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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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three. three. three. three both videos for your media drug free radio gondar keep calm. book of the law to show for real headlines with none of them or say are going to live in washington d.c. now today we're going to be telling you about a new poll that shows that seventy two percent of americans think the u.s. is militarily involved in too many countries we're going to see how that applies to libya where things keep going wrong for nato then lol second anonymous have declared war on governments and big banks but how might the u.s. government are back and it turns out the death penalty has cost california taxpayers four billion dollars so is not going to be enough to get people to call
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for change a look at all that and more tonight but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media decided to waste their time on ole miss in all the big stories of. the pub is a lot going on in the world from economic crises to endless wars but in the mainstream media world none of that stuff matters we are gates over but that's to their dismay actually but luckily the trial of casey anthony continues breaking news at this hour from orlando in the casey anthony murder trial the judge recessed court until tomorrow morning there was supposed to be a full day of testimony today but proceedings were delayed from the start and the judge is not happy about it and a bombshell this morning in the casey anthony murder trial the judge polls the plug on any more testimony today and then scolds the lawyers for both sides good enough is enough in orlando the judge in the casey anthony murder trial. cancelled
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testimony for today he spent the morning scolding the lawyers for what he called gamesmanship. and it's been literal non stop of the girl for the past few months overlaying and of course judging you know the moralistic paternalistic mainstream obvious cannot get enough of showing pictures of attractive young females and figuring out where it all went wrong you just wait until the amanda knox hysteria picks back up i've already seen a number of reporters doing live shots from italy because that's what's who are spending money on to make sure that you have reporters on the ground to cover every last detail again the corporate interests dumbing you down clearly winning out if they didn't then you know what the mainstream media would be covering right now how about a new report put out by the a.p. on our nuclear power industry after a lengthy investigation what they found isn't pretty and that's because as usual it involves corruption of collusion between government and industry that's allowed nuclear plants to keep operating despite some incredibly valid c.t. concerns and you want to know why they keep operating that's because industry
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convinces the regulators to lower the standards seen when valves leak they just change the standards to allow twenty percent more leakage when rampant cracking caused radioactive leaks from steam generator tubing and easier test of tubes was devised the every time something goes wrong the nuclear industry runs to the congress point speaker says of these regulations are far too conservative and then they get in change and most of our nuclear power stations are built in the sixty's in the seventy's and they were only meant to last forty years but you know what else the a.p. found that sixty six of one hundred four operating units have been relicensed for twenty more years now considering what the entire world just witnessed in japan at the plant you'd think the media would pay a little more attention to an investigation like this especially when there's flooding going on right now in a grass fire right near the fort calhoun in brownsville nuclear power plants calhoun has been shut down ground rules operating at only thirty percent and both of describe the situation as merely an unusual event a person. i'd like
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a little more detail into what's going on wouldn't you after the investigation i definitely don't trust the government to do it but apparently you can't trust the media either who would be their laziness could be the fact they don't want to actually have to do any investigating or it could be something else like maybe it's the money that comes from advertisements the play on their news channels today nuclear energy provides one fits a generic to lecture city tomorrow could supply even more and you clear power plants generate greenhouse gases so they preserve our environment. we need to reduce our dependence on foreign energy and we also need clean air with nuclear energy we can do but. yeah i'm not turly sure which one it is could be both laziness and serving the corporate overlords but in the mean time that's when your main stream media has been missing. tensions remain high in libya's nato claimed responsibility for the deaths of nine
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civilians this news comes as the libyan health ministry alleges that nato is to blame for the death of eight hundred civilians since the intervention began so how do libyans feel about the foreign presence in our country. the notion a has not. mohamed her his extended family used to be one of the biggest in the neighborhood and a terrible mean killed filed with him by his father one of his brothers his sister and her own family mohammed shows us the picture of little jumana his niece who was taken on his mobile phone does days before he pulled her dead body from on to the green. i woke up when i heard explosion he said the roof fell on me i ran immediately to see how my family is and many were dead my mother survived another brother is in a coma and we don't know when or if he will recover but how is that not reach they've been living in this agreement they start in tripoli it's home to many hours in complete poll most from one family this is just
