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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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today was once again flared up. and these are the images are girls in seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations are ok. welcome to the lower shell get a real headlines with none of them or see if you live in washington d.c. now today we'll speak with chris hedges who says the world as we know it is coming to an end and the revolution must start in america is going to tell us what he means by that now we're going to details leaked emails from h.p. gary ones that are shown to be a massive a surveillance program by the u.s. against the arab world and speak about lol sex latest victim we'll have all that for you and more tonight but first let's take
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a look at what the mainstream media has mixed. well despite everything else that's going on in the world things like i don't know analysts wars economic crises rising food prices just to name a few and the corporate mainstream media world everything was dropped today to cover the biggest case in u.s. history i'm kidding of course but honestly by watching their coverage they just might have pulled you. did your daughter tell you that there was an accident involving the pool generation joins us of the school group. no ma'am now even though caylee was. two almost three last time you saw her she was a. very compliant. you know she wouldn't follow your instruction. we've been listening in to the casey anthony trial taking place in orlando there
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the prosecution is taking on cindy anthony who was key she's rather was back on the stand. and he was bored as i am after watching that can somebody please that sell me why the casey anthony trial needs to dominate every hour of news all day long you know of all of the legal battles that are going on in this country is this really the woman deserves such faithful devotion how about the war in libya how about trials against whistleblowers all right oh a lot of them more than one hundred detainees that are still being held at guantanamo bay that they have been tortured and probably never get a trial because of that torture. you know yesterday the mainstream media completely ignore the fact that general david petraeus was on capitol hill for a confirmation hearing to take over as director of the cia so it's not surprising that they also missed a certain statement that he made about torture and the future of torture in this country and i say future because according the obama administration we should only look forward never back and just forget about the back of the bush administration
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probably should be prosecuted for work crimes for putting torture on america's record i also say future because petraeus who in the past has said that torture is immoral has turned around and bitten us in the backside now says that he may not be opposed in the future per congress to debate a few exceptions that's comforting isn't it and the new head of the cia will probably come out and support torture but he also won't fully come out and oppose it now betray us said that perhaps in a ticking time bomb scenario there should be discussion in congress about a policy they want to ask a feeling that perhaps the general has just watched a little too much t.v. . you tell me where the borders i mean where the bombers. i mean where the station tell me where people want you to. tell me where he is or what. let's face it for torture advocates every situation is
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a ticking time bomb scenario and that's because they think that torture is good that's despite the fact that numerous interrogators of themselves come out and said that torture doesn't work that humane interrogation methods do work but more often than not torture will leave you with false leads and bad information and now general petraeus said he wants us to revisit that debate after president obama signed an executive order banning torture i think that should make all of us pause for a moment question where the hell this country said it and the mainstream media is content to let it pass and be the ones who miss. well currently we have members of congress on both sides of the aisle fighting tooth and nail over budget cuts risking allowing the u.s. to default on its fourteen trillion dollar debt while they're at it there's a political debate in the country over whether our latest military endeavor in libya was legal or justified as we saw our president spit on the constitution and yet still defend his supposed power to do sell it no one's asking what happens to
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us when all those cuts come down why do the corporate executives still retain their record bonuses why is the war machine not on the chopping block and what are we fighting for anyway it could be because the cable networks and the people are so mesmerized by the casey anthony trial or of sarah palin's latest statements or the newest member of newt gingrich's staff to leave her all of these things is a distraction from not even the problems of today but the world as a whole tomorrow chris hedges says the world as we know it is coming to an end what follows it won't be pleasant or easy or environmental catastrophe or an economic one he says that the revolution must start in america so earlier i caught up with chris hedges senior fellow at the nation institute columnist and author of his most recent book the world as it is this part is on the myth of human progress so i first asked him describe for our audience what he meant by the world as we know it's coming to an end. well if we don't stop the corporate assault on the
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ecosystem and if we don't curb the rapacious appetite of a class of speculators who are once again inflating not only a national but a global economy that will implode so we are going to face very severe dislocations and there are no impediments certainly none put in place by the systems of governments to forward in any way this relentless assault the only question now is whether the economic crisis comes first or the environmental one of those. now would you say that we have to thwart it what do we really do because you know you conclude this latest piece of yours by saying that we already lost. well. all hope now rests in civil acts of civil disobedience any belief that we can appeal to the traditional formal structures of power i think is naive including
