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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are all. right well the footage you're looking at is outside of the corridor outside course a data center in virginia this is where f.b.i. raid agents raided computers and web servers and other materials knocking several sites offline it's an unprecedented move critics are saying and i will try to make sense of what the heck is going on afghanistan is the war that we have to win we do not have an option. well they may not have an option but is the president ready to bring home the troops that's the subject of his big address tonight for the american people at eight pm but how many when and what will it mean for the rest of america's longest war. the end of the press conference everyone's been waiting for
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or at least if you're a reporter federal reserve chairman ben bernanke he took to the podium today with more bad news but is he misleading the tealeaves when it comes to the economy we'll bring you the details in just eight that. meeting it's wednesday june twenty second coming live out of washington d.c. and he's the captain of any watching our t.v. . well of all the server hosting contingency plans on the books here's one they probably missed a web server takedown and a seizure by the f.b.i. that's exactly what took place in reston virginia on tuesday f.b.i. agents raided a data center in the wee hours of the morning confiscating services used by and number of companies taking many sites offline and it's kind of unclear what the federal agents were investigating at the moment but folks say that it's unprecedented move by the agency details of course are still murky but let's see if
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our next guest can help us make sense of it all now declan mccullagh is a correspondent at scenic news and joins us live now that one now what do we know about this raid so far. there are no unfortunately we know not nearly as much as we would like to know. not just a few computers the entire racks of computers use the service and it's ready to reston virginia and you know so let me get a little overbroad like you didn't quite understand what how the servers are configured to look more than was necessary and so then you have collateral damage on some websites that were entirely innocent of any wrongdoing well we're well off line is this collateral damage so what were they looking for at the f.b.i. so that again though we don't know if there is an exact we would have a press release you know but as far as you can tell that might have been related to us and really a recent law sarkar hacking intrusion attempts so there have been efforts against i go are you there is an arrest. in the last forty eight hours. and so that's what we
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think it is well the timing of the raid a somewhat interesting you mention but also like attack forces comes on the heels of the arrest of a lot ryan cleary in the u.k. who is associated with a group loosely do we have any other indication that this could be some sort of an effort of by the f.b.i. to investigate that group. we have a few news reports saying that is the use of her doing this to government officials talking on background that you know who are related who don't have any official information and so really i want to reserve judgment on the propriety of this and so we actually have but records and we see exactly what they're going after you know the largest amount is that the raid used all of the service or otherwise it's just that i've heard you get back to how i feel the data i mean this is like a printing press being used to i was libelous material material just use the books you don't mention press the usenet maybe
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a hundred other company that's going to devote a first amendment issue and that's the danger that's another great analogy and i'm just wondering i mean have your years of covering these kinds of issues have you seen this this kind of raid take place before. there's only one incident comes to mind and that was over while i know that the person from years ago when that's when the secret service readiness v.d.'s was worth this. and i had over some computer hacking. i started directing. and writing i hope that the f.b.i. that one way hope to hope not but what's happened is that. because there was dug a lot of pushback a bunch of the creation of the electronic frontier foundation and the will he says were alarmed turn back down so i'm actually i'm like you should put an apology after this well they haven't issued an apology but i'll give you
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a moment turn off your phone there are not a full of this graphic but i think we should have we reached out to the f.b.i. and surprise surprise they did not. give us this news scoop they just said an ongoing investigation when i was calm at the moment blah blah blah but declan you know one thing i do sort of want to get out here is that do you have any sense of whether there's a ramp up of i don't cracking down on hacking attacks by federal officials. i think the answer is yes some have to be yes there's i mean this is something that is concerning yet the idea of most long going investigations this comes amid deals with you interested to verify last year i also want to have been a part of the pack once you have it in for guard or aca and a host of billing to the f.b.i. then the signal there are things you do something very visible to make it look like they're actually you know now still in charge not going command and doing something
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useful i don't know the cell phone but that's my suspicion all right that but i'm just for our viewers there that's the footage that you've been talking over as the video that we that we got of the center the data center right behind me that where these servers were seized i do appreciate you taking the time to speak with us thank you thank you so much for your time. all right well it will be a mission accomplished speech but the president is going to address this country at eight pm this evening where he's expected to announce the start of his long promised wind down of the afghanistan war by all accounts obama is caught between the pentagon brass and his political base the generals of course want to stick it out keep fighting but his supporters not to mention a growing number of republicans say that he cannot get out of that country fast enough for how many troops will come home and what period of time for some can only speculate there are reports saying that anywhere from ten thousand soldiers to as many as thirty thousand but will have to wait until eight pm this evening to get
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those details now afghanistan of course is america's longest war one of more than fifteen hundred u.s. lives and cost taxpayers billions of dollars and while the pentagon doesn't want to keep the surge going a growing number of americans are saying no more in fact for the first time in the decade long conflict a majority of them fifty six percent that's the graphic you're seeing right there they want the troops to come home and they want them to come home asap a fact of course not lost on a president who is running for a second term so what can we expect and what does it all mean well actually it's very own panel of experts weighed in earlier we had afghan american blogger ours a war doc and the co-founder of rethink of aniston gilberto so is this the right time to start pulling out our troops takes that take those things so take a look. it's a critical time for two reasons one he made a promise when he surged in his west point speech he made a promise that he would begin a withdrawal this time he didn't say how much it was but he supposed to be based on
