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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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five had been flown to moscow for medical treatment initial reports point to human error and bad weather conditions at the time as possible causes of the crash ground staff at the local airport claimed they had asked the pilot to make a second approach but he said he'd make it the first time however investigators say there are several theories and nothing has been ruled out just yet. it is continue their work at the site of the tragedy the debris there is spread across a three hundred meter radius the flight recorder has already been found communication recordings are being analyzed forensic analysis is being carried out we're looking into several versions of what caused the tragedy and these include the human factor such as an air of the crew or the ground services severe weather conditions technical failure and several other potential causes this is the twenty eighth crash involving a tuple of one three four tarnishing its reputation even more in two thousand and seven russia's transport minister called the aircraft obsolete and should be
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replaced within five years but some would argue that in most plane crashes human error plays the biggest part of the numbers of which i don't think anything would go wrong with the plane itself in forty years of operation that you bill of one three four has proved an extremely reliable aircraft in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame and the same is true here the pilot should have made a second landing approach this is exactly what happened to the polish presidential airplane while investigators work on the case relatives of the victims and survivors are dealing with their own grief one shared by the people of beth as avoids declaring three days of mourning tesser sylvia r.t.e. in the russian region. spoke to former american airlines pilot captain mark vi seuss's a major question that needs to be answered now is whether the aging plane had the necessary warning equipment on board certainly one of the things we have to find out was whether this. aircraft was in fact. did it have on board ground
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proximity warning which would have alerted the pilot that his closure rate to the ground or his distance from the ground was either too close or too fast for the appropriate position on the phase of flight that's the landing phase the flight it would say terrain terrain to lopo up various types warning systems like that on aircraft. and a bit later in the program tonight we could be reporting on the newest safety hopes for russian aviation latest aircraft designed to make that era thing of the past take the skies of the largest a show in the world report confronts in just a bit. next just a day after admitting killing nine civilians in a bungled air strike nato has been accused by the libyan authorities of causing at least another fifteen deaths the alliance confounded carried out another bombing but has not responded to the allegations of the civilian casualties parties with no
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reports next from tripoli. and now the day has brought more death and destruction to leave. a large private compound west of the capital tripoli has been leveled reduced to rubble in apparent as strike. rescuers have discovered the remains of fifteen people according to libyan officials. most of the money was going to move. the house destroyed belonged to general moody one of the people closest to colonel gadhafi he was among those who took part in the military coup to bring the libyan leader to power forty years ago the general escaped injury but most of his family died in the attack. because. this man is talking about lethal are one of the grandchildren of the general and one of three kids killed in the incident the day of the bombing the family had gathered with friends to celebrate
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his fourth birthday. libyan civilians from it is when attacked in the airlie hours of this morning killing fifteen people including three were children are better there is still the mothers you know. it's but. the number is fifteen people nato has denied these claims just as it's never debated the death of more than eight hundred others believe in government says were killed by their bombs the nine people killed in sunday's bombing of a residential building in tripoli remain the only civilian casualties i can buy the alliance which blamed a mistake technical failure a former pentagon official says the only thing clear about the nato campaign is the mountain casualty toll and damage it's inflicting on the even people they try to achieve a certain level of humanitarian effort and initially but the protracted bombing is
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now increasingly hitting civilian targets and it's creating a very negative reaction i think it does raise the question of what is nato's role continued role going to be there as discontented actions increases other voices become more and more than to the voices of the libyan people was and it seems that the more anger they feel about nato the more they support a leader. that believes that that's how this is the seventy's that the statement that this is the price is that you're. right in the to the march it's. best to have been seen. in the united states is that this gun that was at that i've gotten.
