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it's now a half past the hour here in moscow you with on t.v. a remote reminder now of our top stories declassified documents reveal the u.k. was happy to hand over terror suspects to the u.s. with little regard to what would be waiting for them in secret prisons months under washington's jurisdiction one hundred ten feet up being tortured and abused without a trial. morning of the euro the fate of a common currency is in serious doubt as europe agrees on another bailout the debt
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laden greece pushes the country to get behind savage spending cuts however some experts argue it's too late as the year already has both feet in the great. us the former prime minister of ukraine goes on trial for abuse of power that selection of course a country millions of dollars yulia timoshenko faces up to ten and he is behind bars if convicted. all next to the moscow team explores the divisive figure of the father of the russian revolution of love to stay with us. hello and welcome to the show in this week's program i'll be exploring that is life
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in moscow of all straight leaders change the course of the straits of starting off the red square next to the magnificent moscow kremlin tony martin andreas as we take a look at his i think journey and visit various landmarks associated with his life and that. is one of the main names associated with russia. eight hundred seventy s. let me in she chose a pseudo name living in nineteen i want as one of the leading political figures and revolutionary think of the twentieth century it changed the world for most of money will she take over power in russia in nineteen seventeen the communist party manage and what's it cost free equal life for an attempted form of marxism but what is the soviet leaders legacy today. we heard earlier called the developments in syria. might say their mission those guys are really able to take a philosophy turn it and implement it trains as something that our society could
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use and think it was well intentioned begin ejects these committees in a zero in the national remit this man was to idealise release time and he's still idealist now i think is completely out of the truck to keep him in there and you're not sharing him in the ground using the real soon. he turns everything upside down . there's nothing else to see. it was a limb in the father of the so you're. right and then changed. and there were friends here from the younger generations you can say that the image of the bolshevik leader has turned into a retro almost extinct not helped by tacky seventy years pot shots and cheesy as it seems now chief minutes equally celebrated and mourned and the good and bad of his life both acknowledge. the days of thousands of people queuing up to see his
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comrades but regarding locations it's still the main association. with him. in this program we were real many other places that were close to the bullshit leader. which was still in front of his life. in the capital for most of the previous century lennon had to make his ministry safe center of the country. because of german threat level move the ball street policy from st petersburg as it was called. the red square eloquent what's become. in his life i will become his final resting place originally i wouldn't say in the stone in which we see the highlights to day opens in nineteenth and still open for public viewing recent rumors that suggested by his body might be removed elsewhere. even if that happened is a matter what your political background it is clear that lennon was an exceptional
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human being even if you don't like the policies ideology he stood for lenin into the most are coming in nineteen eighteen legend has it now he took his wife. and his. french born revolutionary in a such an amount with him. where we head towards the national front the last two decades of the access to many many locations previously closed even on moon and us soft museums have. houses hotels bunkers it seems the russian capital is now open to the world almost if you want an example of a consequence house in the last century this is perfect built in lunching with me by the famed bush an architect of the advent of the national home towns in historic landmark for more than a century before the revolution hotel hosted foreign diplomats. loyalty business
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tycoons policing the famous after mighty cities international has proclaimed the first house of the soviets and became a residence of the bullshit government accommodating top communist leaders our main point of interest is really one of seven a bright interior serves the location well antique furniture high ceilings and a sense of history and he is the one hundred and seventy here in my opinion the only house where the best years author capital but it's also packed full of history accommodating the ball straight party this week inside the russell hotel was famously home to lennon and his wife of two weeks in last night's ac and the hotel has been renovated since but still while a result isin the mains this grounds the twentieth century choice test. each you can gaze across in the kremlin and much of his house at my desk. today this room costs thousands of dollars a night i'm not quite sure lennon would be to impress on top price i the same
