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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2011 12:01pm-12:31pm EDT

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fishel say the plane hit a high voltage power line that cut off lights on the runway which also knocked out the town's electricity. at around midnight the lights went off in our house we were going to check the electric transformer only heard the sound of a huge explosion we arrived at the scene of the accident the airplane was seriously damaged we could see its wings justing out bushies everybody scattered all around the field lots of them i carried three people out of the wreckage one was either a girl or a woman i could not sell but she was larger than the man she was hard to see was dark and there was a man he also wasn't happy there was a launch of a navy ship and then we carried out to most people from the wreckage to the middle of the road are you know the man reached out his hand towards me but i couldn't make it to everything so city exploding i could no getting if everything was going to go by fire story. initial reports point to human error and bad weather conditions at the time as possible causes of the crash ground staff at
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the local airport claimed they had asked the pilot to make a second approach but he said he'd make it the first time however investigators say there are several theories and nothing has been ruled out just yet. but we're looking into several versions of what caused the tragedy these include the human factor such as an air of the crew or the ground services of a weather conditions technical failure and several other potential causes but some would argue that in most plane crash a human error place the biggest part. of which i don't think anything would go wrong with the plane itself in forty years of operation that you pull of one three four has proven extremely reliable. in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame at the same is true. the pilot should have made a second ending approach. what happened to the polish presidential airplane while the investigators work on the case. both of the victims and survivors are dealing
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with their own grief one shared by the people of tibet as a boy it's declaring the days of mourning tesser silja r.t. in the russian carville your region. reports suggest seven special forces officers have been killed and at least sixteen others wounded in an anti terror up or a sion in russia's volatile north caucuses fierce fighting broke out when a group of militants who'd been surrounded in their hideout try to break free not easy go press can offer ports. this operation is still continuing it's been going on for two days it's all happening in the troubled republic. corpuses in a forest perhaps a vast complicating the operation for the special forces it started with the authorities surrounding the militants. they tried to break through and that's reportedly one some off the police officers were killed going to be intense fighting still and losses on both sides but the figures on battle are quite
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different officials say five police officers were killed whilst reports in the media suggest this figure is seven and sixteen others were injured in the fighting as well when it comes to the militants five have been have been killed as well during the course of this operation old all this has not yet been officially confirmed still it's still continuing in fact the authorities have also deployed artillery including tanks and helicopters to assist them in this operation unfortunately the north. called the. president has been saying many times it's one of the key goals of his administration to strengthen security in the caucasus authorities have been able to hold some successful operations in that region including the republic of the just last week we found and destroyed an underground weapons factory with numerous homemade
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explosive devices with remote controls also last week. a person will be have been searching for since last new year's eve the terrorist attack in. all the new year's eve that went wrong fortunately for everybody itself has been eliminated as well. just shows how important it is to strengthen security in that region because it really does f.x. security in the entire country. of course when you go pers can offering you some to date on that story now still ahead for you on r t this half hour stripping millions of people of their privacy and or the name of fighting terror as we report the u.s. efforts to keep information on all transatlantic passengers the new year the boys are slamming the supposed deal as a legal will follow more about it later in the program. to greece now they're the prime ministers one of the crucial parliamentary vote of confidence in his new reshuffle government he must now navigate the nation through
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a series of tough spending cuts and sales of national assets in order to secure a new e.u. bailout and avoid a default but as i see sarah first reports next for the millions of anxious greeks who feel their voices are going on heard the future has never looked so bleak. is considered by many to be the best place of democracy to increase now by doing gap between me and the people in the government is preaching explicit. that we are a mix of people that have no political dollars and we are all together to say that we we cannot be on the vice president we cannot fold. the measures taken on the measures that they take for us without us and we want to take our lives back demonstrations held on the central square now on a daily basis with some of the protests turning violent the trade has to stay the suffocating take us nothing can take the stage if they fail
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a strangling their economy the people are being refused very right to judge what policies are going to be implemented upon them and of course the greek government is an accomplice to this most of popular sovereignty i mean we're not one of anymore in the proper sense a sovereign country when the i.m.f. can dictate policy when the european when the sabean and the european union and the i.m.f. the so-called troika can come and say listen these are these are the measures you're going to implement you're going to implement them whether you like it a lot we can say in a way we're facing a very peculiar form. by the european union the european central bank. or a finance chiefs a desperate not to see the first year raising suffering default and they're rising concerns about the crisis that could trigger throughout the i think very chance of
