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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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welcome back to watching r.t. live from moscow these are the week's top stories russia mourns the forty five victims of tuesday's plane crash in the northwest of the country the aircraft went on fire after a crash landing on a major road just a kilometer from its destination pilot error and poor weather conditions are believed to be the main causes of the tragedy. levy has seen a surge in the number of civilian casualties from neighbors airstrikes on the country with the latest bombing reportedly killing fifteen believe it officials say
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over eight hundred civilians have died since the operation began in march. and demands for greece student pose tough for a budget cuts if you're a fresh start mass protests ad hold and outrage at yet another rescue plan within the bloc that same prediction that's made predictions that the euro is on the brink of collapse. one of russia's richest man has decided to answer the world of politics may help has been elected leader of the right cause he's planning to win seats in december parliamentary elections and told r.t. he eventually wants to be prime minister and this exclusive interview with igor is going off. he is a successful businessman one of the wealthiest in the world of all big sports. jersey nets and nell the leader of the right cause political party which is aiming
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to become russia's a second most powerful political force joined by me. why does such a successful businessman like you want to get into politics. you know when you achieve personal success and when you know this country well any normal person in my position would have a desire to do something for other people as a mechanism for that and it's called politics people have to deal with politics when they go to polling stations there's also the job of a professional politician so i've made a decision to become a professional politician to help the citizens of this country to live better and i think i don't have or let's talk about some of russia's biggest problems it's not corruption annually sucks in nearly one third of g.d.p. according to some calculations half of business spending is on kickbacks and bribes as a representative of business would you agree with these figures and what can be done to improve the situation obviously this is a well known fact these figures are unlikely to surprise anybody i think that our
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main problem is that the old model has exhausted its potential for development we should suggest a new model of political and economic development a new audiology a new everything this new model should produce a new effect i know how we should do that and we are going to explain it to every russian in our party crow graham in a very simple way or does the right cause party have the resources to develop this new political model i think that even opportunity emerges to bring it home to our citizens what you deem necessary this chance cannot be missed the motto of who us can do it but me is very urgent at the moment. is it possible to do business in russia will. well having close ties with bill's in power you know you need to have some connections to do business in any country everything depends on the measure of these connections to a greater or minute agree big business always has more ties and connections we are like the rest of the world in this respect. where would you put the level of
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corruption in russia on a ten point scale the level of corruption is high and it permeates practically all spheres of life for our people i think that we've inherited this corruption in the former u.s.s.r. it was more widespread at that time in order to buy meat it was necessary to make friends with butchers in order to buy nice clothes it was necessary to have friendly time directors and the market economy has become a thing of the past but a new kind of corruption has appeared everything linked to people's daily life is corrupt everybody talks about that we understand how we should tackle this problem russia's economy is still deeply dependent on national resources and their export obviously does is a dead end is an innovation beast economy possible in russia and what needs to be done to be a bit i think you should put this question a bit wider what competitive advantages does this country have compared to other countries we should develop them apart from our oil and gas sector we are also
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a great transit power that we can build roads railroads or normal airports but we can link together two parts of the globe like europe and china we have unique human resources which have been under used and we're planning to focus our efforts exactly on the human potential. what's your take on russia's judicial system can it be called independent and what's your opinion on me of that of course he's second criminal case i think that our judicial system is imperfect just because of the mere fact that we don't comply with the constitution our constitution has a. in about the administrative court and it's been shelved for twelve years it's the administrative court as supposed to defend our citizens if a citizen doesn't like a directive issued by a bureaucrat he can turn to an administrative court for help a bureaucrat in turn to prove that his directive is in line with the law today
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a bureaucrat takes no responsibility this is a problem that needs to be tackled why did ministry tive court the second thing is linked to hold of course the law is a law irrespective of whether it's good or bad all of us are obliged to stick to this law if there are faults in it it's the task of a political party to suggest amendments even this imperfect law implies a procedure called early release on parole i personally think there are no grounds to deny khodorkovsky eleven day of their right to be released early on parole. i think the last ten years or the construction of a massive vertical line of power i mean you have the regions privileges have been moved to moscow for example the election of regional governors or scared sort of in your opinion does such a system meet water and the mend. only a system that can answer one simple question easily can be considered to match modern reality and problem should be solved wherever emerges our system of
