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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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really different than what's been done before including during his time at m.s.n. b.c. now i want to take time to respond to one judge who said on you tube i don't think the view that the government does too much is strictly a libertarian want and i absolutely agree with that statement i think that too often we try to put people ideas thoughts philosophies onto a tiny little box by putting a label on it so personally i think the government does too much in some cases not enough in other cases i guess that puts me at odds with the two party system now many people would like to think that if you don't have a title you don't have a party then you don't have a voice and that's something that i think you should fight against now i want to respond to p.p. and i really thank you guys for having these names. on you tube he said of the onion deserves any award that it can get. to which i say hell yes i'm going to have more responses for you next week. now another cell phone video another cop and another person gets arrested in rochester new york twenty eight year old emily good
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was filming cops performing a routine traffic stop while standing on her lawn on the officers noticed the good was recording them with her cell phone. i'm just this is my friend your i'm just recording what you're doing. what you said. or you. know what did i say to you that offended you and something else up some. stuff i'm allowed to stand in my yard and stand in your house that we don't feel safe you standing behind if you're not maybe even a foot further back you're going to be going to be wanting you to move afoot further back and. begin to arrest the already warning on the back of what. they're going to feel that's the reason. that's there here there are a. lot of. that's right good was arrested by officer mario massacre on the grounds that her
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filming at the traffic stop left officers feeling uncomfortable even though filming cops is completely legal in the state of new york and comments like you seem very anti-police obviously those who caused an uproar on the internet i mean is that grounds for taking someone to jail and the outcry over this seemingly unlawful arrest has grown in a matter of days and the local police chief says that they're conducting an internal investigation so in other words they're going to pretend to act on the incident until the all the media attention just happens to die down so all right the cops aren't much help but what's worse is when the city councilman adam mcfadden gave his input on the incident he said typically i tell people when the police give you an order that you should follow it even if you don't like it we have a process to make complaints if we're not doing our job lawfully you know what i'm sure the good would have had a much easier time she had followed instructions from officer massive but he still had no legitimate reason to hand cover and for the record the man of the cops originally pulled over he was like oh so every home take no it's apparently grounds
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for arrest in rochester new york if you film an officer seem very anti police and if you make them feel uncomfortable what kind of world are we living in. well here's a sketchy story for you today last night the f.b.i. conducted a raid on a data facility operated by digital one in reston virginia during this raid they seize a number of servers which then caused several websites including those run by the new york published curb network to go offline and the reason for the raid is unknown we contacted the f.b.i. today and we were told by a supervisory special agent jason pack of they're unable to comment because it's an ongoing investigation how typical but the rumors as to whether this may be in some way related to hacktivism are already swirling as an unnamed government official told the new york times that the f.b.i. was actively investigating the group and the affiliated hackers now according to. chief executive of digital one the f.b.i.
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had been interested in one of the company's clients and despite being provided the necessary information to pinpoint the servers for a specific ip address they took entire server racks so once again it looks like the government is trying to respond to hacktivists but do they have any idea what they're actually doing or discuss this with me is julian sanchez a research fellow at the cato institute julian thanks so much for being here tonight thank you for starters do you any do you have any other details that i may be missing on this story like i said we tried to contact the f.b.i. see if we could find anything out to you know they've been pretty tight lipped about this several news reports have suggested this involves investigation of the hacker group as you mentioned but beyond that we're not sure one of the disturbing things about this though from a first amendment perspective in addition to the concerns that they incidentally ended up taking down a whole bunch of sites including bookmarking service instapaper and. sites that were run by the curb curb network including food sites like travel sites like grid
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skipper and so that's a problem that they essentially blocked access to a bunch of you know publications in effect so i feel like that's becoming a bit of a recurring trend i know this is a different issue but before we. highlighted the case when you know d.h. as has been seizing domain names they did the exact same thing when it came to child pornography i mean there they weren't physically removing any kind of servers but eighty four thousand websites accidently got taken down so it just makes you start wondering if these people always know what they're doing if they're being careful you know executive digital one basically said that if the f.b.i. is fault they were sloppy and now we can't get back online yeah i mean one of the one of the really troubling things is that they seem to have made a mistake about the distinction between servers that is an individual computer storage rack and server and closures are big cages full of huge racks of lots of different servers i mean a server rack like that has you know more information than the average library so the amount of there is really disturbing and probably having runs afoul of the
