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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2011 3:01am-3:31am EDT

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council were behind it this is the rebels' official political body set up after the revolution in libya started in the mid february its members are recognized by many countries throughout the world as the only legitimate representatives of libya there is no other or being very new there will be new so they will just be was then there you are again is that they talk about freedom and democracy there is no freedom or democracy they just want to bear all the refugees here say they now finally feel safe but it's not that safe from the side of the frontline either. these people have gathered in the west of tripoli to bury those killed in the air strike in cold until even government officials a bomb landed on a private compound and flattened they had killing fifteen people including three kids we have been calling for peace and negotiation for months and no one wants to listen to us and now we have to pay
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a very heavy price of. casualties civilian casualties and also military casualties i think the time has come for the world to understand that this conflict has to come to an end immediately which is very unlikely to happen any time soon when you are dug around in these symmetries still fresh while nato has already claimed that the operation to protect civilians must go on marie for notion or r.t. what. we really need or carla graphic here is nato of murder after a recent airstrike killed civilians investigative journalist who was in libya just a few days ago believes the actions of the alliance are only motivated by money. they killed the mall civilians that the losses from the initials problems they have most inventions the nato bombings so the real i.d.'s not protect civilians.
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he's to achieve the economic and strategic goal interest off there of the west us in europe i mean. i mean the financial reserves of libya i remind the us is a bankrupt country and also preventing that gaddafi would be a sort of eternity used to do i.m.f. some buying for african development the old idea is to make the public international opinion accept the idea that nato is a cup of the world of that that nato has the right to make walls where they want to revisit the people in hospitals and we saw victims of this event in population is attacked that must be very clear it has nothing to do with him and its air and war. was made those bombs falling out of people it aims to protect only be a campaign is losing its initial allies italy is now pressing for an immediate hold
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to airstrikes. reports of whether nato has trapped itself in a conflict and can no longer escape. civilian deaths in libya are last making news on western news networks they say has acknowledged that a number of civilians may have been killed in an air strike last night says it regrets the loss of innocent lives and admits the weapons now function may have caused civilian deaths and tragically they don't acknowledge it one of which of course last night in tripoli and may be to blame for civilian casualties the operation has been going on for three months and according to libyan officials hundreds of civilians how ready been killed by nato bombs so why has it taken so long for the major t.v. networks and newspapers to report on the carnage because the big problem with media mass media nowadays is not that they're left wing right wing it's just that they go along with whomever is in power and the whole idea of critical reporting is gone
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and it's not just media noticing that something is going wrong with the involvement in libya it's only a nato member has already lost faith in the operation in fact wrong has called for an end to all military activity and to allow aid in france and britain have however dismissed the calls for us to sation in need to his relentless pounding of libya need to do is acting under a u.n. resolution to protect civilians but many believe the alliances main aim has always been to oust colonel gadhafi some european politicians from countries backing the campaign say that's not the job for nato but fully been people to decide the british public don't really understand why we've been taken into these wars and yes indeed while we bomb them now colonel gadhafi is i murderous vicious dictator in the world and libya will be better off without him but it is our business to go in there out of office if the libyans want to have a revolution and get rid of him then good luck to them all others believe the
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longer the attacks only be a continue the more difficulties for nato and its politico. bakker's the only exit option of nato was to say we would leave when it is good if you would leave it to the feet. if going they're going to be. on his own ok for me too they will have to do is eat but if not the point is if the exits are achieving nothing would truly be full specially for a lone gunman for it would be going to get a disastrous need his admission of killing civilians in recent days may have made the headlines back home but the expressions of regret have not been felt on the ground in libya unlike the western bombs and missiles which continue to fall killing those alliance says it's there to protect in brussels. our.
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time now for a quick look at what's still have for you in the program in bellerose police crackdown on protesters taking part in an anti-government demonstration it's called the silent revolution. and travel far and question more a new documentary from our team brings the best of russia to a global audience. russian aviation experts have rolled out technical failure as a possible cause of the failed passenger jet crash in the country's northwest they are now decoding information from the black box flight recorders to discover what caused the plane to hit a highway on monday night relatives of victims and locals have come together to pay their last respects near the scene of one three four exploded killing mannie of the passengers on board eight survivors were rushed to hospital with severe injuries one of whom ten year old boy later died bringing the death toll to forty five.
