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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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fishel political body set up after the revolution in libya starts in the mid february its members are recognized by many countries throughout the world as the only legitimate representatives of libya there is no other being you then you there will be in you. you must be with them where you are against them they talk about freedom and democracy there is no freedom or democracy they just want to power the refugees here say they now finally feel safe and it's not that safe from the sound of the frontline either. these people have gathered in the west of tripoli to bury those killed in nato airstrike he called in to leave and government officials a bomb landed on the private compound and flattened the road killing fifty people including three kids we have been calling for peace and negotiation for months and no one wants to listen to us now we have to pay a very heavy price of. casualties civilian casualties and also military
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casualties i think the time has come for the world to understand that this conflict has to come to an end immediately which is very unlikely to happen any time soon the new dog ground in this symmetry is still fresh while nato has already claimed that the operation to protect civilians must go on with clashes containing and benghazi and nato intensifying its bombardment of tripoli but is eastern and western parts of the country are perilous to say and people are dying on both sides of the frontline many on the ground fear that when the democracy the west talks about will finally come here there won't be enough people left to experience it were originally r.t. reporting from western libya. criminals and barbarians that's how colonel gadhafi called nato states following a recent strike that killed civilians the alliance has said that it regrets the
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deaths but investigative journalist michelle collins who only returned from the war torn country just a few days ago told us here at r.t. that innocent lives mean nothing to the coalition that's only in libya for financial gains they killed mall civilians that the losses from the initials problems there feels more civilians than lives or bombings so the real idea is not protect civilians the rio de to achieve the economical strategy called interest off there of the west us in europe i mean the oil i mean the financial reserves of libya i remind that the us is a bankrupt country and also all preventing that gaddafi would be a sort of turner used to do i.m.f. some buying for african development your idea is to make the public international opinion accept the idea that nato is a couple of the world of that that nato has the right to make wars where they want
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to revisit the people in hospitals we saw victims and you did this indian population is attacked that must be very clear it has nothing to do with him in a chair and war while the nato campaign in libya is losing the support of its allies after the coalition admitted that killing civilians did occur in its bottom and it only has called for an immediate halt to the air strikes while the general public across so many states are getting to question the conflict as they learn more about the truth parties are going to go has the story. civilian deaths in libya are making news on western news networks they say has acknowledged that a number of civilians may have been killed in an air strike last night says it regrets the loss of innocent lives and admits a weapons malfunction may have caused civilian deaths and knowledge one of which of course last night in tripoli and may be to blame for civilian casualties the
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operation has been going on for three months and according to libyan officials hundreds of civilians have been killed by nato bombs so why has it taken so long for the major t.v. networks and newspapers to report on the carnage because the big problem with media media nowadays. it's just they go along with whomever is in power and the whole idea of critical reporting. and it's not just the media noticing that something is going wrong in libya it's only n.h. remember itself has already lost all faith in the operation in fact rome has gone as far as to call for the sanction of all military action and to allow aid in to libya france and britain have however dismissed the calls for need to his relentless pounding of libya nato is acting under a u.n. resolution to protect civilians but many believe the alliance is main aim has
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always been to oust colonel gadhafi some leaders from countries back in the campaign say that's not the job for nato. people to decide the british public don't really understand why we've been taken into these wars and yes indeed while we bombing them now colonel gadhafi is i murderous vicious dictator in the world and libya will be better off without him but it is our business to go in there office if the libyans want to have a revolution and get rid of him then good luck to them all others believe the longer the attacks libya continue the move. and its political backers the only exit. was to say we will leave when you're going to get if you will even if the feet. if they're going to be. ok for. an option. but if not the point is they will do exists resort. which will
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be. it will be. nature's admission of killing civilians in recent days and may have made the headlines. of expressions of regret over not being on the ground in libya unlike the western bombs and missiles which continue to. those. it's there to protect in brussels. the. situation in libya. today we're asking why you think. so far. we're trying to. pilots of.