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fourth amendment particularity requirement you know when they have a warrant to search my apartment because we're going to have to be particular they're not supposed to bust into every apartment in my building and if the warrant says they're there to look for a gun they're not supposed to take my scotch just because they feel thirsty even if it happens to be a bottle of bullet but apparently they like you know what do you think that this was then a mistake and they obviously they just don't know what the difference is or that maybe they think we're already there we're already raiding the building why not just slip everything up that we can that would be troubling i wonder what happens when they do a raid on google which has millions of people's whole e-mail histories on their servers i think actually it's equally possible to blame whatever judge signed off on this was a lot of things actually were troubling about this first warrants like this are not usually supposed to be executed in the middle of the night like this one was part of the problem is the hosting company that leases the service faces didn't even understand what had happened until hours after the fact because their employees were on the scene it will make the ones that are going to get
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a violent criminal make sure they don't know if you know these kind of night raids when you know if you're running a crack house where they think someone's going to try and destroy the evidence but in a case like this with a third party and usually it would even be done through a raid usually in services. on the company if what they're looking for is the client and not the company itself so that's one problem but also you know what are the problems then maybe judges don't necessarily understand. the ins and outs of how computers technically work and how much data and how many different people's data is going to be stored in those server racks so you're starting to see some courts especially in tech savvy or districts like the ninth circuit out in california starting to impose rules to allow more targeted seizures like this for one instead of seizing the physical servers they can image then they can copy them so you don't take any one site down you just make a copy of the data and sift through it later and also again the stablished procedures for how to go through the data and make sure they're getting stuff that pertains to the crime they're investigating and to the people they're investigating
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and not tens or hundreds or thousands of other people whose data might be contained on the same servers and we were seeing anything like this before i mean is this president a raid or are these things that happen often and maybe just go unreported you are starting to see again some controversial precedents i mentioned the ninth circuit was a case called us versus comprehensive drug testing where again they were looking for this is a company that had digital storage of lots of people have drug testing records they went in and essentially took a whole bunch of data as opposed to narrowing in on the particular data sets they were supposed to be able to get that's one of the cases where you've seen the court start to impose or try to impose rules to try and avoid this kind of situation it's not clear how often it happens is certainly unprecedented in scope ok so this is maybe you know i think obviously this is still all allegedly and we don't know when reports are suggesting that might have something to do with the curity government officials are saying that yes there is some type of investigation going on i just
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can't help but feel like they must have bigger fish to fry than going after a little security or going out of your anonymous but then that makes me even more concerned right thing we'll talk about the ok go ahead and those that. are. it is alleged to have been involved and essentially hacking into a bunch of databases and posting big lists of people's passwords and maybe credit card numbers online i mean if that's true that's illegal and you know i think fair enough to investigate that ok fine i just think that there maybe are worse things going on in the world but you know if there is some illegal activity then so be it but now we have the government and this is obviously on a more massive scale right we've heard from military officials that cyber war is now on the table and if somebody attacks. or somebody attacks our electric grid then maybe we're going to start shooting missiles their way and now it's come out he has been reporting that apparently president obama signed a number of executive orders on this about a month ago so that people can come to him so who can we trust to make those decisions to see whether this is really an attack that they think might be worth
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pursuing i'm sure the president is into you know an expert on these things maybe there are some people over at the pentagon but then at the same time they're allowing us to launch attacks cyber attacks on other countries not just seems so hypocritical and dangerous i think cyber war is a term that has been defined very broadly basically by companies that make security software that they want to sell to national security clients in the government and it just in compass is so many different kinds of things that don't naturally fit together i mean there are or you know things that are clearly cyber based acts of war like interference in military communications systems by a foreign state but things are getting lumped into it that involves you know hacking attacks on what someone decides a critical infrastructure that may or may not be linked to an actual foreign power one of the classic problems in cyber security is of course the attribution problem it's often very difficult to be sure with any certainty exactly where an attack comes from so the even the classic you know cyber war example involving you know the deadly taking down of some government websites and in the stony about two
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thousand and seven it's not clear whether that was directly government sponsored or done by you know essentially directly government linked people all of your reasons that i think we have to be concerned when they hear these executives. because it is about firing off missiles are going thanks so much for joining us tonight and he's on. ours so to come on tonight's show a candidate for congress is trying to scare voters of the chinese are about to take over the u.s. any minute and i was told time winner and we have our midweek edition of happy hour for you there involved in a hostage standoff for sixteen hours don't forget to update a facebook account and what some conservatives are upset with the movie cars to stick around for those stories and more.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead. from battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by grabbers everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the very most appropriate signification i assemble everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but torture way where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra while julian cooper story on our team.