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government doesn't meet that criteria at the moment as it's well known that you have close ties to board with the kremlin and the government with the right cause party can be considered opposition even though you've asked others to forget to stir nevertheless the policy you want to put forward or different from those of the current political force. this is just a different model a different vision the united russia party is a political monopoly and we will be fighting all kinds of monopolies whether political natural spiritual or economic with competition. or do you think you're all ideas maybe come up problem for your interests having such close ties with those in power that is what i believe every development model comes from the inside correspondingly this is my conviction and therefore i will be proposing that the greatest do you see yourself running for president in the future but. i'm not
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the kind of person who tends to dream or plunge into illusions we have particular goals to get into russia's lower house of parliament or the maximum number of votes but i also understand is that i could be a good prime minister of the party successful i would fight for this position. here's a question on a totally different issue our audience is quite international as the owner of the new jersey nets can you shed some light on what awaits the team this year any surprises me. from. the team will be consolidating we have a clear plan and we're not going to give up this plan that i've announced time and time again that within four years we will become champions. another nonpolitical question about your maybe it's reported there is already a five year waiting list for the score is ten years. ready even ten so it's a tremendous success even though the core is not yet being produced and most people
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haven't seen these cars in real life is there also interest from abroad and how do you evaluate russia's core market in general but it. really happy to see such great demand for the new russian car our people want to see something new in russian so we must meet their expectations as a russia's automotive industry i think is now following the traditional way trying to get modern western makes into the country localization of any western car broadens the gap by seven or eight years this is why we chose a different way to make an entirely new car based on a new concept we need to be able to move forwards in time that's the point of innovation and that's what innovators take risks will use. what. is it possible to make parallels between the your might be and the right cause party do you expect the party to be as popular as the score among the people you know about them i mean i wouldn't have gone into politics if i didn't think so thank you very
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much thank you. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front wheel several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by grabbers everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. returned
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to terra while julian cooper story on our t.v. . today children play war in the old cheese to me. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier feminazi troops on their way to moscow. funders in response were dying when my mom undersea still some. water. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell muslims i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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down the field fishel on t. allegation your body phone i pod touch from the shops to. which all teachers life on the go. video on demand on cheese minefield costs and says street now in the palm of your. question on the call. i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can coming factory. but we have less garbage now. some visitors who come here make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm
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not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just the people don't see me. but i feel it with time people like me. that i feel people will start to appreciate us. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charged up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes sense arctic is so special and attractive for many wildlife in antarctica is the close and fragile. expedition to the bottom of the earth.
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if. it was the fourth quarter. of. this industry still keeps its secrets now it's time to reveal the soviet files obsolete. inflation cluster in the center of security one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry your expenditures then some of the infection straight out
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of software to make three d. carlos free from the building blocks for brushes first nationwide four g. network tones going top functionality optics. the future coverage. the week's top stories here on are to russia mourns the forty five victims of to this plane crash in the northwest of the country the aircraft went on fire after a crash landing on a major road just a kilometer promised destination pilot error and poor weather conditions are believed to be the main causes of the tragedy. levy has seen a surge in the number of civilian casualties from nato airstrikes in the country with the latest bombing reportedly killing fifteen libyan officials say over eight hundred civilians have died since the operation began in march. and eview demands for greece to impose tougher budget cuts to secure
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a fresh bailout sparked mass protests at home and outrage and yet another rescue plan within the block that's amid predictions that you are always on the brink of collapse. pinching face now into the world of sports news here with us good morning to you in a morning and not too much rest for sure awful at wimbledon so it seems that doesn't seem to worry her exactly show she was playing twice in the space of twenty four hours because surprise surprise it's london meaning there's rain lots of delays but i tell you what she's going to run for she hasn't dropped the said all tournament she's looking pretty good more not coming. good to have you with us this saturday morning here sunday morning i should say in central moscow i mean not only plenty over the next ten minutes including.
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quickstep restruck up post her second within twenty four hours of wimbledon to make the fourth round. top of the pile going away after one leader sparking battle to call for the seventh time in eight attempts this season in valencia. in cologne clocker boxing fans got to enjoy a recruiting middleweight clash last night in germany ending in felix durham holding on to his job we'd be a crown against michael. ware not coming out of the all star shortening on maria sharapova capturing a second wimbledon title the russian marching into the last sixteen with victory over cora. is yet to drop a set this tournament an imperious first set this play from the fifth seed setting the tone for the second drop of all seemingly always one step ahead of her czech opponents. who are for. getting this on march sixth two six three the final score of chinese sure i hang up next.