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rights for everyone needs a little of those this is victuals need to know is historically connected with linen and the bill should go mint is still of interest for many and only those interested do not necessarily need to book a room you can apply for a special tour as the department of cultural heritage and small school such exclusions are organized twice a year. moving or on what other most locations connect and that means life. then is often. thomas is now an historical exhibit in detail representing the atmosphere in which he lived and worked for several years it was your cabin it was open to the public in one nine hundred fifty five the camera the most visited museums in the country but as it was located in the kremlin the same building where the actual russian government of president was in the ninety nineties it was decided to move the cabinet to the state line in such complex and goalkeeper. fifty
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thousand historical items have been moved including and that is clogged but still shows the time when he left the room the last time. the perfectly items which relate to lennon's work represent the period for a ninety day changing going to twenty three for the personal belongings from the collection which we used by lennon in his everyday life older than that some of them were used by several generations of the union or family and date back to eighteen forty two while visiting red square you often see lenin lookalikes torres . taking to the role playing act as various men to train and it salim pleasure enough and even saw nicholas a second time for one hundred rubles that's around three dollars you can have a cheesy reminder of your time. in the uk where lenin is especially popular among foreigners but i have to say they are more stringent when it comes to money but they understand lenin sells just like everything else in this world. monuments to
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lenin are not only examples of studied art but they're also one of the main symbols of that era says that on twenty's thousands of monuments were erected in almost every city and small town obviously saw in the school and there were dozens of sculptures of the falsely directed in the city squares in front of mistreated buildings and you can still see many of them today stacked. one of those most luxurious hotels in a city sense that was once a stage for lennon's speeches and metropol hotel built in the beginning of the twentieth century. also became a base for the bolshevik government many leaders lived and worked in the metropol and it was often visited by many when he addressed his associates in the one hundred twenty s. based on the functioning as a hotel again the decades it's rooms are only available from russian and international celebrities and politicians now anyone can stay at the historic hotel but remember it does come at a price. in the. hotel has been preserved in its original look despite
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all the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century here today is the same as it was a nine hundred eighteen when the bullshit government had its meetings here but it's defeatist smoked a lot so when restoration right was carried out in the nineteen ages the altar spawned out the painted walls and stained gloss were already small damaged which they had to clean to restore their original decorations. then his life works and theories are still studied by hundreds of institutions around the world school is evaluate the ideology of communism connection with his political influence and researches look at the bolshevik impact on the u.s.s.r. or the man who organized. actually around become free for almost six years has his legacy still miserable in all parts of russia and i mean i go for the twentieth century history of russia that's for sure. these ten kilometers south of moscow he
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we are our final location is state. green outer space belong to various nobleman from the eighteenth century ending up in the position house in either models of the widow of the famous must went to st patron. after the soviet government. in exile or his property was nationalized and became. the winter garden here is taking it's really something. thanks to b. c. and the notes the dutch cancer running grounds are open to the public today but only for organized tours the house is filled with lenin's possessions he can see everything from gifts given to men in his wheelchair various clothes and his four thousand people collection. in may nineteenth twenty three he followed medical advice and left the muscle cramming for gold it was here is a frown man only in his early fifty's vladimir image in the north would spend his
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final years in september nineteenth eighty in a soviet leader were completed here after an assassination attempt and he spent i mean chris amounts of time outs and as his health deteriorated over the coming years finally living in some retirement he died in this actual bad in the twenty first of january ninety twenty four. after the instant the complex was renamed linsky the state officially became a museum in one hundred thirty eight and was a place of pilgrimage for serbia citizens right up to the fall of the eye and curtain from viewing his death mask here to visiting his red square we're talking about local historians tourists all modern day communists the epic achievements of lenin still a cult following and all the places connected with his life and legacy are stuck in a thing as the journey that was not his life or
