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in the. nature of three people don't even write to each other man reached out you turn towards me but i couldn't make you champ everything stances which lungeing it did no good any commission everything was engulfed by fire forty four people killed as a passenger plane crash lands in northwest russia eight survivors are hospitalized in critical condition. these are still the bone being. approached duffy and anti nato mood grows in libya following claims of more civilian victims as a result of fresh alliance bombing the port of leaving fifteen dead including children. and parents fighting red tape for their
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children's lives thousands of kids diagnosed with the rare hunter's syndrome process can only survive it in state funds expensive treatment. but from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching r t with me nice and now way straight to our top story this hour a plane crash that killed forty four people in northwestern russia may have been caused by a power outage on the ground or the ground services were working before its descent local officials say the plane clipped power lines triggering a runway brok out the roof there a flight en route from moscow to pet the result was a crash landed on a highway just one kilometer from its destination eight passengers survived the incident and are being treated in hospital let's cross live to our g.'s peter
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oliver who is following this developing story for us peter do we know anything more about how this. tragedy happened. well the pieces are starting to come together throughout the day what we do know is that this type of to you on three four plane on its way from here accommodated airport in moscow. in the northwest of the country crash landed about a kilometer away from its intended final destination crash on the runway breaking into pieces before catching on fire now the plane came very close to actually sliding into a row of houses fortunately it stopped short of doing otherwise because you would have been many many more now since the plane didn't crash land it was unable to land the airport the first people on the scene were the emergency services they were people who live nearby people who were passing by at the time and we've been hearing some some stories of true heroism from those who were first on the scene helping those stricken in the fall of the aircraft. three people
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each one was either. you could not sell which was larger than the man was hard to see was dark and there was a man he also was unhappy he was launched on me and we carried out two more people from the wreckage in the middle of the road another man reached out to san told. him everything he saw says explosion i could not getting you closer everything was engulfed by five story. of the flight recorders have been removed from the scene of the crash in the process of trying to work out exactly what caused the space to crash is under way now what we do know is that the plane clipped treetops as well as severing power lines on its way down below seven power lines triggered a blackout on the runway for several seconds before the emergency power kicked in and we don't know whether those seconds that the lights were out and the runway was
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in a blackout whether those were the crucial seconds that meant that the pilots had to make a decision to force the. emergency landing now the emergencies ministry here in russia continuing to carry out this investigation to try and find out what happened and they aren't ruling out any possibilities right now. the investigators continue their work at the site of the tragedy that debris there is spread across a three hundred meter radius the flight recorder has already been found communication recordings are being analyzed forensic analysis is being carried out looking into several versions of what caused the tragedy these include the human factor such as an air of the crew or the ground services severe weather conditions technical failure and several other potential causes. peter what are we hearing from experts about these various different theories. this is important to realize this investigation is in its infancy we can only go on the
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facts that we have we have the footage that we've seen of it if the plane clipping treetops we know it's a downed power lines and we know it was forced to make a crash landing but the experts who looked into these type of crashes before their initial opinion is that this was caused by pilot error and they've actually gone as far as to draw comparisons between this crash and the crash last year which killed polish president lech kaczynski so they are in their opinion off what they've seen so far as this quote could have been caused by an error in the cockpit. which i don't think anything would go along with. it in future years of operation the triple one three four has to do extremely reliable their craft in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame and the same is true here the pilot should have made a second landing approach this is exactly what happened to the polish presidential airplane course. we know that eight people have survived this crash what are we
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hearing about their condition. where they're currently receiving medical treatment . six of them have been told that they can be flown back here to moscow to continue that medical treatment however some of these people are in a very critical condition and that's what we're hearing from doctors that say this plane crash landed on a highway broke into pieces before catching on fire they're being treated for the injuries caused by the us impact and also for burns from the from the fire that broke out now among those that survived are a nine year old boy his fourteen year old sister and their mother now they're the lucky ones who we spoke before about the the heroism of those people in order to pull them from the wreckage unfortunately forty four people killed in this crash. the relatives of those who lost their lives have started gathering here it's already out of the airport in moscow they've been receiving grief counseling from the emergencies ministry and we're hearing that there will be flow into patrols of
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maybe to morrow to the site where the crash took place. right now peter all over live from moscow do stay with r.t. as we continue our coverage of this plane crash that occurred in northwest russia throughout the day. to libya now where another deadly nato bombing in tripoli has reportedly killed at least fifteen civilians nato insisted hit a command center but libyan officials say three children are among the dead. a day after the alliance of needed killing up to nine civilians in another air strike which is blamed on a technical failure if the notion of reports from tripoli. and other day has brought more death and destruction to leave here a large private compound west of the capital tripoli has been leveled reduced to rubble in an apparent airstrike. rescuers have discovered the remains of fifteen
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people according to leaving officials. the houses destroyed belonged to a general who. one of the people closest to colonel gadhafi he was among those who took part in the military coup to brindle even leaders of power forty one years ago the general escaped injury if most of his family died in the attack. this man is talking about people are one of the grandchildren of the general and one of three kids killed in the incident. the day of the bombing the family had gathered with friends to celebrate his fourth birthday. libyan civilians it is. attacked in the early hours of this morning killing fifteen people including. children are here and there is still the mothers.