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a domino effect if if greece or. announcer default and this is their problem and this is the reason why are europeans are are helping greece but in fact we are here pingers because they don't want this domino effect and because they want to take all very short of greece. sixteen percent of the quick what full sun employees western economic conditions here in queens to you is a dream it seems is a. if the government would listen to the people worst reactions were before over people not there were uprising or there would be a lot of violence in the streets the people said that when that's turning out into the streets and then millions and the government continues to push ahead with the place measures when they deign have democracy anymore. the government is trying to grant but the people refuse to be governed in this way every day that disconnect
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becomes more and more dangerous it's very peaceful i care about the reef and really a world away from what's been happening on the streets recently the question a lot of people have been asking is just when will. the anyone who is on the streets of athens to witness the violence that has already passed that point the question a lot of people are now asking is really how much further does this guy. say. the fundamental human rights of millions of transatlantic passengers traveling from europe to the united states could be violated according to the noise from the european commission the u.k.'s guardian newspaper they've called a proposed deal between the u.s. and the e.u. allowing americans to store the personal danger of passengers illegal under the agreement u.s. officials would have access to credit card details phone numbers and home addresses of european passengers as part of its measures but member of the european
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parliament joe barton says the deal will only result in more spying on groups and. certainly seems to me to be disproportionate just disproportionate and intrusive and the amount of men information that they actually want on travelers and it could well be illegal especially under existing data protection legislation or queries that before when speaking on this subject in the parliament they want a moment amount of information about people their personal details credit cards traveling companions even but bizarrely i say that they won't categorize information in terms of political philosophical or religious beliefs and it would seem to me the one criteria that would help you to find terrorists who might be planning to blow up an airplane or an airport would be on the basis of their political religious or philosophical beliefs so that seems rather odd to me in terms of this information the americans get to keep. it for fifteen years my understanding of this directive is that the member states will only get it to keep it for five years and i think it's bad enough having your own big brother state
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created in the european union have been subjugated to an american big brother study as well by the same method we're always told that these things are done to protect us from you know terrorism and organized crime well if that's the one we all want to be protected from that of course we do and we have to have proportionate laws in order to do that but i think these things should be reached by international agreements so that everybody cooperates truly cooperates rather than is forced to do it we're all in the same boat regarding terrorism and organized crime so we should all be cooperating together. favor of the doing this on its own you know as part of its own legislative machine and the us i get in a special deal which the rest of us don't get thoughts there of any p. talking to us but earlier on. italy has called for an immediate cease fire in libya to allow humanitarian aid to be brought into the country appeal comes after nato has admitted to a blunder which resulted in the deaths of civilians including children let's talk
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more about the developing situation they bring into the equation michele colonies investigative journalist joining us on the line from brussels michelle very good evening to thank spring on r.t. when you're in libya just a few days ago when you what exactly did you witness there were you know there are no flights or tripoli so we had to come through to leave. along the desert. and my first impression is that jazeera just announced a little bit before that the region was under the control of the rebels this was not true that everything was quiet it was no problem so you have to be very careful about the information so let me just clarify you say what you saw was under the control of gadhafi absolutely in the way it was mainly in tripoli in tripoli deciduous was very calm no problem in the center you had policeman with oh it's the alms. insists there is no curfew in tripoli so the situation is perfectly under
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control indeed the rebellion is only in the eastern part with benghazi and with some tribes ok let's look at these latest developments now the italian foreign minister franco frattini using call for a suspension of hostilities in libya to allow humanitarian aid that russia has been calling for a cease fire in libya for some time the arab league recently voiced their doubts over the credibility of the mission will list influence nato's actions well i don't know if you look at afghanistan to compare everybody knows including in the u.s. see that the war is lost the minister all group who recently died said the war is lost we have to get out but obama will not get out of afghanistan because if they get out this. means that the u.s. is not able to win a war is not able to impose its rule over the world so i'm very hopeful i think there is only if there is an international pressure like it was for vietnam then
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the u.s. and allies really. let's talk about that. nato missile the departed misfired on sunday into a residential area and it's the first time that nato has admitted it made a mistake in libya killing civilians and children in tripoli are you surprised by their admission. i don't accept the idea that there is a mistake because something like that i think the real objective of the war is not true protect civilians but to overthrow caffeine and then i just read again something if you allow me that i have read in a previous book about the war against yugoslavia it was a declaration of the chief of staff of the belgian army who took part in the new two aggression and he mentioned i quote maybe we do have to make the bone beings