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the u.s. has vowed to change its mission in afghanistan from a role of combat to one of support president obama has confirmed his decision to pull out a third of ground troops currently deployed in the country by next summer but as guy and education reports the american leaders decision doesn't have a complete support of his military. let's start with numbers there are around one hundred thousand american troops deployed to afghanistan right now thirty thousand of them were added by president obama two years ago and now he says by the end of next year the west is going to pull out those thirty thousand troops the drawdown will start this year with some ten thousand troops expected to be withdrawn by december i mean analysts say it's not a groundbreaking move from a strategic point of view after all he is pulling out what he added at the beginning of his presidency but ahead of presidential elections coming up next year it might be a face saving me he promised the withdrawals to start this year and he had to deliver the bigger question is what results has his leadership brought so far take
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a listen we're starting this drawdown from a position of strength. is under more pressure than at any time since nine eleven. together with the pakistanis we have taken more than half of all kinds of leadership and thanks to our intelligence professionals and special forces we killed osama bin laden the only leader that al qaeda had ever known here in the us the pressure president obama faces with regards to afghanistan mostly has to do with the enormous war spending and the number of casualties among american troops president obama was elected as a war and ended up waging more wars and spending more of taxpayers billions on inconclusive battles overseas that's what a lot of americans are frustrated about what doesn't get enough spotlight here is actually the results on the ground if you listen to american military officials they are cautiously talking about progress fragile progress as they put it but various reports on the ground say insurgency is growing among the afghans the
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systematic killing of civilians by nato strikes doesn't help experts say many of those now fighting against the allied forces in afghanistan are not a car that they are not terrorists they are fighting against who they see as invaders after one of the recent strikes that killed a significant number of civilians including children even the u.s. backed afghan president karzai had to make a harsh face saving statement warning nato that if they continue killing civilians the whole of the afghan population will treat them as occupiers we have to understand that the image of karzai is of a pop it doesn't get him it doesn't get again him any popularity at home so he has to take a stand here is what he said a few days ago people can no longer tolerate but tyrants in their homes in that one do. you need action industry what some find worrying is that these upcoming troop withdrawals the u.s. has actually stepped up airstrikes including grown strikes in afghanistan is
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thought to be part of this twenty first century intelligent war strategy you know when you have no troops on the ground no. deaths of your soldiers to justify at home so it becomes possible to wage a war without having to face all these accountability issues so many afghans are worried that less troops doesn't necessarily mean less bombs on their homes it's a common thing in the us media for example when they talk about the war losses they just give nato losses very rarely do they mention the number of afghan civilians killed and that number is so many times higher experts say apart from civilians killed another thing that contributes to growing insurgency in afghanistan is the failure to effectively deal with the drug issue since the invasion in two thousand and one drug production there has increased enormously and it's known that some of that vast drug trade income goes to terrorists so many see america's war on terror as a double edged sword when it's fighting and provoking terror at the same time. reporting
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there all know everyone believes the u.s. will ever leave afghanistan for good we spoke to afghan activist and former m.p. molly joy who says that despite the promises a trail of military bases will remain. i think. this almost politician who continued. to get enough going on in my country they are just lawyer from one hand telling publicly to our people and to get people that they will leave afghanistan by mid of two thousand and eleven or two thousand and twelve but soon but from another hand they're talking to because he started teaching this tell. us part of the military bases that are going strong . belief afghanistan i know my people too sick to. call for warlords taliban and patient forces i think the people of us i don't do what they agree with my people that democracy never come by
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a completion democracy never by military invasion democracies never by cluster bomb by white phosphorus by muscle car by bumping our wedding parties. and watch the full interview with afghan activist joy in just over an hour here on r t. a second bailout for greece is crippled economy will dominate a meeting of e.u. leaders in brussels on thursday while the greek prime minister pushes for even more cuts at home which are a condition for the new cash over the last week a steady proposal so foul zones of angry protesters filled the streets of athens blogger michael snyder warns that economic troubles in greece could trigger at new way in the global financial meltdown. the greek crisis has the chance to be another lehmann brothers moment because what you have in greece is a situation where they're just kicking the can down the road if greece defaults
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it's not going to just a thank you reese is going to affect all of your. banks all over europe are very much exposed to greece and banks in europe are very highly leveraged for example when lehman brothers collapsed they were leveraged thirty one to one which was absolutely horrible now german banks actually hold a lot of greek debt and there are leverage thirty two to one at this point so greece goes down it's going to ripple effects across the entire world and there are experts all throughout the financial industry that are warning that this could set off another two thousand and eight style crisis. and you can find more views and personal experience of events in greece that's on our website find it and here's what else is online at the moment. the european commission puts an end to washington's move to access personal data on passengers flying between europe and the u.s. saying the proposed anti terror plan is illegal. and
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a legendary russian line taber roars his way to a world record for a new trick that was two years in the me find out how he landed in the guinness book of records at r.t. dot com. police in belarus have reportedly detained up to four hundred fifty people during a series of anti-government protest rallies dubbed the silent revolution the demonstrations against president bush policies to place in the capital minsk and other cities across the country protesters decided against chanting any slogans or holding placards posters social networking sites including facebook and twitter have been calling on bell russians to rally silently every wednesday the country's currently facing its worst financial crisis years after its currency was significantly devalued few weeks ago police say the protests were not authorized to disturb the public order. syria has lashed out at further sanctions saying it will ignore europe's presence on the world map the e.u.
