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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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welcome back you're watching aren't you are from moscow these are the top stories the u.s. congress rebukes president obama military intervention in libya by refusing to authorize it but lawmakers stopped short of cutting off funding for the campaign. before a finance minister in passing of arson ousted egyptian government hasn't formally found shelter in britain the spy being convicted of embezzlement back home that's growing anger among egyptians over one stance which has supported the revolution
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a repro in the old regime. and more and more israelis are lining up to immigrate opting for the e.u. or america and they accuse the government of failing to make thier country a safe place. that's my headline here in our next week's floor the life of the father of the boss revolution to find out why lennon's role in russia's history remains a divisive issue. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program i'll be exploring that is life in moscow of australia to change the course of the straits and starting off here on
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red square next to the magnificent roscoe crowley tony martin andreas as we take a look at his epic journey and visit various landmarks associated with his life and that. is one of the main names associated with russia. eight hundred seventy s. let me in she chose a studio name living in nineteen i want as one of the leading political figures and revolutionary think of the twentieth century a change the world's. most of money will she take over of power in russia in one thousand seven hundred the communist party manage in once a class free economy life from an attempted form of marxism. what is the soviet leaders like to see today. for the developments in syria who feel you. might say their mission those guys are really able to take a philosophy and turn it in a train set something the whole society could use and think it was well intentioned
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begin coccyx this community and is it on the national when it is members to idealise released time and is still idealist now i think is completely over the top to keep him in there and not carry him in the ground and using the real seal. he turns everything upside down. there's nothing else to say. it was a limb in the father of the so you're. right and then changed. and there were friends here from the younger generations you can say that the image of the leader has turned into a retro almost extinct not helped by tacky souvenirs pop shirts and cheesy stones it seems now but lennon said chief minutes are equally celebrated and mourned and the good and bad in his life both acknowledged one of the days of thousands of people queuing up to see his comrades but regarding locations it's
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still the main association millions of him. in this program we were real many other places that were close to the bullshit leader which was still in front of his life . in the capital for most of the previous century lennon had to make his ministry step center of the country. because of german threats move the ball strict policy from st petersburg off as it was called. nine hundred eighty red square on the kremlin what's become a landmarks in his life and will become his final resting place originally a wooden tomb the stone credit mostly in which we see the highlights today was opened in nineteen thirty and still open for public viewing recent rumors have suggested by his body might be removed and buried elsewhere. even if that happens and matter what your political background it is clear that lenin was an exceptional human being even if you don't like the policies or ideology he stood for lenin
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moved into the most are coming in nineteen eighteen legend has it not he took his wife and the cops crime and his. french born revolutionary innocent out amount with him. on nash where we head towards the national front the last two decades of the access to many many locations previously closed even on moon and us soft museums have. his hotel's bunkers it seems the russian capital is now open to all well almost if you want an example of a consequence house in the last century this is perfect built in launching a three by the famed version are attacks on the event of the national hunt towns in historic landmark for more than a century before the revolution the hotel hosted foreign diplomats. loyalty business tycoons and beating the famous after much the city's international has
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proclaimed the first house of the soviets and became a residence of the bullshit government accommodating top communist leaders our main point of interest is really one of seven the bright options here sun is the location wealth and seek but it sure high ceilings and a sense of history nadya's the one hundred and seventy here in my opinion only has one of the best years of the capital but it's also packed full of history accommodating the ball straight party this was inside the russell hotel was famously home to lennon and his wife for two weeks and last night in a city and the hotel has been renovated since but still want a result i saw in the lanes this the grounds of the twentieth century that's what that's. huge you can gaze across in the kremlin and much of its cars pass. today this ring costs thousands of dollars a night i'm not quite sure lennon would be impressed with the price i the same rights for everyone needs
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a little of those in this thread victuals to know is historically connections with linen and the bullshit go mint is still of interest for many and only those interested do not necessarily need to book a route you can apply for special tour as the department of cultural heritage is. such exclusions are organized twice a year. moving on and what other moscow locations connects and that means life. then is often. since thomas is now on historical exhibits in detail representing the atmosphere in which he lived and watched for several years it was your cabin it was open to the public in one nine hundred fifty five became were the most visited museums in the country but as it was located in the kremlin same building where the actual russian government of president was in the ninety ninety's it was decided to move the cabinet to the state and dutch complex game goalkeeper. fifty thousand historical items have been moved including men's clock but still shows the time
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when he left the group the last time. a perfect items which relate to lennon's work represent the period for ninety eight jeans and nine hundred twenty three for the personal belongings from the collection which we used by lennon in his everyday life but older than that some of them were used by several generations of the union or family and date back to eighteen forty two while visiting red square you often see lenin lookalikes torres. taking to the role playing act as various men to train manage. and even son nicholas the second and for one hundred rubles that's around three dollars you too can have a cheesy reminder of your time and i think lenin is especially popular among foreigners but i have to say they are more stingy when it comes to money but they understand lenin so it's just like everything else in this world these. monuments to lenin are not only examples of studied art but they're also one of my symbols
