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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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arrangement free. three stooges free. floating videos for your media project a free media. making waves in russian politics one of the country's richest men. has become the high profile new leader of a major political party and big ambitions for this year's elections. the us congress the votes against president obama's policy of military intervention in libya stops short of funds for the operation. and. for the exit the growing number of israelis who are leaving their country accusing authorities of failing to bring peace to the promised land.
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live from moscow this is our. top stories here on r.t. one of russia's richest men has become the leader of a political party with big ambitions for the parliamentary elections later this year let's now get more on those markings off who is our starting live for us in central moscow how. could this mean that strong opposition will appear in russia. well it's interesting that of himself is a member of the right cause for you to use the term opposition explaining that curly. bill you. understand history as a group or groups of. more gentle people who don't. and have the
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resources to make real improvements in russia's political system whilst it all sort of hands the sporty or planning to make a real impact and they want to get into poland during the next election and become due second most powerful political force in the country are right there next to the united russia party. poker office a successful businessman is when i go to you spoke to him after the party meeting today why why is he turns and a political party soft anything. we were able to cash we called right after his speech and i did ask him this question which is probably on the minds of millions of people right now why does a such a successful businessman and one of you wealthiest people on this planet decide to go into politics now well his answer was real short and simple he says he thinks
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that this is the right time to do this he feels that he does have the resources to do this and he believes in himself and in his party to make the change we are talking about julie new kind of. is quite an ambitious man and even though his political career is only just starting he's already reaching for the senior levels of russia's political elite. i'm not the kind of person who turns a dream or plunges into a loser we have particular goals to get into russia's lower house of parliament with the maximum number of votes but i also understand is that i could be a good prime minister if the party successful i would fight for this position. well he certainly has the confidence that your business and politics are not only interests are they he's quite a colorful character tell us more about him. is indeed quite
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a colorful character starting from his right to this man is over two metres tall to his love of sports it's no longer. quite an active jet ski or a morsel or it's fair and he's all are all for the new jersey nets us basketball team. leaders to project to be my beauty which is a brand new core being developed truly in russia even though it's not actually being built yet they're all orders really for years to call him which just shows they're almost all the project there to this man takes up become successful and we call for himself so that's why he doesn't believe that this project is going to work out and be a right cause party really does have a chance all right are you going to live in moscow things. well in other news here on r t the us congress has refused to grant president obama
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authority to continue the military campaign in libya but the very same lawmakers have turned down a motion to cut funding for the american action the votes are being seen as largely symbolic as the white house says it doesn't need congressional approval for the mission. to come reports from washington. the resolution adopted by the house of representatives is seen more like a message of rebuke to president obama rather than an actual war stopper because when he came to voting on cutting funds for that war the majority voted no so some analysts see elements of the show in the behavior of the u.s. congress saying that many lawmakers don't miss a chance to snub the president yet knowing that this novice won't change much at the end of the day as capitol hill observers say when it comes to waging the war congress has generally been supportive the resolution was sort of a way for the congress to show their frustration over the white house refusal to come to go lawmakers to seek authorization for the military actions under the u.s.