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the number is fifteen people nato has denied these claims just as it's never demanded the death of more than eight hundred others believe in government says were killed by their problems the nine people killed in sunday's bombing of a residential building in tripoli remain the only civilian casualties i can all it's by the lines which claimed. technical failure and former pentagon official says the only thing clear of all the nato campaign is the mounting casualties and damage it's inflicting on the even people they try to achieve a certain level of humanitarian effort and initially but the protracted bombing is now increasingly hitting civilian targets and it's creating a very negative reaction i think it does raise the question of what is nato has a role continued role going to be there as the content of those actions increases other voices become more and more than two. of the libyan people.
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and it seems that the more anger they feel about nato the more they support their leader. this is the second set was meant. to say was a. challenge. to . the. united states is that this problem. that. you want to deliver out of this is. what's certain is that. dying. treat billy.
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the greek prime minister is facing a crystal confidence vote in parliament that will determine whether he'll be able to secure another injection of cash from the e.u. and save the country from plunging into deeper crisis on monday eve finance ministers piled further pressure on greece they gave athens two weeks to pass fresh project content tax increases conditions that must be met to secure a previously agreed installment of trouble billion euro and william dartmouth whose u.k. independence party wants britain out of the e.u. says the uncertainty over the next payment for greece is understandable. they've got frozen feet about about about the whole deal i mean greece is really not a very large economy and what are you talking wildly in the present seventy billion with probably more to come in twelve months time and i mean look where is it all going to win what's basically happening is that the taxpayers of northern europe
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particularly germany are going to have to pay out to stop greece should default and try to present all your doing particularly obsession in the near fanaticism of the european elite for the political project of the united states of europe and a common currency has resulted in a terrible terrible human toss if there is a greek default the people who would suffer would be the holders of greek sovereign debt who are basically banks institutions and the like is sort of the people who are suffering no who are who are principally trying the two million private sector employees in greece who are actually bearing the brunt of these draconian austerity cuts. britain will not take part in the new group that's u.k. prime ministers promise to taxpayers he said he saw no reason why britain should be involved in the burden facing euro zone countries john gone of the e.u. referendum campaign says britain is still hanging out at the i.m.f. . george osborne and david cameron are prime minister they say they will not put
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any cash into the bailout but they're kind of playing with words really because we've just increased the amount of money we pay to the i.m.f. from ten billion to nineteen billion and if greece defaults and let's face it they are going to focus on the first bailout plan a second bailout if indeed it does go through in a couple of months when they do default on now will be liable to pick up some of the bill so british taxpayers repaid for i personally agree with the mayor of london boris johnson some people say he will be the next prime minister after cameron i say let's greece go to the wall and no more greece must be allowed to leave the eurozone let them have the drug market then they can devalue then they can set their wages where they want to set them then they can begin to rebuild from there if we don't do it now as jack straw our former foreign minister and home secretary said in the house of commons it's just a slow agonizing death of the euro. our financial guru max kaiser has his
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say about the use financial woes and overwhelming debt to presidents and catch up with his unique analysis in just over an hour's time. a generation ago or two generations ago the word work imply accumulating savings but now the word work is accumulating debt so what they're saying is you young people out there who are entering the workforce if you work really hard you will accumulate massive debt. it's coming up a quarter past the hour let's check on some other international headlines more flights have been cancelled in australia due to the ass cloud brewing from the chilean volcano becomes a week after the air traffic in the region came to a shuddering hold with hundreds of flights spend it in australia as well as new