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often in iraq says that on twenty's thousands of monuments were erected in almost every city and small town of the u.s.s.r. in the school and there were dozens of sculptures of the whole street leader erected in the city squares in front of mistreated buildings and you can still see many of them to this attack. as most lives yuri's hotels in a city sense that was once a stage for lennon's speech is a metropole hotel built in the beginning of the twentieth century. also became a base for the bolshevik government many leaders lived and worked in the metropol and it was often visited by many when he addressed his associates in the monkey twenties based on the functioning as a hotel again for decades its rays are only available from russian and international celebrities and politicians now anyone can stay at the historic hotel but remember it does come in the price up with the feel of. the hotel has been preserved in its original look despite all the wars and revolutions of the
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twentieth century these who are here today is the same as it was a nine hundred eighteen when the bullshit government had its meetings here but it's defeatist smoked a lot so when restoration right was carried out in the 1980's is it all to stand out that the painted walls and stain gloss were already small damaged which they had to clean to restore their original decorations but then his life works in theories are still studied by hundreds of institutions around the world school is evaluate the ideology of communism connection was discussed his political influence and research is look at the bolshevik impact on the u.s.s.r. or the man who organized. and who actually around become free for almost six years and has his legacy still visible in all parts of. the bible figure for the twentieth century history of prussia that's for sure. these ten kilometers south of
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moscow he we are our final location estate. this past green outer space belong to various nobleman from the eighteenth century ending up in the position of deny the models of the widow of the famous must went to st pedro silva. after the serbian government made. it looks yuri's property was nationalized and became. the winter garden here is taking it's really something. to be seen and not know the duchess and surrounding grounds are open to the public today but only for organized tours the house is filled with lennon's possessions he can see everything from gifts given to men in his wheelchair various clothes and his four thousand collection. in may nineteenth twenty three he followed medical advice and left the moscow cramming for gold it was here as a frown man only in his early fifty's vladimir in atlanta off and spent his final
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years in september lived in eighty in a soviet leader became prey to him after i left assassination attempts and he spent i mean chris amounts of time outs and as his health and serious had over the coming years finally living in some retirement he died in this actual bad in the twenty first of january ninety twenty four. after the instant the complex was renamed linsky the state officially became a museum in one nine hundred thirty eight and was a place of pilgrimage for service citizens right up to the fall of the ion curtain from viewing his death mask here to visiting his red square with a talking about local historians tourists all modern day communists the epic achievements of lenin still has a cult following and all the places connected with his life and legacy are espoused amazing as the journey that was not his life was a beautiful building well unfortunately that's what's how we have on this week's
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program i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then for me and the rest of the crew from london's spectacular. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead. each front panel feel several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the very most appropriate city significator a symbol of everything does were wrong with our goddamn government allowing not
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only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. . wealthy british scientists i know it's sometimes guys. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is cause a report on r t. twenty years ago the largest country in. the sorts of places. but how did you treat. each began to cheer up. where did it take.
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the u.s. congress would you express them so bomb military intervention in libya by refusing to authorize it but lawmakers stopped. short of cutting off funding for the campaign. the former finance minister and hosni mubarak's ousted egyptian government has reportedly found shelter in britain despite being convicted of investment back at home there is growing anger among egyptians over a london stands which have supported the revolution overthrowing the old regime. and more and more israelis are lining up to migrate opting for the e.u. or america to accuse the government of failing to make very country a safer place. now and join me for more in around fifty minutes time before
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that unit is here with all the latest news of course and we'll be hearing about the dream of a first ever grand slam title that edge is the closer for n.z. yeah ever a bit closer he can never get to the final step though tony marina but wouldn't you love to win wimbledon ease into the fourth round means the second week a lot of tennis to be played first though all ahead. good to have you with this is sports to be here on twenty four hour r t plenty ahead including all this. mix maria sharapova makes it through to the third stage at wimbledon but fellow russian on last year's runner up bureaus valerie is out. on course on the murray ensures his participation will
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stretch into the second week of the all england club with victory over even lubitsch. the need to first be we discover how russia's sole driver of the truck racing championship spurred on french. tennis first off for maria shriver's quest to recapture her glory days at wimbledon is picking up pace the world's richest sportswoman in to run three of the expense of fan favorites laura robson seventeen year old robin is the same age drop what was when the russian won it all back in two thousand and four this year's fifth seed ensured a first set tie break didn't break her rhythm taking it seven six six three not much rest for the russian with on seeded czech flora's up a pile of up next on saturday. to come out and play really well i don't think she had anything to lose in this match in. the past and someone to. play free. just go for the lines.
