does that put syria tonight well it could syrian a showdown this is a very stark line in the sand and the regime is asking people to trust him and to side with him and the opposition are going to ask him to side with them. so far the
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military has stood firm behind the regime there been a few defections but nothing really important and this puts it in sense the ball in the opposition's. court they're going to have to up the ante well the e.u. for its part considering slapping syria with a second that the sanctions that is that how effective the sunshine is likely to be how well you know that europe has about forty percent of the trade with syria they they take a lot of syrian oil there are certain refineries certain type of syrian oil that the sway the oil which is very thick and can only refined by refineries in europe if europe wanted to starve syria they could do it in the same way that europe starved iraq of course once you go down that road if the government. doesn't crumble as it didn't when you rock but then you have to take military intervention what is serious financial position. as well that strain that is the big that is the big question because syria does not have oil like iraq or libya countries which was
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stood decades of sanctions or iraq which has withstood decades of sanctions so this makes you some european countries believe that they could drive syria towards a a get a sense a tipping point through economic sanctions where they might not have been successful in other places on the other hand syria has. you know is a state economy it's going to be up against strong difficult times but it says look lebanon is live without terms omitted so by the civil war economically we can go to hard times we can bend down the hatches we will survive in a sense they get they think that they can head the they can face off the west on this economic sanctions question let's look at russia russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov reiterated again the russia in view of the chaos that we've witnessed in libya would not support any u.n. resolution that might lead to military action is that a justified worry. of course it's
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a justified worry once you start putting big economic sanctions on a country and then you have to you know if it doesn't bring down the regime and you're starving the people what are you going to do either you lift the sanctions which never happens where you have to go in and and under the regime because you can't just start people forever. syria of course most of the gets the crossroads of the middle east a strategic of a very volatile region what are the risks of a civil war do you think tonight without proper scruffy consequences if it did. it would you know we don't it's hard to read the future of syria the situation could possible along the way it's going now for some time. this is what we've seen before is that you think that things are going to reach a climax they're going to be regime change but there aren't we saw as the libya we saw as the iraq we're seeing it in iran that you increase the pressure but things just grind along in a very unhappy situation and that could be the future of syria for some time joshua
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landis director of the center for middle east studies thanks ever so much with the program. is totally with. a five day long nuclear security forum is kicked off in vienna the japanese atomic crisis is probably the comprehensive discussion about the future of nuclear power delegates from most of the one hundred fifty member states of the international atomic watchdog. the gathering they have to work out the universe and safety regulations for reactors japan's expected to be criticized for its slow response to the fukushima disaster it has already submitted a report admitting that it wasn't prepared for next event such a large scale well at the short time was travel to a city this side the official its move in zone where locals nonetheless a still concerned over high radiation levels. i very ominous and a constant tutoring of going into scientists working in fukushima city. and cern.
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some of the i'm in charge of the group of radiation detection and survey from fukushima university where now thinking their creation protocol and process set up by the japanese government is not enough and myself i think i should evacuate from this area but because of my job at the university i can't my family and my friends family and. officially fukushima city is in a safe area eighty kilometers from the daiichi plant reactor one and a full sixty kilometers outside the banda danger zone but still radiation levels here are much higher than normal. just to give you an idea of the consistency right now the ground is really pretty chilly night. about thirty times what it is more of them except admirable but i'm here to we're just so well and the market collapse of the redneck really quickly become so they'll climbing earlier we got a reading of. times more than was really accepted.