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felt by hurting them but your mention of itself unless inflict losses on them let's them the greatest at the stroke would not be and the loss of life it would instead be the new to operations turning out to be a fear of failure and you say well same mindset applies now i think there is a pressure on the population they want the population through press to get rid of gaddafi it's a betrayal of the usual strategy and it's very cynical i don't know what your answer tonight's question is then but i want to clarify i guess from you i mean nato said its actions were full of humanitarian reasons now you being there you say what you are saying do you believe that he is still the case in any shape or form it was never the case because they killed mall civilians that the losses from the initials problems their fields most civilians the nato bombings so the real id is not protect civilians the real deed is to achieve the economic and strategic goal
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interest off there of the west us in europe i mean the oil i mean the financial reserves of libya i remind that the usa is a bankrupt country and also preventing that kind of would be a sort of turn to to the i.m.f. some by. for african development and also as i already said the old idea is to make the public international opinion accept the idea that nato is a cup of the world the that nato has the right to make wars where they want to show just one quick question for what i was could get because you were there did you yourself see any evidence of civilian deaths civilians being killed by night yes revisit the people in hospitals and we saw victims and indeed the civilian population is attacked that must be very clear it has nothing to do with him in a chair and walk all right thank you for of me on the program michelle cullen
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investigative journalist joining us on the line from brussels there good to hear what you saw thank you rick. the countries of the former soviet union are marking the seventieth anniversary of the nazi invasion which claimed the lives of some twenty seven million people solemn ceremonies have been held across several states which bore the brunt of the war against hitler's armies here in moscow russia's political elite laid wreaths at the tomb of the unknown soldier by the crimean war president mubarak stressed the importance of keeping the memory of the allies making sure it doesn't fade with time. in belarus meantime a special ceremony was held at the brest fortress which witnessed the first major battle between soviet forces from the categorical show for. being here inside the prettiest fortress on these days seventy years after the start of the great passion war makes you not only see the visual damage to this citadel of the forefront of that war you can also feel the human coast of those terrible times
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dance from the walls of the fortress maybe you cannot see clearly behind that smoke is a living reminder about that the roches night thousands of people were buried alive on these four square kilometers on the night of the twenty second of june nineteenth forty one here also but love to behind several inscriptions like the one on a wall i'm dying but i want so bad that we're not even told us each year and fewer witnesses saw the first day of the war and the horse which followed after here is very. little yet but we would like any careless child i had plans that evening i wasn't afraid when they started shelling i only remember that something exploded and my bed was thrown into another corner of the room. not only four year old canady was unaware of the water was happening his father an experienced red
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army officer it was also called that night seventy years ago were different. i was at his house with my mother and my father who was later defend the breast fortress this was our window on the first floor my father was sure there could be no war this is what the particulates say he thought it was an earthquake he grabbed his accordion and ran outside my mom stopped and told him this is war. the war for which the nazi military the very marked had come up with a name for long before blitzkrieg but a siege they'd planned would last just hours instead was to go on for weeks in a fierce battle with those who defended to the death from the basque or shows became the size of the first major fighting between soviet forces and the viet mocked there was no warning when the nazis invaded us on the night of the twenty second of june one thousand nine hundred forty one the bombardment of the garrison
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by a surprise that army officers was spread out and was on the wrong then i mean initially but even the students stopped them to finding the fourth in fierce battles until the last survivor stories of their heroic resistance quickly reached different fronts soldier me loss of received the news far away in the republic of in northwest russia it wasn't grief silent pain for all people trapped here everyone knew that the german army was much stronger every day we receive reports that the enemy marched another hundred kilometers or deeper into our homeland the nazis were in a hurry and the gateway to last country they bore into the breast fortress with devastating intensity up to sixty six missiles a second archive footage from the time shows the fortress silhouetted in heavy smoke hundreds were killed in their sleep during the first minutes of the time
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among them small children some survived the night only to. be buried alive later this is my second mother when the nazis rounded up. this world. the germans dug a mass grave into which they were about to throw. this woman to push me and my mom under when the germans slaughtered everyone around and left this woman took me out from under good cross and said i just did what god told me to. up to nine days of fierce fighting hitler forces captured most of the fortress but their losses amounted to almost nine thousand there were reports that isolated defenders remain resisting the nazis as late as august one hitler and mussolini personally visited the site of the battle it's claimed that a stone hitler from the remains of the fortress was found in his office after the war there i'm often asked what was the biggest award for you the one most valued
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for. the most precious award for me was that i stayed alive everyone was fighting like true heroes but few survived but you could understand it four years of age nothing it's only now that i'm a father and grandfather myself i realize what a life is worth. i hate war i don't understand how one human being can change to another i've lived my life never doing anything to anybody. in the gradual our team effort. it's a twenty four pm here in moscow we've got sports in twenty minutes it's got news of a forty year old person thought almost upset a five time champion away ball though that's out of the sport later but it's that wednesday night business next with katrina.