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conditions on the ground so it's good to withdraw and secondly it's the reason it's good because the american people have become weary of war and as a result of the most recent washington post poll we've seen seventy three percent of americans want to get us out of afghanistan significantly by the end of this year so it's a politically winning decision it's a militarily. good decision to get our troops out of there sooner than later so i think this is the right time but it all depends on how much he says we're going to withdraw but you're just a push back i mean the generals say that you know it's not time to bring back the troops they don't want to lower those levels what makes you say that it's a militarily good decision well two things one generals are decide are have an agenda that spewed forth within the culture of the pentagon that's usually kind of comes with more force more trucks more bombs more eccentric but that's only one side of the battle the other side of the battle is the political battle of the afghan people on the ground and that's
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a part that the president is the best fit to make the decision for in concord it's with his partners in pakistan and afghanistan it's clear that we've got problems with pakistan and afghan relations and it's clear that the u.s. needs to improve those in a way to improve those is to have a smaller military footprint so the generals may say where might want more war but the president knows from dealing with the diplomats and the politicians of the of the other side that we need less troops so that afghans can begin to take over control of their own country and ours are turning to you for a moment i mean you know we hear the president as probably if the past is any indication we're also talk about how things are improving and how the afghans are getting more and more ready to take control of their own security and we had. here saying the same thing or do you agree i mean is against and stable enough for folks to take care of that country themselves. well i simply agree with jake i wrote it all wrong please but we need less stronger nations pakistan plays a large role here as me but honestly i question their loyalties both the u.s.
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and afghanistan i haven't seen any i haven't seen a real effort here in trying to counter the terrorists cards are suffer as it has been since sorting out a safe haven for various terrorist networks never ending continued as well as a fantasy they need to play a larger role in preventing maximizing and could you argue ours though that that u.s. presence on the ground there has further simply destabilized that whole situation i mean had we not been there perhaps pakistan would not have been as much of a concern has a nuclear country that we're talking about at the end of the day well i still believe that pakistan but you know the situation is in fact in india. for want of a motivation to commence in afghanistan to try to counter india's efforts in their diplomatic efforts in afghanistan but yes that martin was i guess. continuing to we were to know that the afghans are in which i mean this is a country that has remained was as a foreign invasion for
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a very long time and this is sort of last but those are happening so it's all true i think here as well and they don't want the american i've been there we need to work with the afghan people we need a softening of of the political situation yes is back not a problem here but we're not looking for the afghan people on the ground for about what we want but what they want and if they don't it will be a partner who was there and occupiers and what are we doing that are doing as a president a fun ride out of ours the word up in gentle bear to weighing in on the expected troop drawdown. will stay on top of stan as our panel just discussed where the u.s. has stepped up its drone war and of course pakistan in the only country where this is taking place r.t. correspondent guy i just showed you can has more on america's covert and overt drone wars. the u.s. is looking to expand its more on terror but its methods are under fire in pakistan in the one year that cia drone strikes killed seven hundred civilians but netted
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only five actual militant leaders. and pakistan in the number of civilian casualties that result drone strikes. like the taleban. in other groups in pakistan to recruit new members in their. salary many pakistanis are furious at their government for helping the americans kill their own people he accused their leaders of doing that in exchange for billions of dollars from washington americans on the other hand are not too happy with what they get in return for their billions how can we support. governments or large ones when do say enough is enough most governments lie to each other and so a business gets done washington now sees yemen as the most dangerous all kind of outpost and he's planning to step up drone attacks on the country establishing a base in the persian gulf specifically for that purpose especially now when the
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lots replacement i am on also worry is not to be building our will quite as already significant presence in yemen. the us had been cooperate ing with yemeni counterterrorism forces in targeting al qaida but they've since left the field preoccupied is that with the nationwide turmoil against the sollie regime that means the americans are likely to have a freer hand going it along with the cia to take a central role because the agency is not subject to the accountability the us military is legally under expect more bombs to fall on yemen when the us starts to hit people who are numbers along by the new arabian peninsula then i think we'll worry is that it expands or to the going to where so many people join up with al qaeda their security in yemen over the killing of scores of civilians by the drone strikes in want to taxpayer the american military presumably ming at an al qaida training camp ended up killing dozens of women and children in another strike
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a year ago a drone mistakenly killed a deputy governor in yemen his family and eight with the expansion of the drone war it seems the wife was seeking only in the south of the fighting on fire and i would say some of the main injuries of this global trade smart not having making people on the both of them in canberra bombing and the lack of accountability when it comes to city and their teachers that adds more paradoxically what rattled me asking what if america is fighting and fostering terror at the same time i am going to check our reporting. on. the still ahead here on art. the roller coaster ride that is the economic recovery where there seems to be more sudden drop progress so that americans really trust the same folks the same regulators who helped create this mess clean it up look. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so if you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. the so . it's. it's. it's it's it's it's. it's it's it's it's it's it's
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it's it's it's it's it's it's. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it through to be made who can you trust no one who is you know you'll be with the global machinery city where we had a state controlled capitalism schools national so when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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but if we get an apartheid regime right now. i think iraq is beatable and wanted well. we never got the look says they're going to keep him safe get ready to give him their freedom. for food. for.