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but in order to claim that fukushima is truly safe from leaking radiation the japanese government has had to be creative with the numbers but the government. they change the. standard the levels from one. to twenty. five to twenty times. the. standards before the accident and now. they raise the. standard so that they can say it's safe but actually the standard has changed the new higher levels mean that fukushima can be closed as being outside of the exclusion zone some say that evacuating the city would be simply impractical given the huge numbers of people affected to try and mitigate the circumstances to some degree a group of scientists have teamed up to find a simple ways to reduce the radiation. levels. we're just trying to do
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a pilot project. by ourselves and we are not using especially when we just use normal shovels. scoops. you just. saw is a small effort to bring some security to a community facing a scary and uncertain future in fukushima city sean thomas r.t. all the discussions around think conference will be held behind closed doors are the only summaries being released withholding information for the public and doing nothing to shore up public faith in the nuclear authorities that is indeed the view of malcolm grimston is a former information officer of the u.k. atomic energy authority is currently a policy analyst for the chatham house think tank in london is a bit more from him. understandably all of those who want to know as much as we can about the present situation clearly sometimes you need to scratch in the behind
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closed doors to. try to discuss things that may not be the case but which would cause a lot of fear if if they were announced until an hour later not to be the case but for such a major and meeting of this sort i do believe that a demonstration of openness is extremely important but i think this is the wrong decision people are going to think. that they don't want to come out even if that's not the case i don't believe personally that we've seen a massive cover up of information coming from japan what we have seen though i think is a very slow response to questions and attitude which has been far too backward looking about this is what we think might have been happening two or four weeks ago instead of this is what we think might happen in two or four weeks time and when that is the attitude. people are going to think of all four of these are sitting on the information and they don't want to release. always more online conferences are
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running twenty four seven our website chance of your saying all the stories you see and stop by and comment there if you fancy we've got these lined up for you tonight well take a look our shot of the top of russian football's premier league story broke yesterday as a leading goalscorer against a jolt from a police would find out the back story there what happened what went on and are teed up gone also who's next in the terrorist crosses we ask seems al qaeda has now launched its own hit list featuring pentagon officials and u.s. politicians going to read more about that tonight's online from us. in greece workers at the state of the christie company have gone on a forty eight hour strike against the austerity measures there it comes as the finance ministers failed to agree on conditions for releasing the next installment of last year's bailout package for the country the decision was postponed now till july with the stipulation that. it is important fresh budget cuts workers of utility for their part are angry at government plans to privatized the company as
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part of your spirit of measures that are seen as crucial as the countries to avoid a default fears of greece defaulting may british banks hold back billions of euros from a vending market has put john bolton from the e.u. referendum campaign he believes will be next on the list of financial failures if we just keep pumping money into greece it's only putting off the death of their economy they are already bankrupt we have to wake up and smell the coffee and say enough is enough greece is going to go ireland's going to go portugal and of course the big one everyone is worried about is the state of supply and that is what some of our banks like portrays have been reducing our liabilities in spain because clearly the property slump in spain is much bigger than a spanish government is telling people they sisily been a drop of eighteen percent now the radio shows in spain people losing seventy percent sixty percent in the fire you have their homes and their developments spain will be the next one to topple but why should the united kingdom which is already
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facing massive recession massive cuts in our social services massive cuts in our essential services and public services cutting down of on forces crushing down of our police etc etc why should we the u.k. taxpayer pay and you the german taxpayer pay for the ineptitude of the greek government i say we shouldn't i say let's get out of the euro and the now. also the noose like tens of thousands of protesters have taken the streets of yemen as capital demanded the departure of president celeste two sons from the country both hold senior positions in the military president a buddhist and those currently being treated in hospital in saudi arabia after being by the wounded in a rebel attack on his compound. or the five million people have been affected now by those devastating floods in southern and eastern. china with more than one hundred seventy people dead or missing they've been caused by conventional rains
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which of followed one of the most severe droughts in more than fifty years your thought is one the floods are going to continue to and more than ten rivers in affected areas could burst their banks. president very of still keeping russia and the rest of the world guessing whether he'll make it distinctly for the kremlin for a second term however in an interview with london's financial times newspaper he appeared to rule out a putin would bet of face off in next year's election that is capturing as out of a report of what else the president had to say. it's definitely the question that the russian president has been asked most frequently in the recent past with the way they decided to keep the suspense of the will. resume the new leader especially one who occupies the president's seat has to be willing to run for reelection however it's not a question of whether he would make a decision for himself i suggest waiting a bit longer and keeping the intrigue. of course the main intrigue of the twenty two of the presidential election still remains with him and he did answer some