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the was. i we will not you want to deliver our listeners to i'm not sure these are stepped up on being are attacking libya what's certain is that more are indeed dying. r.t. tripoli. well we're in the r t crew there in tripoli shot much more footage in libya to indeed some of it showing in full the horrors of war on the ground it said artie's you tube channel if you like to watch it. the growing number of civilian fatalities from u.s. drone attacks is spot fury in pakistan afghanistan and across the arab world but the u.s. is now playing to increase the use of the remote control weapon in volatile yemen in its war against al qaida artie's garniture can picks up the story. the u.s. is looking to expand its war on terror but its methods are under fire in pakistan in the one year the cia drone strikes killed seven hundred civilians but netted
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only five actual militant leaders. and pakistan in the number of civilian casualties that result because of the drone strikes. stringless like the taliban and al qaeda and other groups in pakistan to recruit new members and they're doing that. so many pakistanis are furious at their government for helping the americans kill their own people they accuse their leaders of doing that in exchange for billions of dollars from washington americans on the other hand are not too happy with what they get in return for their billions how on do we support governments or large ones when we say enough is enough most governments lie to each other and so a business gets done in washington now sees yemen as the most dangerous outpost and he's planning to step up drone attacks on the country as stablish ing
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a base in the persian gulf specifically for that purpose especially now when bin nonce replacement iman also ari is not to be building obl quite as already significant presence in yemen. the us had been cooperate ing with yemeni counterterrorism forces in targeting al qaida but they've since left the field preoccupied instead with their nationwide turmoil against the sollie regime that means the americans are likely to have a freer hand going it along with the cia to take a central role because the agency is not subject to the accountability the us military is legally under expect more bombs to fall on yemen when the us starts to hit people who are members of all idea new arabian peninsula then i think the real worry is that it expands this war to the point where so many people join up with al qaeda their security in. yemen over the killing of scores of civilians by the drone strikes in one attack there the american military presumably aiming at an all kind
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of training camp ended up killing dozens of women and children in another strike a year ago a drone mistakenly killed a deputy governor in yemen his family and eight with the expansion of the wrong war it seems to go on to seeking only a misnomer legally binding on client and analysts say some of the main features of this issue all the pages are not having to take into account the force of the knee and the parent bombing and the lack of accountability when it comes to city community that features that more paradoxically one strategy to me asking what that miracle is finding and fostering terror at the same time i am going to check our reporting. our. more about this now we're joined by columnist war correspondent eric margolis who's on the line from new york eric morning to you so as we saw in that report there the u.s. killing more and more civilians in drone attacks across the middle east pakistan and afghanistan now it intends to expand its from zero controlled war to yemen how effective really all these drone attacks against al qaida.
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well they're effective in killing a small number of a ledge to. militants they are effective in their raging a large number of people now the attacks on yemen have a been going on for over a year they're going to accelerate the attacks on pakistan which have been going on for years and i know this having written for the pakistani press. about ninety or ninety three percent of the victims of these attacks were. innocent civilians because the targets of the attacks and those always hiding in civilian compounds and that's where they'd spend the night and eat and the u.s. calls them suspected militant targets or collateral damage nevertheless a lot of innocent people being killed and a lot of more and more people are angry about it so if it so good at hitting the wrong pay poll and also so good at making bad peo why is the us using them.
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it's it's a cheap way to fight doesn't endanger any american lives it's popular in capitol hill because it appears to be having success and the military has got to come up with something or cia saying you know we're we're killing militants it's the old body count list but there's a new there's a danger here and that is american intelligence professionals have been rightly saying for some time that is the cia becomes more and more militarized it is losing its primary mission which is to provide intelligence and information on an unbiased basis and it's getting caught up in this war where it's now a participant and its decisions are and the information will be biased as a result so let me just get this clear the cia as much say as the military in launching these drone attacks here. well they probably have more say and
