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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2011 6:31pm-7:00pm EDT

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two thirty am in moscow these are our t. headlines russian billionaire mikhail prokhorov enters frontline politics as the leader of a liberal business minded party setting his sights on becoming prime minister he was elected on a promise to make the right cause party second largest after united russia in the upcoming parliamentary lasting parliamentary election asking if not me who. dozens killed in a terror attack in a hospital in eastern afghanistan while president obama pushes forward with a plan for drastic troop reduction label risky by some in the u.s. military obama wants to reduce troops in the country by a third and made an upsurge in violence following the death of osama bin laden. the u.k. accused of double standards for providing safe haven to egypt's former finance minister who was convicted of corruption despite london publicly supporting the pro-democracy movement use
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a scholar he was sentenced in absentia to thirty years in jail but fled the country up next artie's bargain ender's walks the same streets as lenin in the russian capital moscow out coming your way now. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program i'll be exploring that in slice. the ball straight lead to change the course of the straits and starting off the red square next to the magnificent moscow kremlin joining us as we take a look at his epic journey and visit various landmarks associated with his life and . is one of the main names associated with.
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eight hundred seventy s. in the choices pseudo name living in nineteen i want as one of the leading political figures and revolution we think is of the twentieth century he changed the world. bolshevik takeover of power in russia in nine hundred seventeen the communist party manage an unwanted class free economy life for an adapted form of marxism but what is the soviet leaders like to see today. for the developments in syria who. might say their mission those guys were really able to take a philosophy and turn it into a train says something the whole society could use and think it was well intentioned begin ejects these communities here on the national review this man was to use from his time and he's still i do nice now i think is completely over the top to keep him in there and you know cherry him in the ground and using everyone else. who turned everything upside down. there's nothing else to say he.
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was in london the father of the so you're. right and then changed. and they were friends for the younger generation as you can say that the image of the. into a retro. figure not helped by tacky pop. and cheesy. it seems now. equally celebrated. and the good and bad he did in his life acknowledged. the days of thousands of people queuing up to see. regarding locations it's still the main association. with him. in this program the real many other places. which was at the forefront of his life. in the capital for most of the previous century lennon has to make it. center of
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the country. because of threats. as it was. originally. for public viewing. his body moves. even. political backgrounds it is clear that lennon was an exceptional human being even if you. moved into the. legend has it that he took both his wife. and his. own amount. the national front
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the last two decades of the access to many many locations previously closed even a moon in the us soft museums have. hotels bunkers it seems the russian capital is now open to. almost if you want an example of a consequence how from the last century this is perfect built in one thousand or three by the famed an architect. of. the century before the revolution the hotel hosted foreign diplomats. loyalty business and indeed to the famous after nine hundred seventeen russia has proclaimed the first house of the soviets and became a residence of the government's top communist leaders. of interest is really one of seven the bright area so is the location of antique furniture high ceilings and
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a sense of history the one hundred seventy. only has one of the best views of the capital but it's also packed full of history a. part of this with inside the hotel was famous they aren't at his wife for two weeks and eighty in the hotel has been renovated since but still. this. century yes. you can gaze across the kremlin much of this cost. today this room costs thousands of dollars a night i'm not quite sure the beach impressed with the. same rights for everyone. this. is historically connected with linen. and is still of interest for many and only those interested do not necessarily need to book a room you can apply for a special tour as the department of cultural shared. exclusions are organized twice
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a year. and what other moscow locations connects with. them in the office. a comment from the kremlin is now a historical exhibit in detail representing the atmosphere in which she lived and watched for several years. when it was opened to the public in one nine hundred fifty five became one of the most visited museums in the country but as it was located in the kremlin same building where the actual russian government president was in the one nine hundred ninety s. it was decided to move the cabinet to the state and touch complex. historical items have been moved including clock but still shows the time when he left the room the last time. a perfect items which relate to lennon's work represent the period for nine hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred twenty three but the personal belongings from the collection which we used by lennon in his
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everyday life that older than that some of them were years by several generations of the family and date back to eight hundred forty two. lennon lookalikes. act. and even the second one hundred roubles that's around three dollars you can have a cheesy reminder of your time. especially popular among foreigners but i have to say they are more stingy going to comes to money but they understand lennon sells just like everything else in this world. monuments to lenin examples of studied art but they're also one of the main symbols of the era says the twenty's thousands of monuments were erected in almost every city and small town of the west. there are dozens of sculptures of the prostate lead erected in the city squares in front of mistreated buildings and you can still see many of them to this day. most
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luxurious hotels in the city center was once a stage speeches the metropole hotel built in the beginning of the twentieth century. became a base for the bolshevik government many leaders lived and worked in the metropole and it was often visited by many when he addressed his associates in the one hundred twenty s. it started functioning as a hotel again for decades its rules were only available for russian. politicians. at the historic hotel but remember. the hotel has been preserved in its original despite all the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century here today is the same as it was in nine hundred eighteen when the bolshevik government had its meetings here but. so when restoration work was carried out in the. hall to spawn doubt that the painted walls ten glossy.
