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food for its pleasures and i would print searches displaying the brutal in touch with the who tell me it's not your group which is a good how would international house flood the cheese every green local food chilled in talk of. aviation experts examine the black boxes of a russian plane that exploded into flames after crashing in the republic of korea killing forty five people. the greek government survives a critical vote of confidence and it's all staring to dry amid furious protests like the will of the people that's been neglected. and a dark page in history former soviet republics mourn the millions killed in the second world war seventy years after not some truths in the sunni community.
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and out there you're watching our table straight to our top story now a ten year old survivor of a passenger plane crash in northwestern russia has died in hospital bringing the number of victims to forty five doctors spent two days fighting to save the boy's knife his condition was too severe a tragedy happened on monday night that one three called jet plane came down on the highway just a few hundred meters from the runway the aircraft was making a regular flight from moscow to the circle of russian republic of korea seven people are still in hospital with severe injuries our correspondent is in the city as it was joining us live in a few minutes time. the greek government has a normally run a key vote of confidence in the prime minister to continue his fight for more cuts parliament now that. to decide whether to impose austerity measures worth billions
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of europe in order to skew a second you bail out a lifeline for the country's paralyzed economy but as sara firth reports there's an ever widening divide between the governments and the beautiful people. it's considered by many speed past place of democracy to increase now whitening the gap between you and the people in the government is creating explosive. we are a mix of people of not political colors and we are all together to say that we cannot be on the vice president we cannot hold. the measures taken on the measures that they take for us without us and we want to take out large bug demonstrations held in the central square now and it daily basis with some of the protests turning violent protests the status suffocating take ask nothing compared to the asperity
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measures if they fail strangling their economy the people are being refused very rights to drugs what policies are going to be implemented upon them and of course the greek government is an accomplice to this of popular sovereignty i mean we're not we're not anymore in the proper sense a sovereign country when we are your best can dictate policy will be european and the european union and we are you may have the so-called troika can come and say listen these are good these are the measures you're going to implement you're going to implement them whether you like it or not we can see you know we were facing a very peculiar form of dictatorship by the european union the european central bank and the i.m.f. finance chiefs a desperate not to see the first year raising suffering defaults and there are rising concerns about the crisis that could trigger throughout europe but i think
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very terms of a domino effect if. around for the full this is their problem and reason why are europeans are helping greece but in fact we are here pingers because they don't want is going to affect and because they want to take all very shores of greece. sixteen percent of the queen what full sun influence western economic conditions here increased the year is a dream it seems is a. people were reactors were before over. there would be a lot of violence in the streets people said that when that turning out into the streets in their millions and the government continues to push ahead with the prepays measures when they don't have to mock christie anymore the government is trying to grab people refuse to be governed in this way every day that disconnect
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becomes more and more dangerous this very peaceful pair but the reef top stay nothing's really a world away from what's been happening on the streets recently the question a lot of people have been asking is just when will greece reach boiling point lenny when he was on the streets of athens to witness the violence that is already past that point the question a lot of people and i was seeing is really how much further does this guy. was on the streets of athens when violent protests hit the capital read all about the revolt that's been ongoing thing greece and her blog on it and i website. called. greeks face the prospect of financial cuts tax rises totaling up to twenty eight billion euro but european parliament member says it's actually banks and should be footing the bill. nobody is happy actually in the eurozone because we have had to save the banks who are ultimately to blame for what
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has happened in the crisis of two thousand and eight the financial crisis the banks did something extremely wrong i did a lot to save themselves what we do need is make the greeks understand and i think most of them do understand that you cannot live with such a huge debts on your shoulders you have to get out of it now fortunately the greeks can raise much more taxes than they do now and they started already last year to raised two percent more taxes than they did the year before from from from thirty seven percent g. and i g a g.d.p. to thirty nine percent g.d.p. which is a huge increase in one year time it is very harsh for the greek is very difficult for the greeks but it is unavoidable and i think that's a tax on the banks which would make the burden the business a bit later for the greeks a tax on the banks in europe would be an important step a financial transaction tax with which we could we could do something for the greeks and other countries in difficulties. well there are still ahead this hour
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hostage to conflict the number of civilian casualties used to rise of libya some believe the american government is now stuck in the conflict and. drop in the country. and wonder how the missing russian writer use of instigating the massive riots you hear from jail. tens of thousands of candles here in the former soviet republics today to commemorate the twenty seven million people who died fighting against hitler's army on this day seventy years ago not some troops invaded the soviet union but at least in the great wall of bloodiest in the region's history thousands of moscow regionals for a time when the german army first attacked an eastern front a ceremony was also held in the city no rest. for the brunt of this difference in the nazis deployed an array of heavy artillery on the way. to break resistance