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well when it comes to the economy down down down seems to be the only direction that it's heading into a hole that many call a recession and some even say as a frankly i don't question so are the solutions for our financial woes don't hold your breath to find them our teeth correspondent chris capers out tried to do that and shows us where we are today. to a half years after the collapse of this nation's economy. the dust is still settling. and decisions on how best to rebuild are still in the works at the economy needs to grow to create jobs our basic challenge is trying to figure out how to make growth faster more sustainable translate to more drops the lack of jobs has led to widespread homelessness many of this nation's cities and
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a foreclosure rate still too high to give most americans any hope majority of americans are understanding that this is not the recession that they've experienced in the past this is the second great depression the unemployment rate still hovering above nine percent it is a grim picture painted even grimmer by some economists in the united states it's nine point one percent but then when you add in the underemployed the part time workers who want full time work and can't find discouraged workers. people who have dropped out of the labor market it's probably more like one out of five americans proposed solution to this thirty billion dollars small business lending bill signed into law in september i president obama less than nine hundred applications have been filed and so far zero dollars have been given out the majority of small banks haven't even applied we do not have the capacity in the program does not give us
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the ability to force banks to lend many solutions proposed by the obama administration continue to ignite anger mr secretary i would just like to close by saying that. of the business owners in north carolina and across this country you are wrong also happening and with no apparent progress vice president biden and lawmakers continue their struggle to find an agreement to raise the debt ceiling as the deadline looms closer there is increasing talk of a short term agreement kicking the can further down the road as well as reports of lawmakers resorting to creative accounting and gimmicks to exaggerate the size of spending cuts finally with q e two six hundred billion dollar bond buying program expected to end in a week many worry about what lies ahead and if it will feel anything like this. or like this. what the implosion looks like in greece where austerity measures have
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already been put into place unpopular solution it's angered the people that. leaving many to wonder if the similar scenes becoming to these shores i don't know what the end result will be but maybe there will be a night where americans get fed up with this and will be storming the gates of washington d.c. with pitchforks over the last few years the u.s. has had to borrow trillions of dollars to keep this country and have building operational the federal reserve bank has also printed hundreds of billions of dollars and confidence in the economy to try to help the frustrating part for so many americans that they haven't felt those results yet and they're starting to wonder when and if things will ever get better in washington christine for us now our team right a lot of economic news discussed today the debt ceiling negotiations are continuing
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under a tight deadline the greek crisis of course is still threatening global economy and other federal reserve chairman joined the ranks of those pessimistic outlook for the u.s. economy the economic outlook outlook for the rest of the. year pardon me but also said today the causes of the downturn are temporary and he brushed off the risk that greek banks pose heard that the greek crisis poses to u.s. banks so is he on point or is he not a surprise that he said it in the q. and a he was asked whether the crisis could really affect u.s. banks and he said it would be a very small hit do you agree. completely disagree a big crisis has been seems to be another lehman brothers moment because what you have been greece is a situation where there are just kicking between and on the route if greece defaults it's not going to just affect rhesus going to search all your. bank's a little europe or very much exposed to greece banks from europe or very highly leveraged for example when lehman brothers collapsed they were leveraged thirty one
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to one which was absolutely horrible now german banks are actually a whole lot of greek debt and there are liberties thirty two to one at this point so greece goes don't it's going to ripple effects across the entire world and there are experts all throughout the financial industry that are warning that this could settle the mildred supposedly crisis and michael or another is thinking that came out of this press conference of course he was not as a beat as he was the last time that he spoke but a brain he was talking in regard in revising the economic outlook he said that you know what the problems that are causing the current crisis they're temporary they'll get better we'll get pulled out of the hole that we're in or is that something you agree with. i totally disagree of course grinning he was totally wrong about the housing crash in recession he said those things would never happen either when you look at the economy today two years ago there were two point six million long term unemployed in the united states today there are six point two million long term unemployed we're all there or twenty five million americans that
