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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 7:31pm-8:01pm EDT

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rulon thank you for being with us on the show good morning thank you thank you well the first question is about is about the past actually when sarah because he was elected in two thousand and seven he was considered to be in atlanta is just like a pro us politicians and their way expectations that the relations of france with russia may have probably be facing problems but these predictions were wrong the relations are pretty good today and so a new a new set of expectations is being a is being born today because we're facing elections a new election cycle both in france and russia so do you expect any changes that may. influence the current positive trend in the relations between
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russia and from zero i don't expect any any change whatever the result yeah i don't expect you to write to remind sarkozy was seen as an advantage in two thousand and seven and there was a turning point you know and it's fairly soon regarding russia of i think it is mainly related to the war in georgia in two thousand and eight and or saw very good personal relations with medvedev but. to put things in the you know in the broader picture i think there is a tradition of quite good relations between paris and mosco and to some extent you know psychosis pretty serious guiding russia can be compared to chirac's policy regarding russia as well and that's why my my my may conclusion would be to say that i don't expect any change in tradition whatever the next french president is. you're an optimist great to be well most close relations with an eight have.
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have been ups and downs the but in the last couple of years they have been improving to an end and we see that and there will witnessing like a sort of a new phase new level of cooperation between russia native however there is one thing between russia and nato russia and all the nato countries which is a still growing misunderstanding concerning this nuclear umbrella nuclear shields this this american analysis of nato nato progress program of installing the anti a missile defense. russia wants proof show us why we shouldn't be afraid nature says we'll just take it for granted but do you think that nato the west has to to to show said to give some proof to russia. that russia will not be not be worried in losing
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russia moscow i think political class players are for first of all i think it's very important to remind all bad was the relationship between russia in nato in the summer of two thousand and eight with the war in georgia and i think that's really the turning point and says since about time we had some positive evolution as was certainly a change of stance in russian leadership probably due to the crisis and the impact of the crisis and also the research approach promoted by president obama and since that time definitely we can observe an improvement between nato and nato and russia having said that it's i share your views about you know. defense problem which is at the same time very complicated in military terms but it is a real strategy problems and i think that it's it should be seen as a part of a much more global strategy and for both russia and nato the key question is do we
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consider the main threats between us or do we consider that the main threats outside this is what they do is yeah absolutely this is this is against an outside threat but it but it doesn't seem the west has arguments to to convince must still like being harsh i know i know pretty well that there is a strong debate within the russian elites and between your political leadership and your military leadership of this very. difficult and sensitive issue having said that i think it's very important also to understand that nato and carraige russia to join. and i think it's a long process because it's very complicated it definitely it would be a big change in the positioning of russia on the international scene if russia i decided to join nato and with. out in the same system do you think that the contacts between military between generals between between politicians in charge of
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military affairs are a good thing in establishing trust in in stopping to look at each other as potential enemies definitely it's important you know and but i think it's not something very new we have or we have this tradition of terms is definitely it's i would say once again it's a parts of the picture it's very important for both miseries to interact on a consistent basis but i the same time i think it should be seen in something broader we've political contacts we've called to all contacts and solved definitely is the idea for for the west and especially for for for for europe is to say that. russia should be engaged we know that it's a very important partner it's not all the time an easy partner no doubt about that but definitely very decided that russia should be engaged. after the recent
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visit of the russian defense minister to france it became obvious that for us is becoming the number one russian partner in military cooperation in europe among native countries at least was it a difficult decision for the french to start selling. military equipment worth billions to to russia i don't think it was a difficult decision it's only business just i don't think. i think it is for you sell an aircraft carrier to the russians you must sell the days. to your own people was it ari yeah i think it's more complicated because they are also part of the debate we've been a russian establishment as you know. possible to chase i think it's i don't know if it's number one i would say that clearly if you observe the relation between russia and the european in the number one is
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a germany now we know that germany is less exposed to refers than friends of the u.k. given also the difficult relations sometimes between london and moscow certainly there is a space for for for for for moscow else again we have a good tradition of formation between both countries but regarding you know if he sells obviously there was some concerns expressed by nato of a statement person specially by state or so by a country such as a jump on other same time i think it should be seen as first of all a couple sure you know deal because over european countries can make any sort of selves so it's commercial or commercial approach because it but also obviously it is presented as a way to transform the relation between nato and russia you mentioned the baltic states you mentioned japan which is the later when let's talk about about the the position of other nato countries except the baltic maybe the old they were
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countries and also the united states what was there and what is their approach to these increasing military contribution. well of course that are happy that other buying it. i think it maybe they're not happy but i think to be honest that's not at all the top priority for the u.s. and its mission right now i think that if you see the u.s. strategy right now you know number one is certainly afghanistan iran the raising of china and to some extent. to put it bluntly but russia is not a top priority at all for washington where. well so i being said that i'm not so sure that you appeaser top priority as well so a problem for russia and for europe is a reason to be marginalized on the international scene and from this point of view everything that can make a hard push more you know between europe russia and to some extent europe russia and the us it can be seen as a positive step oh well i have heard a line
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a country and opinions here in moscow that that russia actually does need these trials there it's a political deal rather than purely economic as you call it how much of strategic interests aside of purely economic interest does france have in this deal . if it's not interesting for military terms for the russian navy that's interesting because it means that the russian navy sufficiently rich to to to buy something without any any use so i think there is an interest to be honest but we will see for friends that's very important in the industry in terms not up about that and because it's a way to to give job through to some walkers' sole that's that's one reason this is going to reason is this idea that the evolution the transformation of nato is very important and that russia should not be seen as a revolver but should be seen as
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a partner again a difficult partner but it is seen as paris as a country. which it's possible to make some strategic convergence on different issues not on all of these issues but on the different nations says tom our government head of the russia and i has said it and the french institute of international relations what light will be that shortly after break will continue to send to help them go stay where you are. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by graham ridge everywhere but also
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there are. on this beach which of course is where most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra while julian cooper story on our t.v. . culture is that so much different each musician to try to market from spring to be uprisings and at least states are fast becoming vicious civil wars.