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questions in relations do cool well run for office and one thing is certain both he and within the political will not run for the same office it will just be one or still remains to see who will that be. it's hard for me to imagine we're putin and i both running for president at the same time for at least one reason that thing is we strictly speaking represent the same political force competition between us would bring harm to the goals and tasks we've been working on for the past several years it would be good for russia and i wouldn't this particular situation it was a very long interview that the russian president gave to the financial times it was many issues were raised throughout the course of it was retaining to russia's national and foreign policies many aspects that are the interesting those people living in russia those observing from the specific of course questions relating to
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the goals that the president set out for himself during his term in office they say should that only option was no injury that is taken by western media source has gone by without the issue was sealed tight was a great president reiterated his position that that was just released that it happened not in any way to be a danger to society like any russian citizens we serve a time that also. has the right to an appeal first it wasn't just matters of domestic policy that were touched upon the russian president speaking harshly up our nato military intervention in libya saying that some of russia's partners basically chose to misinterpret the resolution passed by the united nations security council resolution that russia. hoping that it will be served and kept to as it is worded but of course if you did this said that basically a very good resolution turned into
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a meaningless if he were with nature's military intervention in libya precisely because of that no resolution on syria but the. serious matters of course that were just passed we do know that the russian president is very fond of his gadgets he's clearly see that spike need to slip that he has a special on it that lets him monitor exactly what his employees are doing which of his tasks have already been fulfilled is a very useful thing i personally like to check out the app store to see whether it's been specifically custom made for the president or whether it's available for the general public. also today present a votive sent his condolences to relatives of the internationally renowned human rights activists to learn a bona she died in the u.s. on sunday aged eighty eight after a serious illness when i was with the soviet distance of nobel peace prize winner breaks sucker off for relatives that should be buried here in moscow i mean
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a couple background of analysis on that story as well about. just over twenty minutes away from i just spoke with kate as we will today one of the rain judy rain however some play did get underway more of that later the monday night business that country. hi and welcome to our seas business bulletin increased demand for gas in europe is largely a benefit of the russian state company gazprom but the company has been criticized for charging far more than the market's spot prices alexander medvedev deputy c.e.o. of gazprom believes however that the disparity between its prices and long term contract prices will soon be minimal. that's leadership in the next two years so we can expect sport prices to go significantly higher gas futures whole winter time to love and when did well when trying to the team if they're not already higher will be around four hundred dollars or a thousand cubic metres and this is equal to the price formula in our long term
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contract. despite the low european and asian markets the u.s. markets are trading in the black monday though speculation that they will fall throughout trading is high due to continuing concerns over the debt crisis in greece. and various sentiment dominated the russian markets on monday the us yes and the my stakes close more than one percent in the red looking at individual share moves on the my sex cross telecom lost almost eight percent after a rally early this morning when shares rose thirteen percent analysts attributed the rise to the inclusion of ross telecom shares in the r.t.s. index and on expectations that the stock will soon be included in the m.s.c.i. index energy ranges suffered losses dragged down by the oil price gazprom ended in a in the red despite its announcement of a twenty six percent increase in its forecast for this year's european exports banking stocks were also under pressure spur bank last point six percent during the
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day. and for capital wraps up monday's trade. we do not see significance for a lot of our children all major blue chips of trade in between. a modest one point five percent. major move friday after there was ross telecom which serves. frighted. was also as high as fifteen percent in black hole. so it's true volatility of their own no one knows what scruton induced stock was dubious was the major source of volatile to other stocks are trading quite boring the ten billion dollar russian direct investment fund has just come into action after it was officially launched and since petersburg economic forum last week a lot of media dimitri have chairman of the bank outlines the cons plans for this year. i think the warm
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a good deals before the year and i don't think that this year a location which is around two billion dollars will befall you it's a list whatever the feeling that were made during flurries about half a billion dollars of nonspecific projects sums and that brings you up to date for this hour with business we'll be back with mine in just under an hour's time stay with us with headlines from kevin next.
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