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is to be used. to. see. through the. information close to in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool bit interested selfie in fiction straight out of software to make three d. gobble screeds from the building blocks for bush's first nationwide four g. network tomes going top points technology updates. we don't the future are
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covered. it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to in nevada cabot who's running for congress republican mark abbott she is running in a special election this september at this point he doesn't have an opponent yet about not stopping mark from going on the air with his first t.v. now is will see in just a moment marcus decided to scare voters in his district. one simple in time america became its own worst enemy there's a lot of money they have to spend it all to control their passion obama just kept raising the debt limit and their independence he can't buy new dependence to adapt to our fortunes and that is how our great empire rose again. it's not too late to stop this nightmare i mark emmert and i approve this message it's
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your cars on the tires a promise to. our. oh mark there's nothing like some lighthearted fear mongering to introduce yourself to the people might send you to congress really it's just classic you know the fake news report from a chinese t.v. anchor that tells the success of china's takeover of a debt ridden america thank you for warning us of the red marker army is a marching past the u.s. capitol as we speak by the way the t.v. anchor also had a really horrible chinese accent but great great work mark and we almost making the case that if you don't send him to congress the u.s. is doomed to fail that china is going to launch a full scale takeover any minute and its tagline is great he will never vote to raise obama's debt limit and risk our independence mark do not understand what's going to happen if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by august honest around the world has said that not raising the debt ceiling would be a catastrophe no bosley cause a global depression but this politician from carson city nevada has decided that he knows more than some of the world's top economists and now he's running for office
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to stop obama from raising the debt ceiling maybe somebody should tell him that obama isn't solely responsible for all the u.s. debt the republican party is also to blame so tonight we're giving our tool time award to nevada republican mark am a day for his zenith of at lester's open about a voter's winds up to a scare tactics before it's too late. ok it's time for a happy hour this evening joining me tonight is mike reagan says the editor of reason magazine and reason dot com and r.t. correspondent christine. thanks for joining me guys. for starters cars i haven't seen the original one apparently it's one of these new kids' movies and it's really fun and cars two is coming out here's a trailer i'll tell you why we're looking at it just
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a moment put on the road trip. we. wish me luck. you go. to the you know you. seem to see. stuff. so they're racing to save the world and apparently and we are the bad guy in this movie is big oil so of course conservatives are just all pissed and this is more of hollywood's liberal propaganda how dare big oil be the bad guy and big oil obviously is angry as well they think that they have a right to be over it they're bad people i mean i'm just not sure the hollywood has like a very nuanced view of what political issues like maybe individuals do but when it comes like time for them to try and communicate and especially if they feel the need to communicate that children is no no. for everybody yes sort of i mean like to you know like toilet seats are made out of crude oil in like hospital to be you know like that's
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a lot of important stuff and big oil is partially responsible so i call these plastic products a big oil and also partially responsible for exploiting populations all over the world big oil isn't paying taxes where there's a lot of other big things that big oil does that screw people up most children's movies teach you that you're going to be rescued on a white horse and ride off into the sunset no matter who you are where you come from i would rather our children be learning the driving s.u.v.s is bad and that big oil is bad so hey a little less than having big oil is the enemy kids should carry your need a gas guzzler i don't think that nuance like i should not be driving that should be through downtown washington but i would like it if my local fire department had a couple you know like nuances ok it's perfectly acceptable and you know we need cars we need them like they're great they help us get around that's why you make entire lives about them for the kids. ok let's see a lot of next my business is really really get if one of those videos. you really should watch the whole thing if you get a chance on you tube but we're just going to play a little snippet of
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a pilot who his mike was open. and everybody heard what maybe what i meant about publicly. producing if you wish you free you see to. the day the weather's bad transmission but watch what you say in a really cool with the rule. that you would want to know if i had the back if you would you say to put it out. of it all the good old. granny didn't like to be with you for. i just can't get enough. maybe or maybe five times today and some people are like so disgusted in the big that he's just such a part of the saajan innocent guy he's all those things obviously the guy is a jerk but it's pretty funny you have to admit it's hilarious to actually listen to somebody say all that i never heard the word gruhn days before i don't know the
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congo larry either that was really funny i mean i don't like when anyone's homophobic or when they go off on these rants but they got suspended and you know what pilots should be able to talk about what they want in this business that we all wear mikes i mean sometimes the mike is left on and you say something you wish you wouldn't or actually that you would have but you wish people would have heard so i don't know i think the guy is obviously a jerk as you said it but i was happy to learn the ground is the word out i think it's a customer service issue i mean it just doesn't like regardless of whether or not there's any sort of legal ramifications like you know sexual harassment or something but more importantly like it makes the people in the plane to encumber do we know it was open for all i don't know if everyone on the plane when he heard it was back at the station was just people in there trying to control towers that we're hearing a lot of patience and it's hilarious. you know what i mean imagine. that you don't want people flying planes to be sitting on a shelf and worried about everything that they say and do they want to be