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welcome back to spotlight i'm now going off in just a reminder about my guest on the show today is tamago head of the russia and i asked center at the french institute of international relations. we've been talking about about this the law of selling to how the comp to carriers to to to military level vessels to russia well when i said that the russians are not really interested they don't really need these mistral ships actually when people say we don't need the ships this is not right we maybe we don't need the ships themselves but. the russians badly need the technology which comes with the ships and this is supposedly what the russian navy is after so all the french in your opinion ready to shed a technology related with the materials as you probably know that's part of the
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negotiation fortunately i'm not an avowed expelled though it's very difficult for me to to explain to users of the itself politically definitely varies a debate about should we transfer technologies you know towards or the was russia and you have a debate to be able to be honest in france and not only in france in nato countries but on the deal in itself unfortunately i have no insights on this particular part ok so. let's switch the subject now and talk about one of the when the favorite stories of the french press. in the recent couple of week we should distrust kind of. a wonderful a wonderful rumor around this trance kind of further of course people say that it was initiated by obama so other people say it was initiated by sarkozy because bill because because of poor company but some people in france said that it was all done
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on an order of let him reputed if you know that. who does that come from i mean this is bizarre is it's coming from a french p i'm not wrong. it was seen as a put in the sort of russian plots makes prediction is very very simple you know all the stuff is absolutely amazing and the media coverage of the stuff in france is much more than surprising for i would say real professional journalists. there is something completely irrational in the south entrance and so very is also a tendency to see blocks everywhere to explain what happened so one day. russian prods over there it's an american blogs the other day something organized by to be honest i think that's. is so complicated and definitely impact dramatically russian the mystic sorry russian french politics that it's it's not
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very important to to comment on the sort of the correction from my point of view ok . france today is advocating the military campaign against gadhafi in libya advocating the un resolutions against bashers as a regime in syria well that is a political fact russia russian diplomacy is much more cautious dealing with these issues do you think that this is because of some disagreements that exist between moscow and paris and could they have a negative impact on relations these specific burning issues which are priorities for for nato. i think it's important to remind that. obviously the fights you know in libya it's very but it is we've been a toll and especially with a strong cooperation between paris and london at the beginning of the process and
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obviously the u.s. support was military very important to make the operation and to respect the result . which was there was peace abstention of russia for resolution now there are some criticize coming from russia against you know the way of operating and the five. monday to given by the resolution was not so so so large so definite it is. a sensitive issue between paris and most school i think there is a debates you know in the russian leadership as well because we saw that president medvedev in their view. close to its. wisdom the got the parts in the framework of the aids and it was same time we listen very carefully to criticize expiries very pretty one minister put in very certainly different approaches also in russia about
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what is going on in libya now the other question is about syria and obviously for for it's a very important country for the stability of the region and also in the russian diplomacy because well quite intensive links between. us and most schools and also very serious question that should we stay and do nothing given you know the evolution of the syrian regime and all of what is made you know against the syrian population to be honest i have no no real answer to a very difficult question ok another question since the end of the ninety's i think especially on the eve of the of the iraq war there was much talk and much rumors about creation of a possible political strategic triangle france germany and russia is still alive are these are these ideas to let them make any sense today. it's
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a good question i think there is a continuation because you are right to say that vis triangle was in fact against the war in iraq we have put in sure the time and there is a continuation i think in the framework of the relation between the you and russia decided that paris berlin school should converge on different topics having said that are so or so an evolution of germany to be honest we have now very very strong relationship between berlin and most school and obviously we are also obvious abstention of berlin you know for the intervention in libya so to some extent i think that's maybe it it can be a way to some of things but we can see quite good relation between paris and berlin regarding you but also very good relation between paris and london regarding nato
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issues and to some extent i think that's a many evolution by comparison with the triangle you mention in two thousand and three. russia is one of the largest markets for a european vegetables i'm talking about of course about the cucumber of well these eco carli but syria nobody knows yet where it comes from first it was cucumber is that it was area where people say that russia has closed its borders for european vegetables and this causing controversy of course in europe among farmers and stuff do you see such measures such radical moves you know actual moves by russia for example as as. sort of and willingness. to tackle bilateral issues in a more positive way so so there are problems in relations if we look at practical steps out. yes but you know i walk a lot on this issue of u.s.
