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he told his dolls that it was a war of annihilation didn't he he he sort in terms of a war of survival. it was going to be the survival of the fittest and it didn't take and started to realize the consequences of. that there would be horrific losses. and that was indeed how unexpected it was the invasion i mean hitler and stalin had signs that. pact making them allies onesie allies of course but allies nonetheless they were allies and the soviet union was caught by surprise and this was stalin's great blow and stalin was not naive but he thought that germany would not attack in nine hundred forty one he thought the attack would come late and he believed that he could use this pact to develop the soviet union's and sphere of influence and at the same time. the ride on me and transfer industry was beyond your own mountains but in fact he got it very very badly wrong and of course
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the red army was caught deeply unprepared in nine hundred forty one your book is about the sort of human story behind the how did it develop militarily during the cold. war the beginning in one nine hundred forty one the red army was hunted. by the autumn of one thousand nine hundred he wanted to last between two and three million tons of cool missing and captured. i think few of them is in the world could you sustain that level of punishment and still carried on fighting and it was not madness for him and his high come on to believe at that point the soviet union . and what was it that kept the red army fighting that's the sixty four thousand dollar question an extraordinary mix of. brutal leadership tough leadership from stalin but it was necessary to be tough and new autum of nine hundred forty one installed and. most would be defended and they would keep fighting but it was
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a. profound truth to see that the red army from the initial crisis realized it was a battle for survival and what was at stake was not just the communist system but russia as a country in the soviet union i was in the boardroom and it really did come out it will it was unusual time in the developed quite a lot during the time it comes to what do you think explains the mox difference in its effectiveness from say nine hundred forty one to for example the battle of stalingrad in which it secured a stunning victory one of course the technical reasons that the red army in the midst of war is retraining. that's the worst possible time to do it but they are doing it and to give them credit this begins to make a difference they transfer their industry as they get them up and running and certainly by the end astonishing drug that better trained and better equipped but
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the germans still familiar to both and i believe there was just the science or the technical side germany could very well have won it either in one nine hundred forty one one nine hundred forty two but it was the love of the model and it was this extraordinary determination to carry on fighting that the germans underestimated to hit wanted to. quit campaign was crucial but it didn't work out like that's a toll that he thought it would all be over and he was not alone and off to the will of the german general is just nonsense we were against it but at the time many of them agreed with him they thought the war could be very quickly in three months and of course we won't make the same mistake because napoleon we won't have a winter war because we'll have won it by the will and they were carried away by their own successes their previous successes blitzkrieg brightening war and they believe that if they hammered the road from. it would all be. that they are
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underestimated the right and they underestimated the soviet union and was that a turning point or was it just a onset of the winter when the weather they just had full well the germans blame the weather. again and you could just pop seen that one coming that they were caught by surprise and they said the weather rolled them but in fact i think the weather was part of the story and the other part that was much harder for them to acknowledge was that an army that seem to feel demoralized and lost in a matter of weeks and days turned itself around and started fighting and resisting with stupendous power and the first turning point was outside moscow the germans expected to take the capital they were later than they thought but they still thought that would end the war and it was the strength and determination of resistance that caught me by surprise ahead of the campaign hit was repeatedly vaio
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taking western russia would in fact be more of a drain on germany's economic resources than it would be beneficial why did he go ahead with the campaign anyway well he was motivated by his own son of leadership he believed he had a mission almost divine mission a very dogged event. to lead his people to great success and it was this mission that he was going to follow on on a fundamental level he was never really going to listen to advice that he perceived that the soviet union was the enemy and he also believed its resources could be plundered and used for a great to me at the end of the day he was going to follow it up. and what were the consequences of the ultimate failure of operations. it destroyed the german army it destroyed it throughout the will of the majority of. three sources with
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concentrated on the eastern front and even after d.-day more three quarters of divisions military divisions were fighting on the eastern front so it was where the biggest battles took place the biggest casualties took place under. the road system and more casualties than the city could also replace the casualties. so it became a war of attrition and ultimately it was going to be germany that would lose that war and it was this dreaded phrase a war on two fronts wasn't it well believed that a war on two fronts could work if you won the war against the soviet union quickly and of course if it had been won quickly that could have well been the case but once the war started dragging on into nine hundred forty two nine hundred forty three germany was lost and that mocked which had behaved with a deal of decorum on the western front behaved in
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a completely different way in the east didn't it what do you put that down to well after the war the germans claimed it was fighting a clean war and it was it was the units behind the army and it was the us that were doing all the unpleasant stuff that was not true that some soldiers on the eastern front with decent behave decently but many were infected by the race proper counted towards the smallest towards the jews and the german army i the participated in a special statistic oncet use against the russian civilian population or certainly knew they were going on and justified i mean the justification was we were fighting a brutal war of survival. bit but war with darker than any other war in the twentieth century indeed possibly in human history the role played. by the
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civil union defeating hitler is vastly underappreciated in the west why is that. when in part it's a legacy of the cold war surprisingly history is normally written they say by the victor is that view of this part of our history is very strongly determined by the germans because the german view became incorporated into the historical frank thinking in the in with the cold war so there was an underestimation or unwillingness to recognize the soviet union fully and i think the cold war in part was the reason for that but i think the other reason is the scale is so i mean we're talking about twenty seven million and the civilian and military casualties and i think the other reason is simply it's so big the people who struggle to really comprehend it and one of the things i wanted to do in my book is
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to make that story comprehensible again to give it a human voice so that people can relate and that just being a mass of rather overwhelming statistics dr michael johns thank you very much thank you. today children play war in the old me. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow and. senators are restless were dying one by one under seize the sun without water.