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damaged which they had to clean to restore their original decorations. hundreds of. communism. look at the impact. around the country for. his. for the twentieth century. the estate.
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property was nationalized. it's really something. to be seen and not know the answer running grounds are open to the public today but only for organized tours the house is filled with possessions he can see everything from gifts given to men in his wheelchair various clothes and his four thousand book collection. in may nine hundred twenty three he followed medical advice and left the moscow kremlin. it was here as a frown man only in his early fifty's vladimir. would spend his final years in september eighteenth. after. i mean chris amount of time. as his health deteriorated over the coming years finally living in retirement he died in this actual bad on the twenty first of january ninety four.
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after the complex was renamed linsky officially became a museum in one nine hundred thirty eight and was a place of pilgrimage citizens right up to the fall of the iron curtain from viewing his death mosque here to visiting his red square we're talking about local historians tourists communists the achievements of lenin still have a cult following and all the places connected with his life and legacy. as the journey that was. building well unfortunately that's what's how we have on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then for me and the rest of the crew from spectacular.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only
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garbage but. where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. . information clustering the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool bit interested in fixing straight out of software to make three d. goggles free in the building blocks from bush's first nationwide four g. network tomsk on top of knowledge of. the future covered. russian billionaire mcconnell prover of enters frontline politics as the leader of
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a liberal business minded party and says his sights on becoming prime minister he was elected on a promise to make the right cause party second largest after united russia in the upcoming parliamentary election asking if not then. dozens killed in a terror attack on a hospital in eastern afghanistan while president obama pushes forward with plans for a drastic troop reduction labeled risky by some in the u.s. military and obama wants to scale down the number of u.s. troops in the country by a third amid a surge in violence following the killing of osama bin ladin. the u.k. queues of double standards for providing safe haven to egypt's former finance minister who was convicted of corruption despite london publicly supporting the pro-democracy movement use of boutros ghali was sentenced in absentia to thirty years in jail but fled the country. is up next with the latest from the world of sports stay with us here on r.t. .
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hello and welcome abel she was force nears here in r t the headlines. shot up over continues around the world the former champion beating. excepts in the third stage . made a career win for ben spies the american capitalizes on marco simoncelli as early crash to claim the dutch move the grand prix. and also spinning not swimming apparel french riders are involved in an unusual accident of money couper with the bikes performing a bizarre down to colliding. tennis first elephant is set up over continues a quest for a second wimbledon title the fifth seed is into the last sixty enough to sing off. set up was taken to her so tie break in her previous match for british hopeful laura robson wasted time in the forward clash on her way to the russian with some
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powerful shots. six two six three big. group could as much expectations as maybe you know you guys have on me based on the fact that like you said i haven't. crossed the fourth round. for a few years. at this point that i. can go step further and even more. and sort of us performances being watched closely not only in england but also here in the russian capital recently retired star and olympic champion and i do mean several believes that she could win in london this year even though sort of as last major title camera came of the australian open three years ago. when building was maria's first grand slam title back in two thousand and four i think she likes to play on grass and has a good chance of winning this tournament this season and of course we'll be supporting her and the only russian man there usually. now shut up. namesake and old school friend very clearly i'm going to have
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a much tougher opponent in the form of defending champion sorry no williams and was unable to find announcers care namco losing six three six two elsewhere world number one caroline was not keys through with a win over little now in germany. of all the strain and joining in the last sixteen of them in the book over the top see the game he's playing next. that brings us to the men's side of action where mikhail youzhny has booked a place in the last sixty enough to be to nicolas a lager in four sets next stop for the russian is roger federer a swiss german eighteen throughout his encounter with arjun time veterans of the. verdict will pull troops on gulf air and also through bob the fear of see the broken sword and was not valid by unsuited. and earlier defending champion rafael nadal successfully won his match against israel which was suspended from the day before. so that. all the
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boys who were first serve. i wonder boy in the void so. the russian olympic committee has been marking its centennial this weekend festivities in moscow followed up international olympic day which was on thursday can spend went along to the celebrations and the luzhniki stadium. russia has a massive olympic tradition there's been many ups and downs throughout the past century for sports in the country but the biggest achievement is be happy that the russian olympic committee has not been going for one hundred years and delusion hysteria and that housed in the moscow olympics in one thousand eight hundred became the center of celebrations marking that fact russian olympic champions and famous athletes turn up giving everyone the chance to talk to some top sports stars . i think an event such as this one should be held every year as it is an important occasion for all the current former and future russian olympians and of the