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a regular city quarter quite densely populated built up area this is what used to be that had his house but three story buildings are reduced in ruins in just moments after being hit in a missile strike omar mohammed's brother who survived says they will never forgive or forget what nato has done to them destroying their lives and hems that they should take responsibility for their wrongdoing and nato has responded with an apology. intended target during our i struck in tripoli was a military. however from our initial assessment of the facts it appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target due to a weapons systems failure although officials in tripoli claim more than eight hundred civilians have died in major raids they nine people they say were killed in sunday's bombardment of the city have become the first civilian casualties officially acknowledged by the alliance well known saturday nato has also admitted
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another mistake in a strike this time on rebel forces need eleven allport of greger with a number of casualties not been disclosed we hold nato we hold mr cameron is the cause of this guy the better scorning mr obama. and the good response about the deaths of these innocent children and isn't quite as until an innocent fathers and mothers cannot justify this that i would join him in the incident in. sunday's fatal error occurs in the rising concerns within nato about his operation in northern africa only eight out of its twenty eight members have joined the mission to protect civilians in libya which raises the question how many would support one to kill them and raif an option or r t tripoli. the death of libyan civilians by a nato air strike on sunday couldn't have come
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a worse time for selling this war data tied amongst nato allies is already limited with only eight nations taking part the european public is reeling from debt crises and protesting against austerity and as for the u.s. involvement president obama is taking heat for overruling justice department lawyers and forging his own legal explanation for why he didn't need congressional approval and that's an explanation that many members of congress are as ten bipartisan members of already filed a lawsuit against the administration and more moves that may come this week to vote against funding but a new poll from pulse opinion research might be even more telling seventy two percent of those polled so the u.s. is involved in too many foreign conflicts and should pull back its troops only sixteen percent said the current level of engagement represented an appropriate level americans also don't think of the wars are making the country any safer thirty seven percent said the continued presence of troops in afghanistan makes no impact on national security and forty percent said the same about iraq so what are
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politicians going to get it the people don't want any more war joining me to discuss this is matthew das national security policy analyst at the center for american progress thanks so much for being here tonight let's start with libya and of course the news coming out this week and now i guess any military mind will tell you well that's what happens in any kind of military conflict is there's always collateral damage but how damaging do you think that this specific attack would be after all we're supposedly supposed to be there to protect civilians there isn't any terrorism fighting going on the way that you can say in afghanistan or in pakistan well sure when you're drawbar your. residence or places where people live this is going to happen that's unfortunately a fact of war i think it's notable that this is to my knowledge the first time that the libyan government has actually brought journalists and showed real evidence they've claimed civilian casualties before but never really given journalists this sort of access to be on the street something like this i think it's clear that this is in fact. happened a number of civilians were killed in addition to this just unfortunately being one
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aspect of war there's also the fact that we have very few intelligence assets on the ground in libya right now where you don't have spotters there on the ground to make sure that these mistakes don't happen they unfortunately do happen i think the libyan government has really seized upon this somewhat justifiably to kind of rally libyans around the government they spoke in a very very strong sort of appeal to not only be abused muslims throughout the region more generally claiming asking them to rise up against the united states but it's certainly not helping the effort in iraq. certainly is helping the effort of course part of the problem when you're going somewhere to help civilians or if that's the way that you're going to try to sell it and you have no actual numbers for how many civilians have been killed definitely makes the situation difficult but you know i don't really think that they needed this attack for a rallying cry because the end of the day let's face it it is a civil war two that's going on there is a lot of support for gadhafi within the country and i'm just wondering how long i think for my section is that nato leaders are hoping that at some point time is
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going to go against him and that he just can't hold out for a month when this time start going against nato when do they have to say maybe getting khadafi out can't go anymore and we have to start tracking down or at least minimizing successes so that's a real problem i have a very hard time imagining a point at which nato says well we gave it a good shot but he's not going anywhere so let's just allow so that the two options right now seem to be a just a continued protracted conflict stalemate or be eventually goes. the way that these things tend to go is that yes i mean i think you can say that a stalemate was in some senses one of the possible goals here given that we wanted to prevent what many people thought was going to be a massacre in benghazi. but you know these are two very good options here now you know i think we also have to talk about the fact that the obama administration and we covered this last week and i personally don't buy. i obama's legal justification for it i think it's plain simple the war is illegal i mean even under the worst