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look where there's another player too which is the joint special operations command which are all these delta force and. rangers all these mysterious shadowy groups who are operating independently in many cases of the regular military command as well so you've got cia gunmen you've got these. joint special operations people and on top of that you've got cia mercenary troops running around as well we talked about the view of the cost of it just now you mentioned the cost effective and how cost effective are they if i was in the pad together and i was told to get up how much you would call the summer of these as opposed to sending in somebody a manned weapon. there they're very cheap to run their little gasoline powered lawyer planes really with one hellfire missile or two on them and they're cheap but there's
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a much more important cost than that is i know the afghans very well there's an old saying in india beware the revenge of the afghan and you kill an afghan family is never going to forget and they are going to come after the people who did it. the americans are going to have to deal with this all right eric because of your insight on the program thanks for being with us neither go to showing us some of them from new york there. my pleasure. the mode of reckoning is approaching for the greek government its confidence vote in parliament is imminent has it proposed to introduce a new set of our show sturdy measures they needed to secure a new loan from the e.u. and i.m.f. to prevent the country from defaulting on its gargantuan debts the finance ministers have given greece two weeks to force through tax hikes and spending cuts in return for a twelve billion euro lifeline that the measure is a deep popular with the greek public with huge demonstrations across the country and even if the government wins the confidence vote it still has the people's feeling to contend with according to centaurus plan to go to see the lecturer at
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the university of the g.m. . the problem is we cannot do it we are giving twelve billion lifeline. the biggest part of which is going to be used to repay debt to repay previous did this is totally absurd even if the government manages. to have the confidence vote tonight it's not sure if they can put up a stand up to the pressure from the streets especially during the two day national strike at the days when the new austerity package is going to be discussed in parliament. and regardless of which way the vote goes m.e.p. david campbell battlement from the u.k.'s conservative party told me he believes greece's future prosperity rests with the collapse of the euro. the question now is are we throwing good money after bad money. how many billions can you throw at this
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you know the tolerance of the people for carts for extra taxes as we see it in greece there's real trouble there were there is trouble in spain and ireland particularly i think it's in major trouble the euro and i have been saying for some time i do believe it will collapse either in part totally and probably quite shortly now but to be honest i think you leave your is a political prism for for countries such as greece and spain and they need to be liberated from that prison recreate their own currencies have devaluation make their exports cheaper make it easier for tourists to visit their countries and they'll get back on their feet i think they should go back to the drachma i think they need to get out the euro it is a prison for them and to recreate the drachma i know there are no plans at present to do that but of course they can't sort of plan for found be until you are actually fails i think that is the salvation for greece and that's the way it really should go but obviously that's
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a matter for the greek people and that will be decided tonight next is the annual aviation showcase when companies batted out for control of the skies a multi-billion pound deals they live shows on the web site paris in the past russia's always had a large presence there and this year it's gone all with more planes on offer than ever before star of the show the super jet as a teaser when it reports. the forty nine paris air show russians we are all the putting on display it's a new development in civil aviation design and that is the same ones emerge at one hundred this. design bureau which since designing them the jet has a right to receive numerous offers for that but the primary goal for this craft is with most of the outdated to you one fifty four sent to you one thirty four just like the one which fell in korea on monday that is the hope of russian and of course the designers of this equipment present are saying that the plane's design
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has its particular focus on the security systems the controls so in the allowed room while in some even making the error so it's kind of predicting the error that could be made by a pilot therefore making the plane a much safer alternative to the already existing aircraft however when exactly. this it was a project will enter the fleet of russian aviation companies is not yet known. next week take a look at the state of the stalled israeli palestinian peace process in our interview with the former israeli ambassador to the u.s. . thank you. not only you're.
