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the officers in charge of the fortress defenses. often visits the monument to her father on the outskirts of breast. this picture shows what he looks like me at the even today i guess nervous when i come here words fail me i see those events in my mind's eye as if they were yesterday. today children play war in the old case me but in the first days of the real war the unit under the command of law. was holding out in one of them within two days the defenders had exhausted their ammunition. daughter saw the germans trying to capture her father. of the roof suddenly there was a noise it seemed that the had caught him because he had jumped on to the ratings and plunged into the river by the germans began firing to ask him present death in captivity he shouted those were the last words he a trist to his family. in accordance with their plan to attack the
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soviet union the germans had amassed three armies close to the border among these army groups or was the most powerful its mission was to encircle and destroy soviet troops and other russia and move on to moscow vyas money. the german strategy relied on surprise attack to demoralize the adversary from the opening seconds. the sound of the explosions was deafening before that i had seen war only in films . i thought it was an earthquake i just couldn't believe there was a war going on. the first hours of june twenty second one nine hundred forty one. of a member of the military band asleep in his barracks on the second floor of breast fortress. within minutes of the attack bullets and shells fragments had riddled the
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barracks walls. i remember dust all over the place. well. i could barely breathe iraq myself on a blanket. then i heard an order from your rifles and get downstairs. i barely had time to pull all my clothes before rushing downstairs with my platoon were. only a few hours later the german plan to move through a russian territory had. every week covered from the initial shock. offered stubborn resistance despite being number one by their attackers. on one of our rifle regiments counterattacks the germans. tried to roll back to the
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gates but they were met with a shower of bullets there to. money of the fastest stuff. the beginning of huns edmund shone back was born in munich on june twenty second one thousand nine hundred one he was among the german troops who entered the russia shortly before that he had been called up from high school and sent to the eastern front to serve in a panzer unit. a huge fourth terrifying wave of germany from all sides. into russian territory and when they were done we knew we had to go in. the tank. but i saw the first horribly injured german soldiers and it wasn't just me we all knew what would happen and it was terrible.
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the border between. follows the same line along which. deployed. it was they who bore the brunt of the nazi invasion for several days small arms were the only weapons the border guards can nevertheless they held up the advance of german troops and tanks for some time and they billing the fortress garrison to organize. yes can come on the german command allowed thirty minutes for the destruction of the frontier posts but some held out from one to seven days repulsing one attack after another. these pillboxes on the border were built shortly before the war but they were never used supplies and ammunition for the machine guns had been scheduled to arrive the day after the nats invasion of soviet territory. was in command of one of the pill boxes he was officer on duty the day before the start of the war this picture shows
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or so i would encourage his friend nikolai a fellow servicemen returning from a night of dancing in breastplate on june twenty first. when used. vladimir. i have something terrible to tell you. his thoughts. when i was there my girlfriend told me. that a war would break out to morrow she was four in the morning. on this nine hundred thirty nine two years before the start of the war. between the soviet union and germany have become noticeably warmer foreign ministers of the two states molotov in ribbentrop sign a non-aggression pact. in
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september one nine hundred thirty nine german troops invaded poland. this is german commander on his tanks capture the breast fortress at that time part of polish territory. this is rare footage joint so that in german military parades in accordance with the secret deal to divide the german military hands breast over to soviet troops in less than two years time on will again launch an assault on breast fortress fighting against the same troops. in the interim dispenser units will have gained valuable experience in successful offensive operations in europe. and. ashore and we have the most insane knowledge ain't to communicate between the time x. headphones. and that allowed us to react small quickly. the russian tanks couldn't communicate with each other and whereas we could for example
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withdraw and then attack from the science. june twenty fourth one of the most tragic days for the defenders of the fortress during another attempted assault used russian officers wife and children as a human shield on this bridge. they told us women and children to lie down on the bridge close to want to be pieces. can you imagine for all five guns firing it's a time it can shatter your brain like. my son slava had one of his it. now he can't hit anything it's all in that's here yes i saw my daughter's hand nina turning gray one after another. she was only a little kid. alexander was only six years old in one
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thousand nine hundred forty one he and his parents were living in brest fortress he spent two days in the so-called powder magazine at the start of the war he was wounded and lost his entire family. at all since and the gravity of the situation but. who. was standing in this new huge. that's when we got scared over blue. and when i saw my mother and sister killed while i was sitting right here. i talked myself away as far as i cooled on the feet of those who were in the cellar with. in essence the entire territory of the fortress. this is a monument to the victims of the wars of first days known as building houses a museum. at its center a famous exhibit and alarm clock the stop ticking as soon as the war began. another
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exhibit is dedicated to the children of red army commanders who fought in the fortress many of them were murdered by s.s. task forces in one thousand nine hundred two a year after german troops attacked the soviet union. forces took total of one hundred forty two the fascists massacred fifty four children at an orphanage me abreast their parents had already died in the war. amanda was the children's teacher was she and the children the forced out of the orphanage and all of them just. a vigil of commemoration and sorrow takes place each year in the breast fortress on the night of june twenty first candles are lit in the embers yours veterans come here from all over the former soviet union a slide show features pictures of the red army commanding officers who took part in
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the defense of breast fortress after the ceremony border guard soldiers. in the western movie river to commemorate the people whose lives were cut short in breast fortress in june one thousand nine hundred one the names of many of them are still unknown. question is that so much of a given to each musician on that from spring to fall be uprisings and at least eight fast becoming vicious civil war. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead. from. battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are.