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powers act there was no imminent threat to the united states there is no reason for us to go into libya but he's done this interesting thing where we found out from reports from the new york times that in fact he overruled justice department lawyers and went around and picked out a few legal minds that he knew might side with them is not something we've seen george bush two when it came to you and i say wiretapping when it came to the torture memos i think you can make those kinds of comparisons sure personally i'm very i thought in the legal rationale that was brought out to argue for not going to progress for approval very suspect myself or i would be very careful about it i think choosing to invade and occupy iraq choosing the bush administration the ends to which they put these sorts of games i think are very much different from this one example with libya again i mean i'm someone who just somewhat reluctantly comes out just a shade in favor of the intervention i realize there are a lot of problems with it but having had friends and contacts in libya i convinced
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that there would have been a massive atrocity carried out in benghazi to debate whether this is actually in our interest i think you know it's a tough question but on the specific question of the legal rationale you know i think i have really issues with it with all that it is thinking to me too though is that now we finally see of course some republican g.o.p. candidates that are starting to say they don't agree with but i think in many ways that's an easy talking point to use against the president right now because like i said the legal rationale just isn't there but at the end of the day think about it if obama would actually ask for congressional approval i'm sure they would have said yes but i think that's true but i also think we can't let congress off the hook here if i honestly don't think we can let them off the hook which is why i think this whole is so important because of course you have to take every poll as a grain of salt but seventy two percent of people think we're in just one too many countries so is libya nonsense what we needed for people to say finally i'm fed up i'm outraged make it stop it's possible but i think it's just the kind of cumulative effect of all of these interventions and you know these wars afghanistan iraq relationship with culture. like you i mean where we are you know carrying out
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these drone attacks but we're not really clear what the nature of the and i think a lot of americans after you know years of this very difficult economic times they see the millions and billions of dollars we're spending overseas they see the difficulties we're going through over here and they're asking well what are we getting from all of this and we're not getting a whole lot if you ask me but i think do you think about why perhaps. politicians like ron pop sure ron paul wins a lot of polls and you can say that he has a hard core dedicated following he want another straw poll overwhelmingly in new orleans right just this past weekend in a g.o.p. conference but do you think there's something more to it that finally people are thinking you know he's not a fringe candidate because this is at least somebody who i you know who i agree with when it comes to stopping the war is because we can't afford them anymore and i think there's going back many years there's always been this much more you want to call it isolationist or just much more modest strain of republican conservative foreign policy and you have the neoconservatives who as we know have lots of grand ideas about america intervening all over the world to spread values or democracy or
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what have you but there is another tradition in the conservative movement that has been somewhat eclipsed by the new york cause but it's really kind of feeling about it we have now it's like it's rising right past you and me back into the mainstream right i think that's very much true it still doesn't appear to have the sort of policy making apparatus that the new conservatives do it doesn't control me it's not there are not so many pundits who are kind of for their ideas but i think that's changing and i think we're going to see that continue to change and we're definitely seeing a. big move when it comes to congress in terms of wanting to get troops out of afghanistan and finding an actual troop reduction not just two thousand troops out of one hundred thousand and with course the scene governors from across the united states also sign on to get us out president obama is now reportedly going to be announcing some numbers on wednesday do you have any guesses as to how many troops you think they might actually see you know i would you know there are so i think it'll be larger than a lot of people think. i don't know if i would put it around ten thousand or more
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but i think with the killing of osama bin laden i think there's a real argument and i think this is reflected in that poll that you mentioned people have said well this was the guy this was our real kind of our enemy who led the attacks on us on the eleventh we got him so what are we still doing walking around in afghanistan people i think definitely are realizing that their connection is no longer there now that it's gone. then what's the point and of course the pentagon as we found out last week is asking for those troops to stay or at least the surge the same tough fall of two thousand and twelve but hopefully we'll get some better news on wednesday not think so much for joining us. well still to come tonight now to talk about dr lee frey from the trail tonight a different take on these from the control race and where we have a war on terror not a war and whistleblowers and how could we see a war on terrorism attack and dive into that topic. into it only a new treatment can do the work how to bring justice and accountability. i have
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every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life is if you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't know i'm trying hard to the big picture. says. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here.