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constitution only congress can declare war except the obama administration doesn't call it a war although we last more than three months and involves many civilian deaths earlier this month the congressmen had a chance to send an even stronger message the house debated a resolution from congressman dennis kucinich that calls for an immediate end to the u.s. involvement you and the majority of lawmakers again know without proposal nevertheless the lawmakers don't like being ignored but even those who truly wants to stand up against the military actions in libya there is little they can do as one congressman said you can do resolutions until you are blue in the face but still be ignored by the light house but it seems it's not just resolutions that can be more kids also the voices of the american people the majority of whom are against the u.s. involvement in libya there is also an interesting point that some experts have mate with regards to the public perception of the war in libya it's off the headlines
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american news channels have been focused on congressman weiner's quote shut for weeks now and there is fear that certain inertia develops in a public perception with regards to the war in libya inertia which some say could be very dangerous. he's going to check out reporting the meantime the head of the u.s. a set of constitutional rights michael ratner says that president obama is staking his political career on the war and. the perspective i have and why didn't the president come to congress an issue because obviously once a war starts you're in the middle that's what you need or want it's all operation it's much harder to cut off and i think you're seeing a really strong opposition building to the war what's interesting is that i think obama looks like he made a real mistake to go into an illegal war that's contrary to the u.s. constitution and contrary to the war powers resolution which is a statute that was passed by congress a number of years ago and this principle be
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a legal issue oh it really reflects your underlying discomfort right now with this war and i think there's tremendous discomfort despite the fact that costs are nothing compared to afghanistan a rare straight affair we're not losing soldiers you know i'm getting sick and tired of war. without a live from moscow another former finance minister in hosni mubarak's alstott egyptian government has reportedly found a safe haven in the u.k. that's despite the fact that he's been sentenced in absentia to thirty years in jail by a court for corruption profiteering and abusing state assets parties lorimer looks at why the u.k. is sheltering senior figures from the regime at the same time as a publicly backs the arab spring. when egypt erupted into violence at the start of the year the u.k. was among the first to support the uprising out with the old dictatorship and in with a new era of democracy the old guard was swept aside but many running in fear for
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their lives ran straight to a new life in london and the local egyptian community is horrified angry disappointed some of them calling she wanted. because it is a long time now with the british government allowing people running oil not just from egypt from all over the world you said goalie is just one the former finance minister instead of beginning a thirty year prison sentence for embezzlement in egypt he said to be running around london a free man who trusts god he was convicted in absentia of corruption profiteering and abusing state and private assets he's also been ordered to repay more than ten million dollars and p. andris slaughter has demanded the british government tell something about it but is disappointed by the response but expect to see some more action against the money and other good system exported for egypt and other. countries but also
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against fugitive from justice in this country and that's what i feel pressing covered here today was actually we do have a very strong tradition in this country of holding international law and i want to see that continue i do want the current government to neglect that usually many think they're already negligent in collie's case an international arrest warrant has reportedly been issued by egypt but critics feel money and connections secure a ticket to freedom in the u.k. which is very would not have a problem to get into the united kingdom for so many reasons and the simplest one of them is the money is cause i mean you can. remain with your money in the u.k. if your money. is. meanwhile in egypt people aren't surprised england they say is where corrupt middle eastern officials go to hide he's not a stranger to the west very much one of the west's men in egypt was one of the
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worst enemy egypt so he's found refuge in london is not surprising to anybody. pray the u.k. is a million strong tends to hear it doesn't it community leaders say to people it's too angry there's no guarantee the days. will give you. a lousy excuse to pick up chrissy support for the middle east in a democracy me. great. great great see your avatar team. and are still plenty more to come here on the program on our quick taste of what's ahead for you and eric as a strategy in afghanistan we explore why barack obama as we call plans are dividing opinion both within and beyond the country's borders. plus a look at what it takes to work and survive in antarctica one of the most dangerous environments on. it now at least twenty people have been injured after
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a gas explosion in russia's republic of the north a city of the blast in the city of lot of happened in a densely populated residential area where up to ten families could be sharing one private house the casualties have been taken to hospital for treatment it's not yet clear what caused the blast firefighters and police are still working at the scene . well that's a state created for millions of jewish people from all over the world to call their home but now a growing numbers of israelis are lining up to leave fears over security mean many are opting for the e.u. or even for american citizenship to meet their expectations of a promised land parties paula has their story. rachel shites has no reason to like germany she was born a before the second world war and within six years had been expelled and most of her family killed but the irony is she now wants a german passport i think it. was