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the crew on our new trial. now i ten minutes past the hour here in moscow barack obama is rounding up support for his decision to withdraw more than thirty thousand troops from afghanistan by the end of next year france says it could also pull all of its forces out by the same period but nearly seventy thousand american troops will remain amid warnings from u.s. commanders that progress against the taliban is fragile and reversible there's also
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concern that less troops will not mean less collateral damage as gun h.d. counterpoints let's note was numbers there are around one hundred thousand american troops deployed in afghanistan right now thirty thousand of them were added by president obama two years ago now he says by the end of next year. those thirty thousand troops the drawdown will start this year with some ten thousand troops expected to be withdrawn by december many analysts say it's not a groundbreaking move from a strategic point of view after all he is pulling out what he added at the beginning of his presidency but ahead of presidential elections coming up next year it might be a face saving way he promised the withdrawals to start place year and he had to deliver the bigger question is what results has he brought so far take a listen we're starting this drawdown from a position of strength. is under more pressure than at any time since nine eleven. together with the pakistanis we have taken out more than half of all kinds of
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leadership and thanks to our intelligence professionals and special forces we killed osama bin laden the only leader that al qaeda had ever known here in the u.s. the pressure president obama faces with regards to afghanistan mostly has to do with the enormous war spending and the number of casualties among american troops president obama was elected as a war and ended up waging more wars and spending more of taxpayers billions on inconclusive battles overseas that's what a lot of americans are frustrated about what doesn't get enough spotlight here is actually the results on the ground if you listen to american military officials they are cautiously talking about progress fragile progress as they put it but various reports on the ground say insurgency is growing among the afghans the systematic killing of civilians by nato strikes doesn't help experts say many of those now fighting against the allied forces in afghanistan are not a high that they are not terrorists they are fighting against who they see as
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invaders after one of the recent strikes that killed a significant number of civilians including children even the u.s. backed afghan president karzai has to make a harsh face saving statement warning nato that if they continue killing civilians the whole of the afghan population will treat them as occupiers we have to understand that the image of karzai is of a pop it leader doesn't get him and doesn't get again him any popularity at home so he has to take a stand here is what he said a few days ago people can no longer tolerate the attention there. in that one do that again. unilateral action industry what some find worrying is that these upcoming troop withdrawals the u.s. has actually stepped up airstrikes including growing strikes in afghanistan is thought to be part of this twenty first century intelligent war strategy you know when you have no troops on the ground no. so if your soldiers to justify at home so it becomes possible to wage
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a war without having to face all these accountability issues so many afghans are worried that less troops doesn't necessarily mean less bombs in their view it's a common thing in the us media for example when they talk about war losses they just keep nato losses very rarely do they mention the number of afghan civilians killed and that number is so many times higher experts say apart from civilians killed another thing that contributes to the growing insurgency in afghanistan is the feeling or to fact that we deal with the drug issue since the invasion in two thousand and one drug production there has increased enormously and it's known that some of that vast drug trade income goes to terrorists so many see america's war on terror as a double edged sword when it's fighting and provoking terror at the same time he's going to write that coming up later this hour here on our. talk to a human rights champion and that of a joy she claims that u.s. led occupation of our country has thrown the afghan people from the frying pan into
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the fire. they removed the taliban but brought in power difficult the taliban as the by this situation getting worse and million south going by presidents often suffer thousands troops in afghanistan they suffer from injustice insecurity joblessness polity and now afghanistan is the second most corrupt country and of course more than sixty two billion dollars carries a story she received from the so-called international community under the name of the construction of afghanistan and schools are fronts where you do it's to try but most of these money went to these warlords who aren't even family at home because they had so corruption a star from the palace house to their small offices and maybe a subcategory now they live below the poverty line like two dollars a day while this is against women day by day increasing more and more intense of thousands of innocent people has been. children democracy never come by
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a completion democracy never by military invasion democracy never comes by cluster bomb by white phosphorus by muscle car by bombing our wedding parties. quarter past the hour now here in moscow the accident prone one three four airliner will be permanently grounded in russia by next year the order was given by president medvedev the forced replacement program must begin so the aging plane that was will be finally returned retired from service the decision was taken following a crash of one of the jets in russia's northwest on monday forty five people died in that incident and seven others were badly injured preliminary data points towards pilot error as the main course of the tragedy. our security forces in belarus have reportedly detained up to four hundred and fifty people during a wave of anti-government protests and the so-called silent revolution the rallies against president lukashenko economic policies have taken place in the capital made
