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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 12:31am-1:01am EDT

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between obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu there were many who stayed that netanyahu his recent visit there so obama backtracking on what he what he said and essentially becoming a puppet of netanyahu you could see the there was not a lot of chemistry in this meeting but i think not too much would be to this kind of music would you say that the relationship between the united states and israel is colder than it's ever been before. with all of the united states we would be in a much more difficult position not only because of the veto but because of the support that we get from them. i think the relationship not only on the political level it's also cultural and ideological. they know that we are so far the only or the most important democracy in the middle east do not think a bomb has lost credibility in the arab world there was so much hope when he came
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to power and he certainly seems to have remained a very close friend of israel as you say i think that. the palestinians put a lot of hope. in the obama administration to be the honest broker. i think they still see this way just this morning we were announced the. obama administration made it very clear that they are going to veto in the security council. quest to become a full members of the unit in the nation so you know the trust that. is at the moment in trying to achieve peace in the region in they know that he is trying to save himself as an honest broker is there the possibility that the united states could veto the establishment of a palestinian state and still the general assembly would recognize that. mission of the palestinian state was already announced the 1980's a bias. and nothing happened so this can happen again and again we're not going
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anything to the palestinians a what can what it can achieve is the continuation of the delegitimization of the state of israel and this is something that i think can be avoided only through political talks do you have faith that netanyahu is serious about peace i have faith in him because for the last two years when i served my country is the israeli ambassador to the united nations a saw i watch very clearly not only what he said in the belly landing in first speech which was two states for two countries but also the way that he acted in freezing for ten months the building in the settlements which no current no government the ever before why didn't we hear so much about settlement building taking place despite the construction freeze that there was not the continuation of the building in those ten months but in those ten months what happened was that the
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palestinians they don't move in spite of the fact the the free there was a freeze which never happened before there were no buildings except maybe sometimes for expansion and still nothing happened is so it's not us to blame it's the palestinians who did not move for those a whole year and they know peace talks took place in they also think the americans also did their part in making the palestinians sit on their hands a abu mazin said it in so many words he said the obama put us on a tree he went down from the settlements you know the only resistance resisting on me is stopping or freezing the building and i was left on the tree this is what i wasn't himself said so with the phrase did not help in the last two years or even more since gus liberation we did not have any peace to. do you think of the
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dollar lieberman the country's foreign minister is good for israel he was appointed by. a government that was elected with the quality. i know that many people think the he's not the right person to represent israel in the world it what takes place now but this is a decision that was taken by the leadership by an attorney i was the prime minister i'm not going to comment on it the u.s. president barack obama has publicly committed the united states to peace based on the nine hundred sixty seven borders what is the benefit to him of sameness in public you know that the obama administration unlike former administration is very much engaging with the world with the muslim world which is the africa and say i could see the way the is. presented to us of the little susan rice the way the cheek acts united nations the way that she
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acts the way that she embraces the way that she engaged in they really want to be an honest broker in the middle east and not to be perceived as they were for so many years being one sided in supporting only israel i think this is his idea in a new way this is what former administration said as well but he made it very very clear that this would be the basis for the coming peace what is will be secure within pre nine hundred sixty seven borders i think this is for our leaders in the defense minister to decide i think we will get the government fears that we made in the israeli army is very powerful and can put. in any borders you have said that israel's international status is at an all time low do you think that this is because of its settlement building the looking objectively thing. it's us to blame
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i think the palestinians are getting israel and they have a strategy of illegitimate easing the state of israel they favor in the walls they failed in the boy boy called a cultural boy called the famed trying. the tell all in the streets and the buses all over israel now they have a diplomatic comparing against israel and i think they succeeded in showing israel as. is that powerful a power over in the west bank and especially in gaza and the people in the suffering of the people there which i do not want to belittle but still this is part of the strategy in the i think this is why we are being there legitimized in the hope and they know that only the peace talks once they will be started when
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going back to the right track in the keep this in the stop this kind of tenet of some of the should the palestinians unilaterally declare a palestinian state what will israel's reaction be i don't know but you know some people here say that. we can also take unilateral steps. like the disengagement i know that all kinds of unilateral on our side or on the palestinian side going to home and to be an obstacle to the peace in the region in the i don't know how we will react but i still hope that the palestinians will understand that this kind of unilateral declaration will bring them nowhere this is not the way to achieve what everybody wants which is peace with least some kind of security in the. suffering. of the clashes that we saw recently along the northern israeli border. do you think that this could be
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a precursor to what we're going to see in september you know i heard the really of a person. often i'll give me. a here's some more i'm going to put this thing in there that promotes and politicians and they say that he's afraid of the concept there. will be they don't and that's one of the clear ration always nothing would happen then will the youngsters who are the palestinians still schoolbooks look around and see what happens in their words and they may rise and there will be. so this is something that i think also should be taken into account and they should be prevented do you think there's a possibility of an israeli living on a wall when i hope that the army and all of the fans and the intelligence people will know how to avoid it because war is something that nobody or each side of the border really wants. or we'd be getting anything out of it professor thank you very
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much for joining us here on r.t. . and.