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zealand last friday saw the airspace clear up the clouds circled the globe and is now causing further disturbance earlier announced that volcano was becoming less active. trends to a site car blast outside the iraqi capital have left at least twenty two dad and dozens injured the explosive packed vehicles were blown up near the city's governor compound but it's not yet known if he was hurt in the attack it comes as a week comes a week rather after a similar suicide attack on a police building northeast of baghdad which was then storm. the u.s. administration says president obama will on wednesday announce the scale of the withdrawal from afghanistan the speed and size of the pull out his cause divisions with some of the military warning against any rapid withdrawal are currently around one hundred thousand u.s. troops in the country the pullout is scheduled to start next month and conclude in try. fourteen afghan forces are due to take over security the military campaign is
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in its tenth year and remains highly unpopular among the american public. now to have a child diagnosed with a rare and disabling disease every parent's worst nightmare knowing their treatment exists should be a welcome relief but in russia many hopes are dashed by extortionate costs and a lack of state support acts on avoid a report on how a price really can be put on a child's life. the first matt followed in february this year fourteen according to his birth certificate he looked half that he's hearing was rapidly declining his vision almost gone he responded only to the soft strokes of his mother who gave up everything to care for him to get out of this disease i'm happy just to wake up and see him breathing sometimes he smiles and it's the greatest thing for me. he wasn't always this way but they did five he knew the point his
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mother is reading to him now by heart it was actually even a fraction and he liked cats and talked about being a driver then step by step his health began to deteriorate his mother rushed from one doctor to another until last year he was finally diagnosed with hunter syndrome a genetic condition that means his body can't get rid of toxins it's extremely rare and extremely expensive to treat. without treatment doctors say he may soon die if we get the drug his body will be slowly clean stop the toxins may be able to walk again and play and enjoy life like other kids here and you'll cost for valborg it was almost eight hundred thousand dollars beyond comprehension for you lana hasn't left the family with the first signs of the disease she petitioned all sorts of britain is ations it was about to super local authorities when
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a need for ill they finally agreed to provide the money for the drug there but then this piece of paper simple is licensed to life. when i got this letter i was so hopeful it meant that my child would live they waited weeks then months in early june a bogus health took a turn for the worst and he died never having seen the promised drug. most people agree that losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent but he got to it's not the worst thing for her is to leave the rest of her life knowing that her child could have been saved but the treatment was there and these exorbitant money was found. tape or administrative procedures whatever you call it. was never given a chance look all of the riches say there was absolutely no way to speed things up
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their own region where you live and leave it in an impoverished mostly agricultural province in central russia but what is treatment would have accounted for about a quarter of all how subsidies but here in college interest in schools where the treatment of this boy in military terms is equivalent to almost all cancer surgeries in our region and we're talking about thousands of people yet we still made a decision to allocate this money but before this we need to conduct some budget restructuring and to hold attended by it now these procedures are almost complete and we expect the drug to be here by the end of june but it's already too late to how polo to be allocated money may save another little boy spirit kilometers to the south at least seventy year old peter was also diagnosed with conscious syndrome yet he still has a few years before the damage becomes a record his parents believe to save their son he has to step in. and no single family can deal with his disease on his own the cost of the drugs is
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simply unreal the local authorities often refused to cover the costs for this one thing the state house house to. out of about two hundred fifty children hunter syndrome in russia less than half are receiving medical treatment it's a postcode lottery available in reach or areas like mosco and almost imaginable in poorer towns and that despite the fact that when it comes to this citizenship all supposed to be playing on this c t x artsy. the u.s. has stepped up its drone attacks in pakistan the most recently reported recent reportedly killed at least twelve people over a growing number of civilian deaths in the strikes and sparked public anger concerns the action is driving up the number of extremist recruits and now with reports that the u.s. plans to expand of war to yemeni territory criticism against the strategy is stronger than ever parties going to check out has the story. the u.s.
