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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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markets. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. cries a report. you with r.t. live from moscow will do a recap in our summary of the stories that answered at the weekly for this week and our forty seven people are confirmed dead after monday's passenger plane crash in northwest russia two more survivors of the disaster died in hospitals on sunday investigators say they found no suggestion of a mechanical failure but plan to study the flight recorders more closely. there are reports of a mounting civilian deaths across libya with nato accused of hitting another
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military target and in a rebel held benghazi some say they're being forced to flee because of their support for colonel gadhafi. skeptics in brussels staged a fake funeral for the euro this week it came as the e.u. agreed on another multibillion bailout for greece but the new austerity cuts demanded in return more anger in athens. one of our russia's richest man has decided to enter the world of politics profit off as the elected leader of the right cause party is planning to win seats in december's parliamentary elections and told i'd see that he eventually wants to be prime minister in this exclusive interview without he's just going off. he is a successful businessman one of the wealthiest in the world also a big sports fan owner of jersey nets and nell the leader of the right cause
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political party which is aiming to become russia's a second most powerful political force joined by me. why does such a successful businessman like you want to get into politics. you know when you achieve personal success and when you know this country well any normal person in my position would have a desire to do something for other people there's a mechanism for that and it's called politics people have to deal with politics when they go to polling stations there's also the job of a professional politician so i've made a decision to become a professional politician to help the citizens of this country to live better and i think i don't have or let's talk about some of russia's biggest problems start corruption annually sucks in nearly one third of g.d.p. according to some calculations half of business spending is on kickbacks and bribes as a representative of business would you agree with these figures and what do you mean don't we prove the situation. this is
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a well known fact these figures are unlikely to surprise anybody i think that our main problem is that the old model has exhausted its potential for development we should suggest a new model of political and economic development and the audiology and you everything this new model should produce a new effect i know how we should do that and we're going to explain it to every russian in our party program in a very simple way but there's the right cause party have the resources to develop a new political model i think that even opportunity emerges to bring it home to our citizens what you deem necessary this chance cannot be missed the motto of who else can do it but me it's very urgent at the moment. is it. supposed to do business in washington without having close ties with bill's in power you know you need to have some connections to do business in any country everything depends on the measure of these connections to a greater or mine a degree big business always has more time and connections we are like the rest of
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the world in this respect. where would you put the level of corruption in russia on a ten point scale the level of corruption is high and it permeates practically all spheres of life for our people i think that we've inherited this corruption in the former u.s.s.r. it was more widespread at that time in order to buy meat it was necessary to make friends with butchers in order to buy nice clothes it was necessary to have friendly ties with shop directors and the market economy has become a thing of the past and a new kind of corruption has appeared everything linked to people's daily life is corrupt everybody talks about that we understand how we should tackle this problem russia's economy is still deeply dependent on natural resources and their export this is a dead end is an innovation beast economy possible in russia and what needs to be done to build it i think you should put this question a bit wider what competitive advantages does this country have compared to other
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countries we should develop them apart from our oil and gas sector we are also a great transit power that we can build roads railroads or normal airports we can link together two parts of the globe not europe and china we have unique human resources which have been on the used and we're planning to focus our efforts exactly on the human potential. what's your take on russia's judicial system can it be called independent and what's your opinion on me of that of course he's second criminal case i think that our judicial system is imperfect just because of the mere fact that we don't comply with the constitution. our constitution has a provision about the administrative court but it's been shelved for twelve years it's the administrative court the supposed to defend our citizens it was citizen doesn't like a directive issued by a bureaucrat he can turn to an administrative court for help if you're
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a prat in turn to prove that his directive is in line with the law today a bureaucrat takes no responsibility this is a problem that needs to be tackled by did minister tive caught the second thing is linked to hold a costly law is a law irrespective of whether it's good or bad all of us are obliged to stick to this law if there are faults in it it's the task of a political party to suggest amendments even this imperfect law implies a procedure called early release on parole i personally think there are no grounds to deny could of course the eleven day of their right to be released early on parole. the last ten years or the construction of a massive vertical wind of power i mean of the region's privileges have been moved to moscow for example the election of regional governors was cancelled in your opinion does such a system need more and the mend. only a system that can answer one simple question easily can be considered to match
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modern reality and problem should be solved wherever emerges our system of government doesn't meet that criteria at the moment is it's well known that you have close ties to both with the kremlin and the government but the right course party can be considered opposition even though us others to forget this term nevertheless the policies you want to put forward are different from those of the current political force. this is just a different model by different vision the united russia party is a political monopoly and we will be fighting all kinds of monopolies whether political natural spiritual or economic with competition. or do you think you're all ideas maybe come up problem for your interests having such close ties with bills in power. i believe every development model comes from the inside correspondingly this is my conviction and therefore i will be proposing that the
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greatest you will do this yourself running for president in the future you know i'm not the kind of person he tends to dream or plunge into illusions we have particular goals to get into russia's lower house of parliament or the maximum number of votes but i also understand is that i could be a good prime minister of the party successful i would fight for this position. here's a question on a totally different issue our audience is quite international as the owner of the new jersey nets can you shed some light on what awaits the team this year any surprises me. but either come on the team will be consolidating we have a clear plan and we're not going to give up this plan and i've announced time and time again that within four years we will become champions. another nonpolitical question about your money it's reported there is already a five year waiting list for the score it's ten years. eddie even ten or so is
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a tremendous success even though the core is not yet being produced and most people haven't seen these cars in real life is there also interest from abroad and hell do you evaluate russia's core market in general. i'm only happy to see such great demand for the new russian car our people want to see something new in russian so we must meet their expectations as a russia is also a motive industry i think is now following the traditional way trying to get modern western makes into the country localization of any western car broadens the gap by seven or eight years this is why we chose a different way make an entirely new car based on a new concept we need to be able to move forwards in time that's the point of innovation and that's what innovators take risks will use. what. is it possible to make parallels between the your mobile and the right cause party do you expect the party to be as popular as the score among the people and i mean i
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wouldn't have gone into politics if i didn't think so. thank you very much thank you. it's. just so. it's.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front panel field several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by graham was everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the very most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected to. return to terra with julian cooper story on our t.v. .