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made its move in response to the ongoing violent crackdown on anti-government protesters former british ambassador to syria basil eastwood says people in the country are divided over president but that there is a strong desire for a political process. there were great hopes that he would lead to a better future he still retains some of that popularity particularly with the urban populations in damascus and aleppo the second big city which have done relatively well out of his economic liberalization. but in the countryside and amongst the intelligentsia i think there are now no hopes that he can bring about reforms opposition activists are starting to talk about the need for. a political process what they said at a conference in turkey two weeks ago was that the president should step
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down and that the vice president should hold the ring pending new elections on the basis of a revised constitution now that is the start of of a political discussion if anybody wanted to take it up but there is obviously no sign whatever of anybody in the regime wanting to take up that sort of idea at the moment. now let's take a look at some of the stories from around the world in the trial of far right. there is reaches its and with the judge said to announce a verdict later on thursday after describing islam as a fascist religion that allows terrorism and calling for the koran to be banned he stands accused of inciting hatred and discrimination while there is insisted his comments were directed to islam and not of muslim believers it is expected that the dutch man will be acquitted of all the charges. federal reserve has cut its
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forecast for us economic growth it now estimates the economy should grow up to two point nine percent this year that's lower than earlier predictions the central bank also warned of high unemployment federal reserve chief ben bernanke said the worsening economy had been sparked by soaring energy prices and reduced japanese production after the quake and tsunami. three people have been killed in the central peruvian city. after students clashed with police and other twenty two were injured while protesting against the building of a new universe in which they believe will cause an existing want to lose funding protesters blocked a highway and hurled rocks as police are tampa to clear the road the riots began on thursday on tuesday or rather one protesters burning local government buildings. now for travel lovers who want to explore the world biggest country r.t. said to take you on a round the clock journey into the heart of russia history culture and nature and
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sides all explored by a new documentary channel launching on thursday diapers got to watch as a new vision of russia prepares to go global. they travel through snow and rain and cross rivers as they go hunting beyond their polar circle and take to the skies they talk to goosed through shamans and study dusty archives they are the team of documentary a new channel made by those who want to share their discoveries of russia. or do the commensurate is unique to our viewers who will not only have a chance to find out more about russian history and nature culture traditions or curiosities but also learn one of the most difficult languages on the planet mean a serious little bit of russian is an adventure in its own rights and that is also why the russian letter d. in our logo the russian d. for russian documentary will sit proudly on the cube traveling to the country's
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most glamorous time corners to hear thousands of stories and find answers to myriads of questions. like what's behind be a city in traditional big three cakes for a wedding and only two for a funeral or what kind of a note in a personal diary could have doomed a soviet school go to ten years in a gulag. question more they say and have answers attend to locals and all i myself have learned a lot through our documentaries i never thought russia has so much beauty and interesting places but my favorite programs are those that look back at history soviet files meeting with nature places of russia off track art lounge and technology are just some of the programs the channel will put up for the viewers judgement proud and excited the team is happy with the result i would like i would years to see. rushes now tell the natural beauty it's
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also a strong spirit it's also. fantastic human stories and they want. to i want to introduce the world of russian heart the world of russians saw all my neighbors they've been collecting stories for over five years some have already received international recognition and awards others have never seen the light of day but finally this unique collection goes worldwide this is the nerve center of any t.v. station from here anything that goes on there is broadcast and from now on the brand new channel documentary will take its permanent place on one of these screens hoping it will become a favorite of the globe. gary pushed over r.t. moscow. and in just a few minutes watch the kaiser report to discover how to improve your self-esteem one facing mountains of debt all that's half there or the business update was matey
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. then when welcome to business see european q cumbers will soon be back in russian supermarkets the government is lifting its ban on vegetable imports from the e.u. which was imposed following the eco ally outbreak imports may resume by the end of this month however certain conditions producers will have to fully certify the health of their vegetables russia has been under pressure from europe to lift the ban saying it had to and protectionist measures as part of its ambition to join the w t l. i think that we have to close the chapter here we should be
