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this is the first time since the second world war that the japanese people have no trust in the government of the country or thought he was a launch of massive a radiation check ups and three months after the fukushima disaster local people are i'm good by the late response and the lack of transparency. the russian intelligence chief has been a found guilty of treason for exposing a group of russian sleeper agents in the united states last summer under sentenced to twenty five years in prison plus. his role frightens don't mess with deportation and they continue a band from reentering is if they plan six sale with us it's a let down so gaza. and russia by its economy as well
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production will not grow in the next decade however according to russia's kind it's been its calyx equipment and made his statement at the investor forum in russia well what has been discussed at one find out in business about twenty minutes. with our to you live from moscow right now or just after three pm on monday the japanese government is starting a radiation check ups for more than two million people living near the crippled fukushima plant is part of a long term health monitoring program launched over three months after the nuclear crisis started and the sean thomas reports confusion over where safe and where is and seeing many lose trust in the earth or. any culture. it is generally
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non-confrontational and obedient when thousands take to the streets of tokyo against nuclear energy it is a serious sign of discontent it after this crisis it is true that the people are more conscious and we need to take advantage of it this is the first time since the second world war the japanese people have no trust in the government he was a coastal city devastated by the earthquake the tsunami and on the edge of the radiation exclusion zone is starting on the long road to recovery but the people living here say the government just isn't doing enough from the city hall like york city they said different things like perfect or they said different things and the government it's a different thing if. they're not together or part of the country past here they are a part but some believe it is too early to tell what the real dangers of the situation or scientists and know that large doses of radiation given in one blast is a significant health threat but they say there isn't enough information about long
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term exposure to lower doses of radiation and the types of damage it can do if you check here here or right your ideation level and then you kick the breeze in when you take water you always feel have different values because it's so close and so changing so you can hardly say but it's really exceeds what a normal person would have by a year one of the frightening things about this entire incident is that there are no plan create boundaries that can clearly be guarantee your safety one example is this looks like a beautiful watch green valley behind me but in fact this is the very edge of a twenty kilometer exclusion zone that the government has set up in fact we're trying to get a little bit closer but were escorted out by a police officer and a couple of now although this is supposed to be a safe area the radiation levels here are still brain seven and ten times higher than normal weather for misinformation or understanding the people who live in the . affected areas don't always take the proper precautions here
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a volunteer works to clean up toxic radioactive hot spots with hardly any protection at all a problem that some say is compounded by government propaganda accentuating the benefits while neglecting to inform about the dangers of nuclear waste. the first thing the government should do is let the citizens know the real cost of nuclear energy until now the priority has been to profit from energy the p.r. machine of the government has been emphasising the benefit of nuclear energy and the citizens have been brainwashed to believe it now in the wake of an international crisis and there are allegations that the government and the power companies have worked out a deal to help each other and that the media has been bought off t.v. channels need the money from advertisement and the nuclear energy companies pay a lot with it there's money they cannot survive and for that reason i have to shut up about the situation the newspapers have this problem as well a move that if true keeps the important information hidden from the people saving
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face for those in charge in japan china thomas or teehee. now the japanese government is pushing the people to get back to normal life without creating safe enough conditions for it that's the view of a greenpeace activist who's part of a team conducting an independent investigation into the fukushima health effects his interview is coming up next hour but here's a quick preview. make sure you find it personally were disturbing because on one hand you see the japanese are very nice forcing people and the society to be back to normal kind of sort of work again it's called the squalls virus start to actually get fields because it's a growing season and yet at the same time there are still extremely high levels of radiation and the contamination of both in the soil but also potentially in the food this is three months after the accident started the japanese these japanese are thirty six really be we call information they don't tell people the tools and they don't provide them with any kind of support.