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today children play war in the old cheese me. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls will a first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow and. the funders of restless were dying one by one under ceaselessly without food water. supply. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell motherland i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. they faced this is not a provocation but a war that. fateful shit at the shittiest steppers are you sure it's
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a pretty picture it speaks of they have no idea about the hardships the face. plate on it is this is it yeah all of them too nice to me for any army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism book of those who understand it fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war two this is. the true nineteen forty five dot atiq dot com. i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some
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businesses who come here make fun of me. crazy about garbage boy i'm not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just that people don't see me. but i feel it was time people like me. that i feel people will start to appreciate us. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. . more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean
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thomas discovers what makes antarctica is so special and attractive for many wildlife in antarctica is the bones and friends of. the expedition to the bottom of the earth on our team. with the top stories of the week of this is the weekly on arts he forty seven people are now confirmed part of monday's passenger plane crash in northwest russia two more survivors of the disaster died in hospitals on sunday investigators say they found no suggestion of mechanical failure. and to study the flight recorders more closely. there are reports of mounting civilian deaths across libya with nato accused of hitting another military target and in a rebel held brain garcia some say they're being forced to flee because of their support for colonel gadhafi. and skeptics in brussels or staged
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a fake funeral for the euro this week it came as the e.u. agreed on another multi billion euro bailout for greece but the new austerity cuts demanded in return sparked more anger in athens. and there's a sampling of some of the headlines from this week here on r.t. but for now the latest from the world of sport with a touch. this is the sports news coming to live from moscow you're marching to sunday's home line russian cabal championship is entering a one month summer rest period we'll bring you the latest highlights from the eight games played on sunday before the break. runaway formula one leaders of boston itself accuses six win this season and sixteen overall finishing it had zero for nandrolone zero and not at the european grand prix in bali on sam. and in cologne boxing plans got to enjoy reproaching middleweight clash last night with retaining
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his w.b.c. crown against matthew macklin. russians who fans will have to make the most of today's primary league matches it's the last round of fixtures before him all following summer break and the first game of the busy day took place in times square full go grab the way not fellow strugglers and see torn up but most of all lugs it open for the visitors and eighteen for minute then with the smashing strike from inside the box right before half time outs one alternate maybe it's a double surprising one keeper with a long range and in injury time roselawn arjun jolly received a pinpoint cross into the area and easily libel for the final result out of three neil. and other completed much so leaders says castrates that advantage to a full five points away to a car then he flew skis man take me to the old things to say do be a brace for the games have just start the second place there is a need and sides terek there has been
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a looking for window before as they take on wine and start up knowledge traveled to the previous idea that there's also adultery coming up later here in moscow between fifty kids in the united states place a local might see elsewhere high flying l.g. could be joined second when they take on have sea cross legs darren's for the most group stalls also in the rough. capital. stateside mexico have claimed their second straight gold cup it's in the usa in a stunning comeback michael bradley got things started for the americans in the eight minutes as the hosts enjoyed the early exchanges. landon donovan then went on to double that advantage some fifteen minutes later with an excellent affidavit twenty minutes. to kneel to the usa public guerrero though held the mexican steady the ship getting one back right before the house almost west ham would eventually get the third goal was the final strike of the day belonged to giovanni santosh goalkeeper tim howard not quite able to move the ball away even leaving the
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midfielder to finish sublimely for to the final school mexico now gets to play in the twenty thirteen considerations cup in brazil a year before the world cup. when we considered the second goal i was afraid my team would completely fall apart but luckily we managed to pull one go back six minutes later and very soon and another to level the game to the break my men continued playing their game waiting for chances and they finally came. and people you can say with a goal spain's talented youngsters underlined the german ounce of their country by winning the other twenty one european championships spain beating switzerland the big old medal final and their era opened this forty eight forty one minutes in and with their minutes last month doubled their lead sealing the final score of suniel in his team's third european title. and beller a surprise the odds by claiming bronze as they defeated the czech republic you've