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on this beach which of course is the most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra with julian cooper story on our t.v. . the second. eight hours after the german attack most of the surviving defenders of
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the best fortress moved into cellars under the barracks. and his comrades spent about three days there back in the nineteenth century the cellars withstood direct hits in the aerial bombardment. there was a hospital for the wounded here. the makeshift mortuary was over there at the end of the corridor more. the german command demanded that the defenders lay down their arms and surrender when they turned down the ultimatum german troops used flame throwers to flush them out. the heat was so intense that even bricks began to melt. the fighters continued their resistance as they shifted from one place to another. this is how the german war correspondents pro-trade the event but cameramen were unable to film an emerging from sellers with
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their hands raised as a sign of surrender none of them did that. russian surrender. that will let you live don't be afraid. when some of the spotted the loudspeaker they hit it with a burst of machine gun fire. that was the end of the propaganda. a shortage of water was the biggest problem the defenders faced. the western river was nearby but german troops were in control of all approaches to it still of and other fighters managed to reach the river several times under the cover of darkness . both to reach the west we were sometimes crawling sometimes running.
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helmets. trying to make no noise we had to do with the germans fired flares all the time they certainly would have opened fire if they. know days mining engineers for wartime ammunition in the western. one of the latest findings is a german two hundred ten millimeter artillery shell. is just as dangerous today as it was sixty eight years ago. slowly slowly don't turn it over. to shell could go off at any moment if it's not handled properly if it does judging by its size it will obliterate everything within a radius of about five hundred meters. on the average day divers pick up three to ten objects relating to the first days of the war. the breast fortress was long considered impenetrable they outer walls where. in the
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twentieth century it was in effect a death trap for the seven thousand strong soviet garrison. all of the fortresses gates were continuously under and machine gunfire they were also blocked by attacking enemy troops as a result fewer than half of the men who were here on june twenty second were able to leave the fortress and protect the border. on. the german plan to seize soviet territory. but most of the soviet leaders as hitler would target britain first before unleashing any attack on the soviet. one but a. and was already aware of the. february. problem the germans. initially was.
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trying to kill. where the first assault was launched actually consisted of several. of the most resistance. most of the fortress defenders still expected reinforcements to the end they did know they were already well behind enemy lines germans has seized the town of brest within hours. abreast residents lived under occupation for nearly three years when the germans came she was told she was not. a second person. that. even public tell this in hospitals could not be used by everybody johns had decent food not so lucky. if they don't name
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every way you could see a sign saying. only oh. no and. already during the first days of the war many people in breast and its environs started sneaking out of town. in the forests they formed groups of guerrilla warfare. learn new skills those. here in the forest in june one thousand nine hundred. children and women. and all of us lived here. all of us were helping each of. the partisans stayed in the forests for. a time they carried out reconnaissance and secret monitoring of the enemy. in the evening they were engaged in special operations. forces use this railway to bring military hardware to the front line.
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so that nobody could see them. the germans sent reconnaissance parties to check the tracks but that didn't help. as the train came closer we singled out the military equipment to be. quick and the wagon was no more. than the german forty fifth division. after the assault on the. german troops had already swept across poland. and much of europe. they encountered the most ferocious to date. weapons with the best in the world. we were the strongest anyway. and we believed it. of all successes in western europe and in france
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but it was far from the truth. these for so with memorials commemorate fighters whose bodies have been recovered by search parties since the war searching for missing soldiers is a long and complicated process. first the head of a search group asks locals where exactly the fighting took place what with there are also. many of our fighters particularly the partisans died in this home but i just. see the dead lying in groups of ten or twelve they never made it out of the forest. then a group of volunteers sets out on an expedition they comb the site meter after meter. weapons and other objects made of metal. underground.