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parties which over is their first. being here inside the biggest fortress on these days seventy years after the start of the great passion war makes you also only see the visual damage to this citadel of biased the forefront of that war you can also feel that human coast of those terrible times dance from the walls of the fortress maybe you cannot see clearly behind that smoke is a living reminder about that the roches night thousands of people work buried alive on these four square kilometers on the night of the twenty second of june nineteen forty one defending the greatest or surest most but first battle for the soviet union in the great. war but it was also one of its most boy couldn't chapters the nazi invaders expected that they would capture it swiftly but instead they came up against resistance which held out for months full thousand people managed to flee
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the terror trial before a truce but most of them were killed shortly after thousands others were besieged behind the fortress this was the last of the captured at the end of july nine hundred forty one though some reports even suggest that isolated resistance wasn't counselors even a month later the heroes of that battle left behind inscriptions like the one with a knife on a wall i'm dying but i want surround we're not leaving the focus. with looking back seventy years since the japanese invasion of the soviet union leading british historian dr michael jones tells r.t. it was the great patrick that helped win the war. i believe that came from was just the science and the technical side germany could very well have won it either a nine hundred forty one nine hundred forty two put it of the model extraordinary
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determination to carry on fighting the germans. it was. some profound patrick jephson that the red army recovered from the initial crisis realized it was a battle for survival and what was that story was not just the communist system but russia was the country and the soviet union i was in the boardroom and it really did become a part of the germans they were carried away by their own successes their previous success in the blitzkrieg lightning war and they believe that if they have the right on the front two. but they are underestimated the red army and the underestimate of the soviet union and. i think you can see the full interview with dr michael johnson said to me it's time to head out. the back lot top story the death toll following a plane crash in russia's republic of korea has risen to forty five after
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a ten year old survivor die in a hospital doctors say they were able to say that injuries were too severe so even the people remain in hospital right in their lives so you know he's at the site of the disaster. terrible time for the relatives. that's right kerry as you mentioned earlier the death toll has risen the ten year old boy who was in the hospital here there's a boy it's succumbed to his injuries and he died in the hospital that there were initially three of them who were left at local hospitals because they were too fragile to create the condition to critical for them to be flown to moscow while the other five had been flown as for the families of the victims as well as the survivors so. well there will be making their way to the site to the hospitals and the morgue today and there's a bit of a delay it's been it happened on monday it's because a lot of the family members don't actually live in moscow so they've been gathering
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here today to be flown here it also has to be said that there were actually three ukrainians that were killed that is contrary to be your first official announcement of two hours for what's happening at the sites are locals are still coming in bringing a flowers to the side to giving their condolences we've also seen some officials laying candles and flowers on the ground here at the houses surrounding the road here where the plane actually crashed the witnesses still recovering from their own shock and experience they were in fact first on the scene. and we heard a man screaming. around to my house. in flames . and we were talking to some of those witnesses especially where the plane had actually rather be his' house was where the plane had actually allowed it in front of it and for most of
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them the experience was harrowing the memory that they can't forget most is the fact that they were hearing cries for help at the site and so they do believe that there were more people alive actually but then there were further explosions after the initial one and they could only save as many as they could and only eight had survived initially and now seven are still alive in hospital. turning to the investigation of the main. course it's still very early in the investigation what the statements that have been made are based on the physical evidence as you can see behind me this is actually the forest where the plane had come through and hit some of the treetops there still working. on the site behind me so based on the the statements made saying that there was a low visibility there was bad weather and also a control ground control here said that they had asked the pilot to make
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a second turn so the initial theories that would come out from this investigation are based on that but that's a block box it's still be decoded it's in moscow they're going to find out more from the final communications from the black box. a commercial plane that would have landed on schedule ended up in pieces and inflames this tuple of one three four carrying fifty two people from moscow the northwestern russia crash on a road around a kilometer from the runway airport officials say the plane hit a high voltage power line that cut off lights on the runway which also knocked out the tiles electricity. at around midnight the lights went off in our house we were going to check the electric transformer when we heard the sound of a huge explosion we arrived at the scene of the accident the airplane was seriously damaged we could see its wing shutting out of the bushes there were bodies scattered all around the field there were lots of them i carried three people out