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in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell mother i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. innovation cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool bandages that sucked in fiction straight out of software to make three shuttles free and the building blocks for russia's first nationwide four g. network tomes going top clients like military up to. the future are covered.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead. now there is only one person who. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but. where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. be protected. return to tara with julian cooper story on our t.
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r t's top stories a plane crash in northwest russia claims another life bringing the death toll to forty five experts are investigating the evidence from the site to establish the cause of monday's catastrophe early reports suggest pilot error to. the greek government narrative wins a vote of confidence indorsing the savage cuts required to secure a new e.u. out in order to stave off debt default but thousands of angry greeks protest against new measures say their voices are not being heard. the former soviet republics remember the victims of the war against fashion. wednesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the invasion of the u.s.s.r. some twenty seven million people died to bring about fifty three on the eastern
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front with. both those stories coming up in detail in about fifteen minutes next sport with. hello welcome to the sports news on a busy day of football and tennis action and hear other top stories the new special one under a blush bus is confirmed as the new chelsea manager often moving from porter on a three year deal. while off to a flier maria sharapova crashes rushing through patrick on a checker to get through to the second round at wimbledon. and he no sevens rugby touches down in moscow this weekend with the european grown create. her first a football and chelsea have confirmed under a deal is the club's new manager the former porto head will start work immediately in west london office on your three year deal following his departure from the portuguese champions on tuesday the thirty three year old who previously worked as
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a scout under jos a marine you actually see want to travel with porto last season securing the domestic league title and as well as the right from the crown is the youngest ever manager at stamford bridge the same age as frank want to be a drug abuse sacked their previous coach go into lafayette last month. now this wednesday there is a packed programme in the russian premier league the penultimate round before a month long summer break to all have got the ball rolling at home and later in moscow doll based league leaders to scan have won five of the last six games and steve since contact has denominate in what will be the visitors first going to start the silting in charge in forms and it's in petersburg kentucky post in the next talk to scores and things on all the travel to twice former champions rubin second wasn't really a subject of welcome high flying and i'm cautious to rock bottom now take on the cross the last take on correct. well knew was any time for running out of money more is among that transfer interest this summer with manchester city saying they
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will release the togo star if the money's runs out of i always thought from austin for twenty five. ten years ago when the city was set to suffer significant financial loss on the play some of them were ready to offer only a maximum of eight million pounds off call me while former tottenham boss martin you'll have signed a two year deal to become manager of fellow english premier league side full of ams the fifty five year old dutchman says he is delighted to be going back to work after taking a year long break. the old. saying show every day. where you would like to come back to him international and when i left. that actually i was fortunate to be back. i'm back. tennis now and rain has once again taken its toll on the proceedings at wimbledon with the only match taking place on the roof covered center court so i was just one match at a time until the rain clears and first up is five time former champion venus williams the american taking on a forty year old chemical plant
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a trunk of japan. fallen day to maria sharapova who won wimbledon at the age of seventeen in two thousand and four east her way into round two this year with a comfortable victory over russian combat troops and attracted as a there were no worries for the fifth seed on center court sharapova dropped just three games to a six two six one win the russian will now meet laura robson who cared. to begin against an opponent that's been the top turn before the first results this year but i. don't quite know what to expect because i'm sure she cannot match and have nothing to lose in her that she could. good match. and there was an emotional return to wimbledon for serena williams the defending champion burst into tears following a hard fought victory over frenchwoman arahan reside. back was better after a year long injury layoff. taking six three three six six three so it was truly
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hungry all in one for the thirteen time slam winner. but elsewhere it was the best match of the season on grass for caroline wozniacki back to the top ranked dame is an easy six two six one and i don't have a frontrunner that really ranks of. the actual circuit you are but anyway as the conditions were pretty tough i think there's one point where you know i have the ball around most income over. and then i hope the next road just. so you know where i tried to about this girls' soccer. hopefully i'll be ready for the next match. however ten states around the stars i became the biggest casualty so far after crashing out still going to me saying i am right and cited the top two hundred. all over on the men's side roger federer and novak djokovic suffered a few difficulties on route to the second round that early here is aiming for a record tying seventh all england crown didn't push himself too hard against the