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show lucian's and it strikes me to see that regularly we have the sort of problems we mined for instance two thousand and six and the troubles between poland and russia of four for importing things so i think it's something which should be avoided no doubt it should be avoided because as you know the u.n. russia are supposed to settle new agreements between between them to. trade relations for me it's you know it's it was a neutral the and i don't i don't think it was the most smart one to do to be honest but had the same time it's i would say business as usual ok business actually this is not business is business unusual and we would talk about it in iraq sorry you're right but my point is to say don't i think we should not of the mate the important of this. decision i do that the relation will become
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a smooth as usual business as usual is selling russian gas to europe russia any this is always us and as usual and russia as you know is dreaming of getting the greater access to european markets. actually we want the russians want an equal status to the new book project and the end the south stream project do you think the russians will ever get that equal status. it's i don't want to to make some prediction on that spits definitely. in europe will increase and especially after you know as the change of position of germany on the nuclear field is a very recent decision and definitely very idea. russia is another two arms supplier for for for for gas and to some extent vis relationship
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does exist and in may view will be extended in the coming decades i have absolutely no doubt about that now about the different project as you know the project we've got is coming from should we take some gas in turkmenistan for transco should we take some guys in iran and so on the south stream project well there are you know very often presented as competitors projects the basic fact is that for both wash and both sorry for both russia and the definitely there is a need to foster energy cooperation in the next decade so i'm pretty optimistic about the ability to find a proper way to to shoot to fuel european market in the coming years you might rostering the corporation russian companies they still feel barrier they talk of evil people come here to. this table speak about barriers that they face have to
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overcome in europe doing business do you think there do you think that europe is really is really for concessions on this issue i don't think so yeah i think it's not a negotiation in itself also again it should be put in a broader picture and it is related to the negotiation of vision it is related to the negotiation of commercial conditions. energy is a very important parts but the jello between russia and the you should not be resumed to energy relations it's something much more broadly. and as you know various bisla education we've been zee you about the so-called unburdening. idea that a company wants to invest should respect its legislation so i think it's difficult but i'm pretty optimistic about the ability of both sides to cooperate in the future thank you thank you very much and just to remind him that my guest on the show today was tamago man had the russia and china has center had french institute
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of international relations and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your say on spotlight or if you have someone in mind between climbing into community stands to drop me a line i'll bring out and i'll t.t.d. dots are you let's keep spotlight interact we'll be back with more with a comment from what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on our t.v. and take notes.
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the official. from the. video. and.
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russian investigators are shortly to begin decoding flight recorders from the. plane. killing forty four people. with serious injuries the tragedy being blamed on bad weather and human error. libyan officials say at least fifteen civilians and celebrating a child's birthday are the latest to be killed by nato. just twenty four hours earlier. people on. the embattled greek government a crucial confidence vote in a deeply divided parliament. just for. demonstrating an angry protests outside the building this decision opens in the new austerity cuts needed for another.
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bailout but is likely to face continued fears public opposition. peter lavelle and his guests ask if increased western military intervention in africa heralds another era of imperialism. and you can. follow you know welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle from spring to fall the uprisings in at least three arab states for fast becoming vicious civil wars is the arab awakening less about democracy promotion and more against a stifling status quo and police states and what are the chances the arab awakening will be hijacked by a new strongman and dictate. the
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process not the uprisings in the arab world i'm joined by david price jones and florence he is senior editor of the national review and author of treason of the heart from thomas paine take him philby in washington we have all maher bad or he is a political scientist and human rights activist and in austin we cross to alan cooperman he's an associate professor at the l.b.j. school of public affairs of the university of texas all right gentlemen this is cross talk and i mean cross talk rules in effect you can jump in anytime you want if i could go to david first in florence is the is the arab awakening as it's being called turning into an arab nightmare as i started out the program three of these countries that are undergoing. social strife it's turning into a vicious civil war and democracy seems to be more of a distant ideal if it ever was there are two sorts of people involved in this there are the people who want power and the people who want freedom and for the name.


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