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of the wreckage one was either a girl or a woman i could not sell but she was larger than a man was hard to see it was dark and there was a man it also wasn't happy he was launched on me and then we carried out two more people from the wreckage in the middle of the road another man reached out his time told me but i couldn't make it to him everything started exploding i could not get any closer everything was engulfed by fire so our. initial reports point to human error and bad weather conditions at the time as possible causes of the crash ground stop at the local airport claimed they had asked the pilot to make a second approach but he said he'd make it the first time however investigators say there are several theories. nothing has been ruled out just yet. we're looking into several versions of what caused the tragedy these include the human factor such as an air of the crew or the ground services severe weather conditions technical
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failure and several other potential causes this is a twenty eighth crash involving a tuple of one three four tarnishing its reputation even more in two thousand and seven russia's transport minister called the aircraft obsolete and should be replaced within five years but some would argue that in most plane crashes human error plays the biggest part new carpet anymore which i don't think anything would go wrong with the plane itself in forty years of operation the triple of one three four has to get extremely reliable aircraft in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame and the same is true here the pilot should have made a second landing approach this is exactly what happened to the polish presidential airplane while investigators work on the case relatives of the victims and survivors are dealing with their own grief was shared by the people of bettors avoids declaring three days of mourning those are still your r.t. in the russian cover your region. the u.s.
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is tightening financial sanctions on the libyan government or some members of congress call for a one year extension of america's military role in the country. intervention to criticism over a number of civilian deaths historian lawrence davidson says the u.s. and nato hostages to conflict. what is causing to question is the original justification for american intervention which was humanitarian my own personal opinion is that that was always a just a media story for our domestic consumption you cannot enter being anywhere with this level of munitions and not kill civilians so ok you're going to protect civilians by intervening we think type of munitions that cannot avoid killing civilians think that nato and its commanders and the president and
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politicians can probably do this are beyond a point of no return or so they simply cannot stop in terms of their own mind what they've invested in this and therefore they want to end up doing whatever is necessary to secure victory in libya and they will project media stories to cover it. up for the latest news from libya to get to our websites i thought he got caught online right now nato air strike one of the kills fifteen people as an explosion rocks the house of the top and down from the general principles of the party into scenes of devastation. no gun moscow getaway car and gives it to hundreds to rob us bank saying that prison prisons only chance to get health care for. russian a writer a blood year old haleigh disappeared with over almost
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a week it has turned up in jail or three suspected of. protests in two thousand and nine against the results of the country's parliamentary elections customer service is the story. written off russian writer who are but you know was last seen on june sixteenth in the moldovan capital now. a week later it's turned out that he had been detained by local authorities for allegedly masterminding public riots in april two thousand and nine and then thousands of unhappy moldovans took to the streets protesting the results of the country's parliamentary elections opposition leaders accuse the ruling communist party of falsifying their votes by get himself frequently stated that he was in fact one of the organizers of the unrest but until now not many people took him seriously. i know he was there when the riots with
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taking place he doesn't deny that fact there anything but as far as organizing the riots we're taking part in any kind of commotions that's ridiculous the only kind of action he would have gotten involved would have be more the ladies not the police. model and authorities however took him very seriously so seriously he issued an order for his arrest and even though he will officially remain behind bars for another month not many officials in question now are willing to admit the fact let alone talk about it when girls are just been arrested by the prosecutors his warrant was issued by the prosecutors and it's the prosecutor's office that should be on string questions about him which is providing the cell where he's being held most of and prosecutors however aren't keen on admitting that responsibility in fact they're trying to avoid admitting anything at all when you don't have removed over the prosecutor general's office does not confirm nor deny the arrest of mr buy gear of those attempts at stonewalling would have been
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effective at the russian consulate staff not gone and president the men in prison would make it on the twenty first of june consular employees from the russian embassy and will do for visits a gear if he did not express any complaints about his living conditions or the way the investigation was going he's using the services of a qualified private moldovan lawyers. currently an investigation is being carried out by motive and a third is in accordance with the court's decision he'll be held for thirty days the embassy's money story in this situation. is the work i get of detention could have been a completely routine legal process but the very fact that mulled over the stories are still refusing to part with any coherent information concerning the case is definitely not doing them any favors and it's showcasing the prosecutor's office and of their e. unfortunate right. catherine as our r.t. moscow. five special forces officers have been killed and twelve others wounded is