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are either unemployed or underemployed and the average duration of unemployment at united states is approaching forty weeks truly was a gold star ducking two thousand and seven we had twenty six million americans on food stamps today we have an all time record forty four million americans on food stamps so things are getting worse and burning is in the state at the moment and he said of course hinted at least that q.e. three the controversial or quantitative easing program is not going to be continued if that's why i said the current the current round of of pumping dollars into the economy is set to expire soon do you think that they'll stick to that promise already think that the fed will contain a printing. i don't think there's any way to stick to this promise because the truth is that around the world people are getting tired buying u.s. government that there's been headlines about china reducing their holdings of short term government bonds lately a top official in the russian government came out recently and so they're going to continue to cut back on u.s. government that can code the largest bond fund in the world and as they are going
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to reduce their holdings of u.s. government over the long term and so on but there's not that many buyers in the marketplace and yet the u.s. government has to continue to issue massive quantities of debt so that the federal reserve does not or you've got who's going so well that they call quantitative easing three or not someone is going to provide all that and it's probably going to be the federal reserve you know one interesting thing that we talked about this program yesterday as the president came out saying sort of that one solution to the economic crisis is to get poor and best care to spend money here in america and and invest. more companies here and you know we hear so much outrage and anytime you know someone who's seen as a sort of political enemy like the chinese or or the arabs coming here and offering to buy a port or an energy company and yet why do you think there hasn't really been any outrage whatsoever for the fact that the chinese have been buying up our debt over
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the over the years the japanese have been why is there such a disparity in terms of our outrage. well the politicians and the media taught the american people that globalization is a good thing but in the end of every single month now the united states is running trade deficits that are somewhere in the neighborhood of between forty and fifty billion dollars hugely and over the course of the year there's half a trillion dollars that are leaving this country that could've gone to support american businesses american jobs and then that money comes back and buys up land advice up physical assets for example what china recently bought a thirty percent stake in a company you know texas or oil and gas fields and then he's doing q. jenner g. down in texas and so you know what we're seeing is the united states is going from the number one economic power in the world to the point where we're dependent on foreign money coming in to. walk back i think to be lost our politicians are very
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briefly back to the greek crisis a break it was also asked about and whether he thought that that a ferrety here in the u.s. special protections and spending would be a good idea he said that is not the case of course if it weren't for the us terry measures we would not see people on the street like we did increase what it takes for americans to come out and similar terms. were we are already starting to see some unrest the economy is really down for a couple of years and we're starting to see frustration boil over for example there is the phenomenon of robberies that happening all over the united states the arts he has reported on we've seen it in washington chicago minnesota all across the united states. barging into stores grabbing whatever they want and running out in fact it's gone beyond where we've seen groups that used to people out of cars in chicago of bicycles the route the first version of the american people starting to boil over and eventually exactly what a certain increase is going out and your as well and what what's your prediction on
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what the tipping point by that would be obviously this is a trend but what will really set it over the edge if anything. well that's when the american people totally lose hope right now believe how things are going to get better but they're starting to lose that for example recently in north carolina no girly man he got dressed up you know i mean well behaved and he handed the bank teller a note demanding some money not was not an unusual but that's a bank robbery but he only demanded one dollar why because you got a dollar he said don't you wait a piece for the police to write he wanted to be arrested so that you could go to jail and get free health care because he knew he couldn't make it any other way that's how desperate people in the united states are starting to come out but what do you think i mean is it to be actual cuts to social security medicare medicaid actual spending reductions here that will get people to wake up or something that's outside of our hands for example getting too close to the debt default and an economic crisis that's more cost from global issues and policies here but then. you
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know one big thing is going to be the last jobs are staring programs are starting to be implemented on the state local levels throughout the united states and start u.b.s. investment research projects that four hundred fifty thousand state and local government jobs are going to be cut next year so the american people can if you don't families that you have paid the mortgage they're going to get. you're going to hear more cutbacks bloated federal government and so on and so forth as we try to do something about this horrible budget crisis and people are going to get really angry or yours and it's not a promising future we're looking for yeah let's hope it doesn't come to that michael thank you so much for your time as michael to snyder founder of the economic collapse blog dot com all right well that's it for this hour here on r.t. america of course the news doesn't end with broadcast plenty more stories and details on our website just go to our t. dot com slash usa and say you want to watch us on your phone or laptop and such our you tube channel.


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