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this appointment on the tee however for the player who is the highest ranked russian at wimbledon by the second seed said by the year she beat last year sammy's . six two six three difference. so the wait for a grand slam singles crowing goes all first on the real over come part three of. her brace of majors either in england pulling out the belgian yanina wickmayer better news for the on seeded russian is not the true god to send your first part both with poor trying to look for. the top of the women's action of venus williams had few problems against maria who said martin is sanchez rushing the spaniard six love six to fourteen it better russian victoria azarenka also advanced courtesy of a three set victory over danielle to world number one carline wozniacki dropped
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just four things her way to the third stage detained in the hunt for a first major loss in virginia razzano of france. ok let's move to the men's side of the action where old school is a plan thus far for great british hope the murray this stuff given a stern examination by even look at church and run three but still came out the right set of the four setter lights having to be switched on center court for this one prologue to the church forcing the encounter to require a fourth set after taking the second but very suitable poised to take the decider on a tight break and set up an encounter with the in from richard castillo. the biggest upset in the men's tour so far occurred before that three time wimbledon champ or finalist i should say andy roddick losing two feet in the loop as the american feeling to take a single say. seven six seven six six games to. i
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i mean. this year's a lot easier to deal with than let's say last year where i feel like i gave it away . i got to be he came out he served about as well as someone has and. you know the stuff. that's enabled me to be a. real seven times making the person shots. monetarist make an employee difference honest for him he he did well today. not just the sole russian meal remey usually left to fly the flag after igor and hunter meet you both at the second round jurgen melcher and. their victory while the world number one the raw feel adults toss in the shields miller was stopped due to rain the spaniard leading by a set resume later on something. ok over to formula one where fernando alonso a set the pace in practice for the european grand prix in valencia the spaniard
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delighting the home cried the addition of an updated rear suspension on modified front wing perhaps the change for a needed kick start their campaign along. just two tenths of a second over maccollins lewis hamilton championship leader sebastian vettel he was third fastest for red bull rushes read a driver of a telly petrol sneaked into the top ten on. his first win in the middle class the italian race into his second full season. to see with some blistering about transurban us and american ben spies has been sneaking around the top of the time sheets neatly submitting a second fastest run. third joining to us the front runner for something. that's been a swift writes of the tough for nineteen year old potter council a the travel is
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championship the amateur leading up to high. stage of the golfing event after setting a new course mark all while shooting the best friend ever by unknown pro a stunning ten under sixty schoolwork pounding the californian a four shot lead a smooth free go on the thirteenth part of that effort in the currency all clear spend and knowledge to finish the second round after a rain delay units on day one forced many to play catch up on friday a group of five more experienced golfers are chasing a youngster on nine on the web simpson amongst those nearest rivals after the twenty five rule most eight of the sixty. and extensive meanwhile forced to share top spot with george could say their halfway stage of the b.m.w. international open in germany before taking very different parts to success so far but eventually both arrive to ten under par and a one shot lead swede stenson maintaining his first run lead with a superb showing on the front nine and eagle on the sixth here was followed by
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a birdie on the seventh while suffering and could see birdie through out of his last three efforts dropping just three shots on the day stenson he seeking a first win since zero nine all could say has never won at all on. the lights are due to come on or perhaps go off later on sunday in germany with two premier middleweight boxer set to face off felix sturm holds the w.p.a. title with irish challenger matthew muckler in the slight i decided to capture it from the german in cologne martin though he hasn't lost in eleven fights suffer from the like a little bit writes the twenty nine year old's overall record impressive twenty eight wins two losses nineteen knockouts the slightly more seasoned storm those thirty five victories two losses on a draw he's held the title since and seven not been whoever sees the thirty two year old is going to get tired quickly while a german title holder has heard the same criticism but his opponents under his.
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those that soak up and feel his opponents through the work he's what right is relatively low really in comparison to modern so you know i'm going to own a microphone so if he's going to have the money to stay with me he's going to have to much make money much me any toys made up nothing left in the second half of the single i believe because that's just wrong in the first four four five six or after the cyclone people come from a certain condition inducing from this time to become i thought looking forward to that one and i finally rushes lorry drivers have been dominant in that a car rally for years now but the country can post the same success in the truck racing championships europe's premier big engine event however aleksandr laval's russia's so representative in the series has the money to change just that stevens from ports. the european truck racing championship may not be quite as big as formula one but these two high octane sports do have more one thing in common
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motors reading spectacular crashes and a solitary russian driver lacking the tracks in his yellow man truck alexander visit amy's thirty nine and used this to smaller cars as in switching to bigger engines he's triumphed in one of the four championship races sweeping the top honors at their previous stop in spain earlier this month so a lonely eleventh place in this latest stage in france was a huge disappointment at this track is nothing new to us and races here always very close to a very narrow time margins and if we did ok but it just didn't turn out to be a good day for us we started well but later in the races something happened which stopped us from peter pace just one seventh place finish and fall races in the result were rough but let's start preparing for the next race at the nergal great in germany germany uk in hand dominated the french leg of the championship is standing the overall lead ahead of his home stage at the legendary newberg ring in
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a few weeks time well right after the german trip the truck racing circus will pitch up in russia going for the second time to the western region of some lens so a lot of has about enough time to improve on his ninth overall position and piled at least some pressure on the front runners in the remaining four races some alliance leg nicknamed truck battle russia kicks off on the thirty first of july i think vince r.t. not only actually how few this are but if you fancy a little bit more why not go on to you tube channel which is our team sports news plenty more there and that is it for me for saying it's.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've done the future coverage.


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