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i think. even one well. we're never government says there are keep you safe get ready because you're going to have freedom. for five.
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police brutality it's an issue that we choose to focus on regularly on this show and why well that's because it's something of the mainstream media too often overlooks reason magazine is also adamant about revealing these overly aggressive rates though and on their networks recent t.v. they have a video from toronto based musician lindy and it carries a very strong message check out. though no really. really. sweet. you know your. cash that. we. use. now that was just a snippet from lindy we definitely recommend you visit reason t.v.'s website to view the song in its entirety and why again because the message is strong it's slightly disturbing and it's a reminder to americans how many of these incidents are overlooked huffington post
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radley balko formerly of reason has reported as many as forty thousand of these raids happen every here or someone's hurt or killed inside their own home let's give kudos to a blogger who's now dedicated his page to another all too common a victim of these known operates the docks red carpets pages called dogs that cops killed and he gives the full story and reason for the canine jets and here's just one example of a raid that left a family's dog dead immediately after a swat team busted down their door. ok. now that disturbing videos from two thousand and ten were a swat team in missouri raided the home and shot the pet while there were children inside the house but those are just a few samples out of many more incidents while the mainstream media continues to
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overlook the trend the law to show won't something has to be done to stop swat teams from invading homes and such. an aggressive manner so we're going to keep bringing you those stories until they stop. now looks like a lot of security and anonymous have just declared war on governments and big banks so yesterday also released a statement to announce the two groups have joined forces and are launching what they call operation anti security in it they wrote together we can defend ourselves so that our privacy is not overrun by profiteering gluttons and if you're aware of the corruption expose it now in the name of anti security now according to the statement the top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information including email schools and documentation and the prime targets are banks and other high ranking establishments that so far lol so it has done a pretty convincing job of exposing the government and security firms very core of security on their websites now that also even anonymous have stepped it up a notch i think governments do the same in return the obama administration's
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already pressing congress to create harsher penalties for breaking into government computers and putting national security at stake cam on force not really unknown hackers joining me to discuss this is joshua grant's bench cyber security fellow at the center for democracy and technology russia thanks so much for being here tonight thanks for having me now of course hackers didn't just appear this year they've been around for a long time but i feel like it's being done in a very public manner now thanks to groups like anonymous and security do you think that we're seeing you know something something different begin to emerge or a larger movement i think what we're seeing is actually a number of different kinds of hacking events all appear at once so for example we had the sony and epsilon data breaches that were basically criminal activity and then we saw the ghoshal security threat that was posed by the breaking into google accounts of how little government officials like anonymous are in some sense almost a slightly lower level of threat than those kinds of threats but again we're seeing
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them all at once and that as a group there's a makes those. it seem more dangerous we i mean last i can honestly can say obviously initially they said they were just doing it for the law not of this was a little more politically active but now that you are joining forces i guess you could say that d.d. o. s. attacks aren't really a grave danger it's a national security by any means but now they've actually gone after cia now they've actually touched on senate to see a massive reaction from the government now they feel like they're being personally attacked i think that is in some sense the biggest potential fallout from this kind of thing when you see people that design not terribly dangerous attacks in any way that makes them look to be garnering then all of a sudden policymakers see that may see a very visible threat that may not be as much of an actual threat as as you know a network security engineer might have it but that can garner
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a very strong response as a reality we've already seen you know at least reportedly that's what the of the officials or law enforcement claims that they've arrested members of anonymous in spain or in a rest of the people here in the u.s. but do you really think that's something that they should be devoting their scarce resources to are there much more serious actors and blackouts and people they have to be worried about but i think there are much more serious events that you need to be worried about and fact we've seen examples of that as i said earlier in the last month the last two months we've seen very serious break ins to the internal networks of corporations that deal with united states national security secrets we've seen problems that are potentially lead to the identity theft of many millions of americans and these kinds of lol sec and anonymous activities don't really measure up to those but do you think it's just a typical embarrassment problem with the government right i mean we see it let's