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a bit debases for the much deeper cooperation and collaboration between russia and the you can do we will be in union in the the state of the seven three and five percent to three issues which is very important. for the movement of russia into the w t o. russia and the rand may jointly develop energy prospects in resource rich bolivia says iran's petroleum industry the cooperation could help significantly increase russia's presence in south america bolivia is the second largest gas reserves in the region and significant oil reserves russia's gazprom is already working in the country as part of a project to develop to vast newly discovered deposits in the south. it's moved to the markets now and start with commodities oil prices are trading lower with light sweet and brant losing more than one dollar a barrel the correction comes after overnight gains which followed the us government report showing
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a decline in the country's credit supplies last week. and asia's stock markets are showing slight declines the make a managed to raise the early gains that we saw at the beginning of the session this is after a downbeat u.s. outlook from fed's chief ben bernanke is nice and however is up after the company c.e.o. said production was almost back to pre quake levels however exporters are still under pressure with a limpets and toshiba declining around two percent homes saying it was down just a notch point one percent with the banks losing the most and finally it's moved to russia trade kicked off about an hour ago and it's all in the red they are down point nine percent my six percent this is on the back of declining crude prices mostly if we take a look at the main movers on the my sex marriage amazes dr luke or down point six percent banks are also losing point five percent that but as you can see that
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is up one percent. this is all on the back of the speculation of whether it's going to join us all in future projects the u.s. federal reserve held rates steady on wednesday mark rubenstein and i've seen much of paul believe the statement by fed chairman bernanke he could help lift russian markets in the coming days. as mr bernanke you see on the market that the exit from the q.e. two is going to be gradual and defend is standing ready to do whatever it takes to move this job market in this economy and haya so the market can read into that and they're going to add to my contemplate their q e three or some sort of q e three so i think this is this this is going to move the markets higher i think not much higher but slightly high at a particular year in the fact that the volumes are
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a lower during this time of the year but again i think the value investors are going to come in. our business tsotsi we'll be back next hour with an update the headlines are next with marie. cox.
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welcome back here with our team here is a look at the top stories as nato continues its bombardment in support of the libyan uprising people in benghazi cry out against alleged atrocities committed by rebel forces meanwhile cracks emerge in a coalition strategy with countries that back the intervention now casting doubt over the mission of. president obama confirms his decision to withdraw ground troops currently deployed in afghanistan a third will be pulled out by next summer but people in a war torn country fear that fewer american soldiers will not mean less bombing of their homes and intensified u.s. drone attacks. the second bailout for greece is crippled economy take center stage
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at a meeting. in brussels and thursday that's while the greek prime minister pushes for even more cuts at home to secure financial aid amid massive and hysterically protests. so we had on up next our financial guru max kaiser and he's co-host a herbert talk about financial terrorism datsun how to prevent world economies going under. there this is the kaiser report we are back from athens where we were able to stand up to an onslaught of tear gas from provocative jurors what's a provocative or that's a cop dressed up like an anarchist. max in fact i believe they were i.m.f. agents dressed up as anarchists and they are they tear gas canisters c.d.'s are in
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along the side collateralized debt swap on the. most of that is financial terrorism i think it's called credit default swaps all right i'll go with that there are so many different names for these derivatives these days and that's actually the big topic of the day is all the debt circulating around the economy but first i want to show you this little image because we return from greece bearing gifts and this is artwork colonel pop and dry oh the people love me those who are causing all the trouble are terrorists the people hate them you know they're outside of the parliament building and screaming. brought all brought all the people embrace the hate the parliamentarians they hate george papa i notice you're showing him the palm of your handwriting in the palm of my hand this is for you george. little george as they call him so well the i.m.f. is in the news and you were speaking to the crowd.


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