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of course the democratic party and that's why i have joined groups like veterans for peace why i will take part in this attempt to camp out in washington on october sixth. that is really the only route we have left and frankly in terms of the environment we've already reached the tipping point. the even if we stopped all carbon admissions today. temperatures would still sore upwards and of course what we have done is quite the contrary we have allowed the heads of the industrialized nations to shred kioto there is no attempt to curb our complete and total dependence on fossil fuels and that of course is the only route left a complete severance from this dependence on fossil fuels sadly the responses either veer off into outer denial global warming doesn't exist or it is equally
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self deluded idea that we can somehow it dept so now if we think about this in the bigger picture like you said it's going to be either this economic collapse that comes first or an environmental collapse how do we start focusing on what's actually going on today and should we be focusing on members of the house of representatives voting on resolutions to either fund her defund or authorize or not authorize the war in libya or does that become petty. well it's all part of the same package because the awful truth is that we are funding both a lifestyle and a level of consumption as well as an imperium that we can no longer afford it's funded through debt about forty cents on. every dollar now is borrowed two billion dollars a day from the chinese we're hollowing the country out from the inside our infrastructure is collapsing massive unemployment real unemployment hovering somewhere between
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seventeen and twenty percent when you count people who have either stopped looking for work or people who have part time jobs at places like wal-mart that put them below the poverty line so we are in the way all imperium sty and i think it's often a characteristic of empires this is certainly true and romy austria-hungary an empire that they retreat into this kind of twilight world where they just kind of unplug and proving capable of facing the reality around them. and you think that's where we're at now is that why we're incapable perhaps of really forcing our leaders to be accountable for some of their actions and i want to get your opinion on what you think they are and ministration has done here in regards to the war in libya either have we ever seen such a gross abuse of executive power. yes.
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the executive branch i think since the vietnam war has been able to wage war. without having to fund a war resolutions through congress and libby is just part of that imperial presidency that has been created over the last few decades so. i think the danger is is not so much defined by the imperial presidency as agreed just as it is in terms of the balance of power but more importantly by the corporate state itself by the fact that all three branches of government and we just had this disastrous decision by the supreme court. and i in the claims of workers siding with the management of wal-mart. has rendered itself incapable of addressing the injustices and grievances of the
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ordinary citizen and work on behalf of the corporate state and i would have to include what's often informally considered the fourth branch of government and that is a corporate ties to media there's about a half dozen corporations in the united states viacom general electric disney rupert murdoch's news corp that control of just about everything ninety plus percent of american see watch listen to and often read and they present a range of opinion as dorothy parker used to say from a to b. any kind of real serious structural critique whether it's about health care whether it's about fossil fuels whether it is about the disastrous problem one in six american workers without work and we're talking about long term now unemployment the one million people a year who go bankrupt because they can't pay their medical bills six million people that have been pushed from their homes because of foreclosures or bank
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repossessions a number that is expected to rise to ten million next year and much of this activity we know it's transparent was fraudulent criminal activity they're utterly incapable of confronting the internal implosion and this will have disastrous consequences as the situation internally domestically gets worse and worse and worse we already have forty million americans the lowest. income bracket those who live in poverty in this country spending upwards of thirty five percent of their income on food as we slash state and federal assistance programs including programs like head start so we are barreling toward. catastrophe and meanwhile we are entertained with the kind of smoke and mirrors and pseudo dramas and celebrity meltdowns the latest as anthony weiner before that it was truly sheen which is totally corrupted commercial news and the degradation
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of systems of information in this country is something that i as a journalist have endured in the some thirty years them that i've been doing this. when you talk about the mainstream media and i regard to you you say there are only capable of covering some of these stories that shows the corruption what is it is that their intention to just dumb down the american public when they show us like you said the cases of the charlie sheen or the anthony weiner story or as they are reporting on our show today the fact that they just can't take their eyes off of casey anthony for one second to report our wars. well it's about attracting viewers and ratings which is really about of course attracting commercial dollars in terms of advertising and this kind of tawdry salacious garbage. the equivalent of road kill has a kind of per fascination and unfortunately it has come at the expense of
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real reporting when i began as a reporter in the early eighty's as a print reporter in central america all of the networks had bureaus they had reporters they had teams they went out they produced stories in the conflict and else of it's all gone it's all vanished and it's been replaced as you correctly point out with. stuff that i think within the traditional news business was considered to be gossip it wasn't ever considered to be news but news as entertainment. has trumped actual journalists but then how do we see this civil disobedience this revolution that needs to start in america actually start if let's say the masses ninety percent of people really are watching corporate owned media which has happens to feed them this road kill and garbage as. well it feeds them more than the road kill and garbage that feeds them this idea that