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a baseball building well unfortunately that's what's how we have on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then for me and the rest of the crew from london's spectacular rapture.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter room today. hungry for the full stomach we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on the party. line. would be soon which brightened if you. soon from the finest impressions. who threw stones on team dot
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com. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covering. the headlines on our team and the declassified documents revealed the u.k. was happy to hand over the terror suspects to the u.s. with little regard to what would be waiting for them in a secret the first one son of washington's jurisdiction hundreds ended up being tortured and abused without a truck. morning every year on the face of a common currency is in a serious doubt as europe agrees on another parallel to the debt laden greece but alleges the country to get behind a savage spending cuts however some experts argue it's too late when you're already as opposed to in the crowd from boston the former prime minister of ukraine it goes
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on trial for abuse of power that's alleged to have cost our country millions of dollars curious machine gun faces up to ten years behind bars if convicted. or now it's time for sports with natasha. this is laws for sneers and r.t.m. and here are the headlines this hour the world cup worries russian media reports all regions us have to lose the right to have matches have a twenty eighteen tournaments. moving on up defining chavez arena williams joins a whole slew of russians or the third stage of global then where both second and third round action continues on friday. and russia's only driver in the truck racing championship fails to make the podium either later stage in france about is set up to catch up with the rivals at his home event next month. google found the
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locals a liking for russian regions could be in for a massive disappointment ahead of the twenty teen world cup according to media reports in the country fourteen of the planned host areas may be cup the ten most to region some are euro solve an answer runs those in the spotlight russian dailies based is stated they've sourced a ministry of tourism documents which not close those four originally planned locations in the spending budget plan prime minister vladimir putin said last month that a list of stadiums wouldn't be changed but stressed that the final say rests with before this latest document those submitted a fortnight ago omits sad regions from its planning with one area you're listed as having no financial backing from sponsors although governments ahead of russia's organizing committee telexes iraq and however says everything is how it was. oh this is that we're. all over. this.
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is so scary this is. the it's. the this. is the free for. in the meantime the russians have billion in reactive and it to the but not on a thorough going in sudan's that and vulgar bits of colace on wednesday that brazil legend walked off the field with his team leading three nil of karelia so get off at the home fans launch the fruit onto the page korea where five arrowtown thousand dollars for the racist incident and yet today. because i was unable to be responsible for every single thing and the disciplinary committee will decide the punishment for cruelly submitted on friday the club itself quickly found the man who threw it one of the greatest brazilian players and has already apologized and his team disciplinary committee will take all that into consideration and will not deprive the somare. over time as well as
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a lot of second and third round action at wimbledon today after a rain of life canceled most of the afternoon session matches on thursday and there are some good news for russian fans already shot up of our claimed second win over tournaments i'm setting seventeen year old british. seven six six three to the two thousand and four champions in this match the rest of the fixtures are third round ties with not a bit short of booking a place in the fourth round already plus with all of his installer has been knocked out by belgium's week not irene freesat and also second see that as a lot of wasted on court and she's a set down against your on elsewhere carolyn but now he also made it through to the third round while venus williams is battling for a place in the last sixteen. and her younger sister serena meanwhile showed some class the day before coming back from the side out to beat someone to haul it over
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mania the four time champions are set up a third round clash against russia's maria kirilenko. started so it was actually really really nice trying to start out parents and. obviously that may happen but i also think that i've got a little time. there's interest. in the men's side of the action russia's miguel youzhny was among those advancing to the last thirty two on thursday beating in some of the volman six hour we're now watching perris at the same stage up to disposing of our ground minority knowing the late match on sounds of course the up and coming frenchman simply outclassed by a graceful swiss in straight sets six two six three six two point zero school federal gas advancing in his quest for a beat sampras record time seventh round at the old england club. world number two never dropped because also threw off to the south african kevin anderson six three six four six two eight three four would we joke over there.