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with me i have professor governor she lives the former israeli ambassador to the united nations professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you wolf when you were recently quoted as saying that the united states will not veto the u.n. recognition of a palestinian state come september why are you so sure of this i did not say that the united states is not going to recall what they said is the united states has there on considerations of the we should not act as if the victoria is the mole pocket i think we should not trust the united states to report but we should trust ourselves if obama was not to veto the declaration of a palestinian state would he not face political pressure at home i mean after all
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there is an election that he wants to win you know every politician is interest in continuing is there a way but i i think obama really wants. peace in the world and especially in this region which affects in a way is the middle east and the wall of the world in a way so i believe that obama's first before concern with the wind being and we're doing of his own people but he's also or interest in continuing their missions in the visual the you took upon him so when he is. would you say that the relationship between the united states and israel is colder than it's ever been before i think so without the united states we would be in a much more difficult position not only because of the veto but because of the support that we get from them. i think the relationship it's not only on the
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political level it's also cultural and ideological. they know that we are so far the only or the most important democracy in the middle east do not think a bomb has lost credibility in the arab world there was so much hope when he came to power and he certainly seems to have remained a very close friend of israel as you say i think. of the palestinians put a lot of hope. in the obama administration to be the honest broker in the i think they still see this way just this morning we were announced that this i believe. the obama administration made it very clear that they are going to veto in the security council a request to become a full members of the eleven nations so i know that they trust that. at the moment in trying to achieve peace in the region. they know that he is trying to kill save himself as an honest broker is there the possibility that the united
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states could veto the establishment of a palestinian state and still the general assembly would recognize that. mission of the palestinian state was already announced in ninety made by yasser arafat and nothing different so this can happen again and again it will not gain anything to the palestinians what can what it can achieve is the continuation of the delegitimization of the state of israel and this is something that i think can be avoided only through bilateral talks do you have faith that mattel. you know who is serious about peace i have faith in him because for the last two years when i served my country is the israeli ambassador to the united nations. i saw a watch very clearly not only what he said in the by the land. for the speech which was two states for two countries but also the way that he acted in freezing for ten
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months building in the settlements which no can no government ever before why then do we hear so much about settlement building taking place despite the construction freeze that there was not a continuation of the building in those ten months but in those ten months what happened was the palestinians did not move in spite of the fact the the free there was a freeze which never happened before there were no buildings except maybe some place for expansion and still nothing happened is so it's not us to blame it's the palestinians who did not move for those a whole new and they know peace talks took place in they also think the americans also did their part in making the palestinians sit on their hands. abbas and said it in so many words he said the obama put us on a tree he went down from the settlements you know the only with this didn't resist thing on me is stopping or freezing the building and i was left on the tree this is
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what i was a. song with the phrase did not happen in the fall the last two years or even more since gus liberation we did not have any peace talks the u.s. president barack obama has publicly committed the united states to peace based on the nine hundred sixty seven borders what is the benefit to him of sameness in public if you know the obama administration unlike former administration is very much engaging with the world with the muslim world which is the african and say i could see the. aware that there is obama as a. representative of us of the all of the little susan rice the way the cheap acts at the united nations the way that she were x. the way the cheek embraces the way that she engaged in they really believe want to a be an honest broker in the middle east and not to be perceived as they were for
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so many years is being one sided in supporting only is when i think this is his idea in a new way this is what former administration said this is when but he made it very very clear that this would be the basis for the coming peace professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. . wealthy british style. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. good mood the substance abuse. on. an inflation cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for
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the automotive industry you're a cool bit interested some of the infection straight out of software to make three d. jungle street and the building blocks from russia's first nationwide four g. network tomes going top going to cut you up to. the future covered. i am.
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at the top stories from the international one thirty am. flight recorders from the plane that crashed in northwestern russia killing forty four people and injuring eight have now been delivered to moscow for analysis bad weather conditions and. at least fifteen more civilians killed is made so mr talk about the aid but instead the birthday party is four year old brother. to question the intervention that's been tasked with protecting them. make or break the greek parliament propose from imminent confidence vote on the government over savage will stare at the cuts needed for another e.u. i.m.f. bailout loan as the country stands on the brink of becoming the first to default.
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and. what effect mountains of debt can have on a nation's self-esteem the report is on the. backstabber welcome to the kaiser report as we have been reporting financial melt. made the world uninhabitable for capital and so now we live in a financial no go zone you are slaves of the talks of debt that have been created a fall in which we are mr wealth and little of the toxic sludge slow cheap station over tell us more max well i have proof of this not only the revolution happening in greece but we have the financial propaganda to convince you the slave on this
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toxic debt farm to continue incurring more debts one better self-esteem saddle yourself with mountains of credit card debt new study claims yes being crushed under a mountain of debt is typically frowned upon max but new research has suggested this could actually be a dream scenario for many young adults it claims those saddling themselves with credit card debt will feel empowered and feel more self-esteem well i guess this research was financed by j.p. morgan chase. perhaps but the research was actually conducted by rachel dwyer an assistant sociologist at ohio state university and her study found that eighteen to twenty seven year olds who had huge credit card debts not just small credit card debts but huge ones and university loan debt remember this is another scheme they're pushing on us around.


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