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worked really can't cope with a late well affordability russians who want to write the best national schools to compete at the london olympics next summer in the pro systems. now it's middle sunday at wimbledon with play due to resume tomorrow but it was an action packed day six which saw most of the city's progress including many. shut up about who cruised into the last sixteen with victory over clark as a part of our set up. this is tournaments and almost a perfect person display from the setting that's now for the second shot up of assumingly always one step ahead of the check getting a number of killer four hours down the line including a match point six two six three chinese frypan up next on monday. thank you sir. cross the forest. for a few years. to. step further
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and even. and shock of us performances are being watched closely not only in england but also hearing about in the russian capital recently retired star and olympic champion going to mean several things so compadre could win in london this year even though showed up at his last grand slam came at the australian open three years ago. if he wished to continue to. build and was maria's first grand slam title back in two thousand and four i think she likes to play on grass and has a good chance of winning this tournament this season and of course we'll be supporting her and the only russian man there usually are. the mental though won't be seeing any more of combat straight are you clearly don't go off to the russian was beaten by serena williams the american taking it in straight sets six three six two. carrying was not he may be world number one for the dame has never advanced past the last sixteen stage of the all england club and so is here all has a chance now though after beating jimmy look idol for the six three six. overall
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demand side of things russia's sole remaining representative is still going strong make how usually booking his place in the last sixteen of the big snake was a law growing full sets and if there was a federal next door game six time wimbledon champion federer himself continuing to steamroll the competition for the twenty nine year old into the fourth round up the sweeping side that he went down six four six two six four ten is great mussina and the right to live and cricket legend searching to develop where they're to enjoy another clinical display by those with. no real problems for defending champion rafael nadal either the world number one leading to time breaks people walloping humility to love the decided for sure up as the next challenge on monday . also on the day see drop unsoldering suffered a surprise defeat their own series so much this week squandering the opening segment in just one game did better later in the match but still not enough for
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a comeback australian thomas taking it six one six four seven five. and noble drug of choice i had a tough time in the third stage but you did survive caucus but that is not giving up without a fight six four four six six three and six four how it ended deep into the evening session on saturday luckily for him the serve has plenty of rest time before playing the show will draw on monday. i want to formula one however there's no stopping so far so to tell the season the german winning his sixth race in twenty eleven alone at the european grand prix in violent san miguel determinator through our starting from will cross the line townsite since ahead of the rockies fernando alonso the spaniard lighting his home crowd blithely thing that els in may from october to second spot another great race for a while anyway with both drivers making the podium in violence here meanwhile russia's big party is trough starting from eleventh on the green but only managed
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to fifteenth place finish. to the p.g.a. tour now in frederick york ups and has settled at the top of the leaderboard heading into the final round of the travelers championship this week securing a one stroke lead as lead to good advantage of some find where after days of rain. some got off to a good start but really picked up the pace on the back nine starting with this birdie on the town. the approach game also working for the thirty six year old an excellent second half foot on the would see you there nineteen year old patrick outlay sets an amateur and course record by scoring six in the previous round but the up and comer couldn't maintain his lead on the day still the american sits nor to fall behind five strokes off the pace in connecticut. and the w.b. world middleweight title has stayed around the waist of fellow xterm the german retaining his belt after any tough split decision over challenger matthew macklin.
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if i disclaiming they would outlaw as they are in the pretty much took a look at the past how with the show both the conditioning was killing the twelfth round the stones in a huge the in sustaining f.m. still again showing a sizeable home crowd fighting in his native germany for the sixteenth straight about thirty two year old lending some solid shots on my plan including at the end of the twelfth of the three judges probably giving the nod to the held by a right over the irishman so still retains the balance since two thousand and seven . and some of those stories you can watch online now you tube channel is archy sports news body of sports action there now stay with us for the weather update on down the news headlines with already. twenty years ago in the largest country in. the suitcases.
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but how did. you get the job. where did it take the. information clustering the center of siberia one see as revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're going to just accept the infection straight out of the software to make three streets and the building blocks from bush's first nationwide four g. network to installing top line frequency of. the future covered . more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the climbers this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers. so special and attractive for many.
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and friends of. expedition to the bottom of the earth.
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wealthy british style. is not on. the. markets why not can they. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the country forged on r t .


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