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say we see the government waging a war against whistleblowers right now and obviously weekly leads although to this day. there had been no confirmation from any politicians from any military officials that any lives were actually put into jeopardy or anybody was actually killed because of any of the with leaks disclosures you could always say that because it's just something that embarrassed of the government like so many of those diplomatic cables do and they will fight tooth and nail to do whatever they can to go after them i think that also especially has done a pretty good job of exposing the fact that the government itself is vulnerable that some of these security firms of the government relies on to fake out its web sites are also incredibly vulnerable so i'm just wondering if we're going to see this incredible tenacity because it's just hard to bear and i think we will see some of that and actually i think that might lead to one of the biggest problems that we see in the subsidy arena day which is the government inserting itself into the private sector in iraq and that's because you know the government says that's not secure enough we see all these security problems at the same time where we're seeing things like these hacks of the. government security sites therefore the
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question sort of becomes is the government really the right group of people to be securing the private sector internet well what do you make of it is this project that they announced last week this pilot program in fact that the n.s.a. is doing where they're partnering with private companies because they're trying to secure these contractors i kind of had a feeling that they were doing that it is that new and even new years that stupid you just assume that they're already working with private companies you know if you're going to the campus people on time i think that what they were doing before was working with a private company sort of a one off basis like i am a private company i see something that concerns me i call in the n.s.a. the industry works this is a more systematic program and actually from our perspective that's a pilot program that's being done very well it's a pilot program that takes into account the privacy needs of users by sharing signatures from the n.s.a. so security of signatures of now where another bad things and project networks carrying them out from the n.s.a.
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to those private sector networks but not showing any information back to the n.s.a. from what gets caught from those who do. and therefore comparatively speaking that seems to be a fairly security program ok now i want to ask you what you think of the fact that the obama administration right now is pushing congress trying to get them to legislate to move up the maximum penalty right currently if you break into a government computer and. the excuse that they always use national security is at stake there is a ten year maximum prison sentence now they actually want to make it a twenty here. and they want to add mandatory minimum so that you have to get at least three years for breaking into a computer we think that that is a little dubious mostly because the statute that they're thinking of amending computer fraud and abuse act is actually a statute that's been used in some very broad and probably in a way that's actually always are as they always are it's been used to to prosecute people who violated terms of service on
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a website or people who have violated their contractual acceptable use policy is it an employee use of a company was there any way they can actually use that against security or anonymous with anything that they have done or maybe what they are planning on doing with this operation as i security since they're saying that governments are one of their targets i think i think a number of the activities that anonymous and also have participated in and contemplate has been to the future would fall into the end of that statute and so now the statutes penalties are doubled i think it's very important to clarify what exactly is covered by that statute before we go about extending it ok now lastly i think that you know in general right now there is this mood around the world thanks to the financial crisis thanks to the fact that it was a lot of banks the rajon the entire economy there is this anti financial institution anti-government mood so i'm just wondering if anonymous and also can actually play their cards right if they don't start going after minor figures and they do get some big leaks out there i mean do you think that it could be a bit of
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a game changing event i think that it could be the kind. thing that would a week in people to the democratic presidential be ended and we've already seen a number of events like that in egypt and in iran and syria as we've sort of seen the democratization of the internet that said i think that the real power of the internet in that kind of democratic protest the organization of people more than it's in the kind of. social protest that you see with the second anonymous are international thank you very much for joining us and i guess on what the information is that they get out there and what the leaks are. thank you so much. that sort of comes and i know you said it i read it i respond to some of the comments that you left on line about the shelf and if you know that it costs the state of california now or villian dollars to execute thirteen prisoners tonight we can look into the insane costs of capital punishment.


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