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thank you kevin hello and welcome to aunty's business bulletin there is a multi-billion dollar dog fight taking place at the paris air show this year russia is pinning its hopes on a range of defense a craft and in civil aviation all the new sukhoi superjet grigori berg from invest can find great potential for russia's newest contestant in the median home market. well indeed we have seen over six hundred aircraft ordered from super jet and this apparent success is largely due to the to the reputation of mr progress on the time head of corp but out of those over six hundred red-cross only to have actually been supplied so maybe time before the modifications that can stand the competition from international majors such as canada's bombardier and brazil's embroil who also manufacture aircraft of similar specification. and staying with the asho arraf russia's flagship airline has ordered triple seven passenger jets from boeing their
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one point two billion dollars deal is widely seen as a turn away from airbus which provides the majority of the carriers fleet analysts say the russian airline has obtained a fifty percent discount from boeing saving up to a billion dollars meanwhile arafat has back the inconsistent terms in both delivery and price. the u.s. markets are trading conservatively wednesday with all eyes on the federal reserve is holding its regular monetary policy meeting its widely expected to keep rates unchanged of more interest i will be one chairman ben bernanke he has to say the subsequent press conference about the state of the u.s. economy european markets have been trading cautiously as well during witnessed a session with investors curious as to what might be the next step in solving greece's debt problems thanks in london are suffering with barclays and stand a chance of both down two percent and here in russia the markets close slightly up after losses uncertainty remains over the price of crude and looking at some
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individual moves on the my six most energy majors bounce back from early losses with gazprom and lukoil cent meanwhile banks are down as they are across europe to be losing one percent this hour mark rubenstein and i have seen metropole wraps up today's train. you know the beginnings of a big you know this week investors took a defensive approach and to basically market one sideways for this. we did see a positive reaction in the markets there in the greek parliament and. now we're back again to their waiting mode and i think this statement from the fed is going to be very important why they're given more importance of a press conference than mr bernanke is going to hold. and that brings you up to date with business for this hour we'll be back with not just under an hour's time stay with us for headlines next.
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this is our. top story. the plane crash in northwest russia claims another life bringing the death toll to forty five but. the cause of the report suggests. terrorist operation in russia's north caucuses is underway with reports suggesting special forces and suffered losses. at least seven. killed. thirteen storm. the greek government. spending cuts there.
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are thousands of angry greeks protest against the measures saying the voices. of the former soviet republics remember the victims of the war against fascism wednesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the nazi invasion of. twenty seven. with british historian dr michael jones who's written extensively about world war two he shares his knowledge about why hitler invaded the. people to win the war. today marks the seventieth anniversary of the start of operation barbarossa hitler's code name for germany's invasion of the save the union it became the largest ever military operation based in terms of resources deployed and also in casualties dr michael jones's new book tells the story of the red army during the
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second world war dr james thank you for talking to r.t. today let's start from the beginning of operation why did decide to invade the u.s.s.r. always wanted to invade the soviet union the reason he gave out was that the soviet union would actually attack germany i think the evidence for that in nine hundred forty one flights underneath that justification to his military were two main factors the first was hitler's hatred of communism bolshevism and that was what he really put out to you or that it was a crusade against bolshevism bolshevism was a menace that needed to be destroyed but underneath the real truth about this war was race hatred and if one reads mind hitler's book it's clear that you always want to.


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