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a german citizenship to help my children and grandchildren which might be shocking if it wasn't so common in israel today in the last decade some thirty thousand israelis have applied for us citizenship a quarter of a million already have a second passport it's unlikely that any other country in the world has such a large percentage of new immigrants preparing to leave it's really. because these are. becoming. europe because that. is. the full of my faith the american heart of tel aviv here you'll hear more english in hebrew and you'll be forgiven for thinking that you're in the u.s. and not the promised land most israelis here have a second passport many of them grew up abroad or have a parent who came from another country canadian israeli and i would never give up my canadian and probably would give up my israeli the american i wouldn't give up because i have family. i want to be able to go there any time british passport or
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european passport is a doorway to opportunity is eight years ago the bar was blown up by a suicide bomber three people were killed and fifty injured the bar didn't close down but some say the rush for new passports heated up in vain because of suicide bombings when there was a feeling of insecurity so yes there was an increase both in immigration and in the human for passports and that demand has only grown in the last five years israel has been in two wars and many fear another is not far off and the government's policy of settlement expansion has only isolated the country internationally so it's no surprise is leading israeli journalist navy the people are tired of living in a war zone. seeing its own creating all the. frightening . against anything and the payoff is a population that feels unsafe with one eye on europe. then
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a son has processed nearly five thousand applications for a second passport in the last ten years that works out at a party thirty passports a month and he's only one lawyer working in the field afraid of the truth in world war two the one who are the one who got the wide berth for you if you. can help you move. out of danger zone then you do it every year more choose to leave israel for europe and the skates then the other way around one in five or so if you choose has a really returned home and with no israeli palestinian peace talks on the horizon and growing israeli insecurity about the arab demonstrations on the doorstep this so-called insurance passport is unlikely to lose popularity any time soon point c r t tel aviv. now a quarter past the hour here in moscow at least sixty people have been killed in
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eastern afghanistan after a suicide car bomb blast that outside a medical clinic one hundred twenty others were hurt with some in critical condition this comes just after barack obama announced a partial troop withdrawal from afghanistan but not everyone is happy with the president's plan to use a military contributor says despite staying in the country for ten years conventional u.s. water pics have yielded a few turntable results. if anybody was impressed by brock obama's speech regarding the tempo and scale of u.s. forces withdraw from afghanistan it was afghan president hamid karzai own the one side the afghan leader was a happy camper regarding the american president announcement and on the other side there was so much effort hanchen regarding there we action from the u.s. military and from vox populi as far as the military piece
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concerned it was mostly limited only to armchair commandos stand with a u.s. secretary of defense robert gates in fact to the admiral michael mullen opinion represents the bunker mentality and conventional wisdom all conventional group thing the only part of the u.s. military and intelligence community who really have a grasp of the situation less likely to step up to the t.v. cameras and to spill their guts that after ten years both of us uphill battle in afghanistan it turns out that ninety percent of the failure of a conventional force is due to conventional thinking. we've got you live from moscow now to some other international news for you this hour in the eleven on the leader of this follows the group has captured three spies among its low level members its claims were two of them were recruited by the cia although the agents
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were not considered a serious threat to the movement the u.s. embassy in the country has dismissed the militant group's claims as quote empty accusations. new york lawmakers have voted to legalize same sex marriage the decision sent hundreds of people today to celebrate what they describe as a victory for civil rights new york has become the sixth american state where gay couples are officially allowed to marry and have families it comes after president obama encouraged lawmakers to support the rights of sexual minorities. thousands of anti-government protesters have marched across syria with twenty people killed in separate cities after security forces fired on crowds syrian state t.v. says that identified gunmen were responsible for some of the deaths that's coming science the u.s. introduced fresh sanctions against a mass of damascus for its crackdown on protesters thousands have fled to
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neighboring lebanon and turkey to escape the violence. well in the u.s. are being laid off in huge numbers almost twelve thousand jobs have already been cut since the beginning of the year was hardly much sympathy for the wall street high flyers among ordinary americans but as a financial journalist watch joel explains they should be concerned as it hits a new low for the u.s. economy. i think of what happened was there was kind of an idea that was happening that maybe a recovery was on the way because banks were making money again there were huge bonuses being paid out last year and that was an issue there was a lot of backlash and i think that's one of the reasons they actually salaries instead of caving bonuses the fact now that they're not making money shows that perhaps the economy isn't growing as fast as i thought it was the numbers keep coming out suggesting that jobs on growing across various sectors and i think that