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. along with over a dozen other cities getting involved protesters have organized themselves to the help of social network groups they purposely are not carrying posters or chanting any anti-government slogans this is claim police were detaining a lot of random passers by along with the activists a massive financial crisis has hit belarus after its economy to tear aerated causing the devaluation of its currency and provoking the wrath of the people. i do with out see that check out some other international news for you this hour and hundreds of syrian refugees are reportedly fleeing across the border into turkey this following the deployment of government troops in the area witnesses say soldiers backed by tanks and snipers have entered with al jews along the turkish border more than thirteen hundred people have reportedly been killed in clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces since march. far
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right dutch politician has been acquitted over charges of inciting hate discrimination he faced a five separate counts following a controversial speech that he gave attacking islam and comparing it to nazis and but the court ruled his comments fell within the boundaries of legitimate political debate builders' is known for his anti muslim stance and his call for a halt to muslim immigration and to the qur'an to be. in peru three people have been killed and thirty two injured in clashes between students and police during a street protests. last the streets of a city and burned three regional government offices police used tear gas and rubber bullets to provide that of storming the regional police headquarters students had been angered over plans to build a new university in the region which will divert funds from their institution. while our travels around stories from around at the world's largest country are now
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accessible twenty four hours. the day is after president dmitri medvedev officially launched our doc it's a new channel all about russia when we visited our r.t. headquarters right here in moscow today get the show on the road r.t. dock is set to take you around the clock journey into the heart of russia featuring original documentaries about the country the channel broadcasts in english and explores history culture and nature and science but all with a russian twist for those of you who want to learn russian while exploring the country the channel short tutorials called a little bit of russian arty doc is available to millions of you via satellite around the globe you can also be watched online just a bit a bit of a mouthful this one but it's r t v dot r t v dot com well arty's takes a closer look at what's in store for you as. they travel through snow and rain and
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cross rivers as they go hunting beyond. and take to the skies told to go through shamans and studied dusty archives they are the team of documentary and you channel made by those who want to share their discoveries of russia. or do the commensurate is unique to our viewers who will not only have a chance to find out more about russian history and nature culture traditions or curiosities but also learn one of the most difficult languages on the planet i mean a serious little bit of russian is an adventure in its own rights and that is also why the russian letter. and russian d. for russian documentary will see it proudly on the q traveling to the country's most grandest time corners to hear thousands of stories and find answers to myriads of questions. like what's behind be a city in traditional big three cakes for a wedding and only two for a funeral what kind of a note in
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a personal dye. could have doomed a soviet school go to ten years in a gulag. question when they say and have on says attend local small i myself have learned a lot through our documentaries i never thought russia has so much beauty in interesting places but my favorite programs are those that look back at history soviet schoolgirl soviet files meeting with nature places of russia off track art lounge and technology are just some of the programs the channel will put up for the viewers judgement proud and excited the team is happy with the result i would like i would years to see that. russia has not only natural beauty it's also a strong spirit it's also fantastic human stories and i want them to i want to introduce the world of russian heart the world of russian soul hello
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my name is always been collecting stories prove a point he is some have already received international recognition and awards others have never seen the light of day but finally this unique collection goes worldwide base is the nerve center of any t.v. station from him anything that goes on there is broadcast and from now on the brand new channel documentary will take its permanent place on one of these screens hoping it will become a favorite of stimulating. gary bush kovach r.t. moscow. katrina with the business update i shall be here in just about. to be. brutal.
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business bulletin gazprom is just one step away from getting full control of a gas transportation network in baton rouge the country says it will sell fifty percent of network operator belle trans guys for two and a half billion dollars gazprom already owns the other half the deal allow it to get direct access to the european market with links to such countries as poland and lithuania the asset sale is one of the term set down by russia and its partners to bail out cash balance gazprom is yet to say whether the terms of the deal are acceptable. no one is giving details of its investment plans for the next couple of years by autumn it will sign contracts with three billion dollars to develop the west qurna two oil fields in iraq it's one of the largest deposits in the world because also in talks to develop oil in the russian arctic with rosneft it says it is willing to take pot but wants to own the resources and not just be an investor.