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this is a soviet helmet it was a direct hit. you can see where the shot entered and exited. to base the objects are carefully examined. as turned to. regard. as. these are small cases containing all important papers they carry the information that will help identify the soldier his age rank and the name of town or village where he was called up. there just so happens there were from the same places the dead soldier were going to look for his relatives now one more fallen soldier has a name. if papers identifying the dead are found they're sent to officials
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a state archive each year adds more names to the list of brest fortress defenders. this is the personal record of one of the fighters still. his identity was verified just a few years ago. no his name is inscribed on the memorial wall in the central alley of breast fortress it has replaced another plate saying unknown soldier study slops he's nice is his only surviving relative just recently did she learn of her uncle's fate. that people want to at least see the grief of somebody they love to please flower whisenant and think about that person there is nothing more painful than the missing so when my uncle's name was finally written on the memorial plate it was a very touching moment for my family. the last defenders of breast fortress german attacks for nearly a month in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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the museum received a fragment of the inner wall of one of the case mates of the eastern for an inscription discovered on it dates from july twentieth one thousand nine hundred forty one scribbled with a knife and said farewell. i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. nobody surrendered of their own accord in the way all of those captured wounded people. will run able to use their weapons. but nobody raised their hands before to the death to the last minute. hitler and mussolini arrived in august one thousand nine hundred one for a visit to breast fortress despite official reports claiming that there were no surviving defenders on president. it's secure repercussions were put in place. on the eve of the top level visit to german soldiers patrolling an area near the fortress had disappear. for hitler and mussolini entered the
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fortress through a bridge that used to be right here what hitler saw here is known to have made a strong impression on him but even took a stone lying amongst the ruins with them. after the fall of berlin the stone was found in hitler's office at the chancellor of the third reich. church in brest fortress. there are traces of shells on the walls and inside. it was from here that the defenders of breast fortress launched their first counterattack. scores of german and soviet soldiers died here. the time has come for mutual forgiveness. we must live in peace. it's not that we should forget the past it must not be forgotten. we might forgive.
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children play in best fortress where military hardware dating back to the one nine hundred forty s. is on display they knew about that war only from books and films. on holidays veterans told tourists about the war. of another survivors of the first battles in the fortress these rooms as the cornerstone of their faith in the ultimate victory over fascist troops. comrades lived to see that victory in one thousand nine hundred five nearly four years after those tragic events in breast fortress.
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the death of a boy survivor brings the number killed to forty five after a plane crash in northwestern russia as investigators start to. turn on airliners a black box recorders. and anti-terrorist operation in russia's north caucasus is underway with reports suggesting seven special forces officers have been killed and at least sixteen others wounded fierce fighting began when over a dozen militants broke through a contingent of federal forces moving in on. the president of the european commission manual barroso says he you will be behind greece in helping it through economic crisis here in athens acts on promises of reforms that follows the new greek government and no victory in a parliamentary vote of confidence despite widespread public opposition to the proposed austerity cuts. and up next lavelle's cross talk where guests debate
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whether unrest in the arab world may bring a democracy to the middle east or will mean just more violence. and you can. follow in the welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle from spring to fall the uprisings in at least three arab states are fast becoming vicious civil wars is the arab awakening less about democracy promotion and more against a stifling status quo and police states and what are the chances the arab awakening will be hijacked by a new strongman and to take. it. to . the prostate the uprisings in the arab world i'm joined by david price jones and florence he is senior editor of the national review and author of treason of
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the heart from thomas paine to kim philby in washington we have omar baddoor he is a political scientist and human rights activist and in austin we cross to alan cooperman he's an associate professor at the l.b.j. school of public affairs of the university of texas all right gentlemen this is cross talk and i mean cross talk rules in effect you can jump in anytime you want if i could go to david first in florence is the is the arab awakening as it's being called turning into an arab nightmare as i started out the program three of these countries that are undergoing. social strife it's turning into a vicious civil war and democracy seems to be more of a distant ideal if it ever was there are two sorts of people involved in this there are the people who want power and the people who want freedom and for the moment the people who are gaining ground over the people who want freedom and the people who want to have a lot of.


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