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it's a half past two in the afternoon here in moscow welcome to walk through the main stories one of russia's richest men. has become the high profile new leader of a political party the billionaire is targeting his second place in december's parliamentary elections and is even hoping to become a prime minister if it's party is successful. and the u.s. congress rebuked surprise of obama's a military intervention in libya by refusing to authorize it. short of cutting off
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funding for the company. and more and more israelis are lining up to emigrate to the e.u. or america they accuse the government of failing to make their country a safe place. the headlines on this saturday next though we explore the life of the father of the bolshevik revolution. walks the streets associated with the divisive figure of lenin right here in the russian capital. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program i'll be exploring balanced life in moscow of australia to change the course of the straits and starting off
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here on the red square next to the magnificent moscow kremlin joni most of our roots as we take a look at his epic journey and visit various landmarks associated with his life have. many of the main names associated with russia only eight hundred seventy s. let me in she chose his pseudo name living in nineteen i want as one of the leading political thinkers and revolution we think is of the twentieth century he changed the world. most of all she takeover of power in russia in one thousand seven hundred the communist party on a religion was a class free economy life from an adapted form of marxism but what is the soviet leaders like to see today. they are called a development center. might say their mission those guys are really able to take a philosophy and turn it in a train set something that our society could use and think it was well intentioned
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begin ejects these committees in israel in the last year when it is members to idealise release time and it's still idealist now i think is completely out of the truck to keep him in there and you know carry him in the ground using the renewal so. he turns everything upside down. there's nothing else to see. it was a limb in the father of the so you're. right and then changed. and there were friends there for the younger generations you can say that the image of the leader has turned into a retro almost extinct or not helped by tacky seventy is pop star t. shirts and cheesy owns it seems now chief equally celebrated and mourned and the good and bad in his life both acknowledged gone are the days of thousands of people queuing up to see his and bomb hundreds of recording locations
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it's still the main association. with him. in this program we were real many other places that were close to the bullshit leader. which was a true friend of his life. was on the campuses for most of the previous century if lennon had to make his ministry steps center of the country. because of german threats move the ball strict policy from separatist. as it was called in march nineteenth. what's become. in his life i will become his final resting place originally i wouldn't say i'm the stone that most of them which we see the highlights today was opened in nineteen thirty and still for public viewing recent room this let's just say his body might be removed elsewhere. even if that happens to matter what your political background it is clear that lenin was an
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exceptional human being even if you don't like the policies ideology for lenin moved into the most are coming in nineteen eighteen legend has it not he took by his wife. and his. french born revolutionary in the ottomans with him. as we head towards the national hunt the last two decades of the access to many many locations previously closed even a noon in the us a soft museums have. his hotel's bunker is it seems the russian capital is now open to well almost if you want an example of a consequence house in the last century this is perfect built in launching a three by the flame version are a tax on the advent of the national home towns in historic landmark for more than a century before the revolution the hotel hosted foreign diplomats plus loyalty is this country's leading the famous aftermath the city's international has proclaimed
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the first house of the soviets and became a residence of the bullshit government accommodating top communist leaders our main point of interest is really one of seven the bright lavish interior such as the location ralph antique furniture high ceilings and a sense of history is in the room one hundred and seventy here in my opinion only has one of the best years of all for capital but it's also packed full of history accommodating the boss that party this with inside the russell hotel is famously home to lennon and his wife of two weeks and last night scene eighty in the hotel has been renovated since but still want a result i saw in the lanes this grounds of the twentieth century that's what that's. each you can gaze across in the kremlin much of police cars pass. today this ring costs thousands of dollars a night i'm not quite sure lennon would be impressed with the price by the same
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rights for everyone needs a little moses said victuals to know is historically connected with linen and the bill should go mint is still of interest for many and only those interested do not necessarily need to book a room you can apply for a special tour as the department of cultural heritage is the most skilled surgeon exclusions are organized twice a year. moving on and what other most locations connect with him and his life. then is often. uncomment is now an historical exhibit in detail representing the atmosphere in which she lived and watched the several years it was you know how it was opened to the public in one nine hundred fifty five became were the most visited museums in the country but as it was located in the kremlin same building where the actual russian government of president was in an i.g. ninety's it was decided to move the cabinet to the state and in such a complex a goalkeeper. twenty thousand historical items have been moved including and that
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is clogged with still shows the time when he left the room the last time. the perfect items which relate to lennon's work represent the period for ninety eight teams and nine hundred twenty three for the personal belongings from the collection which we used by lenin in his everyday life older than that some of them were used by several generations of the union or family and date back to eighteen forty two while this young red square you often see lenin lookalikes snap happy tourists the charts graphs taking the role playing act as various men train and it . and even saw nicholas the second time for one hundred rubles that's around three dollars you too can have a cheesy reminder of your time in moscow i think lenin is especially popular among foreigners but i have to say there are more stranger going to comes to money but they understand lenin sells just like everything else in this world. monuments to lenin are not only examples of studied art but they're also one of the main symbols