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he would say now the man who blew the cover of a group of russian agents in the u.s. last year has been sentenced to twenty five years in absentia for treason and defection intelligence colonel alexander player for managed to flee the country before the scandal unfolded last summer it led to ten agents of course including and the chaplain being arrested and swapped for four u.s. spies. has more from moscow. this very high profile case has been deemed top secret and classified so most of the proceedings that took place in moscow as military courts were held behind closed doors and every shred of evidence and witness statement that was submitted throughout the course of the trial it was all still classified and top secret but we do know that alex out of rights he has been stripped of all of his military ranks and achievements and found guilty of treason and sentenced to twenty five years in prison of course at the moment that really
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doesn't affect his life that much because of course he's not in russia courting two of them or he's most likely hiding somewhere in the united states and he left for the united states just a little over a year ago and according to information boyce in the court room that was a complete surprise to everybody including his wife she found out that her husband had deserted her and her family and her country from a text message which he sent to her saying mary i'm sorry i hope you find a way to forgive me this isn't for a while this is forever we know that one of the people whose cover he blew out of those ten spies and chapman actually recognized that it's not the parts here and picked him out of the photo lineup saying that this is in fact the man that she met with in the united states according to her statement she felt somewhat uncomfortable after her meeting with him and contacted her superiors in moscow which then confirmed her suspicions but of course by then it was too late and ten
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people were sent out of the united states being found guilty of being on registered agents of a foreign government. right now a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid bound for gaza to depart from greece and israel has already warned that it won't let the calling for reach its destination but also said that foreign journalists who take part will be buying from working in israel for ten years. policy. for the mission has been called freedom summit and it consists of ten ships comprising some three hundred and fifty activists from twenty two countries now the plan is for them to sit. later this week but we're already hearing from one of the ships which is an american ship it's been called the american boat to gaza the audacity of hope it complains that the greek authorities are not and now we need to leave and in a statement that was read out by passengers onboard that ship they accuse the
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united states of using leverage and has with the i image to put pressure on athens for at this stage is seeking economic balance in a separate development the israeli government has warned that any journalists who plan to stick sale with the teller will be deported from israel and prevented from reentering the country for another ten years that's those that was at the end of may last year and at that stage it consisted of six sets they said smoky or better terms ended in disaster when israeli commando units stormed the launch of those ships it was a boat that was operated by the i h h that is all considered an extremist organization but which turkey says is a humanitarian organization and nine passengers nine turkish citizens on board were killed not in an effort to prevent a similar kind of outcome the israeli security cabinet has been holding an emergency meeting today the second such meeting in two days it's trying to look about trying to graze on dealing with the spirit of the latest word we have is that
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it is saying that it will not and now the ships to dock in gaza that they have the option of either docking at the israeli port city of ashdod where city are out of reach and already carter has indicated that it would assist the ships that plan will in fact decide to sail there israel far to say may need to check the cargo on board and only off to feel satisfied that there are no gryphons and no ammunition will they then take a commitment upon themselves to deliver the goods in the entire. to gaza now it is important to remember that this blockade that israel has imposed on gaza has been in place since two thousand and six but since then citizens of gaza have been unable to receive many basic foodstuffs and many eyes in the last it's all has insisted since but still humanitarian organizations both inside and outside gaza saying that the situation is deteriorating and they talk about economic theory and disaster. policy importing right now are ten minutes past the hour here and must
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our senior venezuelan officials have denied that the country's president hugo chavez has cancer this comes after a report citing a u.s. intelligence source saying the staunchly anti american leader is in a critical condition after undergoing surgery in cuba chavez has been in cuba for more than two weeks but even as well officials say he's being treated for a pelvic abscess and that he will return home in around a week and a researcher adrian which he thinks that the u.s. is driving the reports in an effort to destabilize chavez's government. what we are seeing generalized rejean change promoted by the united states britain france and even newsreel behind the scenes in northern africa. as a whole will now be coming very likely to latin america so i would not be surprised to see a way of the u.s. promoting regime change in various countries in latin america from their point of view logical country to start with. has very close ties with. a growing
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movement a very strong movement blue united states out of kabul to do in classified as a quote unquote terrorists think the global power elite operating from the united states and from britain said on global regime change as the move i believe closer and closer to a more formal world government. some talk about the us fostering regime change has appeared after the state department announced its new programs aimed at spreading democracy around the world it's going to provide finance logistical support to opposition groups but only appears to apply to those countries which the u.s. would like to see the leadership top of. the japan has more or less. the u.s. state department now generously hands out cash and technology to get sit ins throughout the world its bureau of democracy human rights and labor has announced the request for proposals on how to foster change in a number of countries in the middle east and north africa as wireless cuba the u.s.
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claims the best of intentions saying it wants to strengthen independence civil society groups in those countries it's just been really another form of provoking regime change they're just trying to do it under a different guise under a different facade saying that somehow i'm with the best of intentions they're promoting democracy but in reality it's just promoting us agenda among other things the state department is financing the creation of stealth wireless networks that would enable activists to communicate outside the reach of. governments in countries like iran syria and libya according to participate in the project other programs include a so-called internet in a suitcase a powerful portable wireless transmitter that activists king used to set up their own networks in order to circumvent state control but at the same time american companies provide authorities in bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites those double standards system the.