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as much expectations as maybe you guys have on me based on the fact but like you said i haven't. because the first. few years. yeah i'm happy with this. and hopefully this step further and even more sure of the performances are being watched closely not only in imports also here of course in the russian capital recently retired start to limp a champion yelena dementia stating her compact feat could win in london this year even though shrug of his last grand slam claim he is truly an open three years ago . wimbledon was maria's first grand slam title back in two thousand and four i think she likes to play on grass and has a good chance of winning this tournament this season and of course we'll be supporting her and the only russian man there usually. the mentor there won't be seeing any more of compulsory agree occur olenka after the russian was ousted by
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serena williams on saturday the american take even the six weeks. caroline wozniacki may be world number one but the dane has never vance passed the last sixteen stage of the all england club twenty roll reaching out stage again by appealing to a doctor but this time round thanks. to the men's side of things for russia's sole remaining representative is still going strong. putting his place in the last sixteen after beating grow in four sets it's roger federer next for him six time wimbledon champion himself federer continuing the competition the twenty nine year old into the fourth round of the sweeping. up david nalbandian for sixty six for tennis great team that removed cricket legend such intent goal for enjoying another clinical display by the swiss maestro. problems for the pending champion
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rafael nadal either the world number one meeting to try for one of these lower to go into the side and set seven six seven six. so that mentally. all my points with the first serve play in the second. i have a chance i want to play with so. well over two novak djokovic show had a much tougher time joining the other choccies and fourth round options cypriot marcus baghdatis not giving up without a fight in their own country this long last rally indicative of. who will fill six six three six in the final for. the dance. moving on from tennis where this weekend marks one hundred years since the founding of the russian olympic committee celebrations well they occurred through i think country but especially in moscow us constantine to top off reports. russia has a massive olympic tradition there's been many ups and downs throughout the boss
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injury for sports in the country but the biggest achievement is behalf that the russian olympic committee has not been going for one hundred years and delusion hysteria and that hosted the moscow olympics in one thousand eight hundred became the center of celebrations marking that fact russian olympic champions and famous athletes turn up giving everyone a chance to talk to some top sports stars. i think an event such as this one should be held every year as it is an important occasion for all the current former and future russian olympians and of the population see that athletes give it their all during the games the exposure would increase regardless of the results. just right i consider this special day to be a personal holiday for me since i'm in the olympic camp am i'm going to be olympic committee our main goal is to simply expose as many children possible course for a healthier future generation. there is always something to be improved
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it could be opening body of the russian olympic movement but it is how to raise a lot of champions and once an athlete takes part in maryland picks and then olympian forever you know the look at that and upset you but you know everything i do now is connected with sport and that's great i spend more than twenty years in sport and i don't want to let it go i feel some responsibility and i have to give something back and many people have a lot of that into making an olympic champion out of it what is that that that. some of the athletes who are arrived at the round a still aiming for olympic gold and with his socially bix in mind rushing to national hockey player much seem like an ideal and gave his last man of the pointy end of the new blood really as russia's new head coach. is. ever perfect.
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that's the forward. to sell. the models. like people weren't disappointed by what was a real list of all of sports with thirty five different activities to try out there was something for everyone russia is going to host many significant sports events like the world student game in twenty protein the next year yes the winners such olympics and then of course the world cup in twenty teams and a lot is being done to me sports more popular among youth and this event is a big part of the program lots of children are here enjoying themselves and hopefully many future sports stars among them the same part of our team must go amen to that now it's mitri made viet it has lent his considerable weight to the issue of russia's falling a limp medal teles the russian president stating any sport federation not preparing its athletes properly for international competition will face serious questions. in
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sport and sports ministry must watch particular programs very closely and take all corresponding measures if they're not been carried out properly the ministry could go as far as to suspend the professional licenses of certain sport relations in the worst cases they could even take them away permanently now those punishments shouldn't affect their women's basketball head after the national squad made it into the quarterfinals of the european championships on saturday evening team russia winning that promote the game of their second group stage sing off the czech republic with relativity sixty nine fifty five russia take on rock bottom great britain next on sunday. it will be a want to start for red bull of the european crown prince lindsey so much in battle on mark webber securing the leading spots on the grid for henri's fernando alonso though only knowledge the post the fourth quickest time on the tape despite topping friday's practice in style his teammate felipe and muscle. or start right behind him in fiercest lewis hamilton says from authority. reynolds vitaly petrov was more
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self-reliant. vettel alinsky is pretty. tricky circuit this so many corners we've got twenty five people we you know cross the line again and especially in qualifying to get every single corner right is it's very very difficult to get the perfect lap in this is quite tough but i think my first run was was quite good i was very happy and mark obviously in the second run. meanwhile saturday was raced at the latest moto g.p. stop in the netherlands a joyful day for ben spice but the american clinching his maiden top flight win with some help from his rivals however an opening crash involving world champion forgive the rain so the singer marco simoncelli among others propelling the yamaha rider to top spot spies soaping up for second in the studio which remains on to lead in line finishing ahead of the street on the scene so it was through those who
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extended his lead over the twenty eight. special christmas crackers a trucker grew up watching my heroes race on forever and with this weekend being the fiftieth anniversary for yamaha i don't know how it all came together i had a friend over from the states and all the special colors here and some more the way the weather was maybe it was to do swell happen for a reason and we were able to do it today but the race was the race was tough in some ways and using some honest. and finally the w.p.a. world super middleweight title has stayed around the waist of felix sturm the german retaining his belt off hearing itself split decision win over challenger matthew mark glenn the fighters claiming they would i'd lost each other and pretty much trash talk or whatever showing the condition of a superb going to twelve round distance and hugely entertaining it for sturm again drawing a sizeable home crowd funding in this meet germany for the fourth street the thirty
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two year old running some good shots and making this the teachers cheer for more our friends attack at the end of the twelfth another green effort by sturm bullfighters awaited the fates of the three judges being given the nod to the home favorite is not down to the belt since two thousand and six. and that is all your sport and i see soon whether she's next. twenty years ago when i just country. sorts of things it. must have been cheap. to teach began a journey. where did it take. to
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the. wealthy british style. markets.


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