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doing a shootout with militants in russia's republic of dagestan. terror operation that began on tuesday is continuing its attempt to combat the militant movement that it was intense fighting as insurgents try to break through the surrounding russian units that's federal forces talking to the hideout with you know three. different cultural tears for. let's check on some other international headlines for you down . in mexico police have arrested the alleged leader of one of the country's top drug gangs senator simpson and is also known as the monkey taking control of the law familiar after the death of its previous leader last year and second presidents from calderon praise the capture as a great move against organized crime. as a commuter trafficking and selling drugs. was also killed most of mine in the kidnapping of killing gang members. hundreds of rockets or
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so crossed with police in east belfast in a second night of sectarian riots crowds stones fireworks and petrol bombs at least . one sometimes treated for gunshot wounds. flight saw slowly resuming from. south australia the airport says an ash cloud which came shore the country's largest airports have suffered two days of cancellations as a result of the eruption. expected to move to new zealand restore domestic flights would also be disrupted the volcano in chile which had been dormant for decades erupted on the fourth of june. argentina's president has announced she will stand for election and months of speculation over its future for two thousand and seven. to the post succeeding her husband died of
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a heart attack after and after the scribe out of washington this couple polls though show the leader lacks majority support in the country but could have been the first vote against a divided opposition. but it's a few minutes we'll talk to a british historian to find out why and this forces failed when they tried to invade the soviet union seventy years ago. they were meeting in just a few minutes. a little warm welcome to business is good company money has been steadily flowing out of russia for the last nine months due to risk aversion among global investors
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a new state backed investment fund part of the effort to reverse that encourage foreign capital to take a longer view our correspondent next fall caught up with the c.e.o. of the new fund give me the scene it was before i started by asking him how are funny. there's a basic idea behind the plan to spur investment because actual budget means you're chairman of the kind of base myself and some of the key people who travelled around the investors in the world and we asked them how would you invest much more into the russian economy and basically they said that they would like to invest more but they need to have a partner because for many people the first investment the russian if of the park itself we're investing because the basic idea of the fund will invest in projects but it can invest in projects only if at least the same amount of money is going vested by the leading international investor in the project the swap deal with the group the purpose of this fund what is it to achieve i think. many investors feel
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that there is sort of a perception gap between real risk situation in russia and how some investors perceive it and you know we can go into the history of it but everybody agrees that the resists perception gap but basically investors think it's more difficult and more risk to put invest in russia and actually get this so it will be a partner in that they need the partner to feel more comfortable making investment and it's very similar for example if you invest in a rig in china you know would you invest on your own would you like to part it was a chinese thought so we're just making it easier to find a partner and we share the risk because russian state will become invested as those investors why should a guarantee be necessary isn't the kind of admission that there is a genuine interest that there are problems that clones be fixed funds like exist funds that invest a lot in domestic economy exist in many countries and it's very important because many conscious france and pretty much all of the countries they want money to be
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invested inside if they want to make sure that instead companies grow inside so it's not something incredibly unique that we have doing is ten billion dollars going to be enough well first of all been a good to get ten billion up from going to get two billion each year for the next five years and we believe it's. a good way to start chinese investment corporation because three hundred billion dollars good management will be a possible hundred fifty billion dollars to management so that small bills the largest bank in the world but for what it is designed to do which is to bring international best risk into russia we believe that it will really war going to be sufficient amount of money to showcase door to forty very successful investment example for the next my seven years. well loose as yet another deadline before moscow pulls the lever and i was just the supplies in the country completely means has to pay the bill and so next monday the outstanding debt amounts to just fifty million dollars. in russia some say moscow is trying to beef up its leverage of
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cash wrap the russian economy then says it's the economic crisis that has sparked the mess and promises to assess and we should. take a look at the markets now we start with oil and will prices are still looking mixed this light sweet declining sixty cents brant is up one cent there is no not much positive movement despite supposedly developments in the euro zone debt situation that's after the greek government want to keep confidence vote on tuesday and this is why investors and asia gaining more confidence that greece will avoid going to default and therefore the nikkei is up one point eight percent on this suppose that a sentiment bank saying is also a point six. is that the export limited is gaining more than five percent as most of its clients in europe went to securities of living wage in. their moscow trading and started on the odds yes it's up to thirty percent the my six will start trading in around the one and a half minutes on tuesday was
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a positive session with both of these putting on around more than half a percent placed on energy and financial stocks gains on the rebound. and we will be back next hour with an update also that.


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