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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 12:31pm-1:01pm EDT

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between obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu there were many who stayed that netanyahu is a recent visit there so obama backtracking on what he what he said and essentially becoming a puppet of netanyahu you could see the there was not a lot of chemistry in this meeting but i think not too much would be to this music would you say that the relationship between the united states and israel is colder than it's ever been before. with all of the united states we would be in a much more difficult position not only because of the veto but because of the support that we get from them. i think the relationship not only on the political level it's also cultural ideological. they know that we are so far the only or the most important the more prosy in the middle east do not think a bomb has lost credibility in the arab world there was so much hope when he came
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to power and he certainly seems to have remained a very close friend of israel as you say i think that. the palestinians put a lot of hope. in the obama administration to be the honest broker. i think they still see this way just this morning we were announced this i believe the obama administration made it very clear that they are going to veto in the security council. quest to become a full members of the unit in the nation so you know the trust that. is at the moment in trying to achieve peace in the region in the they know that he is trying to save himself as an honest broker is there the possibility that the united states could veto the establishment of a palestinian state and still the general assembly would recognize that. mission of the palestinian state was already announced the 1980's by yasser. and nothing
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happened so this can happen again and again in this will not gain anything to the palestinians a what can what it can achieve is the continuation of the delegitimization of the state of israel and this is something that i think can be avoided only through bilateral talks do you have faith that netanyahu is serious about peace i have faith in him because for the last two years when i served my country is the israeli ambassador to the united nations a saw i watch very clearly not only what he said in the belly landing in first speech which was two states for two countries but also the way that he acted in freezing for ten months the building in the settlements which no can no government ever before why then do we hear so much about settlement building taking place despite the construction freeze that there was not a continuation of the building in those ten months but in those ten months what
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happened was the palestinians they don't move in spite of the fact the the freeze there was a freeze which never happened before there were no buildings except maybe some place for expansion and still nothing happened so it's not us to blame it's the palestinians who did not move for those a whole year and they know peace talks took place in they also think the americans also did their part in making the palestinian sit on their hands a abu mazin so they can so many words he said the obama put us on a tree he went down from the settlements you know the only resistance resisting on me is stopping or freezing the building and i was left on the train this is what i wasn't himself said so with the phrase did not help in the last two years or even more since gus liberation we did not have any peace talks. do you think of
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the dollar lieberman the country's foreign minister is good for israel he was appointed by. a government that was elected in the quality action i know that many people think the he's not the right person to represent israel in the world it what takes place now but this is a decision that was taken by the leadership by an attorney i was the prime minister i'm not going to comment on it the u.s. president barack obama has publicly committed the united states to peace based on the nine hundred sixty seven borders what is the benefit to him of sameness in public you know that the obama administration unlike former administration is very much engaging with the world with the muslim world which is the african and say i could see the way that the. representative of us of the little susan rice the way the cheek acts united nations the way that
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she acts the way that she embraces the way that she engaged in a really a want to be an honest broker in the middle east and not to be perceived as they were for so many years is being one sided and supporting on israel i think this is his idea in a new way this is what former miss way szell said this when but he made it very very clear that this would be the basis for the coming peace what is will be secure within pre nine hundred sixty seven borders i think this is for our leaders in the defense minister to decide i think we will get the government is that we need in the israeli army is very powerful and can put. in any borders you have said that israel's international status is at an all time low do you think that this is because of its settlement building. looking objectively i don't think it. as to
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blame i think the palestinians are getting israel and they have a strategy of legitimizing the state of israel they favor in the walls they failed in their cannot make boy called a cultural boy called they failed in trying. to tell the world in the streets and the buses all over israel now they have a diplomatic complain against israel and i think they succeeded in showing israel as. is the powerful power over in the west bank and especially in gaza and the people and the suffering of the people there which i do not want to belittle but still this is part of the strategy in the i think this is why we are being the legitimized in the whole and they know that only the peace talks once they will be started when bring us back to the right
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track in the keep this stop this kind of tentative vision of the day should the palestinians unilaterally declare a palestinian state what will israel's reaction be i don't know but you know some people here say that. we can also take unilateral steps. like the disengagement i know that all kinds of unilateral on our side or on the palestinian side going to harm and to be an obstacle to the peace in the region in the i don't know how we will react but they still hope that the palestinian will understand that this kind of unilateral declaration will bring them no work this is not the way to achieve what everybody wants which is peace with least some kind of security in these. suffering. the clashes that we saw recently along the northern israeli border. do you think that this could be
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a precursor to what we're going to see in september you were really. me whole. here's someone going to put this thing in there that promotes and politicians and they say that he's afraid that come september. will be the one and that's one of the clear ration always nothing would happen. the young students who are palestinian still schoolbooks look around and see what happens in the woods and they may rise and that would be. so this is something that i think also should be taken into account and they should be prevented do you think there's a possibility of an israeli living on wall when i hope that the army will be france and the intelligence people will know how to avoid it because war is something that nobody. each side of the border really wants. or we'd be getting anything out of it
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professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. .