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recall question thanks chris was always in control seven six six four six two the first round here. so according never is it is somewhat nerve wracking because you don't get a chance to practice on the set of course here and so i'm happy i was able to come through so it's just i'm. well also as novak djokovic the serving was in devastating form against france as jeremy shockey six four six one six one has had the top record which has never reached a wimbledon final is in the right form to break that duck. but it's true that there is a different approach to this year's wimbledon from my side because i'm playing. the best areas of my life in last six months so. that's why i called for this was. you know i believe in myself which wanted to court and i know i have i can perform well equally well on the surface as i do on the other ones. meanwhile nicholai have
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a tanker he's on his way home the russian with you know a strained teenage prodigy the knowledge to make however and you want to cruise past germany back russians placed season five usually outlasted one minako following a tough five setter. now russia may be busy preparing for their maiden appearance at the rugby world cup in new zealand in september that's another form of the sport rugby sevens will be hitting moscow this weekend russian capital is once again hosting this. of the four stages of the european campaign serious russian office over all after the season moving on last week england leading the way ahead of spain twelve teams are taking part of making for a patch of matches on saturday and sunday and went on home turf for the young russian team is what they'll be aiming for at the ultimate goals by further in the future. a lot is now being done we've worked out a program for the russian national team as they prepare for the twenty sixteen
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summer olympics in rio these are the first games to feature rugby sevens stoneham and. twenty thirty one muscular stage the world cup and we hope crush will go into these events in top form and produce the best possible result. moving to basketball now and one of the most highly anticipated moves of the year in the n.b.a. spanish hot prospects ricky rubio finally touched down in minneapolis after a two year wait the twenty year old is aiming to change the fortunes of the team that finished bottom of the league last season. i'm told we hear the most important thing is next year i'm going to play for minnesota. going to try to wean try to be a better team i'm so happy to be here. and finally let's finish with a reminder of all the strengths that flow into the nets this past weekend in the russian premier league sixteen efforts found their way past the line ensuring a top of the table so sit back and enjoy the gulf coast it's called.
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oh live live . live. live. live to llewellyn .
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live. live. live. oh the to. live. live live. live. to the eleven
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. that's old school for now i'll be back in a couple of hours with another update on. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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the. line. would be soon which brightened if you knew about sun move from phones to impressions. means for instance on t.v. dot com. we'll.
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bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future earth coverage. of a face to it this is not a provocation but more of. a fortunate let me show you first step what is sure to suppress the trace because they have no idea about the hardships the you face to. face one it is this is it all of them too nuisance for any army the life of abusing them is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two so. victory nineteen forty five got on t.v. dot com. in
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the. experts investigate the cause of a plane crash in northwest half a catastrophe claimed another life bringing with death toll to forty five. relatives of the search. fibrous and the victims of the tupolev one three four plane crash rushed to the sites of their loved ones while the people of the republic of korea offered flowers and prayers at the site join me for the details in a few moments. the greek government narrowly wins a vote of confidence indorsing the sound of scots required to secure a new e.u. angry greeks say their voices are not being heard. but the former soviet republics remember the millions of people who gave their lives to win the war against fascism wednesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the numbers an invasion prompted u.s.s.r. . and coming up on business and we talk to the man whose job it is to persuade
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foreign and bring their money to russia that's in around twenty minutes time. it's five pm in moscow and you're watching archie with me and he said now why our top story the number of people killed in a plane crash in northwest russia has risen to forty five after a young boy died in hospital experts are examining the doomed to be lives black boxes to establish the cause of the tragedy while family and friends have arrived at the site to pay their last respects. reports. the relatives of. the survivors some of them have already made their way here saw the bars still on the way a ten year old boy had passed away at the hospital injuries so his family definitely
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going through an emotional time now it will be a tough day for their families because they have the task by identifying the bodies at the borg and also we have spoken to some of those who were first at the scene and they were telling us about what they had seen where the plane had crashed bodies body parts and bodies all over the place let's hear from one of the witnesses about what he had experienced. first pulled out a young girl and then we heard a man screaming. around to my house grabbed. the flames. well it's still very early stages to come up with one a theory investigators are still working on the place. they have had some initial theories based on physical evidence as you can see behind me this is the forest where the plane had gone through its path going to the airport so it had really burned out before it's also knocked out a power line and there were statements made by airport authorities about what could have.


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