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of the era says the dungeon twenty's thousands of monuments were erected in almost every city and small town of the u.s.s.r. in the school and there were dozens of still pictures of the costly directive in the city squares in front of the mistreated buildings and you can still see many of them to this day. one of moscow's most lives yuri's hotels in a city sense that was once a stage speech is a metropole hotel built in the beginning of the twentieth century. also became a base for the bolshevik government many leaders lived and worked in the metropol and it was often visited by many when he addressed his associates in the one hundred twenty s. based on the functioning as a hotel again for decades its rooms are only available for russian and international celebrities politicians and now anyone can stay at the historic hotel but remember it does come at a price with the feel of. the hotel has been preserved in its original look despite
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all the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century these who are here today is the same as it was a nine hundred eighteen when the bullshit government had its meetings here but it's different just smoked a lot so when restoration right was carried out in the nineteen ages the artists found out that the painted walls and stained gloss were already small damaged which they had to clean to restore their original decorations but then his life works and theories are still studied by hundreds of institutions around the world so is evaluate the ideology of communism discuss his political influence and researches look at the bolshevik impact on the u.s.s.r. north america organized. actually around become free for almost six years and has his legacy still reasonable in all parts of russia. vital figure for the twentieth century history of prussia that's for sure. these ten kilometers south of moscow he
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we are our final location you state. this vast green outer space belong to various nobleman from the eighteenth century ending up in the position of deny the morals of the widow of the famous miscreant destroy. patron suffer. the serbian government meat. and eggs your his property was nationalized and became. a winter garden here is breathtaking it's really something. to be seen and not know to the dutch answer running grounds are open to the public today but only for organized tours the house is filled with lead ins possessions he can see everything from gifts given to men in his wheelchair every school odes and his four thousand collection. in may nineteenth twenty three he followed medical advice and left the muscle cramming for gold it was here is a frown man only in his early fifty's vladimir image in the north and spent his
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final years in september lies in eighty in a soviet leader book in praise of him after alice aeration attempts and he spent i mean chris amount of time and as his health deteriorated over the coming years finally living in some retirement he died in this actual bad in the twenty first of january ninety twenty four. after the instant the complex was renamed linsky the state officially became a museum in one nine hundred thirty eight and was a place of pilgrimage for service citizens right up to the fall of the iron curtain from viewing his death mask here to visiting his red square we're talking about historians tourists all modern day communists the epic achievements of lenin still has a cult following and all the places connected with his life and legacy are steps amazing as the journey that was not his life was
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a beautiful building well unfortunately that's what time we have on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then for me and the rest of the crew from london's spectacular capture by. lose. lose. it's just. it's just so.
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if it's. come up. wealthy british scientists it's not the tightest. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report on our cheek.
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if. the motion would be so much brighter than if you knew more about song from feinstein's professionals'. screens for instance on t.v. don't succumb. to cool. the headlines here on r.t. and one of the russia's richest man mikala protocol has become a high profile new leader of a political party the billionaire is targeting a second play. in december's parliamentary elections as you can hoping to become prime minister if his party is successful. the u.s. congress and president obama's military intervention in libya by refusing to water the rights of lawmakers stopped short of cutting off funding for the campaign. and more and more israelis are lining up to emigrate opting for the e.u. or america they accuse the government of failing to make their country
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a safe place. right those are the headlines on this saturday up next it's union with the sports. my free trip to have you with us at this is sports there are plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so. mixed bag maria sharapova makes it through to the third stage of wimbledon but brushing up on last year's runner up there firas follow me over is our. own course on the murray ensures his participation will stretch into the second week of the all england club with victory over uganda which. need for speed we discover how russia's sole driver of the truck racing championships furred on french soil. tennis first though where maria shriver's quest to recapture her glory days at wimbledon it's picking up pace the world's richest sportswoman into
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run three of the expense of fan favorite laura robson seventeen year old robson is the same age as tropical was when the russians a little old for this year's fifth seed ensured a first set didn't break her rhythm at seven six six three but the much rest of the russian way delancey did check how about next the local leader also. expected her to come out and play really well i think challenging to lose in this match and i think brings out the best in someone turning out in a pretty place. you just go for the lines. disappointment on the day however for the player who was the highest ranking russian at wonder then followed we over the second seed sent packing by the beer she beat in last year's semi finals expect that rank of a six two six to the finals. brings us to the men's satisfaction where all is going
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to plan thus far for great british hope on the marie the scottish given a stern examination by evenly bichon run three but still came at the right set of the four setter the lights are going to be switched on center court for this one who are forcing me to require a fourth set after taking a second but very suitable poised to take the decider on a tie break and set up a bunch of the informative gaspy on. the biggest upset in the men's draw so far occurred before the three time wimbledon finalist the roddick losing to the team has the american feeling to take it said john. seven six seven six sixteen. he played well i mean. this years a lot easier to deal with than let's say last year where i feel like i gave it away . i got to be he came out he served as well as someone has and.