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the war in the old. nine hundred forty one these walls when the first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow. funders of breast were dying one by one under siege of. food water. shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell. i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. more than
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a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean paul is discovers fault makes sense arctic is so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is a both and. expedition to the bottom of the earth. the world's leading. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around
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the world. we've. covered. this is all to moscow and these are all top stories flight recorders from the plane that crashed in northwestern russia. forty four people and injuring eight bring delivered now to moscow for analysis weather conditions and human error believed from calls and. at least fifteen will civilians are killed as nato bomb was. made but instead hit the birthday party of his four year old grandson prompting the libyans to question the intervention cost was protecting them. and showed out in the green column and three pm faces a no confidence vote on whether to new austerity cuts in return for the cash lifeline all become the first eurozone nation to default on its debt. all those stories and more.
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and i welcome to the sports news on a busy second day wimbledon and their stories making the headlines. crying for joy serena williams columns hold back her tears on her successful start to the defense of her wimbledon crown. while taking a role a new russian ice hockey coach you know to love me again off resigns you post as i pass trainer concentrate on the national signed. on for ali in town for me was most decorated team arrives in moscow for the first time i had a back story drive around the kremlin. to start though with the sad news that one of russia's top football referees was among the forty four people killed in the plane crash in northwest russia on monday nights pets i died when the ross plane crash landed in the republic of korea as it approached his hometown airport of pictures of all it's the thirty eight year old had been a referee for fee for since last year and how to fish eight in one hundred russian
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prime really games was due to referee the spot at moscow versus rust off game at the luzhniki stadium on sunday he leaves a wife and two children the president of the russian football union set to go for a sinker described the death as a great tragedy adding the r.f.u. would do all it could to help mr pressurize family. tennis now and there's been an emotional comeback to wimbledon for serena williams as the women's defending champion burst into tears after a hard fought victory against french women are of on resume when hams haven't lost in the first round of any of her previous forty four grand slams bazza after returning from a year long injury layoff she was pushed hard before winning six three three six six one just over a half present of the one of the sixty one counted so his powerful prospect take the second set she lost her momentum in the third serena broke. and. it definitely has that into the match. not a crier so i don't know i think it was something in my eyes it. definitely was just
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so emotional for me because you know the last twelve months i've been through you know a lot of a lot of things that's. normal things you guys don't even know about so it's just was it's just been a long arduous road. to stand still it's pretty awesome. well while the one caroline wozniacki dropped just three games on route to beating spain's atlantia patterson poignance former champion maria sharapova explained compadre it chapter five that. while there have been mixed results for all the russians to time quarter finalist nodded but the other crews passed business in a russian match at the chevron that crashed as rita is roberta vinci also in straight sets however how to change about manage to battle past their ships from ukraine six four seven six and on the men's side six time forward champion roger
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federer overcame a closed set cruising. through. while things have gone down to the wire for russia's top non-lethal youzhny he's up against argentina's funny one i think i would ankle was knocked out in straight sets by a straining teenage prodigy but not to make and three time finalist in the world history though after beating germany's and respect in straight sets. meanwhile the first day passed without any major upsets with last year's final spirits ponder over among the winners although i wasn't all plain sailing for last year's finalist to recover from a wayward second set six three six six three win over america had a certain risk. while french open finals francesca schiavone also progressed the italian needed three sets against malaysia duckett six one six six three that's the score in this one. this match was
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really tough for me. so. keeping going playing a much more chance to play that for. to prove. while sailing plenty of the limelight has five time former champion famous williams who claimed a straightforward win against prospect there akhil a man what out of a police to get through the pressure of the first grand. pulling in the major you know there's a little bit of. tension. tension alive a lot of expectations to go out there and play as i do in practice which i've been hitting the ball really well and you know especially haven't played a lot too it's you know a little pressure of lead to to come out swinging as usual for me while the men's defending champion rafael nadal took a little time to settle against his first round opponent he trailed america's
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michael russell forty two in the first test came back to win six four six two six two one hour and fifty eight minutes say this is former iraqi it's one of. the best if that is the i never played in a call like this. because motion. be the first player. to play in this fabulous court. so there was a. feeling. bursting look or. she would go out in the really really perfect conditions you have if anything. and finishing off the center court action on day one was home favorite andy murray he gave the crowd a little scare these in the first set of six all to spain's daniel human a private for taking the next three with these tooting a run of fifteen successive games they did it when you post through the rain fell.