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only way or. another standard. us united states government lost during regime change since we call revolutions or technology is not all the us provides to instigate change in certain countries some opposition movements get a direct cash supply for example we can leaks cables show that the state department has for years secretly funded syrian anti-government groups in general to create a world. war. more specifically a more controlled way. with views of the united states i'm now looking at the state department website that promotes grants for those willing to bring about change in communist cuba and here is one of the requirements i'm going to revisit is preferable for these personnel who speak spanish fluently solid understanding of the cultural context and have prior experience on the island in order to maximize
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their a fact of this in this unique operating environment and of quote sounds very much like recruiting agents but instead of doing it the traditional secretive way the us does their right out in the open on their website help most often comes with strings attached many say opposition leaders in libya who now get financial and political support from washington are sure to get instructions on how to return the favor essentially. oh be consistent with her use of u.s. government even if they don't necessarily mean. can you check on our t. washington d.c. when we have more on that washington's less subtle involvement in other countries later this hour here on r.t. as the u.s. is about to start is troop withdrawal from afghanistan bring you explored opinion on what legacy the american side leaving behind. it's
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a case that surrounds international intrigue and domestic scandal now in the latest twist the head of the hermitage capital hedge fund william aground and has reportedly been taken off russia's wanted list crowd had been accused of tax evasion like his former colleague sort of magnitsky his death in a pretrial detention center two years ago so at the global controversy parties in europe as well for small. this is quite a high profile case william browder is the c.e.o. of world large for investment fund the hermitage capital any he was personally suspected of being part of this huge tax evasion scheme we're talking about tens of millions of dollars in which the authorities were saying i should have been paid to the stage budget but now william broad or his name has been taken off the wanted worst in russia and this case has been taken from the group of the investigators have been working on it seems to thousand and seven to eight higher police
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authority you know there are several several reasons possibly for that the first one is that this case is it nearing its expiration date so we can be closed in the near future secondly there is speculation that this way the authorities wanted to provide a more thorough and objective investigation but there is also an unofficial version that could be connected to our president need to meet v.d.'s personal supervision all for the case of my city my vinnie's ski and the circumstances of his death was the lawyer who was hired by william browder and he was actually suspected of being the mastermind behind this whole waged gigantic tax evasion scheme he himself was saying that he in fact managed to reveal a huge tax evasion scheme which included some police officials and some tax officials as well but he died in prison while awaiting trial so he wasn't actually
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ever found guilty of the crimes he was accused of. you're going to stop recording there where you are with r.t. live from moscow let's check out some other international news for you this hour two explosions have been reported in the libyan capital close to colonel gadhafi compound as the nato operation in the country has ended its one hundredth day with fresh air strikes heavy fighting between his forces and rebels is also. on the way some eighty kilometers from tripoli meanwhile the international criminal court in the hague is to decide whether to issue arrest warrants for gadhafi and his closest allies for alleged crimes against humanity they're accused of opening fire on demonstrators during the crackdown on anti-government protesters in february. the french city of bordeaux has been hit by an eco like outbreak similar to the one that led to dozens of deaths in germany eight people have been taken to hospital with at least two of them found it all of the eating sprouts french authorities say
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the sprouts was grown from seeds brought in from the u.k. . killed forty four all but one in germany made over three thousand people sick across europe. the trial has opened in cambodia of former compared leaving the charges of genocide and crimes against humanity the four defendants are believed to be responsible for the deaths of up to two million people during the four year rule in the one nine hundred seventy s. the regime was trying to create a utopian society where people died from starvation disease and overwork last year the former camero member comrade was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. there were some u.s. officials are arguing for more leeway over how the country's combat operations in afghanistan are carried out that's despite president obama's announcement last week plans to pull out some american troops but artie's a military contributor believes that america's legacy in afghanistan will be that
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of spreading narco terrorism. during his speech related to the u.s. forces for a configuration in afghanistan president obama has never mention his concern or demonstrated his understanding that when it comes to afghanistan the real threat doesn't come from or you associate but it has everything to do we have the narco terrorism the us the legacy in afghanistan will be mostly measured by the effect that it was due to the u.s. and nato occupation ever again a stand has been turned into a narco state unfortunately and you clearly kolsky who is the us president drug advisor was not involved in formulating the new us policy in afghanistan and it boils down to crunch approach counter-narcotics strategy for afghanistan and counterterrorism for pakistan and to integrate both approaches in comprehensive
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counter narco terrorism strategy. part of twenty past the hour here in austin i'll be back in just a few minutes to update you on our main stories. we're going to start. hello time for your business update a very warm welcome russia needs to diversify its economy as well production is not expected to grow in the next decade on its biggest alexei kudrin says the key challenge is to create an environment for non energy sectors to develop has been speaking at a forum for investors must go but no matter how great the ambition or oil will