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somehow reality is never an impediment to what we as americans desire that we can have everything we want if we focus on happiness if we believe the jesus. and carry out miracles. if we dig deep enough within ourselves if we grasp that we are truly exceptional and this is fed to us across the political and cultural spectrum by hollywood by the entertainment industry by oprah by the christian right. by self-help gurus by positive psychologists and it's a form of magical thinking i think we are at this point probably the most illusion country on the planet and so those of us who do carry out acts of civil disobedience unfortunately have to confront this reality the idea that thousands of people are going to join us for instance as happened in tahrir square it's certainly not coming in the short term but that doesn't mitigate the moral necessity of us beginning to carry out acts of resistance because if we do not then
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there really is no impediment at all no outcry against the disempowered of the country by these corporate systems i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight and i think you're right unfortunately it may be a while until we see a terrier square here in america here in washington d.c. but in the meantime we will keep our eyes on those that are trying to speak out thanks so much. thank you. still to come tonight if you want to spy on police there's an after that one that in a moment and then if you've ever heard. that a group comes together to usually terrorize strangers and in some places. in just a moment we'll discuss that growing problem that's happening in some parts of the breast.
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into the military recruiters and do the work to bring justice or because. i have every right to do what my government should. we're going to want to know why i think tax cuts. well i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you live something else here's some other part of it and realize that everything is all you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture see.
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this number here that we had an apartheid regime right. i think rock even one well. we're never government says they're conclusive a few get ready because you give them the freedom. for. the first. few.
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it's too often that we tell you about instances where cops abuse their powers or police raids overly aggressive and violent but today we're going to tell you about a group that's fighting back that's clearly cops do not like to be recorded these days the cop sees you with a cell phone in your hand recording something you write very well get arrested even though in all but three states it's not illegal to do so however if you do find yourself in that situation now there's an app available to make sure that you can get all those questionable or downright illegal activities on file the creator is twenty three year old richard jones and he's a self-proclaimed hacker to the court he says that he wanted to create a program that would be a global participatory counter-surveillance project which uses a cellular phones as a way of monitoring authority figures now in that vein of the recorder and open
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watch for abort so the gist of these programs are simple just take a look at this instructional video. open the application by clicking on the open watch recorder icon then to begin recording press record audio now it appears that the application has quit but it's still secretly recording audio once your encounter is over. reopen the application by clicking on the icon again will now give you the option to upload media to our servers describe the recording and then press ok load to send to our server. and the program's founder says that he already receives about fifty to one hundred submissions a day and he believes the open watch and clock recorder all open up opportunities for citizen journalists to keep track of how often cops really do cross the line out of already taken off with over fifty thousand subscribers to cop recorder and if you like you can go to open watch dot net to see links to all the media that's already been uploaded to the site now all they only record audio of incidents i do
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have come in handy and with the past experiences we've told you about on this trip . they call grab me by monday and reg me out my house right there in the grid and they say you all was home and you got to pay it. so let's just say that until the cops or cell phone providers find some ridiculous reason to ban this man from being used i say the more cameras tracking police activities the better. this week a group of about fifty young people barged into a walgreens in chicago and still drinks and sandwiches off the shelves before they ran that time nobody was hurt but of the last few months chicago has seen a number of cases where large groups attack unsuspecting civilians sitting on
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a park bench or walking on a bike and the crimes are usually petty they might take some cash they might take an i pod and some cases the victims have been beaten and then the group runs off and it's been happening in philadelphia and california as well police have described them as a flash mob phenomenon or a revival of wild it or roving gangs assaulted strangers just first for new york city in the late one nine hundred eighty s. so are we starting to see a national resurgence and why the random attacks joining me to discuss this is alexander thompson founder of venice three eleven or sandra thank you so much for joining us tonight thanks for having me you know like i said it's going to chicago numerous times now over the last couple of months in philadelphia these have been reported what can you tell us about what's going on in the l.a. area. well you know as as this trend has continued across the u.s. where we're not immune to it either here in l.a. and you know what happened here specifically was. two rival gangs