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i stuck it out it's been confirmed the new coach of the russian national team will step down from his club commitments in the k h l to take up his new post dinner to love to get dino had managed champions advice last season but russia's sports minister in the poll insists impossible to continue that role in tandem with the national job the decision came off the side to russia could get as low because trying to juggle the job with his poaching wallet size and minutes out of it to live he was axed following russia's fourth place finish at the recent world championships in sweden. and in the meantime europe's hot is football coach and the boss has quit as trainer of portuguese champions porto and speculation he'll soon take over as manager of chelsea he has a twenty one million dollars buyout clause in his contract hundred bought suggests the thirty three year old could pay the cash and self however russian and chelsea are reportedly also prepared to pay the sum through the earth in the long coach lashed by last won a troubled quarter last season taking the domestic league title and cup as well as
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the europa league crown former russian coach guus hiddink has also been linked to the chelsea job it's been vacant since the sacking of column chalabi last month and has also been a managerial appointments in the russian premier league sergey silken has been promoted to take full charge of the not by moscow at least until the end of the season the fifty year old steps up after setting his caretaker coach for the last two months sealed his replaces montenegran specialist. who resigned after the mammoth russian cup flop in april. now russia may be. busy preparing for them made an appearance at the rugby world cup in new zealand in september as another form of the sport rugby sevens will be hitting the russian capital this weekend moscow will once again host the second of the four stages of the european grown pretty serious russian officer over all of the season. starts last week england leading the way ahead of spain twelve teams are taking part in all making for a patchwork of matches throughout saturday and sunday
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a win on home turf for the young russian team is what they'll be aiming for but the ultimate goals further in the future. so a lot is now being done we've worked out a program for the russian national team this day prepare for the twenty sixteen summer olympics in rio these are the first games to feature rugby seven storm and but our main goal now is twenty thirty one muscular stage the world cup and we hope russia will go into these events in top form and produce the best possible result so. what we know now i mean just three years to go until the debut of the russian grand prix and such a ferrari have come to the capitol for the first time to take part in the annual moscow city racing event set within the picturesque backdrop of red square in the fall straight year the high octane event has taken place a credible as well rumble to the sound of three formula one teams mclaren's former world champion jenson button will be behind the wheel for second year running to share and current charmed up dr s.
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but to the delight of the fans ferrari will hit the capital's roads for the first time thirty eight year old physicality will represent the most famous and successful team is fernando along that belief a loss that taking a break had a few lies is essential. we believe that this event piece an opportunity to meet the no religion and the culture of our sport for more learn to grow our. new country. make. the support of the more understandable and more close to the fans which is different a mental thing for someone. and finally the champagne corks have been popping in the hometown of goals new u.s. open champion rory mcilroy this was the i went to the twenty two year old winning pots to land his first major title and to complete a fairytale story. once upon a time this is where it all began for him and his local hollywood golf course back
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in northern ireland where at the age of seven he showed such promise the club broke its rules to allow him to become a member and they can be more glad that they did sharing the eighteenth hole champagne off of his victory with rory's uncle at the center of the media spotlight . was on the you never experienced anything like it you know sort of. emotionally you know and i wish it were just so. you know for us if there's hollywood you're in there and you know crematoriums jeremy jesus was going to see and that's all sports news in this book is in syria going to ask time.
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invasion cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry europe called bandages that sucked the infection straight out of software to make three d. tunnels free and the building blocks for russia's first nationwide four g. network tombstone top line technology optics. down the future covered.
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flight recorders from the plane that crashed in northwestern russia with the loss of forty four lives arrived in moscow for analysis bad weather conditions and human error for three to play. at least fifty more civilians are killed as makes obama's missile talk to duffy a but instead the birthday party just four year old grandson . showed out in the greek parliament the pm savage new austerity cuts face a no confidence vote the country on the brink of becoming the first eurozone nation to default. and in business are we looking at the euro facing a slow death and if so what could this mean for russia find out more in the bulletin around twenty minutes time.
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hello this is our to international from moscow it's nine pm tuesday night here and my name is kevin a word with our top story for you officials say bad weather and pilot error other likely causes of the plane crash that killed forty four and left eight injured in northwestern russia on sunday night the russe air flight en route from moscow to petra crashed into a road just one kilometer from its destination our correspondent tess recent reports from the scene. right here at the scene you can still see behind me the emergency services so they are still picking up parts of the plane that we saw earlier well from what we know the early reports that we know the a plane was flying from moscow to. the northwest of the country and if you can see behind me there's a road it had landed perpendicular to the road it was on its way to the airport which is to my left it's about two kilometers to the left very close and right behind right beside our homes residential homes which luckily were not hit.
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in terms of survivors recent reports we have five of those survivors already in moscow to be treated for their injuries but three of them are still in very critical condition and will be staying here at local hospitals for the time being now there were also for foreigners on board there was one. as well as to ukraine as a family of four with a dual citizenship u.s. russian citizenship now and the first on the scene right now is very busy but the first on the scene because it happened just before midnight local time just before . the first on the scene witnesses and they did try those who could try to save as many people as they can. three people. with me. from the wreckage. another man reached. me.


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