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while robin's holding had to come from two cents down to beat late and hewitt in the marathon five center players spending almost four hours on pool before the swedes he commuted six for the decider. and speaking of the russian contingent a good round being of continues his second round tie is suspended from the he's in the fifth set against australia so much well new to this one of those unable to successfully complete his clash with eleven seeded you're going meltzer going down in four stands because today's action also you're off on a dollar and there's imari by a little for a spot in the fourth round while andy roddick bowed out of wimbledon losing from the sun a lot was apparently the biggest upset at wimbledon so far. russia's women's basketball team have suffered their second disputed the european championships in poland but he's sokolowski school going down to belarus and this second group stage game sixty two fifty one the final score but describe that loss russia can still make the
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playoffs the most successful team orthopod stickied the finals need to beat the czech republic and brave britain in the two remaining group matches the game against the czechs is on sounds insane. kyrie irving has been chosen as the cream of the crop and that's when you have an an. a draft a point guard finding a new home with a cleveland cavalier as a pick the nineteen year old number one overall the australian born american comes from university and will face the pressure of becoming the main attraction in cleveland turquoise their recently departed the bron james the minnesota timberwolves didn't surprise anyone when the two arizona power forward their rick williams second over all three of the first six players taken were from europe though including hooters turkish born the. current total of four overseas stars in the town the u.s. college and like further also taken in the draw for the first time ever.
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really clean or isn't as much as i can i'm really looking forward to getting the cleveland sports internationally to embrace all the fans the old fans were really can't wait you know actually have a chance to see my jersey on the crowd with a little clue for someone looking forward to. from basketball to cycling and with two of the friends just around the corner mark cavendish and shabbiest thoughts ahead of the twenty eleven edition of the race they must lie in sprints as scales cavendish has won fifteen stages in all but is still chasing the green jersey h t c ride as he is in top form this season making his chances as high as that are the tour kicks off on the second of july i am going for the green jersey i have gone for the green jersey last two years is just my way you get the green jersey is to try and win as many stages possible which technically there's more points on offer for stage win so technically you should come out on top on the hasn't been the case
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last year so i am got the job got the green jersey but it's not for me not try and put my cock. was how i did it. and in malta sports finally russia have been dominant in the car really for years now but surprisingly cannot boast the same success in the truck racing championship europe's top event in the category however alexander live war precious so were presented to me in this series is the man aiming to change that soon as steve deans reports now. the european truck racing championship may not be quite as big as formula one of these two high octane sports to have more than one thing in common motors reading spectacular crashes and a solitary russian driver lapping the tracks and his yellow man truck alexander visit the ninety's thirty nine and used this to smaller cars because in switching to bigger engines he's triumphed in one of the four championship races sweeping the top honors at their previous stopping strain early this month so
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a lowly eleventh place in this latest asian o'gara france was a huge disappointment that this wreck is nothing new to us and races here always very close to a very narrow time margins but at first we did ok but it just didn't turn out to be a good day for us we started well but later in the race is something happened which stopped us from keeping pace just one seventh place finish and fall races in the result we were roughed up but we start preparing for the next race at the nerva great in germany germany uk in hand dominated the french leg of the championship is sending the overall lead ahead of his home stage at the legendary newberg ring in a few weeks time well right after the german trip the truck racing circus will pitch up in russia going for the second time to the western region of some lens so a lot of has about enough time to improve on his ninth overall position and pile at least some pressure on the front runners in the remaining four races the summer months like nicknamed truck battle russia kicks off on the thirty first of july
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stevens r.t. . and you can always find some of the stories that are you tube channel which has our sports news and coming up next here on r.t. as the weather. culture is that so much given to each musician time. takes its trying to bomb as long awaited plan to start drawing down troops levels in afghanistan is in play but is it a real drawdown or just a rip. in
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india she's available in the grand central sheraton limbo and the taj mahal in the us among buying polish president mubarak is sure to play which results now no beatriz old clothes are going to go on taj mahal hotel charges yes some rest hotel clothes palace hotel clothes and in the radio alina the judge the hotel's church in
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new delhi who took the maori babyhood tones carrying collection from on the plaza the other maidens motown's believe pagosa lolita reticent schiffner was punished but they protested thomas. kuhn's. inflation cluster in the center of siberia one sees has gravel missionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool and interested some of the infection straight out of software to make three godless crieff the building blocks from russia's first mission like fortress network homeschooling toxicology up to the first leads on the future coverage. if. any he gave. you.


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