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the european cucumbers will soon be back in russian supermarkets the government is a lifting its ban on vegetable imports from the e.u. imposed following the e. coli outbreak imports may resume by the end of this month however there are certain conditions producers will have to fully certify the hygiene of their vegetables russia has been under pressure from europe to list a bad saying it had to end protectionist measures as part of its ambition to join the two yellow. and cream but we have closed the chapter we should be a big debate for much deeper cooperation and collaboration between russia and the european union. by the sort of three and five percent of the issues which is very important. for the movement of the. let's have a look at the markets now oil prices are trading low with both my suite. down just
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under ninety three dollars and brant at one hundred eleven dollars a barrel correction comes after overnight gains on the u.s. government report which showed a decline in in the country's crude supplies last week. european markets started thursday session on a negative note mine is a down and glencoe are losing two percent banks also a drag with lloyds down almost three percent and here in russia the markets are trading down with the more than a percent in the red. looking at some individual shares on that my six now energy majors are among the main losers with lukoil down almost point six percent the company is holding its annual general meeting today banking stocks are also under pressure with sperm bank down around point four percent bucking the trend that was araf lot it's up over a percent this hour the company was named the best east european allies at ongoing levels a show in paris. russia's equity markets are stuck in a low as global events continue to dampen investor sentiment but mark rubenstein
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and i have seen metropole believes there are a couple of stocks was taking a closer look at. russian market looks. very inexpensive in this point but hey the sentiment rules the market but there are couple names i think that might be hi todd to resist one is very banks very simple but i think it's a combination of trade investment idea at the same time in the metals sector it's been down of course as well and we are seeing good value there and we want to highlight the several stalls and which is the company and that is completing the broad tickly integrated and this is it's a big big one of the biggest advantages and we know we expect coal prices to move but given the full integration go to integration of several staal that should not affect its margins on the company also looks inexpensive on multiples trades with about ten to fifteen percent discount to our that still make us in russia. and
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that's all the business for this hour we'll be back with more in just under an hour's time stay with us the headlines next.
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innovation cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're going to just get some of the infection straight out of software to make three goggle street and the building blocks from russia's first nationwide four g. network tons going top points are going to be up to. the future covered. more news today. again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead to. feel several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. if we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification is a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but. where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. be protected. return to tara what julian cooper story on our t.v.
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. is now a half past the hour here in moscow with the a recap now the top stories stuck in the middle of intensified nato bombardments claiming civilian lives on alleged atrocities committed by rebel forces some libyans feel betrayed after what initially started as a nationwide uprising forces that promised to fight for freedom not pose a danger to the population. bringing the best off russia and its heart and its soul to a global audience twenty four hours a day aussies a new documentary channel goes live with the help of president. brings the best of russia's culture and nature and history to a global audience broadcasting twenty four seven in. the u.s.
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of trades and boots ball news in afghanistan obama announces that the withdrawal of more than thirty thousand troops. deadly drone strikes are stepped up and sparking fears of more civilian casualties nearly seventy thousand americans will still remain in afghanistan after two thousand and twelve. on that started he sits down with a former afghan m.p. turned human rights champion mother light joy braves death threats and assassination attempts to expose what she calls the dark side of life in her country joy claims the nato occupation has only brought more suffering to the people of afghanistan. well enjoy thank you for taking the time to be with us thank you times. recently returned from a trip to the us that didn't start world you were denied entry visa the decision was later reversed but why do you think this happened especially after the fact you
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visited the u.s. several times without a problem because each time in the past also when i bring to us and also to some other countries exposed on policies of us in that way in afghanistan who are occupying our country and they depend on film and rights human rights and democracy and also import on our people to do for yourself dr nasr who are foot a copy of the taleban and they waste taxpayer money and billions of dollars as now this patient afghanistan discriminant will become open secret political people around the world and us in all assume that you know pin can't that's why white house couldn't be out to hear death to ten they want to block my wife same few yes they call us here. ban on my travel abroad by freedom not.


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