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the war. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls will a first barrier from the nazi troops on their way to moscow. centers and breasts were dying one by one under siege this. was. the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words. very well mother i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica
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and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean paul is discovers fun to make sounds article is so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is a boat and. expedition to the bottom of the earth on our team.
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forty four people are killed as a passenger plane crash lands in northwest russia eight survivors are hospitalized in critical condition weather and court systems are among the first series because of the tragedy. claims of more civilian victims in libya after nato bombing with at least fifteen reportedly dead including children. west of tripoli comes just a day off the alliance admitted to killing civilians while blaming a weapons mount. on the prime minister of greece is facing a crucial confidence vote in his recently reshuffled government the outcome could determine whether he will be able to push through a new austerity package to secure another much needed injection of cash. had the latest sports news without you from.
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hello there welcome to the sport good to have you company and the other headlines cruising is of only over leads the russian charge into the second round at wimbledon. taking the reigns in the two believe his name the new coach of russia's national ice hockey team. treat for the fans the world cup. day when. we start there with the sad news that one of russia's top football referees was among the forty four killed in the plane crash in northwest russia last night that. plane crash landed in the republic of korea as it approached his hometown airport. the thirty eight year old had been a referee for face to face since twenty ten and had officiated one hundred games in
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the russian premier league. now the first day wimbledon has passed without any major upsets five russians reaching the second round including second seed veritable new the overall though it wasn't all plain sailing for last year's final if she had to recover from a wayward second set to clinch a six loves three six six three when i married thirty. one next up portable rio where is fellow russian lena vesnina you had a straight sets win over spain's euro price euro the russians making it into the next round includes bet on the christmas twelve c. coming back from a set down to be charlie shy yankee however twenty eight seeded russian katherina kind of a loss due to sarah christina mchale there any a perv back produced a bit of an upset she'd be. here. while french open final is francesca schiavone also progress needing three sets against australia dockage six four one six six
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three the school in this. i'm happy to win. this match was really tough for me. so i think keeping going playing. much more chance to play that. next. to prove. well staining plenty of the limelight with a five time former champion venus williams has straightforward win against call amanmuradova wasn't the only reason why a back revealing dress of a rain design. should. come in to any major you know there's a little bit of. tension. tension alive a lot of expectations players do in practice which have been hitting the ball really well and you know especially haven't played a lot too it's
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a little pressure of lead to to come out swinging as usual. meanwhile the men's defending champion rafael nadal took time to settle against his first round opponent trial for two to america's michael russell in the first set they came back to win six four six two six two in one hour and fifty eight minutes and said it was an honor. told. them busted. in a call like this was make a motion. be the first. to play in this fabulous court so. there was a. feeling. to look or see the quality in the really really bertha conditions. while finishing off center court action on day one was home favorite andy murray he gave the crown a little scare losing the first set six four to spain's daniel geno traver before
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taking the next three with ease including a run of fifteen successive games and he did it under the new chrysler. if it changes the conditions it's not the same conditions as different. almost too perfect you know there's no there's no work. no sort of elements to turn . you know it's different. you know he was able to a lot of huge forums which you don't normally order to do a little bit breezy or. whatever but certainly sort of caught on a little. but it was. good stuff. well in other games in the last years or in europe and sixty's thomas east pass felipe over landry from italy gelman frisco possibilities. in straight sets ten
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seed mardy fish or save three along with russian eagle could it be reached the second round with a win over judgment equal sisily. now is why soaking in russia have finally confirmed the country's most successful club has become the head of the national team in the two lability had been off as being given the task of preparing the star studded squad for the home winter olympics in sochi three years time the fifty six year old is currently the manager of wife pay child champions act bars but will most likely give up his club for the sake of the country his predecessor because of because i had a part time job is to moscow and then sell about you but he was sacked as russia russia boss last month following a worse than expected four place at this year's world championships in sweden. football now in john warner has quit his faith vice president he had been suspended from the sport's governing body pending an investigation into bribery allegations however his departure means all charges against him will now be dropped think they