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comfortable when they're flying out of the room do now we know how pilots think of you know i never really knew the real world you know that certain airports had like the hotter flight attendants they were already based in houston though. i go to. his. ok so john galliano obviously got into a little bit of trouble for did we get do we have a clip of his rant ok let's play that just to remind you all. see what i. did yes. ok so he got in trouble for that because he's saying i love hitler and was saying when japan tries medic stuff and now he's actually on trial and his defense today was that you know he's the drunk and has a prescription drug problem and so that you should let him go but michael you have
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an interesting take on this i think france has a freedom problem much less concerned about substance abuse issues than ever about a country totally forbids free expression i mean and that's what it is i mean this is a country where people come out we're religious symbols and so the public buildings or kids cannot wear schools to crosses where they can wear you know he jobs i mean this franchise much bigger problems and. getting drunk being a jerk i was going to say it's really hard to comment on something like this having grown up in the us of a you know where free speech has always existed for me and it's hard to say you know if he then went on to try to harm the jewish people then of course that should be used as some sort of hate speech but it seems very strange you know that he's going on trial for this to me it's one of those things again where ok is the guy has a drinking problem he has a drug problem he said some things that obviously make him a jerk as well and you know he's decided that that can be his defense but it is really kind of bizarre that you can just say something to somebody in a cafe no matter how ludicrous that is and then be put on trial for i mean that's
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yet another essentially he was very clearly not agreeing with what he said but you know he's facing six months in jail i mean like this is just totally disproportionate maybe maybe some sort of civil suit by the people who get to this last story just because i'm running out of time this was this guy and he would hold a girl hostage in a hotel and then with updating his facebook while he was doing i think i have a news report on it. delta is updated his facebook page inside the motel room around six thirty saturday morning saying quote this is the end then an hour later another post about letting the female hostage go and then firing some shots. they actually started updating his facebook account about how cute is female hostage but i think we're going to continue to see things like this happen more and more i mean with the internet i thought it was really interesting that people were sort of commenting like hang in there bro we're rooting for you and oh my god oh and by the way the police are on the bush's watch oh rats with someone during a hostage situation this is you know like five years ago six years ago people like
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the most fears about surveillance state right but you know going back to the police clip that you showed earlier going back to this i find the technology of surveillance is fantastic i mean they know they knew where he was they knew his state of mind because facebook cops in rochester i hope to god they get punished they're going to be because it can only live it does save lives and he can expose and he was the one updating his own status and then he shot himself in the child i got a ride but i've you guys thanks for joining me tonight at that but night show thanks for tuning in and make sure that you come back tomorrow gary johnson former governor of new mexico and current g.o.p. presidential primary candidate is going to be on the program so if you guys have any questions that you want to ask them along in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed anything you can always catch you tube dot com a flash deal on a show and coming up next is adam versus the.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. . today children play war in the old tease me. much enjoy nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barriers will announce the troops on their way to moscow. summer's breasts were done a one mile long undersea cisco and eleven. kuko in the last shelter and on main soldier left a few simple words farewell mother i'm dying but i'm not so many.
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female. it's just so. lucky. to. smudge. up the. crew and to eat.
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with the civil war and nato bombardments leave us showing no sign of subsiding civilians across the country see no signs of a return to normal why. president obama unveils plans to begin the american troop withdrawal from afghanistan ignoring some of his own though if your advisors will believe a pullout is premature. and travel far and question more parties new documentary cherelle brings the best of russia to a global audience. in the russian capital you're watching r.t.m. joshua welcome to the program civilian casualties of raise serious misgivings about
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nato intervention in libya even among the supporters of a young growing aerial campaign and while the international community is taking sides in the conflict it's a libyan people who suffer the most. reports these family hasn't had the war quiet and peaceful like this one for months they've escaped to the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi to hide in this refugee camp in the west of the country off to life in their native town became a nightmare. it's not safe there anymore it's become dangerous and it's not only because of explosions and gun shots one day people from the government and you call them rebels we call them terrorists came to me in told me we have to arrest your daughter because we know that she supports khadafi. these keep has been long and
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hard for the weed in their family but i remember that a couple of i had to hide for some time from them as they've been searching for me then we knew there was a bus coming from benghazi to near zero the bus with the rebels for their purposes we took that bus with our faces covered and everybody was against gadhafi on it we told them that we were also against him and the lot of sin we kept silent until we went to egypt and from there via tennessee and we were sent here. son was a brother doctors his surgeon has also fled the city he says they've made three attempts on his life but he only finally left when he saw a killing. from from or from your killing him in front of your own good but on the world that. the doctor says people from the national transitional council were behind it this is the rebels' official political body set up after the revolution in libya started in the mid february.


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