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if there's not money being made on main street that usually kind of effects financed the financial sector as well and if you're not making money trading then these banks can keep the bankers on. that was a business insider kathy showing her opinion on america's stuttering financial plight but what do people in the streets think about these problems the resident talk show host laura her first finds out in new york. all the latest data indicates the global economy is going limp are you personally affected this week let's talk about that have you felt the impact of a bad economy or better job this economy is not a better job year does a try to go to college and i can't because car my car gas is all expensive at school so expensive so it's money versus cycle is really bad but i'm happy because brazil is growing like for me it's good so is that kind of the way because when
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some countries are hurting other countries can prosper more yeah greece is working bad spain is looking good i feel like we're on the right. so they're just exaggerating not in greece and spain no no i feel like reports in the u.s. or i'm actually in the military so i feel it all that's the only per annum one perk my job i've been getting steady paychecks for five years yeah i can see that the american military is going to go out of it if they do any time soon and i guess we have bigger problems to worry about the economy is bad and you had to cut back on things for we had to go back even though we're sure we could take gracious you come to new york this. crucial british or fourth time in new york city today so that doesn't sound like you're hurting that it sounds like you're doing ok we haven't cut back on a lot of other things you think that we've seen the bottom of this crisis or are we headed for bread lines and even worse things that we've seen the bottom or is the bottom look like. well it was pretty bad during the great depression is
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a bottom that we can compare it to i don't know if we'll get that bad but i don't think we're there yet so do you think we can fix it i'm a global level or do you think it's time countries started looking at themselves first i think we have to fix it on the global level but i think we reach country have to know where they live their expectations of. the living standard i think we all had to go down whether or not even personally a fact that the bottom line is the global economy apparently continues to fall flat so. you would you like our moscow and talk to go to checkout aisle at the online lot more news and i catching videos on our website or here are some of the often find out for you right now at some dot com. by any other correspondents found in a lot of compound reveals the top terrorist was planning to read around his
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organization admitting to losing a p.r. war with the west. they win so fairytale in the middle of summer a moscow park creates a spot of frosty fun for those who miss the skiing and snowball fights if you're tired of the summer heat our head over to see dot com and don't forget to check out all about the best videos on our new child. is. the official. called touch.
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mine. and street. on the calm. now twenty four minutes past the hour here in moscow it has one of the most unpredictable climates in the world but for people who go to the ticker in the name of science dealing with environmental extremists is a daily reality in the latest in a series of special reports shawn thomas has witnessed how people survive at the ends of the. antarctic storms are known to be fierce sometimes forcing those who have to endure them to take safe harbor it was very bad it was. thirty to thirty. years rolling around he had to.
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get in between us. so we're rolling around. trying to make a good road or. yes here the crew of this ship was able to pull through the temple stand even work with nearby stations to repair their damaged vessel but they were lucky operating in such a remote environment means replacement parts aren't always available and the workers here have to make do with what they can and it's pretty hard to get here good equipment to get here sophisticated equipment so. one challenge here is to try to make your big science was a very small amount of because of the heart and it's very radical friends and i think there is considered one of the most. on the planet and because of its operating down here. really and it can be downright deadly during the same storm
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the crew from that would lie on t.v.'s base lost one of their team when a jeep wall down an embankment into a frigid antarctic lake. that was the most difficult experience of my career and such moments i start to think that good just wants us to try it out here. but in antarctica time is a valuable commodity and work crews have limited time to prepare the base for winter after the accident happened we didn't even have time to make a stop which the moment required a stop to think to express compassion we had to go on with our work which we finished as about four am the next day the incident sparked an outpouring of international support from the surrounding bases but in a twist all too appropriate for the harsh realities of working in antarctica and chilean air for. plane that was to air lifted the body back to south america suffered an explosion in the left engine as it was taking off the pilots on board of earning another fatal tragedy by a matter of seconds still the southern continent doesn't provide the opportunity to
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dwell on the difficulties when it was you know the key thing is that all problems as soon as possible with your questions you will be lost when there is no immediate response to precautions and avoid actions let me get one of those hurt for example on the airplane engine field we avoided doing anything that could have gotten any of us hurt in any way so we don't have anybody else here we have void in your wrists until another airplane arrives we're going to need a system derived from unfortunate necessity which keeps those living and working in the face of danger and safe is possible in antarctica shan thomas hardy. i mean you can always get extra pretty close and read more about sean's adventures in all corners of the world do so on his blog that's on our website talk. to them on. one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica
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and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and attractive from the early. parts of . the. expedition to the bottom of the earth. i'll be back with a recap of our top stories for you in just a few moments to stay with us. for . the.
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