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you know the stuff. that's enabled me to beat him. you know seven times make you know person shots. monetarist make an employee defense honest for him he he did well today. for paul the blue block half of milan has welcomed their fourth manager in the space of twelve months jan pirro and guess perrine the man hoping to become a fixture at the san siro the fifty three year old knows the italian game well having been groomed in the youth ventus youth system during the start of his playing career just for him he later took over a gentlewoman injury in two thousand and six finishing fifth in syria three years after that was working out comes from ensure finish second behind city rivals milan this season with a manager at least nordo promptly stepping down to take over a sporting director's role in front of p.s.g. . has been a swift trip to the top for nineteen year old patrick counseling the traveller's
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championship the amateur leading up the halfway stage after setting a new course mark although through being the best round ever by a nonprofessional player a stunning ten under sixty schoolwork on being the californian a four shot lead us we put friedel on the thirty fourth for the majority of players that managed to finish the second round after rain delays on day one forced many to play catch up on friday a group of five more experienced golfers are chasing the youngster a nine under web simpson amongst those nearest rivals after the twenty five year old almost thinks that the sixty. the lights are due to come on or perhaps off later on saturday in germany with two premier middleweight boxer sits a faceoff felix sturm holds the w.p.a. title with irish challenger matthew muckler in the slight outsider to capture the germans belt in cologne mark and no well he has lost in
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a levon fight after moving up from the light middleweight writes the twenty nine year old's overall record spending at twenty eight wins two losses with an impressive nineteen not quite a slightly more season sturm posted thirty five victories two losses one. role he's held the title since it was seven bring him forward mock and whoever sees the thirty two year old is going to get tired quickly called the german belt holder has heard the same criticism about his opponents on agrees with it. and soak up and she's opponents through the work he's what right is relatively low rating in comparison to molly so i'm going to my own a microphone so if he's going to have to fight to stay with me he's going to have the much money to be much of a nice toy beautiful finished in the second half of the single i believe because it's just one of the first full full five six or eight of the six on t.v. become almost its condition and seeing from this is going to become i thought. ok
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rushes lorry drivers have been dominant into the car rally for years now but the country well i come to post the same success in the truck racing championships europe's premier big engine events however aleksandr laval's vs sole representative in the series is the man aiming to change all the statements reports. the european truck racing championship may not be quite as big as formula one but these two high octane sports do have more than one thing in common which is revving spectacular crashes and a solitary russian driver lapping the tracks in his yellow man truck alexander visit the ninety's thirty nine and used this to smaller cars because in switching to bigger engines he's triumphed in one of the four championship races sweeping the top honors at their previous stop in spain earlier this month so a lonely eleventh place in this latest asian nagar row france was a huge disappointment at this track is nothing new to us and races here are always
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very close to a very narrow time margins and if we did ok but it just didn't turn out to be a good day for us we started well later in the race is something happened which stopped us from keeping pace just one seventh place finish and fall races in the result were rough but was not prepared for the next race at the nerver green in germany german york in hand dominated the french leg of the championship is sending the overall leader ahead of his home stage at the legendary newberg ring in a few weeks time well right after the german trip the truck racing circus will pitch up in russia going for the second time to the western region of some lens so a lot of has about enough time to improve on his ninth overall position and pile at least some pressure on the front runners in the remaining four races someone's leg nicknamed truck battle russia kicks off on the thirty first of july stevens r.t. . ok it's been a full century of ops anton's for russia on the global sporting stage as the
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country's many marks its centennial festivities in moscow following our international day which occurred on thursday constitute a top off more for us now on all the goings on today from the luzhniki stadium. despite the weather messes of people have turned out at the losing to steady him to attend the twenty second the russian olympic day and one hundred years liberation of the russian olympic committee the atmosphere is very friendly and people should be leaving disappointed as it's a real festival of sports with a variety of facilities and everyone can finally see that each one's liking here there is a plethora of russian olympic champions and famous athletes and we had a chance to speak to some of them. and i think an event such as this one should be held every year as it is an important occasion for all the current former and future russian olympians and of the population see that athletes give it their all during the games the exposure would increase regardless of the results it is. just
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what i consider the specialty to be a personal holiday for me since i'm a new impeach champion under the employ of the olympic committee our main goal is to simply expose as many children as possible to sports for healthier future generations. russia is going to host many significant sports events like the world student games in comes out in twenty thirteen next year it's the winter such olympics and then of course the world cup in twenty teens and a lot is being done to me sports more popular among youth and this event is a big part of the program lots of children here enjoying themselves and hopefully many futures for sars among them the same. must go. on finally motor sport crashes really have a lighter side to them with heavy collisions frequently causing injuries or in some cases death but the following amateur bike crash thankfully only resulted in
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a few laughs for the spectators take a look at this they're marking the core truck has seen its fair share of thrilling moments us a former site of the formula one french run for a no no f one ups and never came close in this one though he felt he mates to. dinora on some you will come near the curtain losing control of their rise during a tough bans on were unable to regain it again after the ensuing incidents the fights going on for a spin without seeking the riders along causing him us of the mind of frustration for both men everybody but the jewel getting a kick out of the situation as the perp felt further and further down the stuff. for them that is all your sport if you feel like getting some more though why not go to you chub put in our sports channel which is artsy sports see you soon whether it's next.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science statistics knowledge from the realms. we've got the future covered.
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