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say he will be presumed innocent the sixty eight year old along with faith a member mohammed bin hammam were accused of bribing caribbean football chiefs in the run up to defeat the presidential elections warner was the longest serving member executive committee half. enjoying the board back in one thousand eight hundred three is also a step down as the president says. in the meantime chelsea say they will reveal their new manager in the next few days then coming amid reports porter's tellus manic unbelievers boas has one foot in the english premier league club blues allegedly agreeing to pay the twenty one million dollar release clause in the portuguese his current contract he skyrocketed to stardom after leaving porto last year to the treble of the domestic title cup and combine that with the europa league the thirty three year old the youngest ever manager to claim a european title former russian russian coach keeps hitting was also linked with chelsea job that's been vacant since the sacking of carlo and she lost the last
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month. elsewhere a new manager has been officially presented at another top flight english club but alex mcleish is unlikely to be totally relaxed in the role at least at the beginning of his reign of aston villa after arriving from arch rivals birmingham city. fans from both sides however the fifty two year old got seems to be unfazed. as long as it goes. you know i can understand people's feelings. nor have i heard it before you. come out of it stronger yeah sure i really look forward to the challenge of money from plastic. lokomotiv moscow have filled the void left by last year by the departure of star winger peter with the one of his nigerian team mate sorry taking his place at the railway man signed when the victor of been in a four year deal from syria joins into milan twenty four year old spent last season
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on loan at now relegated west ham in the english premier league and he will join the moscow club after the summer break in the russian top flight next month. the russian is hosting the football world. cupping twenty eight fans in the capital won't have to wait seven years to see the famous trophy is now on display in a museum in central moscow the legendary trifle is currently flying by security at the artist's central high stakes of asian center it's here as part of a cultural exchange program between russia and spain while the reigning world champions off of winning the tritone for the first time in south africa last year so far not many fans of turned up to see it however those that have russia have a chance of raising world football's biggest prize at their home championship in twenty i take. charge of the use of that we always hope we can wean having faith that will pull off a victory is the main feature of any fan is the cool goes when
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a team wins the fans always see we've won but if they lose they see they lost so i want old fans to get behind the russian national team and even if we lose say that was our loss and that brings us to the end of the sport for the moment we've got the weather coming up with.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification
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a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra while julian cooper story on our t.v. . information cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool way to just get sucked in fiction straight out of software to make three d. jobless three building blocks for bush's first nationwide four g. network tomes going top notch up to. the future
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three people out of the wreckage another man reached out his hand told me but i couldn't make it to him everything starts is exploding i could not get any closer everything was engulfed by fire forty four people killed as a passenger plane crash lands in northwest russia eight survivors are hospitalized in critical condition. claims of more civilian victims in libya after a fresh nato bombing but at least fifteen reported the dead including children. west of tripoli. parents fighting red tape for their children's lives dozens of kids with a rare hunter. who survived the state funds expensive treatment.
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the latest world news twenty four hours a day this is r.t. a plane crash that killed forty four people in northwestern russia may have been caused by a power outage on the ground eight passengers survived the incident being treated in hospital officials say the plane itself may have clipped power lines triggering a runway blackout the aircraft on route from moscow crash landed on a highway one kilometer from the destination airport. joins us live more details now on a truly shocking event but what do we know so far about the details surrounding the trash and all the investigations currently underway to determine what brought down this t. one three four aircraft now this three main main possibilities that they're looking at whether the crash was caused by human error or beat up by the pilots the ground
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staff at the airport in part because of course whether the weather conditions were a factor in the in the crash or whether it was a technical malfunction now the black box recorders have been recovered may well reveal exactly what was going on on board the aircraft the very latest that we have is from the managers of the air to the airport it was of course they say that as this plane was coming in to make this landing. it clipped power cables cutting off the power very for a very short period before the emergency power kicked in this of course plunging me the the airstrip the landing strip into darkness plunging the whole airport into darkness for a very brief period before those lights came back on they'll be investigating to see whether that was a contributing factor into them not making it to the actual airport the plane crash landed around a kilometer away from its intended destination on a highway splitting into as it landed on this this.


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