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still be a big lump of russia's g.d.p. i'm not joins from the four by i'll go and. how did we treat it to see so this is the fifth time such conference how has the easier for investing into russia changed . well actually that's a good question i'm going to really address it to our guests that steven jennings the c.e.o. of the nation's capital and of the organizers of the of this forum basically so stephen you've been investing in russia for twenty years now how has it changed investing in the russian vasily and beyond all recognition obviously twenty years ago there was no market there was literally no market no infrastructure no capital markets no private sector companies so the trade changes been vast but i think the point is every every phase of russia has helped perform relative to expectations and if we look backwards at the kind of returns you know russia has been the highest returning significant market in the world of the last ten years so one of the perplexing things is this is a perpetual somewhat negative attitude from the west towards russia but if you look
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exposed the results have been very favorable over a long period of time right well right now recovery has somewhat slowed down we're seeing capital flows out of russia is now a good time to invest into the country it's a very interesting time valuations a lot there on a par with. pakistan which is obviously absurd. but i think interesting lead is a huge recognition and we heard that today from the advisor to the president we've heard it from the minister of finance there's a huge recognition that russia desperately needs certain policy changes so i think . after the presidential election the chance of a personal performance is quite high so are investors right now really looking forward to this election as to what will happen what do you expect to think in first as a little confused i think probably they are again underestimating the likelihood of change again it's a syndrome we've had here for twenty years i think russia will follow through with this privatization program i won't be surprised if it's bigger and bolder i think
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these other areas of reform in the fiscal side for example the development of the mosque or financial center where russia will might want to progress in the next few years i don't think and based as a fully pricing that on the side where would you advise to invest in russia actually right now i think is opportunities across the board is opportunities for efficiencies games and consolidations in the resource sector there structural growth opportunities in all the new industries financial services retail consumer they're all subscale relative to the size of the economy so you see structural growth so is this growth opportunities modernize our modernization opportunity across the board or it would be just a final question if we look outside of russia where do you see kind of the new emerging markets coming from the new brics and the last frontier is obviously africa africa is the second fastest growing region in the world behind asia today we said five or six years ago become the fastest growing region in the world q i
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mean now agrees with that forecast so you've got very low valuations you're starting from a lyric very low base high growth so it's something that can be appealing for the next several decades all right stephen jennings c.e.o. of races capital talking to business outing at the nation's capital investment for the fifty four here back to you thank you very much for this indeed r.t. is much more they could bring us regular updates from an investment forum in moscow moving on down to russia's biggest airline are full it is the latest company to be settled for privatisation the announcement came. finance minister out there in a sense capital in front room he says the sale will take place within the next three to five years russia stage owns a ranch off the company and the size of the state to be privatized is unclear the russian government is going to sell a number of assets in the near future in order to raise up to twenty five billion dollars it's. time for a check on the markets like it's redistributing it over ninety dollars
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a barrel while brandi's hovering at one hundred four dollars. european stocks are fluctuating between gains and losses as traders gear up for crucial events this week in the greek debt crisis but also a way to key economic indicators from the role of the world investors are looking ahead to u.s. data including personal income and consumption numbers due later in the day the footsie is up two percent and that is the supply chain that would. find you here in russia the markets like standing losses on negative sentiment over greek debt is losing your old one percent while there my success down half a percent let's now have a check on some of the individual show moves on the mice it's all major among the major losers following the downturn in crude oil and grossman after are in the road more than half a percent but you can still under pressure was down point eight percent. and peter weston at its own capital explains what russian stocks could potentially
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see an upswing in the near future. if you have to be in russia in this environment you might want to. stick to defensive names and there will be telecoms particular us telecom and m.p.'s looks interesting in that respect in the utilities segment it's a very difficult because you have the problem with the elections but in a downturn it looks like utilities are doing pretty well and over the last couple of weeks to have actually been performing quite reasonable and in that space would be holding for example gold hydra generators probably better in the in the duration segment is a western at on top of their. state now with more in an hour's time. sick the. coming.
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culture is the same the taxpayers' money was is going to remain and it's going to be here and it's meeting with destiny the greek government survives a hold of competence as its crushing debt ordeal continues unabated. muck. the limits. let's just
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say. see. him go for. six six six. six. six bring you the latest in science and technology from around the first stump the future of coverage. yeah.


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