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is looking to expand its war on terror but it's not the under fire. in pakistan a cia drone strikes aim at terrorists but ends up killing mostly civilians public outrage is growing hatred and anger foster more terror if you push them of there's the world then this militancy and terrorism is going to increase this is no more dissolution because if you're attacking them by drones and they're not part of the war they're going to decide which party they're going to join in pakistan in the one year the u.s. strikes killed seven hundred civilians but netted only five actual militant leaders many pakistanis are furious at their government for helping the americans kill their own people they accuse their leaders of doing that in exchange for billions of dollars from washington americans on the other hand are not too happy with what they get in return for their billions to support governments or large ones when
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we say enough is enough most governments lie to each other that's the way business gets done and meet all the cheerleading about bin laden's killing the us has stepped up drone strikes in pakistan. has done in a number of civilian casualties that result because of the drone strikes. us like the taleban you know. and other groups in pakistan to recruit new members and they're doing that. washington now sees yemen as the most dangerous outpost and he's planning to step up drone attacks on the country as that delish ing of basing the persian gulf specifically for that purpose especially now when bin hans replacement i'm on all the worry is not to be building up all kind has already significant presence in yemen. the u.s. had been cooperate in with yemeni counterterrorism forces in targeting al qaida but
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they've since left the field preoccupy. it is that with the nationwide turmoil against the sollie regime that means the americans are likely to have a freer hand going it alone with the cia to take a central role because the agency is not subject to the accountability the us military is legally under expect more bombs to fall on yemen when the us starts to hit people who are numbers alongside a new arabian peninsula and then i think the real worry is that it expands this war to the point where so many people join up with al-qaeda their security in yemen over the killing of scores of civilians by the drone strikes in one attack there the american military presumably ming at an al qaida training camp ended up killing dozens of women and children in another strike a year ago a drone mistakenly killed a deputy governor in yemen his family and eight with the expansion of the wrong war it seems that was the signal the amidst all the fighting on the fly that analysts
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say some of the maintenance of the all the braves are not having to put down the force of the fleet and that their bombing and the lack of accountability when it comes to their beakers that can add more paradox to the website in minneapolis where the american is fighting and fostering terror at the same time i am getting a check out recording. that wraps up the main news block here in our to business is next with me today after a short break. i don't know when welcome to the program the oil price is rebounding slightly after losing six percent last week however worries about
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a possible default by greece are still weighing on crude the country's parliament is due to hold a conference later tuesday but. energy agency explains why the small country is having such a big effect on the. greece is one of those countries that is really at the forefront of budget deficits and all the issues facing many other countries in europe and even the u.s. so it is a very good case study here for greece portugal officially bankrupt and i'm able to create stuff so if that were to happen he would send a chill all across europe but. for all countries he's no longer trust what happens there and there will be a chill in the mail because a lot of the consumption in europe is start. borrowing. so
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you have the markets now we start with truth as we've been talking about the light sweet crude is up almost one dollar there brant is up fifty three cents this is because a rebound of the six percent drop the previous week. with the stock markets european markets trading on tuesday on the positive note of what zero point six percent pretty much the same amount reading again there's no kids of more than two percent of the god revealed this new smartphone sort of expected to launch the first with those devices like something you know. russia trade is also in the positive territory so far so good ideas are point to my six point seven percent this is on the back of in crude prices so gas and financial stocks are in the lead. some of the main movers on the my sex gas problem their point nine percent even though some of the other end you shares like ross have two point two percent growth telecoms down two point seven percent of the losing eight percent this session before that's old news the company will be included in the state privatization. and the bank will
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finalize a decision on acquiring a controlling stake in austria's bank international in around two weeks' time the seven hundred million euro deal will help russia's biggest lender to establish itself on the european market so the bank c.e.o. graph outlines the company's ideas for international expansion. we're interested in emerging markets for example in europe we're interested in turkey and poland and we will look at assets in these countries according to our preliminary plan by twenty fourteen we should gain five percent a net profit on the international markets however i don't think we'll be able to cope with that as we changed our priorities to date we aim for a better competitive level in our country and most likely we will be able to increase our expansion strategy after twenty fourteen to twenty fifteen a day our domestic market is our main priority. well since acknowledge ease as getting down and dirty with a corporation is creating
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a new waste disposal company it will earn as much as twenty five percent of found the rest will be controlled by domestic private investors so unclear how the company will be financed now but the russian technology say there rely on the cash from state budgets of the country's ruling party supporting the project the garbage operators are expected to dominate the russian markets going to the three s. . so from the business desk for now we will be back and next out. of.
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wealthy british style some time buyers. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our feet in moscow okies available in marriage grand hotel which colson royal marriage will ruin renaissance could be all one married couples a holiday in so.


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