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started sending tweets out to meet that ask about courts here and then a speech they started on on a friday afternoon and they said you know meet at the basketball courts tomorrow at five o'clock in venice beach and you know i monitor all the the tweets for ben the speech and normally i just do it because we have so many tourists and people you know take a picture incident picture and i started just seeing this massive reach weeding of this message and it was it was really strange and then i started seeing the gang language so you know in l.a. that's a pretty sensitive subject for us so i learned the police i let them know that you know there was a call out. hundreds of tweets being retreated to the basketball courts and xterra around five o'clock and that there was a lot of gang language being used and sure enough there were hundreds and hundreds
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of kids here not the normal tourists that you see walking around and about an hour later somebody was shot so you know. is that it was only case that's happened there is that the worst case you know that's the worst case and then the most recent time they've used the same technology. as in most places you need a permit to film and certainly an l.a. and certainly in their place it's it's crowded with pedestrian traffic right venice beach but you know people try and and renegade the situation will bring us a small film crew down here to try and film without a permit so what a couple of rap groups have done in town is send out tweets saying hey we're going to film a video then a speech or we're going to theme a film a video downtown here's a location meet us there you know so they get this they summon this huge crowd for
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free for their video and they don't need a permit really don't need to pay any extras or anything so we've had a few instances where unfortunately the film crew gets caught they get told but there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kids here all dressed to the nines waiting to be extras in some rap video then they find out it's not going to happen if they get really angry and you know fights of broader program there's a lot of mayhem from that and then they all gather at the bus stops. to try and filter back home all it wants so that creates problems safety issues on the bus and things like that so. it's a growing trend and it's become quite a problem time here but so do you think that sometimes some of the violence or maybe the robberies or crimes that might be committed afterwards those are just accidental it's not like they decided hey let's go out with a couple hundred people or at least a couple dozen people and just see what mayhem we can cause. yeah i mean i think in
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the majority of the instances it has just been sort of and ancillary thing to you know the crowd being hauled in the something going on and people just getting upset but the one gang shooting it was definitely organized it went out via twitter they were going back and forth with one another good twitter you know during the buildup to the whole event the police did an exceptional job you know that this isn't something that they've had hardly any experience dealing with but they put a ton of extra officers on so they were ready but unfortunately. they have to wait for a crime to happen to do anything and you know somebody got shot you know it's it's the technology it's the ability for you know these groups to have a massive gang call to action and it's effective it's just the technology that's part of our times and now it's just being integrated unfortunately into being used
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for crimes as well would you call the same revival of like i mentioned earlier you know wilding in the late one nine hundred eighty s. in new york city where groups were also does terrorizing people in central park or do you think that this is you know an entire beast that's going to lie on its own thanks to social networking and social media you know i i think that there's. definitely that trend from the eighty's you know it's people who are out to do no good and ironically in a way there's there's safety in numbers so when you've got eighty people going out to do a crime it's very unlikely that all eighty are going to get caught just like in chicago they're going to catch two or three and that's it and the majority of them are going to get away with it as opposed to two or three people committing a crime in the it's much more likely that they're going to get caught so you know they're. insulation for a lot of these people who are out to do bad by being in such incredible numbers so
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you know i think there's a strategy to that i think it was the same strategy in the eighty's and. i don't think it's really going to change unfortunately you know if you can catch these tweets are people becoming you know a little bit more hip to it we have another thing here in los angeles it's called the urban i did a rod and it happens every spring and it's a bunch of college students get shopping carts and the information is typically released the night before and they dress up in costumes they fill the shopping carts with beer they start drinking at eight in the morning and they they run in packs of hundreds through this race and they're given the location and when they get to the first location then they're given the next location and they're drinking the entire way and they clog up the streets and cause absolute mayhem and
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for the last three years it's been a huge problem that information was disseminated via social media just here l.a.p.d. was on top of it and they ended the whole thing by the first location so i think law enforcement is really getting to the start unfortunately you know the people who are out to do. they're going to do battle are going to yeah i mean i guess it's a little different just than a bunch of college kids getting together to drink and do them time is what results in stupid things versus those that go out with the intention of perhaps harming someone or committing a crime you know in places like chicago they're actually asking law enforcement to call for a war against these flash mobs or wilding as if we don't have enough war is against something it needs to be done if it does become a growing trend alex thanks so much for joining us i should think. so to come tonight a congressman confesses their love for a warmonger and far too little time award and deal with the leaks documents reveal the u.s. is involved in a massive us surveillance on.


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