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population sees its athletes give it their all during the games the exposure would increase regardless of the result. i consider this special day to be a personal holiday for me since i'm an olympic champion i'm that employee of the olympic committee our main goal is to simply expose as many children as possible to sports for a healthier future generation. there is always something to be improved at the governing body of the russian olympic movement but it has helped to raise a lot of champions and once an athlete takes part in the olympics and then olympian forever you know that the planning the fan base you know everything i do now is connected with sport and that's great i spend more than twenty years in sport and i don't want to let it go i feel some responsibility and i have to give something back after many people had a lot of effort into making an olympic champion out of me. that that that or some
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of the athletes who arrived at the rand still aiming for olympic gold and with this such olympics in mind rushing to national hockey player might seem a few my idea of science command of the appointment of an employer as a russia's new head coach. this. against the fourth or fifth year one for himself. or in the medals. it looks like people who are disappointed by what was a real festival of sport with thirty five different activities to try out there was something for everyone russia is going to host many significant sports events like the world students gain in cousin twenty thirteen the next year yes the window such olympics and then of course the world cup in twenty team and a lot is being done to me sports more popular among youth and this event is
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a big part of the program lots of children here enjoying themselves and hopefully many future sports stars are among them the same by the archie must go. and then time the ministry of sports tourism and youth policy should strictly punish any sport federation failing to prepare athletes probably for international competitions that's according to president makes him a very definitive font in the meeting of the sports council and consign and the head of state believes the sanctions should be tough. this sports ministry must watch particular programs very closely into a call corresponding measures if they are not being carried out properly but the ministry could go as far as to suspend the professional licenses of certain sports federations in the worst case they could even take them away permanently. a bit of football news now on the black and blue half of milan have welcomed their fourth manager within twelve months of john kerry neither man hoping to become a fixture at this is zero the fifty three year old knows the game well having been
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groomed for the big event as youth system during the start of his playing career gets very late. as juno managing two thousand and six finishing fifth in syria in two thousand and nine and surf in second behind city rivals ac milan this season with manager and they are not of the promptly stepping down to take over as director as well we have party sounds of man in france. now the russian women's basketball team have made it into the quarterfinals of the european championships in poland after winning the penultimate game of the second group stage. school of beatings the czech republic sixty nine to fifty five russia player off bottom great britain next in the final group game on monday. there's been a double success for a bull in qualifying ahead of the european grand prix in bali on sale with sebastian vettel and mark webber securing the first two spots on the grade for ariz fernando alonso posted only the fourth weakest time on the day despite winning
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friday's practice in style his teammate phillip them also will start right behind him from fifth while lewis hamilton was third fastest for mcclaren russia and renault was vitaly petrov settled for eleventh place only. hoping to hold on to his advantage in sunday's response as it's a tricky trick. it's a tricky circuit there's so many corners we've got twenty five before we you know cross the line again and especially in qualifying to get every single corner right this is very very difficult so to get the perfect lap in this is quite tough but i think my first run was quite good i was very happy and mark obviously the second run. meanwhile saturday was a race day for the latest moto g.p. stopping elson in the netherlands with american ben spies winning his maiden top flight race with some help from his rivals though and opening left crash involving world champion hurdle around so. mark the seam on shelley among all this propelling the yamaha rider to top spot spies opened up a full second advantage of
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a case of stone and never going back in the head of the australian and andrea in said still no extended his overall lead over the run so to twenty eight points. it's special because this track record grew up watching all my heroes race on forever and with this weekend being the fiftieth anniversary for yamaha i don't know how it all came together i had a friend over from the states and all the special colors here and with the way the weather was maybe it was all happening for a reason and we were able to do it today but the race was the race was tough in some ways uneasy in some ways. now staying with crashes which run to have a life aside to them would have a collisions for when they causing injuries the following am it's a bike crash though thankfully only resulted in a few lofts for this big tate is the money track has seen this fashionable thrilling moments as a formal side for formula one french though no form of want to accident ever came close to the wanted befell teammate serial and somebody come here the pair losing
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control of their eyes during a tough there and then were unable to regain it after the ensuing incident by going out for a spin without taking the ride is a long causing a massive amount of frustration for both men everyone on the deal getting a kick out of the situation as the pass fell further and further down the standings come yet however i was able to regroup from prostration and managed to pull the fi for the final off the finishing seventeenth. now that was useful coming up next is the weather stay with our team.
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